Superheroine Jeopardy 02  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 02 Amazon Bay

Catwoman lures Wonder Woman, to the Cat Lair, where she must fight her friends and allies, Supergirl and Batgirl, in order to free them, from Catwoman's clutches. Synopsis: Catwoman has defeated and captured Batgirl. She so totally terrorized the young crimefighter, that Batgirl fell completely under her feline ascendancy. Batgirl's subsequent betrayal allowed Catwoman to capture Supergirl with Kryptonite. The villainess enslaved the blond superheroine by means of a variable radiation Kryptonite collar. The collar can render Supergirl helpless, or even kill her, at feline whim. After prolonged and atrocious torture, Catwoman has broken Supergirl's resistance, and exacted a vow, that Supergirl will help capture her friend, Wonder Woman.

Since Supergirl's sudden disappearance, Wonder Woman had searched for her friend. It wasn't uncommon for Supergirl to be away, for extended periods of time, but she always let her friends at the Justice League know her whereabouts. This time, no one knew where she was. Wonder Woman tried to contact Batgirl, but discovered she had dropped from sight, as well. The Amazon was growing more anxious every day. Was someone kidnapping crimefighters, or worse? As the days went by, with no news, Wonder Woman became frantic. She discovered that a party in the City had received a large shipment of illegal Kryptonite, bought on the black-market. All the evidence pointed toward Catwoman, but the malicious feline had vanished, too. Wonder Woman tracked her as far as her Cat Lair in the Park, but it was deserted. Catwoman had moved her headquarters elsewhere, but where?

Catwoman had transferred all of her operations to the luxurious and secluded country estate of the unfortunate Doctor Olga Petroff, the world's foremost authority on exotic, radiation illnesses, and their treatment. Doctor Petroff was the first victim of Catwoman's long-range plan, to eliminate the meddlesome superheroines, who beset her widespread criminal organization. It was by kidnapping, and then masquerading, as Doctor Petroff, that Catwoman lured Supergirl into her clutches. Catwoman found it relatively easy to continue impersonating the reclusive scientist.

"All those super bitches have secret identities, why not me?" Catwoman thought. "Everyone in the world knows Selena Kyle is Catwoman, so that's no help. I'll become Doctor Olga Petroff! I really like this mansion of hers, too!" This decision proved to be a death sentence for Olga Petroff, whose body was never found.

Now, certain, that Supergirl would cooperate with her plans, Catwoman was ready to act. It was relatively easy, for Catwoman, to lure the dauntless Amazon Princess to her new Cat Lair. She used her underworld network to circulate a rumor that Supergirl had sought medical assistance from Doctor Petroff, certain it would reach the astute crimefighter's ears. It wasn't long before an IADC informant offered to sell the information to Diana Prince. The astute government agent was usually especially cautious in cross-checking information furnished by stool pigeons. This time though, worry made her overly eager, and she accepted the information at face value.

Moments later, in deserted storage closet, there was a blinding flash of light. The tall, plainly dressed, IADC Agent had transformed into her alter ego, Wonder Woman. Now, spectacularly attired in red, white and blue costume, of daring brevity, she raced to the roof of IADC Headquarters, and summoned her Invisible Amazon Plane, by telepathic control. In moments, the plane hovered, overhead. Leaping ten feet off the roof, Wonder Woman seized the bottom rung of the dangling ladder, and speedily clambered aboard.

At Wonder Woman's mental direction, the plane sped to Doctor Petroff's isolated estate. Wonder Woman cautiously directed the plane to drop her off some little distance from the walled estate. Then, she sent the plane away, by mental control. With the skill of a trained scout, or commando, the Amazon Warrior worked her way toward the enclosed mansion.

It was just dusk, as Wonder Woman dropped silently over the outer wall, easily avoiding the newly installed, electrified, barbed wire, and the broken glass at the top of the wall. She sniffed a little contemptuously. As if such primitive precautions could keep an Amazon Warrior out. She zigzagged from tree to tree, skillfully taking advantage of every natural hiding place, or cover, until she reached the house, unobserved. She peered into a basement window. Her Amazon instincts, had, unerringly, led her to the right spot. The window overlooked a large exercise room. Catwoman was standing in the center of the room, tapping her booted foot, impatiently. She was in full costume, cat-eared mask and cowl, long, black, leather dress, slit up both sides to the hip, and wide leather belt, straining to hold in her, less than breathtakingly tiny, waist.

Just as she peered through the window, Wonder Woman saw Batgirl escort an obviously frightened Supergirl into the room. Supergirl's cape and uniform tunic were missing, and the beautiful blond was naked to the waist, her gorgeous bosom trembling apprehensively. Batgirl was almost naked, too. She wore her boots, Bat Cowl, and Bat Utility Belt, tightly cinched about her temptingly tiny middle, but nothing else. The auburn patch at the juncture of her thighs stood out against her pale skin. Though she was escorting Supergirl, Batgirl stayed behind the blond heroine, as though shielding herself from the wrath of Catwoman.

"Dear Hera! What has that feline witch done to Supergirl and Batgirl? Poor Dears! They both look terrified! And where are their uniforms? That vicious witch! I can understand how that shrew might intimidate Batgirl. She's young, and has no special powers, but what can she have done to frighten Supergirl, so?" Wonder Woman wondered, in sympathy with her friends. "Suffering Sappho! I must rescue them, before she mistreats them any further!" Wonder Woman muttered, grimly.

Wasting no time, Wonder Woman hurtled though the window, in one bold bound. The formidable Amazon Warrior Princess landed in the dungeon, mid a shower of broken glass.

Catwoman looked up, startled at first. Then she smiled complacently and purred. "So, our Amazon busybody took my bait, and came to rescue you bimbos! I find such devoted friendship, touching! We must reward our guest properly! It's time to spring the Cat Trap!"

As soon as she landed, Wonder Woman sprang to her feet. "We'll see who springs this trap, you vicious she-beast!" She snapped furiously, assuming that well-known, challenging stance, that had intimidated hoards of lawbreakers, over the years. Hands on hips, blue eyes snapping angry sparks, mighty bosom heaving indignantly, she stalked toward Catwoman, like a tall, avenging, raven- haired angel.

In ultra-high-heeled, red leather boots, the mighty Amazon Maiden was nearly six and a half feet tall. Her shoulders were broad, and her arms and chest rippled with smooth feminine muscle. Most eye-catching, of course, was her richly abundant bosom. Her scanty, red and gold bodice, armless and backless, displayed, in daring decolletage, just enough of her bountiful, girlishly high-set breasts, for one to yearn to glimpse their full naked glory. Her very brief, very snug, star-spangled, blue, satin tights clung to her broad hips, and outlined her boldly muscular derriere, swaying with enticing impudence, as she stalked toward Catwoman. Under her Golden Girdle, her waist was slim and sinuous as a panther.

Her Golden Girdle was the fundamental source of Wonder Woman's extraordinary powers. It was an exact replica, made by Amazon alchemists, of Hera's own Girdle, worn by her Mother, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons of Paradise Island. The Amazon Girdle gave Wonder Woman super strength, speed and coordination. It was that strength, speed and coordination, that made it possible for her to block and deflect any weapon, even bullets, with her Amazon bracelets.

"Yes! We will see who springs this trap!" Catwoman replied, with a silky purr. As she spoke, she adjusted her wrist control, cutting off the Kryptonite radiation, that so weakened Supergirl. The Maid of Might felt her super strength return in a rush, invigorating her magnificent body. Her pallid nudity suddenly glowed with super strength and power. She shook off Batgirl's restraining hand. Feeling her strength return, she turned angrily on Catwoman, but Catwoman was ready, hand at her wrist. Supergirl felt her newly restored strength oozing away. Catwoman caught her eye with the glittering threat of a killer cat. Supergirl's blue eyes quailed before that threatening glance.

"Remember your vow, Superslut!" Catwoman growled. "More important, remember, for you, it's either victory or death! I won't forgive failure!"

With the whine of a beaten dog, Supergirl whimpered. "Yes, Mistress!"

Catwoman allowed Supergirl's strength to return. Now, a broken-spirited Supergirl reluctantly turned and faced her best friend and mentor. Looking sadly at Wonder Woman, she wrung her hands indecisively. She refused to meet Wonder Woman's eyes. Batgirl looked from Catwoman to Supergirl, and knew the cruel feline had won. Supergirl would attempt to carry out Catwoman's scheme!

"Supergirl, what has she done to you? Oh, My dear! Are you all right?" Wonder Woman asked anxiously, and added reassuringly. "It's all right! I'm here! She can't hurt you anymore!" Supergirl shamefacedly looked away from her friend. She'd felt a pleasurable thrill, when she felt that glorious, super strength coursing through her mightily muscled body, once more. Now her super strength seemed a curse, for she must basely turn it against her friend. Supergirl advanced toward the Amazon Princess. Wonder Woman saw the menace in her friend's stance.

"Supergirl, please, don't!" Wonder Woman pleaded. "Please! I don't want to hurt you anymore! This vicious beast obviously hurt you too much already!" The shrewd Amazon could see the pain and hurt in her friend's heart.

Supergirl ignored Wonder Woman's pleas. She fell into a fighting stance. Wonder Woman extended her hands, open-handed, in friendship, refusing to believe Supergirl would attack her, no matter what she had suffered at Catwoman's hands. Still seeking to win Supergirl over, Wonder Woman was unprepared, when her friend sailed into her swinging those steel-thewed arms, with the skill of a champion boxer.

Wonder Woman backed away, hastily, still unwilling to fight her friend. "Supergirl don't do this! I beg you! Don't help this vile creature!"

Before Wonder Woman could say anymore, Supergirl fists found their mark. Her left crashed into Wonder Woman's jaw, and then her right uppercut knocked her back into the wall, with a thud. Wonder Woman shook her head groggily. Even an Amazon, girded by Hera's Divine Girdle, couldn't endure many punches from the mighty Supergirl. Wonder Woman reluctantly raised her hands in a martial stance.

Even now, though she warded off Supergirl's fierce attacks, with Amazon skill, Wonder Woman was reluctant to take the offensive. Supergirl drove her backward. Wonder Woman backpedaled away, dodging and blocking punches, ducking and weaving, as only a skilled warrior could. Feeling that cruel feline eye on her, Batgirl warily fell in behind Supergirl, as though to aid her. Catwoman had long broken her fighting spirit, though, and Batgirl feared to close with the mighty Amazon. She hung back from the battle, until, at last, Supergirl's fierce attack drove Wonder Woman into a corner, where there was no room to maneuver.

With a sigh of resignation, Wonder Woman knew she must take the offensive, or be passively beaten to her knees. As she parried one of Supergirl's nearly irresistible punches, she countered. Her fist struck Supergirl directly on the chin, knocking the Maid of Might backward.

With a grimace of resignation, Wonder Woman concluded that the most merciful thing to do was win this fight as quickly as possible. Once she subdued Supergirl, she could expeditiously deal with Catwoman, and be free to use Amazon Curative Arts to heal Supergirl's terrible psychic wounds. She recognized that, Batgirl was totally under Catwoman's domination, but Batgirl possessed no superpowers, and was a negligible factor in this combat.

Her lips set in a grim line, Wonder Woman attacked Supergirl, with all the ruthless determination, she possessed. Her fists beat Supergirl backward, remorselessly. Now that she was committed to this terrible, sororcidal conflict, Supergirl fought back, with fierce determination. Catwoman stood back, to watch in delight, as the two mightiest women on the planet battled with single-minded determination, for her amusement, and ultimate profit.

Supergirl was tall and powerfully built, her shoulders broad, and her chest deep. Yet, even so, she was a couple of inches shorter, and markedly slimmer than the Amazon Princess. Possessing super strength, though, she held her own against the mighty Wonder Woman, doing fearsome damage to Wonder Woman, whenever she landed a punch.

Wonder Woman could block bullets and other weapons, by skillful manipulation of her Amazon bracelets, but she wasn't invulnerable to bodily damage and injury. Time after time, skillful use of her bracelets saved her from Supergirl's hard, irresistible fists. Yet, even the indomitable Amazon began to tire, eventually. Dodging a few bullets, in a brief time span, was entirely different then this relentless, never-ending barrage. Even the strength and endurance conferred by a Goddess has a limit.

Wonder Woman's arms ached, and she began to pant for breath. Her brow perspired profusely. When she raised her arm to wipe away the sweat, dripping into her eyes, Supergirl slipped by a lucky punch, that landed squarely on Wonder Woman's determined chin. The power, of the blow, raised Wonder Woman six inches off the floor. She sailed backward and smashed into the wall. Wonder Woman saw stars! She looked up dazedly, and began to slide down the wall. Just, then, Supergirl grabbed her bodice, and pulled the groggy Amazon Princess to her feet.

Wonder Woman's enormous bosom nearly spilled free, from her skimpy top, as Supergirl jerked her up straight. Supergirl no longer knew what she was doing; she had gone berserk and didn't even recognize Wonder Woman, as her best friend, anymore. She was just an enemy, to be disposed of. She hit the Amazon in one breast, burying her fist in the sumptuous, creamy flesh. Wonder Woman squawked in pain, her mouth drooping open. Supergirl hit her in the other boob. Then she battered her head, back and forth, until Wonder Woman's eyes rolled.

Supergirl switched her hold to Wonder Woman's inky, black hair and held her head up. Supergirl drew back her arm as far as it would go, and then banged her fist into Wonder Woman's belly. Amazon training, from childhood, left Wonder Woman with a ridged six-pack of abdominal muscles; her belly, underneath her Uniform and Girdle, looked to be carved from ivory. How could anything penetrate a shield like that? To her anguish, Wonder Woman discovered that Supergirl's super powered fist could! Normally, Supergirl never hit anyone with her full strength, but now she held nothing back. Supergirl drove her fist with super strength into Wonder Woman's belly. Batgirl watched in fascinated horror, as that irresistible fist drove into Wonder Woman's middle, well below her Amazon Girdle, right up to the wrist.

Wonder Woman went limp, and dangled helplessly, by the hair, from Supergirl's hand. Supergirl cocked her fist, again. Catwoman suddenly feared the Girl of Steel would kill the Amazon. She didn't want a dead heroine, she wanted a live captive, and plaything. She adjusted the Kryptonite level of the slave collar on Supergirl's neck, slightly. Momentarily, Supergirl felt sick and distraught. She clutched her stomach, as though she was going to throw up, and lost her grip on Wonder Woman.

Seeing Supergirl's distress, Wonder Woman drew upon a lifetime of Amazon training, and on her incredible reserves of determination and courage. Despite the damage her fellow superheroine had inflicted, she managed to stay on her feet. She took a deep breath, and fiercely attacked Supergirl. Given a second chance, Wonder Woman fought remorselessly, holding nothing back. She knew her best hope, and also the most merciful course, was to knock her friend out, as quickly as possible

As they traded punches, again, Wonder Woman's incredible Amazon warrior skills began to prevail over the somewhat weakened Supergirl. She battered Supergirl back into the wall. Terrified by the beating she was taking, Supergirl drew back her arm, and threw her best punch right at Wonder Woman's face. Just before the punch landed, though, Wonder Woman interposed her Amazon bracelet. Supergirl's fist struck the amazonian metal, squarely, with a jarring shock. Supergirl cried out at the sharp pain, as her arm went numb, to the elbow.

As Catwoman concentrated all her attention on the struggle, the frightened Batgirl, realizing she was a nonentity in this epic struggle, had wisely retreated to a corner. She watched in fascinated horror. Batgirl revered, and idolized, both these mighty heroines. She felt their pain, as they were forced to batter each other, until one was beaten senseless. That darker side that Catwoman had aroused in her was fascinated by the pain, too. She hungrily watched the agony in Supergirl's beautiful face, hating herself for her weakness.

Supergirl held her injured right fist in her left hand, nursing the injury. Wonder Woman's mouth set in grim line, hating the dreadful necessity of the distasteful task ahead of her. Then she blasted her fists into Supergirl's defenseless face, left to the nose, and a right to the mouth. Supergirl groaned and went down on her knees. Wonder Woman smashed her fists like triphammers, into Supergirl's jaw, her chin, her cheeks , until Supergirl fell over on her side. Even fighting in an evil cause, the gallant blond heroine tried to roll to her feet, but Wonder Woman leaped astride her chest, first, pinning her arms to the floor with her knees. Supergirl looked up helplessly, fear and suffering reflected in her big, blue eyes, but there was relief in her beautiful face, too.

Just before Wonder Woman finished her, with one last mighty punch, Supergirl breathed. "Thank God you've won, Diana! Now deal with that Catwoman bitch!" With a sob at what must be done, Wonder Woman's fist crashed into Supergirl's jaw, and Supergirl went limp. She was still half-conscious, but no longer a threat to anyone.

When Catwoman saw Wonder Woman knock Supergirl off her feet, her face set furiously. "Pitiful, little, blond tramp! Supergirl, hah! She'll pay for that failure!" She hissed. Feeling no sympathy for the weapon that failed, Catwoman turned the dial on her bracelet, as high as it would go, unleashing a flood of Kryptonite radiation, that reduced poor Supergirl to near paralysis. If that level of radiation continued, unabated, Supergirl would be dead in several hours. Now, the pragmatic feline prepared to implement her contingency plan. She patted her belt to make sure her blackjack was in place.

Once Wonder Woman knocked Supergirl out of the fight, she took a deep breath, thinking "Must deal with that horrid bitch, now!" As the red haze of battle faded, though, she felt the considerable injuries, Supergirl's terrible fists had inflicted. She felt a little dizzy. She needed a short breather. "Just one second!" She told herself. Still sitting astride Supergirl's prone body, she rested wearily, taking deep breaths to ease her heaving lungs.

Wonder Woman hesitated long enough for Catwoman to creep stealthily up behind her. Batgirl watched in horror. "Look out! Look out, Wonder Woman!" She screamed silently, but her terror of Catwoman was so great, she dared not call out the warning, aloud. Suddenly feeling that feline presence, Wonder Woman turned wildly. Too late! Catwoman was unsnapping the latch of her Amazon Girdle.

"No!" Wonder Woman cried, in alarm, as Catwoman pulled it loose from her slim waist, together with her Magic Lasso. Without the Girdle, Wonder Woman was no longer a super being, though still, of course, an incredibly strong, skilled, Amazon Warrior.

Catwoman held her trophy aloft, in triumph, as she dashed off with it. Galvanized by this terrible development, Wonder Woman jumped to her feet, and gave chase. Normally fleet as a gazelle, but now badly hurt by the fight with Supergirl, and robbed of her Amazon Girdle, Wonder Woman couldn't overcome Catwoman's head start. Even so, despite her feline quickness, Catwoman barely won the race to her goal. With catlike foresight, she'd left the wall safe open for this very contingency. Catwoman thrust the girdle into the safe, and slammed the door shut, even as Wonder Woman made one last, futile grab for the priceless, Amazon artifact.

Catwoman laughed in gleeful malice. "Hah! Without that girdle, you're just another big, musclebound bitch! I've handled your kind before!" Despite her bold insult, Catwoman warily circled away from Wonder Woman.

It was true! Without her Amazon Girdle, Wonder Woman was no longer invincible, and still badly injured from the epic battle with Supergirl. Her face was flushed from exertion, battered and bruised by Supergirl's indestructible fists. Her torn bodice hung precariously from her mighty bosom, revealing the bruises on those succulent boobs. The gallant Amazon was not dismayed in the least. She smiled grimly, thinking "Good I won't have to hold back, when I get my hands on that nasty bitch!"

Meanwhile, Batgirl dragged Supergirl's motionless body to a corner. Sitting down with her back to the wall, she wrapped her arms and legs around the big, muscular body holding the weakened blond helpless.

Supergirl moaned. "Batgirl! Please! Go help Wonder Woman! She's our last hope! Don't let her fight, alone! She needs us! Do it for yourself, if nothing else!" Batgirl hardly heard Supergirl's plea, for just then Catwoman's eye fell on her cowering form. Like a whipped dog, Batgirl felt a shiver of dread under the threat of that terrible green cat's eye. Her merciless mistress eagerly called out to her. "Watch your blond friend! She can't be trusted! Weak as she is, I don't want her trying to interfere!"

Poor Supergirl was hardly a threat, though. Aware of what was happening around her, she felt as though she were floating in space, too woozy to move her beautiful body, or escape Batgirl's clutching hands.

Longing for the satisfaction of paying Catwoman back, for what she had done to Supergirl and Batgirl, Wonder Woman rushed eagerly at the smaller woman. Too eagerly, for Catwoman dodged her rush. As Wonder Woman turned back, to face the elusive feline, Catwoman loosed a savate kick, that struck the star-spangled Amazon low in the belly. The toe of Catwoman's bot ended in a sharp steel point, deadly as dagger. Wonder Woman grunted in amazement, at Catwoman's quickness. As she doubled over, a second kick to the jaw, knocked her over on her broad, muscular behind, with a thump. Before she knew it, a third kick to her cheek, knocked her flat on her back.

Flattened by Catwoman's kicks, Wonder Woman knew she was in for a more serious fight, than she had first guessed. Catwoman was a truly dangerous opponent. Wonder Woman rolled away, but not before Catwoman's shiny, black boot caught her a fourth blow to the side. As Wonder Woman climbed to her feet, Catwoman knocked her to her knees, again, with a hard weighted fist, to her ear. As Wonder Woman's head snapped to the side, she saw stars.

"Dirty cheat, has brass knuckles on those gloves!" Wonder Woman realized ruefully. "I might have known, she wouldn't fight fair!" Without her Amazon girdle, those heavily weighted gloves would hurt as badly as Supergirl's fists had. Worse, without the Girdle's super speed and coordination, she couldn't use her bracelets to block those punches. "Oh well! I'll just have to do without them!" Wonder Woman resolved, stoically.

"See if those brass knuckles do you any good, you nasty witch!" Wonder Woman muttered, as she quickly stood up. Though, unpleasantly surprised, by Catwoman's skill and strength, she nonetheless, confidently awaited an opening. After all she was an Amazon Princess! She'd always easily defeated any man or woman, she'd ever fought, with or without her Amazon Girdle.

As Wonder Woman jumped up, Catwoman circled behind her, and grabbed her around the neck in a strangle hold. The felonious feline found that bodily contact, with the bigger, stronger Amazon Warrior, was a serious mistake. Wonder Woman's hands flew backward, until they grabbed a cat- hooded head. She heaved Catwoman's body over her shoulder in a judo throw. This time, Catwoman landed on her behind, in a dazed heap. Before she recovered, Wonder Woman hauled her to her feet, and spun her around. She wrapped her arms around Catwoman, from behind, and gripped Catwoman's hand painfully.

"Easy now, or I'll break your fingers!" Wonder Woman ordered. "Now, I'm going to march you over there and chain you to that wall, with those chains you've so conveniently provided, while I see to poor Supergirl!"

"This fight isn't over yet, honey!" Catwoman breathed defiantly to the overconfident Amazon Princess. She drove the pointed heel of her boot down into Wonder Woman's instep. The steel point penetrated a quarter inch, beyond the soft, red boot leather, right into her flesh. Searing pain lanced through Wonder Woman's body. The pain was so intense, that her limbs turned watery. As Catwoman easily pulled loose from Wonder Woman's grip, her elbow rocketed backward into the pit of the Amazon's stomach. She wheeled immediately, and drove her knee into Wonder Woman's crotch. As Wonder Woman sagged forward, Catwoman stepped backward and drove her pointed toe into one huge, scantily covered breast. Then with lightening speed, she drove it into the other breast.

Wonder Woman backed away. She was groggy, but still on her feet. Luckily, the superbly toned body, of an Olympic-class athlete, could absorb that much brutal punishment, in so short a time, without collapsing. She must act fast, though. Another two or three kicks, like that, might even permanently down an Amazon. She attacked Catwoman with her fists. Her huge beasts expanded to extraordinary proportion, as her straining lungs sucked in air. She struck at the smaller woman, with all her enormous strength, seeking to batter her to the floor.

Catwoman was dismayed by Wonder Woman's speedy comeback, but she knew she'd hurt the big Amazon, as had Supergirl earlier. She accepted the challenge. The two formidable females squared off, and went at each other with swinging fists. Now, it was Wonder Woman who was amazed, that Catwoman was not disturbed by her blows. The wily feline was tougher than she anticipated. In fact, Catwoman's weighted fists drove Wonder Woman backward, inch by inch.

Wonder Woman gave ground, until Catwoman backed her into the corner. It was dawning on Wonder Woman, that she could lose this fight. The thought of defeat filled her with cold fury. She leaped at Catwoman, taking her by surprise, and shoving her back against the wall.

Wonder Woman pinned Catwoman to the wall, with her left hand, and pounded her face with her right fist. Catwoman threw her arms around the Amazon's big, sinewy body. She buried her face in Wonder Woman's half- nude bosom. As Wonder Woman pummeled her, she sank her sharp teeth into the top of a huge breast. The fingers of her gloves were tipped with steel claws, and they locked on Wonder Woman's crotch.

The raging Amazon heroine went mad at Catwoman's painful impertinence. She raged and tossed, but couldn't get loose from the incubus, clinging to her. With a burst of amazonian strength, Wonder Woman threw Catwoman to the floor, landing beside her. The fall, and Wonder Woman's pounding fist dazed Catwoman, but even so, she held on to Wonder Woman's crotch and boob. The pain was atrocious, and Wonder Woman thrashed about, to escape. At last, she gritted her teeth, and tore herself free. She jumped to her feet, with Catwoman right behind her.

Warily, heroine and villainess began circling again. Wonder Woman carefully avoided those deadly feet, as she darted forward, and caught Catwoman across the face with an openhanded slap. The impact sent Catwoman spinning, but she quickly came back to her defensive crouch. When Wonder Woman tried to repeat the maneuver, Catwoman grabbed a handful of curly, raven tresses. She jerked Wonder Woman's face into a right uppercut, followed by a thumb in the eye. Wonder Woman pulled away her eye closed and watering. Catwoman snickered and kicked high, sinking her deadly, pointed toe in Wonder Woman's extraordinary bosom, again.

"Oww, my boob!" Wonder Woman moaned. She went wild with rage, and in retaliation, kicked Catwoman in the belly. As Catwoman doubled over, Wonder Woman raised her fist, to finish the evil villainess. Catwoman gasped in fear. How could she avoid that finishing blow? Only one way! Catwoman dove headfirst into the Amazon's own solar plexus, causing her mighty breasts to balloon in anguish.

Catwoman continued to jam her head into Wonder Woman's breadbasket, while her small, hard fists worked like pistons, banging into the same area. Wonder Woman's belly, though ridged and unyielding as a truck tire, had already taken terrible punishment from both Supergirl and Catwoman. Catwoman was beginning to do serious damage, again. Her hard head and fists paralyzed Wonder Woman, for a moment. Then, without warning, Catwoman dropped to her knees, and grabbing Wonder Woman's ankles, jerked her legs out from under her.

As Wonder Woman fell flat on her back, Catwoman straightened up, and like a scorched cat, leaped straight into the air. Coming down, her knees landed, with cannon ball force, in Wonder Woman's straining middle. Hissing in satisfaction, Catwoman jumped up, leaving Wonder Woman writhing on the floor. Panting raggedly for breath, Wonder Woman climbed stiffly to her feet, rubbing her sore, aching tummy in distress.

Before Wonder Woman could catch her breath, Catwoman grabbed her arm, in a judo, come-along hold, and whipped the panting Amazon Maiden, face first into the wall. When Wonder Woman swung around to face her, Catwoman saw, for a moment, the sick agony in her face. A lifetime, of stoic, amazon discipline, immediately restored a confident, if strained, smile. Encouraged by that brief glimpse, Catwoman flung herself at Wonder Woman.

Hurting though she might be, the gallant Amazon met Catwoman's charge. She hit the vicious feline in the body with her left, and then on the side of the jaw, with her right fist. The second punch spun Catwoman in a circle, and Wonder Woman shrieked an Amazon war cry and leaped at her. At that spine tingling shriek, Catwoman glanced back wildly, catching a glimpse of the huge superheroine flying at her. Without turning, Catwoman drove her foot backward in a karate kick. It was a desperate measure, but Catwoman executed it perfectly, or luckily. Her steel- pointed heel rammed into Wonder Woman's right knee.

"Ahhh!" Wonder Woman cried out, as her right leg collapsed under her. Spinning around, Catwoman saw her foe down on one knee. She instinctively kicked again. Her steel-shod toe crashed into Wonder Woman's chin. Wonder Woman careened over backward, on her haunches, just as Catwoman landed another kick in her left breast. Her body flipped to the right, and she fell face down. Catwoman leaped on her back. A split second later, she thrust her right leg between Wonder Woman's power-packed thighs, and banged her hard knee into Wonder Woman's crotch.

Wonder Woman struggled with amazonian, battle madness, but at first, she couldn't dislodge the hateful feline criminal. With a heave of her magnificent, vibrant body, Wonder Woman raised herself from the floor. Catwoman couldn't hold the mighty Amazon down. Wonder Woman bridged up, again, incredible torso flexing like corded steel, tumbling Catwoman off. As Catwoman jumped clear, she whumped her knee into Wonder Woman's resiliently out thrust behind, one final time. Wonder Woman squawked at the indignity, but instinctively bounced to her feet, with graceful ease. Catwoman rolled in the opposite direction, and, instantly jumped up, too.

"You nasty bitch! I'll tear you limb from limb!" The infuriated Princess cried.

"Come on, try it, Amazon Cow!" Catwoman sneered. "You'll soon be begging to kiss my ass, like your two pitiful friends, over there! Look at them! That's your future, too!" The stinging reminder, of the degradation and enslavement of her two dear friends, fueled Wonder Woman's growing rage. Yet, the Amazon couldn't help stealing a glance at her cowering friends, two heroines she never believed could be defeated or broken. It was a disheartening sight. For just a moment Catwoman saw a flicker of doubt in Wonder Woman's own eyes.

Then, Wonder Woman's back arched and stiffened in stern resolve, cobalt- blue eyes flashed stormily. "How dare this bitch treat her friends like that!" As she warily fell into a combat crouch, though, Catwoman was already flying through the air. Catwoman's feet crashed into Wonder Woman's chest. With catlike skill she aimed so perfectly, that a boot- heel landed dead center, in each enormous, up-tilted amazonian boob. Wonder Woman crashed jarringly against the wall, wailing at the terrible damage to her magnificent bosom, while her catlike adversary landed on her feet.

When Wonder Woman bounced off the wall, Catwoman backhanded her across the face, spinning her in a half circle. A barrage of powerfully driven punches crashed into her back slamming her face first, back into the wall. Wonder Woman braced herself against the wall, and spun around.

Face to face with her foe, Catwoman drove another punch, a straight left, deep into Wonder Woman's midriff. The Amazon gasped aloud, but remembering Catwoman's tactic, dove head first into the evil criminal's middle. Now, it was Catwoman's turn to gasp breathlessly, as Wonder Woman's head drove the breath from her lungs. Instead of thin satin, though, thick, leather reinforcements, under her Catsuit, limited the damage. Her weighted hands instantly smashed down on Wonder Woman's neck, in a two-handed rabbit punch. The punch slammed the heroine's face down into a knee lift, that flung her backward, arms windmilling for balance.

Catwoman hit the off-balance Amazon Princess, with a left hook to the cheek, and a right uppercut to the chin. The leaded gloves slammed Wonder Woman's head first to the left, and then backward. A drop of blood trickled down her cheek. As Wonder Woman sagged backward, Catwoman's leg flashed up in another savate kick. Still terribly quick, Wonder Woman grabbed Catwoman's leg, as it struck her side, and tossed Catwoman to the floor.

Wonder Woman flung herself atop Catwoman, but the supple, feline villainess twisted about, and Wonder Woman landed on her upraised, boot heel. The pointed heel impaled the heroic Amazon's battered lower belly. Catwoman straightened her leg, and flipped Wonder Woman over on her back. Catwoman jumped up first, and as Wonder Woman sat up, her boot toe struck the Amazon's jaw, again.

Knocked on her back, Wonder Woman saw Catwoman draw back her foot again. She rolled at Catwoman's legs, hoping to upend her. Instead the villainess sank her boot toe into Wonder Woman's powerfully muscled belly. Desperately Wonder Woman rolled the other way. As Catwoman approached, Wonder Woman raised her body agilely, half-off the floor, and kicked backward with both feet. Her high-heeled, red boots landed in Catwoman's belly, stopping her dead in her tracks.

"You damn Bitch!" Catwoman muttered. "I'll show you!" As Wonder Woman jumped to her feet, Catwoman pulled her blackjack from her belt, and smashed it into her right shoulder, numbing her whole arm. As Wonder Woman grasped her injured shoulder, Catwoman smashed the blackjack against her right elbow. Wonder Woman cried out loudly, at the intense pain; she could hardly move her right arm. She tried to spin away from the deadly sap. Catwoman stuck out a foot and tripped her.

As Wonder Woman fell, Catwoman's sap hit her across the back of the neck . Wonder Woman reflexively curled up in a ball, as Catwoman rained blows on her shoulders and back. She tried to protect her head and face with her arms. She groaned each time the blackjack slammed into one of her breasts, and screamed in agony, when it landed squarely on her right elbow, again.

"Sucker!" Catwoman purred, slipping the blackjack back in her belt. "I guess I don't need this anymore! You're not very tough! A real cream- puff! Just another media fake, like Supergirl and Batgirl. My bare hands are more than enough for a pushover like you!" Although she put away the blackjack, Catwoman didn't remove her clawed, lead-weighted, brass-knuckled gloves. Catwoman grabbed Wonder Woman by the hair at the back of her neck, and hauled her to her feet. "Get up, Wondersow!" She snickered.

Still hurting from the blackjack, Wonder Woman, nevertheless, fearlessly attacked the evil criminal, only to be stopped, again, by Catwoman's extended, stiff-fingered hand, driven like a knife deep into her battered abdomen. Wonder Woman flung her arms around Catwoman, tying her up in a clinch. She tried to hold on to Catwoman's middle in a bearhug, but she couldn't exert any pressure with her injured right arm. Catwoman's deadly gloved fists beat a tattoo on the dazed heroine's back and head, until Wonder Woman lurched free.

Catwoman grabbed the waistband of Wonder Woman's tights and jerked the Amazon toward her. She clubbed Wonder Woman across the side of her head, with a weighted fist. Wonder Woman stumbled back a step, and Catwoman buried a sharp-pointed toe, between her legs. Wonder Woman's thin, satin tights offered no protection, and she doubled over, gasping helplessly. She straightened up, somehow. Another barrage of blows, to her head, face and chest, dropped her to her knees.

Catwoman hammered away at the kneeling Amazon's head. Desperately, Wonder Woman threw her arms around Catwoman's legs, and buried her face against Catwoman's leather skirt, hanging on for dear life. Catwoman, contemptuously kicked free, took a backward step, and brutally kicked the crouching amazon in the belly, again. Those incredibly powerful, amazonian muscles had lost all their elasticity and resiliency. They offered no protection, at all, to a steel-shod, boot toe. It was like kicking a ball of pizza dough. Wonder Woman gagged, clutched her wounded belly and pitched face first to the floor, head spinning.

The merciless Catwoman kicked the fallen Amazon in the side of the head, then knee dropped into the small of her back. Catwoman rose, smiling from Wonder Woman's trembling form. Wonder Woman scratched at the floor, anxiously. Her big, muscular legs trembled, as she valiantly tried to rise. It was no use! Catwoman leaned over the helpless heroine. She grabbed the raven curls at the back of Wonder Woman's skull with her left hand, and gripped the seat of Wonder Woman's satin tights with her right. Then she lifted Wonder Woman up on her feet. Wonder Woman cried out in involuntary fear. She struggled wildly, but Catwoman rammed her headfirst into the wall.

Catwoman let go. She stood back, watching, hands on hips, mimicking Wonder Woman's famous stance, as the punch-drunk, Amazon Princess stumbled on rubbery legs. With a cruel, feline laugh, Catwoman punched Wonder Woman across the side of her jaw, laying her out on the floor, barely conscious.

Wonder Woman lay on her side, unmoving, for several moments. Then, acting on instinct alone, Wonder Woman tried to scramble out of reach, on her hands and knees, but Catwoman drove her brass-sheathed, lead- weighted fist straight down in a power punch to the small of her back. Wonder Woman shuddered, and collapsed flat on her belly. Catwoman kicked her over on her back.

Catwoman looked down at the dizzy heroine's bruised face, with a sneer. "O. K. Babydoll, Let's finish this off!" Before Wonder Woman's head cleared, or before she could even move, Catwoman pulled out her blackjack, again, and smashed it across each of Wonder Woman's knees, in succession. Already moaning, Wonder Woman wailed aloud, as the terrible pain lanced through her long, solidly packed thighs and elegantly rounded calves.

Catwoman smiled triumphantly, and put away her blackjack again, before knee-dropping into Wonder Woman's defenseless middle, driving what little breath remained, from her lungs. Terrible abdominal cramps doubled up the brave Amazon's legs. Catwoman straddled the enfeebled superheroine's great, shuddering body, slamming her hard buttocks into Wonder Woman's muscularly ridged belly. Catwoman laughed exultantly; sitting astride the fallen Warrior Princess, holding her captive to her own feline will was, indeed, a heady triumph.

Unable to restrain her exultation, Catwoman furiously buffeted Wonder Woman's beautiful, trapped face from side to side, with slow deliberate open-handed slaps. She didn't stop, until she smacked our heroine, into near oblivion. Finally satisfied, that the mighty Amazon was helpless, for the time being at least, Catwoman clawed at the tattered bodice of Wonder Woman's uniform. She slowly teased Wonder Woman's red and gold, bodice down around her trim, muscular waist.

Wonder Woman's huge breasts tumbled free, exquisitely tipped, by small, delectable aureoles, and long, thick nipple spikes. The mortified crimefighter could do nothing, but lie there, quivering with indignation, at this demeaning humiliation. Catwoman flicked a sharp, steel claw against an erect nipple, and Wonder Woman's magnificent bosom trembled fearfully.

"Wow! Most impressive!" Catwoman commented, in a silky purr. "Why your tits are bigger and fuller than Superslut's, a lot bigger than Batbimbo's little knobs, of course!" I shall enjoy playing with these, 'IMMENSELY.' Pardon my pun, Dearie!"

Catwoman sat back, lounging atop the helplessly supine body of the defeated Amazon heroine, as though she was lazing on a silken cushion. She laughed at the clouded, sick look of defeat, in the fearless blue eyes. All of the fight had gone out of Wonder Woman's straining body. With sick resignation, she realized her rescue attempt had failed miserably. Now, defeated, she was a helpless prisoner, herself, Catwoman's pathetic plaything.

To emphasize her triumph, Catwoman leaned over and mashed her lips against Wonder Woman's bruised mouth. There was no eroticism in the kiss. It was purely a token of dominance. Wonder Woman tried to tear her mouth away, but Catwoman wouldn't be denied. She kissed the helpless Amazon long and hard, until Wonder Woman's head was whirling.

Catwoman sat up, wiping her mouth with catlike delicacy. "Well, Wondie, it's time to get you out of the rest of your silly costume. I like my slave-girls naked, as more befitting their place in life. Standing up, Catwoman grabbed Wonder Woman's right leg and pulled her red boot off; then did the same to the left.

"I want you on your feet, for your full unveiling!" Catwoman purred maliciously. She pulled and tugged, and slapped the hapless Amazon, until she stood her up. Once on her feet, Wonder Woman fell back against the wall for support. Her knees swollen and throbbing, from Catwoman's blackjack, could hardly support her. Her long, muscle-sculpted legs trembled, and turned inward, in an awkward, knock-kneed, pigeon-toed posture. Her blue eyes were grown huge with anguish, and her nostrils flared apprehensively.

Catwoman knelt on one knee, and slid her fingers inside the waistband of Wonder Woman's shorts. Wonder Woman gurgled in dismay, and tried to shrink away, but there was no place to run or hide. Her sleek, warrior's form trembled at Catwoman's cruel feline touch. The dauntless huntress was now the wretched, cornered prey.

Catwoman slowly, carefully bared Wonder Woman's sweetly indented naval. Her head darted closer, and she stuck her rough, cat's tongue inside the charming, little recess. Wonder Woman shivered in dread.

It took a great deal of effort, to tug Wonder Woman's brief, star- spangled-blue tights past her big, solidly rounded hips, and boldly curved buttocks. Finally Catwoman pulled them down around her big, muscular, ivory thighs. Wonder Woman's heart sank. She shuddered in revulsion and looked away, unable to stomach Catwoman's triumphant leer.

Catwoman took off her right glove and examined Wonder Woman's luxuriant, though carefully trimmed ebony pubic fleece. She stroked the fleecy mound with her bare fingers. "Ooh! It s so silky!" Catwoman chirped, and Wonder Woman's face flamed in mortification. Catwoman poked a steel claw, of her other hand, at Wonder Woman's firm-lipped pussy. "What a cute, tight, little box!" Catwoman chirped again. "Oh that's so adorable!" Catwoman added, as she slid the shorts down the mighty thighs and let them fall in a pool around the defeated Amazon's ankles.

When Catwoman stood up again, Wonder Woman almost pitched head first to the floor, but Catwoman caught her with a hand in her belly. As her hand touched her captive's flesh, Wonder Woman's finely muscled six-pack belly, sucked in, in revulsion to Catwoman' touch. Catwoman stepped back and appraised Wonder Woman's totally naked figure, critically.

"Not a bad specimen! A little battered and bruised, but still prime, Grade A meat! I expect a great deal of enjoyment from that body! I have some business to attend to first, but I'll begin her training as soon as I'm done!" Catwoman thought aloud.

Batgirl ran up to Catwoman anxiously. "Oh Mistress you're not really going to let Supergirl die, are you?" The subjugated heroine begged obsequiously.

Catwoman looked over at Supergirl lying miserably in the corner. The beautiful blond was breathing harshly, and her face had taken on a horrible, greenish pallor. "I suppose, there's no point in wasting a perfectly good superheroine! After all, they don't grow on trees. Suppy may have some use left in her, yet!" Catwoman reflected. "Oh why not! Let the incompetent bitch live a little longer. Kryptonite poison will kill her eventually, anyway!" Catwoman adjusted the control on her wrist slightly, and Supergirl breathed easier, and the color began to return to her face.

"All right Battie Get your little, yellow-haired playmate back in her kennel. I'll put this one away myself!" Catwoman said, pointing at the doleful figure of Wonder Woman, still cringing against the wall.

Can this be? Has Catwoman truly defeated the indomitable, Amazon Princess? Can no one resist the terrible. feline villainess? Will Catwoman break Wonder Woman, and enslave her, as she has Supergirl and Supergirl?

To be continued in: "Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 3. Amazon Distress." Same Cat Channel Same Cat Time!

Superheroine Jeopardy part 2