Superheroine Jeopardy 04  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 04 Amazone Distress

Catwoman continues to abuse her captive, Wonder Woman, in an effort to enslave the heroic Amazon superheroine.
Synopsis: Catwoman defeated and captured Batgirl and Supergirl. She so totally terrorized the younger crimefighter, that Batgirl fell completely under her feline ascendancy. Batgirl's betrayal allowed Catwoman to capture Supergirl with Kryptonite. The wily Catwoman purloined Wonder Woman's Amazon Girdle, source of her amazing powers, and Wonder Woman eagerly took on the villainous feline on equal terms. Alas, horror of horrors! The evil Catwoman thoroughly trounced our gallant heroine, and made her captive. In order to break her spirit, Catwoman has beaten and tormented her captive, unmercifully...

After Batgirl bathed her each day, Catwoman would furnish Wonder Woman with a clean set of her revealing, humiliating outfit, of panties too small for her heroic sized body, and matching hair ribbon. Some days it was pink, others baby blue, or sometimes chaste white.

Catwoman carefully watched for any sign of rebellion. Sometimes, Batgirl noticed, Catwoman deliberately encouraged defiance. Then, Catwoman would rapidly, and barbarically, punish Wonder Woman for her show of spirit. Such punishment always ended with the vicious criminal forcing the hapless Amazon captive to demean herself, once more, at her own feet and crotch.

"Gee!" Batgirl thought. "Catwoman sure is smart. She's like a cat playing with a wounded bird. Poor Wonder Woman doesn't have a chance against her!" Though feigning sympathy for the victim, Catwoman's dominance excited Batgirl, tremendously.

Wonder Woman rigidly taught herself to be perfectly docile, and obedient, after one day she realized, that she was unconsciously provoking Catwoman, in anticipation of the exciting sexual arousal, that would inevitably follow. She sobbed bitterly, in her cell, at night, hating herself, for yielding to Catwoman's dominion. She feared, she was learning to associate pain with sexual passion. Worse, she was accepting slavery as her fate.

"I'm an Amazon Princess!" Wonder Woman fiercely told herself, in her lonely cell. "No one can dominate a Princess of Paradise Island! She can't break me!" In the bright, light of day, that fierce resolve would melt away under a glittering, feline eye, and Wonder Woman would meekly carry out Catwoman's most outrageous demands. Then, the despondent Amazon would spend long hours, crouched in her cell, whimpering in self- pity.

Catwoman fed Wonder Woman on a bland, low calory diet and discouraged any extensive exercise. Wonder Woman would furtively workout, in her cell at night, but she wasn't able to perform the full range of exercises proper to an Amazon Warrior. Although, she was not noticeably slimmer, limited food, limited exercise and constant punishment sapped her strength. Her splendid body lost the edge from its muscular tone. Her face was drawn, her blue eyes listless and tragic, and her rosy complexion grew paler every day. Every day, or so, Catwoman devised a new way, to torture or humiliate her prisoner. One day, as Batgirl led the apathetic captive from her cell, Catwoman, in full cat regalia, lay in wait, outside the cell door. From behind, she whipped a silken scarf around Wonder Woman's neck. With deadly skill and speed, she twisted it into a deadly garrote. Caught completely by surprise, Wonder Woman gagged and choked, as Catwoman cut off her air. Hardly knowing what was happening, she struggled madly to get loose. She managed to turn her head just far enough to catch a glimpse of the grinning cat-masked face behind her.

"The cat-bitch is going to strangle me!" Was Wonder Woman's mindless fear. She fought frantically to free herself.

The harder Wonder Woman fought, the tighter Catwoman pulled the noose. As Wonder Woman floundered in mad frenzy, Catwoman kicked her legs out from under her. Wonder Woman fell on her knees. Catwoman jerked and wrenched, this way and that, always keeping the bigger, stronger woman off balance, so she couldn't rise from her knees.

The helpless Amazon's gorgeous face twisted in a grimace of pain. As Catwoman whipsawed Wonder Woman, this way and that, she kicked her in the kidneys and ribs, with her sharp-toed boot. She viciously enjoyed the feel of her foot knifing into her foe's flesh. Pain and panic stiffened Wonder Woman's pinkish-brown nipples, as her huge, high-set breasts bounced wildly. Catwoman didn't let up, until Wonder Woman's struggles grew pathetically weak. Feeling little resistance in Wonder Woman's magnificent body, Catwoman pulled backward, tightening the scarf.

Catwoman didn't want to kill the enslaved superheroine, of course. This was just another lesson, to drive home her captive's total helplessness and dependence. When Wonder Woman's amazonian body dangled limply from the silken noose, Catwoman unloosed the scarf. Wonder Woman pitched face first onto the floor. She shuddered visibly, as her tortured lungs sucked in air.

Wonder Woman's ordeal wasn't done yet! Catwoman caught her around the waist, and hoisted the stricken, Amazon champion, up off the floor. Wonder Woman was scarcely conscious. All that she knew, was, that Catwoman was doing some other terrible thing to her. She struggled uselessly, in near hysteria, to escape Catwoman's abhorrent grip. Her agitated efforts were to no avail. Catwoman's long, snaky arms cut into her slim, sinewy middle, like merciless steel cable, stealing her breath away, with irresistible force, once more. Catwoman wrenched Wonder Woman's solidly-fleshed, junoesque body from side to side, then lifted her clear of the floor. Wonder Woman wailed in dismay. She beat ineffectually at Catwoman, but the wily feline only laughed at her.

"You're pathetic, Wonder Wimp!" Catwoman purred in Wonder Woman's ear. "Without your little Amazon toys, you're nothing but an overgrown punching-bag, with big boobs!" Catwoman delighted in belittling her Amazon captive, especially when she was hurt and powerless. Ridicule and pain were a key element, in breaking a proud spirit! In short order, Wonder Woman dangled lifelessly from Catwoman's arms once again. With a cruel laugh, Catwoman flung her face-down, on the floor.

Catwoman still wasn't done, of course. She grabbed the stunned crimefighter's wrists, planted her foot in the middle of Wonder Woman's back, and stretched her long, muscularly-rounded arms behind her. She twisted and tormented her victim's captive arms, like a cruel child twisting the wings, from a beautiful, helpless butterfly. Pain penetrated Wonder Woman's wooziness, and she moaned, feebly.

Eventually, Catwoman tired of her cruel game, and let Wonder Woman's arms drop. They dropped by her sides. Catwoman kicked a solidly rounded hip, and rolled the big ebony-haired crimefighter on her back.

Wonder Woman bared her teeth, in a pathetic snarl of defiance, but behind the defiance, Catwoman read sick fear, in the soulful, blue eyes. Inevitably, Catwoman raised her skirt above her waist, and lazily settled down on the stricken heroine's broad chest, that heroic bosom cushioning her hard butt.

"Your big, fat tits make really nice cushions, Wonder Boobs! Like over- stuffed pillows!" Catwoman snickered. She squirmed around, until she exactly positioned herself for maximum feline satisfaction.

"Now that I'm comfortable, I'm ready for you to worship my bewitching pussy, Wonder Slut?" Catwoman purred in delicious anticipation.

"I w-won't! You'll never make me do that again!" Wonder Woman set her lush, red lips in a determined, and pretty, pout.

Catwoman clutched Wonder Woman's elegant, swan's neck. She crammed her thumbs into the firm flesh beneath the determined, amazonian chin, and pressed Wonder Woman's windpipe, threateningly. At first, she squeezed, just hard enough, to induce fear, but gradually increased the pressure. It was only minutes, since Catwoman nearly strangled her helpless prey, with the silken scarf. Wonder Woman remembered that terrifying descent into dark oblivion, all to well. With a sick feeling of resignation, she knew that, she had lost the courage to face that horror, again. There was nothing to do, but surrender to her cruel captor, once more.

While she could still speak, Wonder Woman croaked her capitulation. "All right! Y-you win!"

Catwoman thrust her wet, eager pussy into Wonder Woman's gorgeous face. The beautiful Heroine of Paradise Island dutifully serviced the evil, feline, crime chief. When Catwoman screamed in ecstatic orgasm, Wonder Woman was momentarily pleased, at her skill in pleasing the devilish feline. Her fawning submission immediately filled her with sick disgust. "She's turning me into a bootlicking toady. I'm no better then that pathetic lickspittle, Batgirl!" Wonder Woman despaired. Catwoman never gave the unfortunate Amazon heroine time to fully recover from one beating or ordeal, before she subjected her to another. The night after she'd nearly strangled Wonder Woman, Catwoman struck again. As Wonder Woman dozed fitfully on her wretched pallet, the door slammed open with a bang, and the bright lights came on. Wonder Woman blinked apprehensively. Before, she was fully awake, Catwoman pulled her to her feet, and slammed her against the wall.

Catwoman pinned her beautiful victim to the wall, with her left hand clawing into her throat. Wonder Woman's throat was sore and swollen, from the earlier encounter, and she could hardly breathe. Catwoman cocked her right fist threateningly, just to see, the thrill of fearful anticipation cloud Wonder Woman's beautiful face.

"You bitch! Why don't you fight fair? Give me a chance to get my strength back!" Wonder Woman choked.

Catwoman sneered. "Oh, you've had enough chances, already. It wouldn't do you any good; I'd just kick your fat Amazon behind, again! Anyway, I like to see your big, overstuffed tits jiggle, when you're scared, like they are now!" As she spoke, Catwoman punched her fist into Wonder Woman's belly. Wonder Woman's magnificent abdominal muscles were strained and battered, from multiple beatings. She could no longer flex her marvelously-toned belly, to protect herself. Catwoman's fist sank wrist-deep into her slack muscles.

The enfeebled superheroine squawked in impotent agony. "D-dirty bitch!" She whimpered. She desperately tried to interpose her arms, but they felt like lead weights.

"I do so enjoy sinking my fist into your gut, Darling! It's so squishy!" Catwoman chortled, and 'thud' her fist struck again, and 'thud' a third time.

Wonder Woman's gorgeous face twisted in a mask of torment. Silent tears flowed down her cheeks, and her face turned dead white. Sometimes, for variety, Catwoman punched the suffering heroine in one of her huge, up- tilted titties. Her fist sank even deeper into the softer flesh of Wonder Woman's opulent bosom. After each punch into that yielding flesh, Catwoman's hands tingled, delightfully.

"Ooh, I love doing that!" Catwoman thought to herself, in feline delight. "That's what the bitch gets, for having such big tits! It's really annoying, the way they bob around like balloons! Like they're deliberately defying me!"

Unable to fight back, or even protect herself, Wonder Woman jerked sideways, and broke free. In flight, her long, silky cloud of ebony hair tumbled wildly about her shoulders. Her respite was brief, for Catwoman blocked the path to the door, cutting off any hope of escape. Catwoman eagerly stalked her frightened prey, and Wonder Woman whinnied in nervous apprehension.

Catwoman closed in for the kill. Wonder Woman's eyes rolled in terror. Catwoman's right fist crashed into the stricken Amazon's jaw, spinning her in a half circle. Catwoman drove rights and lefts, into Wonder Woman's powerfully tapered, lower back. The mighty crimefighter stumbled away, pain engulfing her like quicksand. Catwoman kicked the femininely brawny legs out from under the stumbling Amazon. With a groan, the beaten crimefighter crumpled, and pitched forward on her face. Her mammoth breasts flattened excruciatingly, against the floor.

Catwoman looked down at her pitifully moaning victim, lying in a tangled heap at her feet. She shook her head in disgust. It would obviously be some time, before Wonder Woman would be fit for another session of fearsome, feline abuse. Catwoman turned on her heel, and stalked out of the cell.

"She's useless to me right now. Damn her!" Catwoman snorted, blaming her victim, for the debility she had inflicted. "Well, luckily, I have Supertramp in the next cell. She's so stupid, though! She can't ever seem to learn the right way, to suck pussy! Heaven knows, I give the other red-haired slut enough chances to teach her! I swear, once you take away their costumes, superheroines are all useless bimbos! You throw them off the top of a building, and they have to stop for directions, on the way down! Well, any port in a storm, I suppose! Superslut will have to do, for now."

When Catwoman slammed open the cell door, and snapped on the lights, it was Supergirl's turn to waken in terror. Supergirl cried out in alarm, as though waking from a nightmare, but the nightmare just started. Seeing Catwoman, she jumped to her feet, in a cold sweat. Naked, but for her red boots and Kryptonite collar, the tall blond backed away, trembling fearfully. She shrank back into the corner, as the smaller woman approached her.

"Don't be shy, my little, blond Superboob!" Catwoman purred, as she stalked Supergirl, and caught her around the waist. Catwoman grabbed a handful of blond hair, and pulled her face down within reach. Still excited from beating Wonder Woman, she kissed Supergirl's ripe lips hungrily. Poor Supergirl passively endured the hateful attention, far beyond daring to displease Catwoman, in any way. Catwoman possessively thrust her tongue inside the blond's mouth, exploring it boldly.

"Stick out your tongue!" Catwoman ordered, pulling away a moment. Terrified, Supergirl obediently did as Catwoman told her. Catwoman sucked Supergirl's tongue, as she toyed with the blond crimefighter's big, girlish breasts. She tweaked the sharp nipples and squeezed the firm flesh, until Supergirl moaned in disgust. Growing ever more excited, Catwoman pushed Supergirl down on her knees, and raised her skirt.

Supergirl did not have to be told what to do. By now, it had become loathsome habit, for her to surrender her ripe, maidenly mouth, on demand. She buried her beautiful, innocent face in Catwoman's crotch.

"Oh how I hate her!" Supergirl thought, mournfully, even as she did her best to please her cruel, feline mistress. "At least, I've spared poor Wonder Woman, this time. I feel so terribly guilty! If she hadn't come to rescue me, this never would have happened to her. Now she's a prisoner, and Catwoman treats her so dreadfully. Oh, what did either of us ever do, to deserve this living hell? We only tried to help people!"

Next evening, as Wonder Woman began to recover from last night's attack, her cell opened. It was Catwoman returning. Wonder Woman rolled off her pallet, over on her hands and knees. She looked up, and the haunted look in her dark blue eyes betrayed her terror, at Catwoman's approach. It would be some time before she could hope to defend herself, again. Every defeat strengthened the fearful hold Catwoman had imposed over the mighty Champion of Justice.

"Get up, and follow me, Bitch!" Catwoman commanded, arrogantly. As soon as she issued the command, Catwoman turned on her heel. Without looking back, she marched slowly out of the cell. Unthinkingly, Wonder Woman automatically obeyed. She scrambled awkwardly to her feet, and stumbled after Catwoman. Her erect posture and regal carriage had gradually deserted her. Now, the tall, powerfully-molded Amazon Princess slunk meekly behind her mistress, like a whipped dog, with her tail between her legs. She cringed, too, like a stray dog expecting a kick, as she passed through the cell door, fearing another of Catwoman's cruel traps.

Arrogantly striding ahead, Catwoman led Wonder Woman into a smaller room, adjacent to the exercise area. She sat down, in a large easy chair, and reached into a box on a small table beside her chair. She removed Wonder Woman's own Magic Lasso. Wonder Woman knew what that meant. She shivered in apprehension. Resisting the power of her own Lasso was a tremendous strain at the best of times. Her ripe lips set resolutely, in a grim, determined line, as she composed herself for the inevitable contest of wills.

Wonder Woman glanced at Catwoman lounging comfortably, as she casually fingered the golden cord in her hands.

"Dear Hera! Isn't she even worried?" Wonder Woman wondered apprehensively. As she observed Catwoman's arrogant nonchalance, Wonder Woman's face grew hot and flushed. Her mouth was dry, and she licked her lips, nervously.

"Doesn't she know, she can't defeat an Amazon Princess in a contest of wills?" Wonder Woman asked herself, anxiously. She nervously wrung her hands, as she told herself. "Stop it! You're letting her get to you! Make your mind a blank! Amazon Serenity is the key to victory. She can't take that away from you! Why doesn't she even look concerned, though? Does she know something, I don't? Has she prepared another trap? What is the Bitch smirking about?"

Catwoman smiled almost pleasantly, for her. "Are you all right, Dear? You look ill!" She purred with mock sympathy.

Wonder Woman's gnawing fear, of her she-devil captoress, suddenly exploded into near hysterical panic. Catwoman had won the war of nerves! Wonder Woman turned wildly, and bolted. Catwoman's quick hands were a blur, as she shook the lasso loose, and with a quick toss, looped it around the fleeing Amazon's head. She pulled it tight about Wonder Woman's strong, columnar neck.

"Time to play our little game again, Wondie! Ready?" Catwoman laughed. Wonder Woman's body went rigid as the noose tightened about her white throat. It was all too reminiscent of the horrible silken scarf that Catwoman used, to almost kill her, the day before. The beautiful heroine felt giddy. She stood, stock still, trembling uncontrollably. Her eyes grew big and shiny, like a beautiful wild mare, that feels the bridle for the first time.

"Now, Princess! Kneel and obey me!" Catwoman used the same words, she used the first time, she tried to control Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso, for her own evil purposes. As before, Wonder Woman stiffened. Her beautifully classic face set severely, as she concentrated her resistance. This time, though, her square shoulders bowed, as though born down, by an insupportable weight.

"N-no! I w-won't! Y-you can't control me! My will is too strong! I am an Amazon!" Wonder Woman cried defiantly, but her voice shook with uncertainty. She tried to raise her hands, to cast off the Lasso, looped round her neck, but her arms were so numb, she couldn't seem to move them. Her face was bathed in perspiration, and tears flowed down her cheeks, as she struggled. Still, hard as she tried, she couldn't raise her arms.

"Kneel!" Catwoman's voice rang out again, stern and commanding. Wonder Woman felt a tremendous weight press down on her shoulders. She struggled desperately against it. Her long sleek-muscled legs grew weak, and trembled noticeably. Her vision blurred! Her senses reeled! The room went around in circles.

"Nooo! Athena, help me! Please! I won't give in! I won't! I can't give in! Not to her, Dear Athena!" Wonder Woman wept and prayed.

Catwoman's voice rang out again. "Kneel, Bitch! I command you!" The words hammered at Wonder Woman's consciousness, as though Catwoman had hurled boulders at her. Her powerfully curved legs shook uncontrollably. They felt like jelly. Her knees buckled. The pressure was unbearable. Wonder Woman's proud, naked form bent almost double at the waist. Still resisting, she felt her legs give way.

"Hera, help me! I-I can't fight her, anymore!" The defeated Amazon Princess wept despairingly, as, inch by inch, she sank to her knees.

Then Wonder Woman heard a voice saying. "Y-yes I obey!" In despair, she knew, the voice was her own.

Catwoman snorted. "Address me, as 'Mistress'!"

"Y-yes, Mistress!" Wonder Woman answered, as though in terrible pain. She was intensely aware of everything that was happening, but she no longer controlled her own body.

"Let me see you do some tricks! Like a good bitch!" Catwoman chuckled, in triumph. "Roll over like a dog!"

Wonder Woman fought to resist, but she found defiance was impossible, once she had surrendered. Obediently, the conquered, Amazon Princess rolled on her back.

"Play dead!" Catwoman cried out in delight, as though playing with a new toy. Wonder Woman stiffly raised her legs and arms in the air, and lay perfectly still, with her head lolling to the side.

"Good dog! Good Bitch!" Catwoman rewarded her unfortunate plaything. "Now sit up, and beg!"

The beautiful captive obediently got up on her haunches, and raised her hands in front of her, in an acceptable imitation of a small lap-dog, begging her mistress for a tasty tidbit. The first thing that struck her many admirers, when meeting the tall, magnificent Amazon crimefighter for the first time, was her overwhelming dignity and commanding presence. To see her naked, and degraded into performing demeaning antics to amuse her heartless foe, was near blasphemous. Catwoman stood up, and contemptuously patted Wonder Woman on the head. Then, she walked to the other end of the room. The magic Lasso automatically extended itself as Catwoman walked.

"Now, crawl over here on your belly, to me! You've been a bad dog!" Catwoman ordered her despairing captive. Wonder Woman's eyes smouldered in resentment, but her will was, no longer, her own. She sank down on her hands and knees, and started forward.

Catwoman jerked on the golden lasso and shouted angrily. "I said crawl on your belly, Bitch, not all fours!"

Wonder Woman briefly glared at Catwoman, in white-hot rage, but one glance of Catwoman's glittering, green eye easily intimidated her. Wonder Woman's own blue eyes dropped submissively to the floor. She obediently lay down on her stomach, and awkwardly inched her way across the floor. Naked, her progress was especially painful, to her bosom and belly. Of course, Catwoman had repeatedly battered them to jelly, making them incredibly sensitive. It was beastly torment to scrape her lavishly proportioned bosom against the rough floor. Wonder Woman was panting breathlessly, by the time she reached Catwoman.

"Now, up on your knees, and kiss my pussy!" Catwoman commanded.

The proud Amazon blinked her eyes, in shame. Tears flowed down her face. She found she had no choice, but to obey, though. She climbed up on her knees, in front of her tormentor. This time, Catwoman didn't raise her skirt, as she usually did. Instead she waited for her unfortunate captive to perform that service for her.

Wonder Woman gingerly picked up the hem, and raised the leather skirt above Catwoman's waist. She shuddered at sight of Catwoman's, by now all too familiar, genitalia. As always, Wonder Woman gagged and choked, in disgust, at thought of performing this odious act of homage to the despicable feline. Once begun, though, she did her best to perform the service to the best of her ability. Her Amazon upbringing made her a perfectionist in everything she undertook. She even strove for excellence, in paying perverse tribute to this woman she so heartily detested.

"All right, that's enough!" Catwoman ordered, after she reached a shattering climax, limiting herself to one orgasm, for a change. "I have some other training in mind for you! Lets go for a walk!"

Catwoman picked up her fur coat, at a rack by the side entrance, leading to the grounds of the estate. She put it on, before opening the door. "It's beastly cold out there!" She said idly to her naked captive.

Wonder Woman had slunk down on her belly again, but Catwoman told her. "We're going outside, so you can get up on all fours!" Then, Catwoman led her captive on all fours at the end of her own Magic Lasso, out into the chill November night air. Crawling, naked on the cold ground, the raw wind froze the blood of the captive Amazon Princess,

"You must have to relieve yourself. It's been all day since Batgirl took you to the bathroom." Catwoman purred. Princess Diana had to go very badly, but always too proud to ask, she waited until her cruel captor took her, no matter how great her discomfort.

"Well, go ahead, Bitch! That's why I'm walking you, on your leash!" The hateful feline sadist snickered. Once she had surrendered to its force, Wonder Woman was compelled by the lasso, to obey Catwoman's every command. Now, she was forced to endure the humiliating distress of abjectly relieving herself on the lawn, like a domestic pet in the park. Catwoman's harsh laughter rang in her ears, as she did. When Wonder Woman had done "her business," Catwoman walked the miserable captive to a small, decorative pond. This time of year, it was covered with a thin layer of ice.

"Now, clean yourself, in there!" Catwoman smirked, pointing at the frozen water.

Already shivering uncontrollably, Wonder Woman looked up hesitantly, and whimpered through chattering teeth. "Please no! I'm so cold!"

Catwoman shouted. "You filthy, disgusting swine! I said, clean yourself! You smell like a hog in heat! Hasn't the concept of feminine hygiene, reached your amazon island?"

Unable to refuse Catwoman's command, the captive superheroine crawled miserably into the pond. She broke through the ice, with a shocked scream. She almost passed out from the shock, but compelled by the lasso, she obediently washed her body. It was several minutes before the imperious she-devil was satisfied, with her effort, and allowed her to crawl out of the icy water. Catwoman led Wonder Woman back inside. Our poor heroine was still wringing wet, and the cold wind froze the water on her beautiful body.

"Brrrr! It's cold out there!" Catwoman said to the shivering Amazon Maiden, as she complacently removed her own warm fur coat. "Bad Dog!" She snapped, then. "Be careful you're dripping all over the carpet! Were you raised in a barn?"

Catwoman pointed to an old piece of carpet, just inside the door. "Dry yourself!" She commanded.

The proud heroine was forced to roll about, on the rug, like a dog drying herself. The pitiful captive was almost grateful for the warmth. Finally her body glowing pink, her teeth still chattering, she crouched, abjectly, at her merciless tormenter's feet.

"You've done well, Dear Pet!" Catwoman purred, a nasty twist in her syrupy voice. "You deserve a reward, dinner, and then a bone, for my good, obedient bitch!"

Near the door was a hall table, holding a towel-covered tray. Catwoman removed the towel, and set the tray down on the floor, next to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman looked nervously at the tray. On it, there was a dog dish, that appeared to be filled with real dog food, and also a full dog's water dish. Wonder Woman had a horrible premonition.

"Here's the supper I promised you! Eat and drink, my little Amazon pet!" Catwoman commanded. "Oh, and Dear, make sure you keep your hands behind your back!"

Unable to disobey, the fastidious Amazon Princess, groveling on all fours, lowered her face into the dog dish, and slobbered and gobbled with apparent gusto at the disgusting meal. As she gobbled the revolting food, Catwoman ogled her magnificent bottom, waggling impudently from side to side. "Aaahh that big fat bottom just cries out for the lash!" Catwoman thought.

By the time she finished the food, Wonder Woman was weeping in shame. Then, at Catwoman's prompting, she licked the plate clean.

"It's good exercise for that long tongue of yours, Wondie! I like to keep it in good shape!" Catwoman snickered nastily. "Now, drink your water, like a good doggie!"

Wonder Woman found lapping the water up with her tongue, was even more difficult, than gobbling the food. Some water spilled on the carpet, and Catwoman smacked her across her naked rump, with the deadly lasso end. The lash struck with the intensity of a bullwhip. Diana yelped at the stinging shock, and accidently tipped the water bowl over.

"You clumsy cow!" Catwoman screeched, and smacked the unfortunate heroine several more times, on her big, firmly-jiggling, bottom cheeks.

Wonder Woman yelped helplessly at the fiery pain. "I'm sorry!" She wept. "I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!"

"Lick it up then!" The nasty feline commanded, compelling Wonder Woman to lick the water from the floor. Catwoman stood above her, the end of the lasso poised to strike, if her enthusiasm flagged, in the least.

Catwoman made sure the Amazon Princess lapped up most of the spilled water, before she led Wonder Woman back into the exercise room. Wonder Woman shivered involuntarily, at returning to the scene of her first, disastrous defeat. Catwoman led her captive to a large table, and ordered her to climb up on top of it. Wonder Woman unwillingly obeyed. Kneeling upright on the table, she was miserably fearful of whatever new ordeal Catwoman had in mind for her. It tuned out to be much worse, than she could ever have anticipated.

Catwoman opened a drawer in the table, and with a flourish, triumphantly pulled out an enormous, two-pronged, rubber dildo. Each prong was a huge club-like phallus of unbelievable thickness.

"Here's the bone, I promised you, Pet!" Catwoman chortled.

Wonder Woman cringed visibly. She tried to swallow, but the lump in her throat was too big. Scarcely coherent, she babbled. "Pl-please! Don't use that on me! For the love of the Goddess don't!" She pleaded anxiously, her eyes fearfully large. She would have collapsed in terror, but the hateful lasso around her neck bound her, irrevocably, to Catwoman's will.

Catwoman replied in delight. "No Dear! I won't use this delightful toy on you. I want you to kneel there, and use it on yourself! Here, take it! I command you! Take it, and use it!" Unable to resist, the cowering Wonder Woman accepted the unspeakable obscenity into her trembling hands. She held it gingerly in front of her, unable to even look at it.

"Kiss it!" Catwoman commanded. Reluctantly, Wonder Woman raised the horrible device to her ripe, trembling lips. She struggled to refuse the command, but her own lasso compelled her. Even her sweetly curved mouth betrayed her, as she slavishly kissed the dildo.

"Rub it against your big, fat tits!" Catwoman ordered. Obediently, the chaste Amazon maiden complied again. She rubbed the foul tool against her huge, trembling breasts.

"Tickle your nipples!" Catwoman snickered. Wonder woman reluctantly massaged her nipples, with the dildo, until they sprung into sprightly erection.

"Lower!" Catwoman commanded. By now Catwoman, herself, was licking her lips repeatedly, and almost panting in eager anticipation. Naked and completely under Catwoman's control, Wonder Woman rubbed the frightful object against her belly. Her helpless flesh crawled at its touch.

"P-put it between your legs!" Catwoman ordered, her voice shaking and her hands trembling eagerly.

"Please, no!" Wonder Woman wept pitifully.

"Do it, Bitch!" Catwoman cried, furious at any delay that interfered with her breathless pleasure. Helplessly, Wonder Woman rubbed the giant dildo between her voluptuous thighs. She was so terribly conscious of the threat, that it seemed to burn her creamy flesh.

"Use it!" Catwoman finally commanded, in a loud threatening whine. Unable to resist, Princess Diana twisted the obscene two headed horror, so that the two bulbous tips poked against her tight, dry pussy, and against her tightly clenched sphincter. She looked, imploringly, at her tormentoress, and was met by a cold, green-eyed stare of dominance.

"Don't just kneel there! Push it in, Bitch! It's not going to jump in there by itself!" Catwoman cried, almost drooling, in eagerness. Wonder Woman's eyes glazed. She just couldn't summon the will to resist. Grasping the hateful thing with both hands, she slowly pushed upward. Her terrified body resisted the pressure, but her own enormous Amazon strength obeyed Catwoman's bidding. She increased the pressure.

"It's too big!" Wonder Woman pleaded pathetically.

"Push harder, then, Stupid!" Catwoman cried licking her lips feverishly. Diana pushed harder! At last, her tremendous Amazon strength prevailed over her own feminine opposition. The upper knob, of hard dry rubber, penetrated her labia. She shrieked, with maidenly terror, even as she, herself, shoved the unyielding weapon deeper, into her own resisting body. The rubber almost tore her apart. Yet, against her will, she pushed with all her might, until the lower knob, somehow, entered her tiny, puckered, anal opening, with a loud plop. Now, she had embedded both knobs in her enslaved body.

Shrieking horribly, at her own self-violation, Wonder Woman drove the abominable twin prongs deeper and deeper into herself. The horrible, log-like prongs rammed deep into her insides, until it felt as though they filled her entire body. Her shrieks continued unabated as the rending pain split her in half. Human flesh can only take so much, even Amazon flesh. Wonder Woman's eyes rolled, and the tortured heroine collapsed, insensible. Her limp body rolled from the table, and ended up in a tangle on the floor.

"Oh Damn! It was just getting good!" Catwoman hissed in annoyance.

"Oh well! They just don't make superheroines the way they used to!" Catwoman purred philosophically. Then she snapped. "Did you get all that Battie?"

Batgirl stepped out from a recess in the room, holding a camcorder. "Yes Mistress!" She answered. Hoping desperately that she had. Knowing that if she had missed any part of Wonder Woman's downfall and disgrace, she would pay dearly for the failure.

"You better, have!" Catwoman warned. "See if the Wonder Bimbo is still alive. She doesn't look so good! I though these Amazons could take anything!"

Batgirl examined her erstwhile friend. "She's still breathing," Batgirl reported, as she felt Wonder Woman's forehead. "but her skin feels hot and clammy, like she has a high fever!"

"How could the dumb bitch get a fever?" Catwoman asked, genuinely puzzled, though she had just forced the doleful captive to bath in ice water for ten minutes, and crawl around, naked, on the cold ground.

"I don't know." Batgirl answered with a noncommittal shrug.

"Well take that dildo out, and get her back in her cell. If she dies, she dies!" Catwoman replied complacently. "I've still got you, and the blond bimbo, anyway."

"Poor Dear!" Batgirl said, as she gingerly removed the horrible dildo from Wonder Woman's inert body. Despite her expressed sympathy, she hungrily eyed the delectable pussy and delicate anus, as she did. Catwoman smiled knowingly as she watched her protegee, at work.

Wonder Woman was delirious with a raging fever for the next three days. Catwoman refused to send for medical assistance. She finally allowed Supergirl, after much begging and pleading, to stay in Wonder Woman's cell and take care of her. During her few lucid moments, Wonder Woman was aware of her friend's comforting presence. Eventually, thanks mainly to her amazing stamina and Amazon constitution, her fever broke and the intrepid crimefighter recovered, after a fashion.

One day, Batgirl brought Wonder Woman her lunch. Batgirl had bathed her earlier, under Catwoman's watchful eye, but now Batgirl seemed to be alone.

"Where's your friend?" Wonder Woman asked bitterly, still smarting at Batgirl's apparent betrayal.

"She went out." Batgirl replied.

Wonder Woman felt a thrill of hope. "We can escape then!" She said eagerly. "Do you know where she keeps my Tiara and Amazon Girdle and bracelets?" Wonder Woman asked breathlessly. "Can you open Supergirl's cell, too?

"We aren't going anywhere, Diana!" Batgirl replied emphatically. "Mistress Catwoman told me to watch you, and make sure you don't escape!"

Wonder Woman couldn't believe her ears. "Barbara, are you crazy? This is our chance! We can be free from that evil woman's domination! We must do it! What about Supergirl? She's your friend! If we don't get her away from Catwoman, and remove that collar, it may kill her!"

"I don't want to be free from my Mistress!" Batgirl replied, averting her eyes, in embarrassment, at the chilling admission. Then added, in a barely audible whisper. "She's magnificent!"

"Well I want to be free!" Wonder Woman snapped, angrily. She grabbed Batgirl by the arm and ordered her. "Now, you open Supergirl's cell, right now!" Batgirl stepped aside, as though to let Wonder Woman lead the way. But, when Wonder Woman strode by her, she struck out her foot and shoved Wonder Woman over it.

"I said we're not going anywhere, Diana!" Batgirl repeated, as Wonder Woman tripped over her foot and fell to the floor.

As Wonder Woman tried to get up, Batgirl grabbed her hand, twisted hard, and sent her rolling into the wall.

"I'll see, that you don't go anywhere, Diana!" Batgirl vehemently told Wonder Woman. Then she caught Wonder Woman's long elegantly-rounded, right leg, and with a hard jerk, used it as a lever, to send the Amazon crashing across the room again.

"See! I told you, you're not going anywhere, Diana!" Batgirl said smugly, and Wonder Woman heard an all to familiar, catty purr in her erstwhile friend's voice. That infuriated the intrepid Amazon. It was bad enough for Catwoman to toss her around like a rag doll, but she certainly wasn't going to stand for this contemptible, little slave, doing it. That was just too much!

"All right, Barbara, I warned you! If you don't get out of my way, you may get hurt!" Wonder Woman snapped angrily.

Each time, the angry Amazon tried to get up, though, the small redhead sent her crashing to the floor again. It looked as though, Wonder Woman's coordination and grace were gone for good. She couldn't use her magnificently developed physique to do anything, effective.

"Well, I guess our celebrated Amazon Warrior Princess isn't' so tough, after all!" Batgirl purred, in that irritating imitation of Catwoman. As she spoke, she easily sent the big, raven-haired woman flying, with a hip toss. Wonder Woman ground her teeth in frustration. Freedom was so near, yet she couldn't get by this diminutive librarian. She tried to apply a judo hold to Batgirl's wrist, but the redhead grabbed her wrist, instead. With a skillful twist, Batgirl used Wonder Woman's wrist to toss her up in the air, and down on her firm round bottom.

"Hera, help me!" Wonder Woman prayed. "If I can't overcome this little toady, I don't deserve to be free! I have to hit her with everything I have, though. No more holding back!" Her firm jaw sticking out grimly, the intrepid crimefighter jumped to her feet.

Wonder Woman threw a straight left, but Batgirl bobbed to one side, and it missed. The Amazon followed with a right uppercut, but once more, the agile redhead ducked out of harm's way. Then, Batgirl countered with a left hook of her own, and caught Wonder Woman on the nose. The blow stung like the blazes, even if it didn't do much real damage.

"Ooh, that Bitch!" Wonder Woman fumed silently. "Well, she'll pay for that!" Wonder Woman jabbed repeatedly with her left, at Batgirl's face. Batgirl bobbed and wove, just avoiding the sharp punches, although they kept her off-balance. Wonder Woman grew ever more irritated, at her inability to hit the other girl solidly. She threw her right fist from the hip, with everything behind it. Batgirl may have been off-balance, but she still managed to duck, in time. Wonder Woman's haymaker whistled harmlessly over her head. Then from a crouch, Batgirl retaliated. She drove her left fist straight into Wonder Woman's belly. Never fully recovered from Catwoman's beatings, Wonder Woman squawked in dismay. Before she could protect herself, Batgirl sank her right fist into the same vulnerable spot, even harder.

Wonder Woman's guard dropped, and Batgirl hit her in the face, a left cross to the cheek, and then a right uppercut to the jaw. The Amazon saw flashing lights, and stumbled backward. Batgirl dived at her middle, and sent her crashing backward into the wall. As Wonder Woman reeled off the wall, Batgirl caught the wrist and elbow of her right arm, and somersaulted her in another judo throw. As Wonder Woman tried to sit up, Batgirl kicked her in the jaw.

Wonder Woman's courage broke! She no longer had the guts for a fight, not even with the despicable second-rater, Batgirl. The indefatigable Princess of Paradise Island sat on the floor and wept in frustration, like a little girl. She had to get out of this horrible place, somehow, though. Forgetting her fierce pride, she jumped up and ran toward the door, out into the main exercise room.

Halfway across the larger room, Batgirl caught Wonder Woman from behind, with a flying tackle. Wonder Woman went down hard. Batgirl leaped on her back like a small she-panther, inexplicably bringing down a big tawny lioness. Her legs locked around Wonder Woman's muscularly expansive hips. She eagerly rode down the Amazon's struggles, her arm clamped around Diana's soft, white throat. Batgirl could feel Wonder Woman's powerful hips and buttocks working uselessly, against her thighs. She felt waves, of pleasure, course through her loins, from the thrill of dominating the other woman's more powerful body.

"Oh that feel so good!" Batgirl whispered to herself, just before Wonder Woman's body went limp. She kept on squeezing and choking her helpless foe, for several more minutes. She just couldn't bear to give up exquisite sense of power. Finally, she reluctantly got up off the quivering Amazon.

"Get up, you stupid, Amazon Cow!" Batgirl snarled at her former idolized friend and counselor. She kicked Wonder Woman in the side, until the whimpering heroine stumbled to her feet, too.

"Ooh, I've waited so long, to get my hands on your big, fat ass and humongous boobs!" Batgirl purred smugly. She clamped a come-along hold on Wonder Woman's strongly-molded right arm. Batgirl's hands looked ridiculously tiny to be in total control of her much larger opponent.

"Come along, or I'll really fix you!" Batgirl shouted, when the bigger woman struggled. She applied a burst of pressure, that almost broke the captive arm. Wonder Woman gasped at the pain. In bitter resignation, the big superheroine let the tiny, red-haired renegade lead her across the room. Wonder Woman's shoulders slumped hopelessly, and even her marvelously upswept bosom sagged in dejection. She hid her proud, beautiful face in her hand, ashamed at being beaten so easily by the ingenue crimefighter, barely out of her teens.

Batgirl led her dejected captive to a couch, where her steel bristled bath brush lay. The brush was usually kept in the bathroom. Wonder Woman's heart leaped in fear at sight of it. "What are you going to do?" She whimpered, her big, blue eyes growing large and glistening with tears.

"You've been a bad little superheroine, Wonder Woman! You disobeyed our Mistress Catwoman! You must be punished! Our Mistress spanks me sometimes, when I've disobeyed her, so that's what I'm going to do to you."

"I'll be damned, if I let you spank me!" Wonder Woman replied resentfully, but a small fist shot deep into her abdomen. It was as bad as when Catwoman hit her, and Wonder Woman doubled over in agony. "I didn't ask your permission, you arrogant slut!" Batgirl snapped, as she swiftly upended the huge, ivory-skinned Amazon, tipping her face down over her lap.

Lying across Batgirl's slim thighs, Wonder Woman felt even more helplessly humiliated then ever. Catwoman had laid out blue panties today. Wonder Woman shuddered, as Batgirl rolled them down to the crease lines, separating her large shapely buttocks, from her incredible thighs. "You're so pretty in blue!" Batgirl chortled. "But you'll be even prettier, with some pink for contrast!"

Once exposed, Wonder Woman's flaring, round buttocks quivered in fear. Batgirl gripped her arm in a steely wrist-lock, and twisted it painfully behind her back. She slid her leg around Wonder Woman's meaty thigh, imprisoning it helplessly. Batgirl, face agloat, was shivering in anticipation. Her heart pounded in excitement, when she felt the shivers of terror in the once imperious Amazon Princess. The big muscular ivory buttocks clenched and unclenched, in frightened anticipation. Licking her lips in satisfaction, Batgirl smashed the brush down, with all her wiry strength. Wonder Woman let out a screech, as the steel bristles bit her firm flesh. Her huge body jerked convulsively, but Batgirl's hold didn't loosen one iota.

Relentlessly the blows rained down, a stinging shower of pain. Batgirl had no sense of moderation. Once she chose the path of darkness, she could be more merciless than Catwoman. Gradually, the firm white flesh turned pink, as Batgirl had promised, but then red, and finally the color of raw beef. Wonder Woman's screeches grew louder and louder, shriller and shriller, as the fiery agony grew unbearable. Her bottom felt like it was being burned by hot irons. At last, Batgirl's arm tired; she couldn't lift it anymore. As soon as she decided to stop, she callously spilled the punished beauty, on the floor. When Wonder Woman's rump hit the floor, the pain burned even hotter. She jumped up, rubbing her bottom and danced around the room. The pain made her insensitive, to the ludicrous sight she presented, to the delighted Batgirl. Batgirl laughed and clapped her hands in delight.

Glancing at Wonder Woman's crotch, Batgirl laughed even louder. "The bad, little girl wet her pants!" Batgirl chortled. Wonder Woman looked down, and saw her baby-blue panties were, indeed, wet and stained. Catwoman's regimen of pain and sexual arousal was bearing bitter fruit for her. Now, pain was enough to arouse her to a fever pitch of passionate arousal.

Batgirl stood up, and approached Wonder Woman. She put her tiny hands on the raven-haired beauty's broad, muscular shoulders. Bitter experience with Catwoman, had taught Wonder Woman what was coming. Catwoman had trained her well, as she had Batgirl. Now the pupil became the mistress. As Batgirl pressed her shoulders, Wonder Woman sank obediently to her knees. Resignedly, she bent her head toward Batgirl's naked pussy, but the small redhead laughed impishly.

"No, no, Diana! Not there! I've always dreamed of having it in the back." Batgirl chuckled evilly, as she wheeled about, and presented her slender backside. Wonder Woman's pride and feminine delicacy were outraged, yet, in her heart, she gloomily knew ,if she demurred, Batgirl would force her to do it anyway. Better to get it over with. Hating herself, for her cowardice, she warily pried Batgirl's pert, butt cheeks apart, and gingerly touched her pointed tongue to the tiny, nether portal of her newest mistress. The salty taste and rank odor turned her delicate stomach. She gagged in disgust, but doggedly continued her odious task.

Batgirl danced with excitement. "Deeper! Deeper!" She commanded, shrilly. She reached behind her, and grabbed a raven lock of hair. She used it to hold Diana's face firmly to her bouncing bottom, thrusting Wonder Woman's pink tongue, deeper and deeper, into the rank, unwholesome cavity, until her jaw ached. Finally, Batgirl reached a perverse orgasm, and Wonder Woman jerked away in disgust.

Batgirl turned to the kneeling Amazon and said. "O. K. Big Girl! Now its your turn! You try it my way, and you'll like it!" Wonder Woman looked at her tiny tormentor blankly, as Batgirl picked up the bath brush, that she'd dropped earlier. She brandished it, as she came toward the crouching Amazon Princess. Wonder Woman realized with a thrill of terror, what the cruel redhead had in mind. She threw herself to one side, trying to elude the nasty little bully, but Batgirl caught her, before she could make good her escape.

Batgirl knocked Wonder Woman over on her stomach, and sat down on her back, facing her magnificent, though badly blistered, bottom. Playfully, she slapped a big globular cheek, and Wonder Woman jumped in agony at the stinging reemphasis of that fiery pain. Then, Batgirl spread the firm-mounded cheeks apart. That was even more agony for the suffering Amazon Maiden. When Batgirl inserted the brush, into her tiny anus, the pain intensified incredibly. It was as bad as Catwoman's dildo.

Strangely, though, along with the pain, and the terrible feeling of impalement, Wonder Woman experienced a debauched, new excitement. Hating herself for it, she tried to fight free. She bucked, up and down, and kicked wildly, but Batgirl easily rode down her frantic struggles. The only result of Wonder Woman's frenzied gyrations, was to drive the brush handle deeper inside her suffering body. Batgirl enthusiastically worked the brush in and out with a steady rhythm. Easily exhausted since her illness, Wonder Woman's ceased to fight against the terrible violation. At first she lay still, gritting her teeth, and stoically accepting the demeaning torture. Then, with awful self-abhorrence, she felt herself rising to meet Batgirl's noxious strokes. The vicious, anal assault was passionately inflaming her senses, even without the accompanying genital manipulation, that Catwoman usually inflicted .

"Dear Hera, what kind of degenerate pervert are they turning me into?" The unhappy superheroine agonized silently, as her magnificent body betrayed her lifelong crusade against violence and abuse.

At last, Wonder Woman's mighty body climaxed with a great leap, that Batgirl barely rode down. Wonder Woman went limp, after the shaming orgasm, weeping in mortification. Then to make her shame complete, Catwoman's voice rang out.

"Bravo Batty! I saw the whole thing. In fact, I recorded it on our trusty camcorder. You did splendidly! You're an apt pupil, very apt! Well, what do you think of your Amazon heroine now? You thought she was going to rescue you, once! Remember?"

"Thank-you Mistress!" Batgirl gushed, with a proud shake of her red hair. "You were right, Mistress! Wonder Woman is nothing but a weak, little slave slut! She deserves everything you've done to her! Look at her groveling there on the floor, with that brush stuck up her big behind! Listen to her crying! What a pathetic loser!"

"Batty, you are a girl after my own heart!" Catwoman announced, proudly. "I'm going to promote you to Kitten-in-Training. From now on, you'll be Catgirl, my junior partner!"

"Oh, would you Mistress?" Batgirl replied eagerly, her eyes gleaming proudly. "This is the happiest day of my life!"

"No time for sentiment now!" Catwoman answered. "We've got a lot of work to be done! First get that mess back into her cell. Throw away that bath brush! It's terribly unsanitary, after where it's been. Now that you're Catgirl, you must remember, that a cat is the cleanest of predators!"

"I will, Mistress!" Batgirl said, as she roughly pulled the brush from Wonder Woman's body. "What about other superheros. Won't they come looking for these two?"

"Well, I don't think we have to worry about Superman, anymore. I decided I should share some of that Kryptonite, that Supergirl so generously provided. I knew a group of young delinquents, that Superman sent to a Girl's Reformatory. It seems it didn't do a very good job of reforming them. They were still quite bitter, when they were released. I provided them with some Kryptonite tools. I expect they will make good use of them!" (See Superviolation by GW)

"I hope so!" The redhead said, with a shiver of excitement. "Wow, can you imagine doing something like this to Superman?" And Catgirl licked her lips, in delight.

"Yes it is a delicious thought!" Catwoman replied. "Perhaps we should have done the job ourselves."

"What about Wonder Woman's mother, that Amazon Queen, of Paradise Island?" Catgirl asked.

"Well, if necessary, we'll just have to think of something!" Catwoman purred in anticipatory pleasure.

Has Catwoman truly turned Batgirl to evil? Can anyone, truly enslave an Amazon Princess? Is there no escape, from the ferocious feline, for our hapless crimefighters? Is there no one to come to their rescue? To be continued in: "Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 5. Royal Rescuer." Same Cat Channel! Same Cat Time!

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