Superheroine Jeopardy 08  


Superheroine Jeopardy Part 08 Island in Peril

Catwoman captured, dominated and corrupted Batgirl, and turned her into Catgirl, an evil, younger clone of herself. The renegade crimefighter helped Catwoman capture, and break the spirits of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Queen Hippolyta, and herself captured and raped Batman's young, crime fighting partner Robin.
In her arrogance, Catwoman and her feline cohorts invade Wonder Woman's home, Paradise Island.

Catwoman and Catgirl, at ease in their stolen mansion, were enjoying a late breakfast, served by captive crimefighters Robin and Supergirl. Catgirl had dressed her little Dickybird in a very short, pink pinafore, little white, lace apron, patent leather, low-heel pumps, and topped it off with a long, curly blond wig. She was like a little girl with a new doll, dressing and redressing the emasculated, young crimefighter several times a day.

Despite her melancholy depression, even Supergirl almost giggled maliciously, when she saw him? her? it? Supergirl had no reason to sympathize with the former Robin, almost Batman. Two days ago, Catgirl and Catwoman had tormented Dickybird all day, without allowing him sexual release, and then given him a powerful, feline aphrodisiac. Catwoman turned Supergirl's Kryptonite collar up high, so she could barely function. Then, the two fiendish villainesses turned the horny, half-crazy, young stud loose on the unfortunate blond captive, for the night. "So you took care of it, so I don't have to worry about Batman rescuing his little chum, as he has so many other times?"

"I sent Dear Bruce Wayne some pictures of his protege, and suggested, it would be best for hin to retire, and get out of town! If he didn't, the next thing he'd get in the mail would be his chum's most significant male attribute, and from then on, he could call his partner: 'Capon Boy'!"

"Capon Boy?" Catgirl looked puzzled. "Oh, I get it. That's one of those castrated roosters. Very good, Mistress!"

Catwoman shook her head sadly, wishing her protegee was a little quicker on the uptake, sometimes. "I don't know how she ever got that job as a librarian. It must have been her father's political influence!" She thought. "Oh well! One works with the materials at hand!" In any event, Catwoman acknowledged to herself, it was largely due to Catgirl's initiative, in capturing the former Robin, that a broken, prematurely- aged, Bruce Wayne sailed out of Gothopolis Harbor, that morning, on his luxurious yacht. He went into permanent retirement, knowing that all his years as a crimefighter had been fruitless, and that he left town, a failure. Catwoman couldn't think of a more fitting end for his career.

As Dickybird left the room, to fetch more coffee for his mistresses, Catwoman crooked her head at the retreating figure, and said in a near whisper. "Were he and Batman involved, you know intimate?"

Catgirl shrugged. She was a trifle surprised, by Catwoman's delicacy in phrasing the question. "I don't know! I've been trying to figure that out, since I met them. I can tell you one thing! I'm sure Dicky never had it up the behind before, not the way he whined and screamed. He sounded like a little girl! Music to my ears!"

"Well, enough cat-chat!" Catwoman suddenly said, in her more usual stern, businesslike tone. "We've got a lot of work to do. Tomorrow is D- Day for Operation Paradise Lost. I want to go over all our plans and preparations, one last time!"

Catgirl inwardly groaned. She'd been hoping for a day of relaxation, playing with Supergirl and Dickybird. She thought of them as her own private Barbie and Ken bondage dolls.

Operation Paradise Lost got underway promptly at 9:00 A. M. Local Time, the next morning. It began, when Amazon instruments, akin to Radar, picked up the approach of two Invisible Amazon Planes. They were rapidly identified as the Queen's Plane, and the second one, as that of Princess Diana. News of the approach of the Queen's plane spread rapidly through the community. A group of happy Amazons filled the square in front of the palace, eager to welcome their beloved monarch home, and pay her tribute for another victory. None doubted the certainty of that! The Queen was cherished and idolized, by her people, for her strength and prowess and incredible courage, as well as loved for her compassionate sense of justice.

There was an eager murmur and stir of anticipation, as the two VTL planes settled majestically down, in the middle of the royal square. The doors of the Queen's plane opened, first. Instead of the Queen, a strange woman, clad all in tightfitting, black leather exited the plane. She wore a mask, in the likeness of a cat, and strode with a graceful, but arrogant swagger.

Could this be the despicable villainess called Catwoman, whom their Queen had sallied forth to bring to justice? Had the Queen brought her back as prisoner to be punished here, according to Amazon Justice? But this woman seemed to be free! She was holding a cord in her hand, and as she strutted a few feet into the square, she gave the cord a tug.

Horrified cries arose from the assembled throng, of Amazons. At the other end of the cord, was their own beloved Princess Diana, also known as Wonder Woman, as they had never seen, or could ever have imagined, her. Their heroic, Superheroine-Princess was naked and dishonored, led triumphantly as a bound prisoner, a piteous trophy of battle, leashed by her own Magic Lasso. Wonder Woman's head hung down in mortification, and she blushed deeply all over her gorgeous body, as her Amazon Sisters, looked upon her, with pity in their eyes. The evil, cat-masked woman held up her hand for silence, then shouted out in a voice heard throughout the square.

"I am Catwoman, your new ruler, by right of conquest! I defeated your Queen, and her sluttish daughter in personal combat!" Catwoman proclaimed, and she pushed their Royal Princess down on her knees, in the dust of the square. "Tell them, Wonder Slut!" She commanded her captive.

The tragic, kneeling figure looked up at her Amazon Sisters, with tears in her humbled, blue eyes, as though entreating them for forgiveness. "It is true, Catwoman defeated me, and then defeated my mother, our Queen, in combat! Catwoman holds the Queen as her hostage! If we do not obey her, she will torture moth.. Our Queen to death! She's a devil, and will do it!"

The multitude of strong, dauntless women stood in shocked silence for several moments, stunned at the news, Princess Diana had imparted. Seeing Princess Diana reduced to a cringing pawn, saddened even of the bravest of them. Yet none were disheartened or afraid! They were Amazons!

Then the cargo doors of the two planes opened, and a hoard of black-clad women spilled out, carrying the most modern weapons of war. Even that sight failed to dismay the Amazon Warriors of Paradise Island. Who, did this presumptuous Catwoman think she was, to seek to intimidate them, with these puny toys from the World of Men. They cared not for these fearsome weapons. They wore Amazon Bracelets, and possessed the strength and skill to use them. That combination was proof against the most destructive of weapons. No gun or bomb could injure an Amazon! On Paradise Island, every Amazon possessed the powers, that the Amazon Girdles conferred on a wearer in the outside world, unless, of course, a man were to set foot, on the island.

Infuriated by the threats to their Queen, and the wretched plight of their Princess, the Amazons prepared to fight right here, to defend their island, and bring this brazen, feline criminal to justice. Long used to peace, they bore no weapons, but an Amazon needed none. Rapidly organizing themselves into combat groups, the Amazons advanced menacingly on the invaders. As they did, the last of the female, feline, invaders, deployed and staked out a defensive perimeter. They were heavily outnumbered, and their weapons were as toys to their Amazon foes. The invader's situation looked hopeless.

However, the leader of the invaders, Catwoman, was not given to empty gestures. She made a signal, with her hand. At her signal, the passenger door of the second plane, opened. Another female figure emerged. She was dressed exactly like Catwoman, but was of somewhat smaller stature. Like her Mistress, she too, held a cord in her hands, and with a tug she led another captive from the plane.

There was a gasp of dismay from the Amazon ranks. This second captive, as large and powerfully built, as an Amazon, was dressed in a suit to suggest the likeness of a bat. The suit was cut away at the crotch, to reveal, oh horror of horrors, a penis. In fact the cord by which the slim feline led the captive, was attached to that very appendage. Few of the Amazons had ever seen such a thing, but they all instinctively recognized it.

This was a MALE! A MALE had set foot on Paradise Island! A great wail went up from the assembled throng, as the mighty Amazon Warriors became no more than other mortals. The balance unalterably turned in favor of the invaders.

"Well Dickybird, did you ever think you'd have such a devastating effect on so many females? Look at them! They're swooning in your presence!" Catgirl snickered to her whimpering, costumed captive. Now, at Catwoman's signal, her minions attacked. With careful precision, they shot down the boldest warriors, in the front lines of the Amazon Host. Amazonium bracelets were useless, without Amazon strength to back them up, as Wonder Woman once found, to her everlasting sorrow.

Wonder Woman crouched on the ground, shrieking in horror, as she watched her bloodied Amazon Sisters fall in the dust, some dying, some already dead. The cat-suited invaders gradually expanded their perimeter, driving the beleaguered Amazons back into isolated pockets and salients, at the edges of the square. Bare-handed, weaponless, shorn of Amazon powers, the defenders were all but helpless.

The forlorn defenders were soon disheartened and terrorized. Their bravest had already fallen, many dying horrible deaths. Their War Leader, and mightiest warrior, Princess Diana, crouched at the feet of the invader, clearly Catwoman's helpless pawn. Their Queen was a defeated, dishonored hostage. The Amazon's began to surrender, in large numbers, putting their hands above their heads, and crying out for quarter.

The invaders, stopped shooting, and began rounding up the survivors, with kicks and brutal blows of their rifle stocks. Occasionally, a recalcitrant Amazon would resist capture, only to be brutally bayoneted. The vicious felines seemed to glory in driving their bayonets into a struggling foe's belly, ripping it around in a circle, and spilling the unfortunate woman's entrails into the dirt. In a final act of desperation, one brave Amazon maiden dashed directly at Catwoman, in a mad attempt to free her Princess. Wonder Woman recognized her. It was Millicent, a close friend of her girlhood. Then, she watched in horror, as a feline invader disemboweled the brave girl, in front of her eyes.

"Millicent!" Wonder Woman cried despairingly, as her friend died in wretched agony, only inches from her horrified gaze. The heroic warrior's gushing blood spattered Wonder Woman's face. Crouching on hands and knees, Wonder Woman vomited in helpless agony. "Kill me! Kill me! Please! Let me die, with my sisters!" She plaintively wept, to her heartless captoress.

"Oh no, my Dear! I still have plans for you!" Catwoman laughed.

The victors slapped and taunted their large, beautiful prisoners, with cruel, laughing delight. Like their Mistress, they delighted, in bullying women, so much larger and stronger than themselves. They had all been promised several Amazon slaves as reward for their valor. Catwoman's service could be so rewarding!

As the last resistance faded, Wonder Woman caught a glimpse of her younger sister, Princess Drusilla, directing the last vestiges of resistance. It was soon clear, there was nothing more Drusilla could do, for now. She gathered together a few of the staunchest Amazon Warriors, still living, and prepared to slip away. She vowed to keep resistance alive.

As Drusilla retreated, she shook her fist angrily at the triumphant Catwoman, then shot a condemning glance, at her older sister, crouching at Catwoman's feet. Diana could easily tell from that look of withering contempt, that her sister put this calamitous tragedy, wholly on her head. Diana knew Drusilla was right! This tragedy was all her fault! She sobbed in shame and remorse, with terrible heartsick sense of loss, at what she brought down on her Mother and Queen, and on all her Sisters.

Once, Princess Drusilla, and her pitifully few followers, made good their escape, the battle was over. The rest of the Amazons, shocked and terrified, by defeat, were rapidly rounded up and sorted out. They were released upon their parole, to not take up arms against the invaders. Once given, the Amazon Word of Honor was sacrosanct. No Amazon would break such a vow. The invaders ordered the paroled Amazons to go back to their homes and remain there, until the victors could register and tag them for service to their new feline ruler.

Catwoman was a mistress at psychological warfare. The day after her astounding victory, she ordered all the leading Amazons, still alive, to assemble in the great Royal Reception Hall, of Hippolyta's palace. This was the seat of government and Justice, of Paradise Island. All Public Ceremonies took place here. It was a place revered by all Amazons, a place of awe and reverence. None would ever think of, or dare profane it.

As the most august, of the surviving Amazons, filed into the exalted chamber, a loud moan arose from their assembled ranks. Perched precariously, on the Regal throne, itself, was a shaggy, brown burro. Thrown about the donkey's shoulders, was a purple cloak, trimmed with ermine. A gold crown circled his ass's ears. The burro whinnied, as though upon signal, as these proud women filed in.

Beside the throne, as though in obeisance to the obscene tableaux, crouched Wonder Woman. The cringing, denuded princess, was naked, shorn of girdle, bracelets, tiara and all other symbols of rank and power. Her ebony hair was a tangled thicket, her face, smudged with tears, blood and the dirt of the square. Despite the Amazon's own misfortunes, there was a murmur of sympathy for their beloved Princess Diana. Then, at a signal, from Catwoman, small floodlights were turned on, illuminating a terrible abomination. Directly behind Hippolyta's own throne, blown up to fifteen feet in size, was a photograph of their revered Queen. In it, Hippolyta diapered like an incontinent child, crouched beneath the haunches of this very same burro. She had slid one hand within the diaper, and was apparently fingering herself, to arouse the beast's base passions. At the same time, the Queen's large, sensitive mouth sucked slavishly on the beast's engorged male member.

Seeing this terrible outrage, most of the Amazons glanced away in horror, unable to bare the sight. As they did, other floodlights came on, illuminating more horrors, scattered strategically, throughout the great chamber.

In one picture, their beloved Princess Diana, the mighty Wonder Woman, crouched meekly between her shackled mother's mighty thighs, her mouth pressed against the maternal genitalia, in incestuous revolting evil.

On another wall, they saw a picture of their indefatigable Queen stretched, near senseless on the ground, while a grinning Catwoman stood in triumphant pose, with her foot on Hippolyta's broad chest.

Another picture showed their defeated Queen carried into captivity, dangling helplessly, from a pole, born by her own daughter and another beautiful blond woman once known in the male world, as Supergirl.

Yet another picture showed a closeup of the Queen's powerfully muscled buttock, branded indelibly with Catwoman's sign.

One picture showed a victorious Catwoman, leading their beloved Princess Diana, the greatest of Amazon Champions, naked on all fours, on a leash, while the unfortunate Princess relieved herself, like a pet lap-dog in the grass. Catwoman stood at ease, beside the throne, smiling sardonically, as the Assembled Amazons gazed upon the disgrace of their Queen, and of their Princess. Wonder Woman, cringing, naked, at Catwoman's feet, shuddered in mortification, as her Amazon sisters viewed her shame, in all its depravity. When Catwoman was certain, the full impact had sunk into the Amazons' dazed minds, she gestured to Wonder Woman.

Then, Wonder Woman tearfully knelt up straight to read a Proclamation, signed and sealed by her royal mother. Of those present, only she, and the dreadful Catwoman, knew the appalling torture, Catwoman inflicted on her mother, to force her signature to this document. Queen Hippolyta had screamed, unceasingly, for long hours, as Catwoman savagely tormented her beyond human endurance. Even then, the heroic Queen refused to do Catwoman's bidding.

Infuriated by Hippolyta's stubborn bravery, Catwoman ordered her victim's daughter, Wonder Woman, barbarously lowered, headfirst, into a narrow, water-filled, glass vessel, tightly bound so she could not twist around, at all, to reach the surface. Sobbing in despair, tears running down her beautiful face, Hippolyta watched her daughter's tormented, near-death struggle, until it was almost too late. Before she finally, brokenly signed the hellish proclamation, Diana was unconscious, and near death. Only Supergirl's swift application of CPR techniques had saved her friend's life.

Now, as she tearfully read the devilish document, aloud, Wonder Woman scarcely thought Supergirl had done her a favor, in saving her life. She choked in shame, as she repeated the words proclaiming the Queen's "beloved Prince-Consort, Pedro, to be Regent of Paradise Island," and commanding all Her Amazon subjects to pay the "Prince-Consort," honor and obedience.

When Wonder Woman finished reading, she dutifully knelt and made obeisance to the drooling donkey, astride her mother's throne, as Catwoman had commanded her. The beautiful, Amazon Princess slavishly kissed the ass's dung-smeared hoof. Catwoman knew that Hippolyta's dynasty would never recover from this disgrace! In fact, one of the older Amazons, the boldest still at large, spat upon the floor of the Royal Palace, and cried. "Death to the false Queen, who has sent an Ass to sit upon the throne of the Amazons!"

The speaker was Agatha, First Lady of the Privy Council, and Queen Hippolyta's most trusted adviser, and her closest friend. The tall, red-haired Amazon stalked over to Wonder Woman, grabbed the trembling Princess by the hair, and pulled Diana's face up close.

"You sniveling coward and traitor! An Amazon comes back from battle, with her shield, or on it! Why are you still alive? You are no Amazon, and certainly no Princess!" Then Agatha furiously smacked Diana across the face.

Wonder Woman cringed helplessly, making no move to defend herself. Once, the fierce Princess would have struck Agatha to the ground for such an insult, but now, she meekly accepted the rebuke, as her due.

Agatha spat once more, this time directly into Diana's beautiful face. Then, she turned on her heel and stalked from the chamber, as the spittal ran down Wonder Woman's tragic features.

Catwoman made no sign to interfere with Agatha, as the Amazon angrily departed. She knew this doughty warrior would spread the word, even more effectively, then she could, herself. Of course, Catwoman helped the process along. Now that she was firmly in the saddle, video copies, of the scenes depicted in the Royal Throne room, were surreptitiously distributed throughout the island. Hippolyta's people saw the full degradation of their Queen and her superheroine daughter, Princess Diana. As these disgraceful videos became widely known, there was much murmuring for the Queen's abdication.

As Catwoman established her iron-shod rule over Paradise Island, she found a small percentage of Amazons, willing to cooperate and serve her. Some nurtured old grievances. Some were tired of the idyllic life of the Island and wished for greater scope to their lives. Some were natural fawners and lackeys. Catwoman cleverly used all of them to staff her administration. For those who served her, the rewards were generous, and others swore fealty to Catwoman, out of greed.

Catwoman rapidly converted the Paradise Island into an adjunct of her criminal empire. Amazon scientists were set to devising tools, weapons and other devises that would further Catwoman's many nefarious schemes. The most beautiful and submissive Amazon maidens were coerced into Sapphic bondage, to be the playthings and handmaidens, of Catwoman, and her brutal, female cohorts. The strongest were forced to work on an assembly line, constructing invisible planes. These planes were invaluable to Catwoman's smuggling and drug operations. The island itself became a safe haven for smuggling and drug running. Other Amazons worked sixteen hours a day, loading, and unloading the planes, that circled the globe with their deadly cargos.

Wonder Woman was appointed the Prince-Consort's groom. It was the hapless heroine's chore to feed and curry Pedro, and to clean his stable, and that of his harem. Pedro had developed a taste for the plumpest mares of the Amazon herds. He soon filled the stables with a profusion of mule colts. Diana labored from dawn to dusk, shoveling equine manure. Occasionally, Pedro would take some Amazon maiden unawares, and revert to his old, amatory habits. Luckily, no offspring had resulted from these couplings. Now, that she had totally discredited Queen Hippolyta's dynasty, and established firm control over Paradise Island, Catwoman's ambitions expanded. Why not be Queen herself? The arrogant feline, always fancied herself in that role. At her instigation, Catwoman's own cadre of Amazon toadies agitated for the need for a strong Queen, one who could lead in battle and destroy their enemies. The apathetic Amazons, disheartened by defeat in battle, worked like rented mules, made no objection. The bravest and best were dead, or fugitives in the mountains, with Princess Drusilla.

Then, a hitch developed in Catwoman's grandiose plans. Consulting ancient, Amazon scrolls, Catwoman discovered that the coronation ceremony must be performed by the First Lady of the Privy Council, the stalwart, stiff-necked redhead, Agatha. Catwoman was chagrined to find that, hearing of plans for a coronation, Agatha had fled to join Princess Drusilla's rebel band. Catwoman dispatched Catgirl to hunt the fugitive down, and bring her back. Catgirl, on horse back, eagerly swinging a medieval mace, rode out behind a pack of Amazon, hunting hounds, that had been given Agatha' scent.

Wearing only a scanty loin-cloth on her magnificently muscled body, the tall, redheaded Amazon ran steadily through the night. Dawn was just breaking, and she could see the outlines of the mountains ahead. It wouldn't be long now, and she would join Drusilla. At least, the young princess was still true to her Amazon heritage, even if her mother and sister had succumbed to Catwoman's slavery. Agatha regretted her delay in taking this step. It was her foolish pride, she knew. Angered beyond endurance, by the weakness of the other members of the Amazon Royal Family, she'd been reluctant to accept the leadership of the youngest.

Then, Agatha heard hounds baying, and a horse's hoof-beats. She unsheathed her mighty, Amazon, two-handed sword, and grasped it fiercely. Catwoman had ordered all weapons confiscated, but Agatha had concealed her favorite sword. In moments, the hounds were upon her. Agatha struck out, desperately, killing one, and wounding another. She snarled at the slavering animals, and such was the force of her personality, that she cowed them. They slunk off, unwilling to face so formidable a foe.

Just then, Catgirl rode into view. She saw the dogs slink away. "Catwoman is right, I guess, you can't trust a dog in a fight! This is a job for a cat!"

Catgirl spurred her horse to a gallop, to ride Agatha down. Agatha grimly gripped her sword with both hands, green eyes flashing dangerously. She stood her ground, as the huge horse bore down on her. She hoped to slice the cat-suited rider in two, but at the last second, Catgirl swerved to the left. As her horse thundered by Agatha, Catgirl struck with her mace. She hit Agatha's blade squarely, and knocked the sword from the Amazon's hands. It went spinning into the underbrush.

Catgirl rapidly reined in her mount, and wheeled about for another charge. Agatha stood lightly balanced on both feet, hands extended loosely, ready to grab her foe and tear her from her saddle. Catgirl spurred the horse to a gallop, and rode at the Amazon once again. Just as Catgirl began her swing, Agatha leaped at her. Catgirl had anticipated the move, and she caught Agatha squarely on the chin, with the mace-head. The terrible blow lifted Agatha right off her feet, and sent her somersaulting across the clearing.

Agatha sat up groggily. Catgirl had already dismounted, and was warily approaching, on foot, mace rased for the final stroke. Still shaking her head to clear it, Agatha urgently lunged to her feet. Catgirl was already smashing the mace down toward her head, but at the last possible moment, Agatha caught her wrist with both hands. The two red-haired women grappled for possession of the weapon. The larger, stronger Amazon Warrior finally wrested the mace from her foe, and sent it, too, spinning into the underbrush. As she did, the wily Catgirl rammed her knee into Agatha's crotch.

Honorable Amazons rarely resorted to such despicable tactics, and the low blow caught Agatha off-guard. She doubled over in agony, massaging her injured genitalia. She still hadn't fully recovered from the mace blow to her jaw, and her mighty legs wobbled. Catgirl attacked with her fists, moving like a whirlwind. Her first punch struck Agatha's jaw, in the same spot, that the mace had landed. Agatha felt the cold sting of metal-reinforced gloves, and she saw stars. The next blow to her determined chin straightened her up, on her toes, arms akimbo. Catgirl lanced a savage kick that landed deep in Agatha's crotch doing considerably more damage than her knee. Then her fists struck Agatha's huge, thrusting bosom, impaling her breasts.

Agatha breathlessly slumped to her knees. Catgirl's metal-shod, boot-toe landed squarely on her chin, with unbelievable force. The smaller girl's muscles were taut as steel springs. Agatha rolled on the ground, in agony. Catgirl stomped her pointed metal heel into Agatha's spine, pinning the Amazon face down in the dirt. She straddled Agatha's prone body and hammered her head from side to side with weighted, metal reinforced gloves, until the doughty redhead lost consciousness.

"Hah! You're no tougher than your Queen or Princess!" Catgirl chortled. "I'm beginning to think all you Amazons are pitiful pussys!"

Catgirl rapidly shackled Agatha's wrists behind her back with restraints she'd brought in her saddle bags. Once she'd secured the huge Amazon, Catgirl roughly slapped her back to consciousness. "C'mon, wake up you stupid cow!" She sneered. "Catwoman is waiting for you, and she doesn't like to be kept waiting!" Upon regaining her senses, Agatha looked up, in disbelief, at the smaller, younger redhead who trounced and captured her, so easily and quickly. For the first time in her life, there was fear of an enemy in her green eyes. Catgirl looking down at her beaten, bound foe, felt a stirring in her hot loins. Beating up a big, beautiful woman always turned her on. She gloated at Agatha's huge breasts, trembling in fear, and her shapely legs, shivering in dread. How delicious!

"Well, maybe Catwoman can wait, a little longer!" Catgirl murmured, throatily. She slid down, her tight, leather tights, baring her small, neat, orange-fringed pussy. Agatha glanced at Catgirl's nudity, and then, quickly looked away, dawning fear in her eyes. Surely, this vicious girl didn't mean for her to do that! Honorable Amazons treated prisoners of war, with respect compassion. Catgirl was in no mood for delay. She was ready to explode, with excitement. She, roughly seized Agatha, by the hair, and pulled the subjugated Amazon's face to her crotch.

"Service me, Amazon Bitch!" Catgirl commanded, arrogantly. The defeated, warrior-maiden gagged in distress. Distraught, at her first defeat in battle, though, she found herself unable to resist the fierce little redhead, who had mastered her with such ease. She servilely tongued the young sadist to an ecstatic orgasm.

"Good Bitch!" Catgirl gasped, her passions temporarily slaked. Then, wasting no more time, she slipped a noose around Agatha's neck, and remounted her horse. Catgirl rode swiftly, forcing her beaten victim to run panting, behind. Halfway back to the palace, Agatha collapsed. Swearing at her, for the inconvenience, Catgirl dragged the whimpering, red-haired Amazon, face-down, across the pommel of her saddle. She rode more slowly, now, as her horse was nearly exhausted . Aggravated by the delay, Catgirl took out her frustration by smacking Agatha's huge bottom cheeks with the rope, at every step. By the time they reached their goal, Agatha was sobbing at the fiery pain that burnt her buttocks to a feverish hue.

Though defeated and captured, Agatha still resisted the blasphemous coronation ceremony, Catwoman planned. She refused outright to perform such an abomination. "Better cowardly Hippolyta, or even her sniveling, belly-crawling daughter, Diana, then such a fiend as you!" Agatha spat.

"Ah, dear, dear! Such outspokenness, and to your new Queen, too! Your brash rudeness was useful to me once, and therefore, amusing. Now, it is tiresome!" Catwoman drawled with a yawn.

For starters, Agatha was tied to the wall, and her back scourged by a grinning Catgirl, until it was raw and bleeding. Agatha still sobbed out a refusal. "Catgirl you're losing your touch!" Catwoman snapped losing her patience.

Catwoman then forced Agatha, to watch the full video record of the subjugation of Queen Hippolyta, and her daughter Diana. The presentation concluded with Hippolyta flung across a wooden frame, and given that horribly degrading enema. The same frame was brought out now, and Catgirl threw Agatha across it.

Expecting similar treatment, the gallant redhead gulped, but gritted her teeth. It would be terrible, but she could endure it! The sanctity of her Amazon heritage was precious to her! Then, Catwoman unveiled a glowing electric brazier. From it, she plucked out a poker, that was almost white, from the heat.

"Did you, here, in your secluded island, ever hear the story of the murder of England's King Edward II? It is said, that his unfaithful queen, and her lover, inserted a poker, such as this, up his bumhole. Now, Winston Churchill, in his histories, gives credence to the story, though some younger, more skeptical historians discount it. Well, I'll leave the historians to squabble amongst themselves, but certainly, it is a most unpleasant way to end your days. The beastly, white-hot poker slowly ramming deeper and deeper into your still-living body. Of course, it is said Edward's poker was inserted through a cow's horn. That was so there would be no external evidence of the murder on the royal corpse. There is no need of such precaution, in your case, Agatha, for I will hang your dead carcass, by the heels, in the public square, for your Amazon sisters to see, and ponder at!" Catwoman purred, as she brought the fearsome, glowing poker closer to Agatha's broad, trembling, milky-white behind.

Catgirl stepped closer and pried the huge white nether cheeks apart, exposing Agatha's anus.

Agatha sobbed. "No, no! I'll do it! I'll obey you, My Queen! Catwoman smiled, knowingly. The redhead had broken relatively quickly. She had actually expected that some insertion would have been necessary. She heard Catgirl, sigh in disappointment.

Crouched in a corner, watching the terrifying scene, Wonder Woman wept silently. "Oh Agatha you, too! Hera help us all!"

The next day, before an assembled throng of half-heartedly, cheering Amazons, a weeping Agatha, crowned Catwoman, Queen of Paradise Island! As the ceremony progressed, the former Queen's pathetic daughter, once the superheroine, Wonder Woman, once the greatest of all Amazon Champions, abjectly prostrated herself, on her belly, before the throne, and paid obeisance to her new Queen. It was only a formality, for Wonder Woman had long ago, acknowledged Catwoman, as her supreme, unchallenged Mistress!

Late that evening, Catwoman sat on her new throne with arrogant ease. Wonder Woman crouched miserably at her feet. The other Amazons had sadly departed, and they were alone in the huge Throne room.

"Come up here, Dear!" Catwoman said almost fondly to her wretched slave. The tall, raven-haired slave, once an Amazon Princess, obediently stood up. Catwoman pulled Diana onto her lap, and sat the larger girl, awkwardly on her knee. Wonder Woman perched there, trembling fearfully. Her magnificently muscled body looked invincible, yet the smaller, crueler woman toyed with her at will, as with an adorable, queen-sized doll. Naked in the dim light, Diana's skin glowed like old ivory, though flushed with a delicate, rosy sheen of shame. The tragic sadness of her expression, underscored the classic beauty of her face.

Catwoman brazenly fondled Wonder Woman's fabled bosom, tweaking pert, erect nipples, and pinching the firm, luxuriant, ivory flesh.

"Please!" Wonder Woman squeaked, helplessly terrified.

"Why, I just wanted to thank you, My Little Pet! If it hadn't been for your interfering arrogance, I'd never have become a Queen. Your pitiful mother would still be sitting on this gimcrack throne. If you weren't such a loser, I never would have had the chance to enslave, perhaps I should say 'liberate,' your Amazon Sisters!"

Wonder Woman wept softly, horribly aware, that what Catwoman said was all too true. This abomination had only come about, through her own failures. The gallant, warrior-maiden wept louder, as Catwoman slid her claws between her mighty, amazonian thighs, and tweaked and teased her once inviolate pussy. Her head fell backward, half-swooning in fear, and Catwoman kissed her, lip to lip, and tongue to tongue, completely dominating her captive's sweet mouth.

"Hera, help me, and forgive me!" Wonder Woman wept, in silent grief! As she toyed with her unhappy plaything, Catwoman diabolically planned future campaigns!

Can nothing, or, no one, stop Catwoman and Catgirl? Will they dominate world crime? Is no crimefighter in the world, a match for this devilish feline duo? Is any hero or heroine safe from them?

Superheroine Jeopardy part 8