For Breeding Purposes Only  

By Interesting Life


A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer: the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.

Note: this storyline overlaps with some elements of other storylines I have written. I will include the references when appropriate.



The reunion was held in the Batcave, and only two heroes were present. Superman had flown all the way from Metropolis to attend what Batman had said would be the meeting that might completely change the game altogether. Recent events had both the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel worried. In this case, however, the Dark Knight knew exactly what the problem was, and he knew exactly why this meeting should only host the two of them.

Sitting in the dank cave, Superman felt ill-at-ease. He would have preferred to have a conversation of this sensitive nature in the Fortress of Solitude, but he also trusted Batman implicitly, and the caped crusader had assured him that there was no other location on Earth or around it where this conversation needed to take place. And so, Superman had been made aware of the plight.

"So, there is the situation," Batman said, "as I understand it, at least."

"You can't be serious!" Superman replied, unbelieving.

"I have no actual facts to prove it yet, but I know it's happening."

"He would never..."

"Not never. He would. But there are bigger things at play here, Clark. It all started with the Psycho-Pirate, and it's only escalated from there."

Batman had been unable to gather concrete evidence of the criminal acts, or rather, no way to link them to the culprit, and it was no surprise, considering the perpetrator. It had started with a suspicion (or an intuition), and it had quickly escalated into actual doubt. While the final proof still lacked, Batman had decided to act on it, having enough tangential evidence to make up his mind on the matter.

"There is no way he would do such a thing!" Superman replied once more.

"He has. He does. And he will."

Clark cast his gaze at the bat-computer, wondering what other information the machine contained.

"He's too smart to leave clues behind," Batman said, figuring out the look. "But it's happened. It happened during the crisis with the Psycho-Pirate..."

"That can be explained... even excused. We were all... under influence."

"It happened again with the Clayface hybrids."

"You have no corroboration."

"There is a period where his presence is unaccounted for, and it coincides with an... incident."

"You talked about it earlier. There's no proof."

"There's no proof we can detect, but there is an impression that was left with the 'victims' which cannot be explained other than through some kind of power use, consistent with his."

"But it could be someone else with the same power!"

"It could. But it is not."

The problem with Clark, Bruce told himself, was that he wanted to see the best in everyone. Batman had trained his mind to anticipate the worst. It was one of the reasons they worked well together, complementing their methods, though it sometimes led to arguments like this one.

"Clark, you need to come out of your shell."

"What do you want me to say, Bruce? I... simply can't accept he has done such a thing."

"Reality is not the whole truth, Clark. Remember that. I know he has been doing it. I even suspect why. What I don't know is the actual motivation..."

"What's the difference between why and the motivation?"

Clark, being a reporter, was looking for the whole story, because this element, out-of-context, could not make sense. The problem was that Bruce could not provide it fully, but he tried his best.

"He may not be acting of his own volition. I agree with you that, under normal circumstances, our friend would never behave in such a fashion. But these are not normal times. Twice in recent times, there have been sexual assaults against us and our allies, some quite public. Perhaps this is another manifestation along those lines."

"Do you think there could be a bigger hand at play?"

"I don't know. I'm open to the possibility. We know an Atlantean artifact turned us against each other, forced us into libidinous behavior. We know that this led to some public disgrace for several of us - from which we recovered. Even Powergirl, and that's saying something, considering the leak. We know that Ivo attempted to use this perceived weakness to his advantage, and we put a stop to it."

"I still wish you would have told me about Ivo..." Superman replied.

"Clark, Venn attacked Lois. You would have killed him."

"...I might have."

Superman needed to be honest with himself. It was bad enough when his enemies tried to use Lois as a hostage; she had now been targeted twice by sexual deviants. As much as he hated not being in the loop, he understood Batman's judgment call at the time. Having had the opportunity to talk about these things with his wife, he was in a better place should something like that happen again.

"Do you think... he did it to Lois?" Superman asked, concerned.

"I don't know. Perhaps Lois remembers a vivid sex dream that may not have been one..."

"But he can't even... I mean, he's not... it doesn't make sense!"

"Which is why we need to get to the bottom of this."

"How? Do we confront him?"

"It would be a waste of time," Batman said. "He would never admit it."

"He would lie to our faces, you think?"

"I think he would, because of the believed greater purpose behind his actions. I also believe he's not thinking clearly. Either he's still under some kind of emotional effect, a remnant from the Atlantean artifact, or some other influence is affecting him, causing him to behave this way."

"Then should we stop him?"

"How? Fire won't work, you can't catch him, I can't outthink him."

Batman looked up towards the ceiling.

"My guess is that he's currently listening in on our conversation."

"Then what's the point?" Superman replied. "If he knows we're onto him - if he indeed is doing what you claim to our friends - to his friends..."

"Humanity, Clark. As I said, I don't think he was fully aware of what is transpiring. Now he is."

Superman stared up at the ceiling too, wondering if his ally was right. Batman continued.

"Let's hope he manifests enough control and awareness to help himself, because beyond that, I fear there's nothing anyone on Earth can do about it."

Experiments #1 - #2 - #3

It had indeed started during the Psycho-Pirate's war of influence against the heroes. As heroes left and right started to fall under the spell, measures had been taken to insure everyone's protection. One of them had been isolation in the Watchtower. The first two that had required to be isolated were Wally West, aka the Flash, and his wife, Linda Park. At first, managing them hadn't been a problem but, as time went on and the psychic influence from the Vessel of Orgia spread outward, Jon Jon'zz, aka the Martian Manhunter, had felt forced to take matters in his own hands. With his telepathic and shape-shifting abilities, he had been able to satisfy Linda's overwhelming lust by assuming the shape of her husband, both physically and in her mind, and he made her climax while making love to her. He had decided to do the same with Wally, then assuming Linda's physiology and providing him with the pleasure he needed. Both encounters had left the Martian lone survivor with a feeling of contentment, not dissimilar to the relaxed state after orgasm in humans, thanks to the psychic link.

He had later called this encounter and the psychic data collected Experiment #0.

It could have stopped there, but it hadn't. Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, had also fallen prey to the influence and had to be isolated. He had also contaminated three fashion models with whom he had spent the night. They too were transported to the Watchtower's medical containment unit. Left to his own devices, highly curious, highly susceptible to the emotions and desires of others (even if he himself wasn't directly affected by the Psycho-Pirate or the artifact), the Martian had indulged in the company of the three women, taking on Booster's appearance in order to further experiment the sensations of pleasure that came with human sexuality. This had been Experiment #1.

It was different for him than it would be for any other man or creature on the planet. The Martian wasn't experiencing his own pleasure, but rather that of his partners. Telepathically linked to their pleasure centers, the Martian had been able to find the equivalent of sexual release, something which humans normally could not provide him. The highly susceptible state in which everybody had been had somehow allowed the Martian to recover some of his lost desires, feelings he had thought never to experience again without the company of his fellow Martians. And because the sexual desires of Martians were so linked to their basic reproductive needs, he was more drawn to the female of the species, as if he could somehow commune with them to produce offspring. It was clearly not the case, but it did not seem that his body was aware of this fact, and so it provided the necessary arousal for copulation to happen.

All those incidents had been documented. Batman had followed up with him and they had agreed that it was best for all parties not to be made aware of these pulsions which had only manifested under influence. Batman had been content in knowing the Martian was only under stress because of the heavy emotional and lustful charge of those around him. The threat neutralized, there was no longer a need for concern.

Except perhaps there was.

Following these events, the Martian Manhunter had sat down with his only potentially compatible mate on the planet, the younger M'gann M'orzz, aka Miss Martian of the Teen Titans. She too had been under the spell during the crisis, but she had isolated herself in the arms of Rose Wilson, aka Ravager, Slade Wilson's daughter. The two had talked about their respective experiences. Mentally sharing memories, the Martian Manhunter had seen how convoluted the desires of Rose Wilson had been (getting Miss Martian to morph into so many different partners, altered versions as well, mostly women with phalluses, apparently an obsession of the mercenary's daughter). He had also been intrigued by Rose's desire to receive seminal fluids during intercourse (sometimes even on her external body), even if that fluid was perfectly incompatible with her biology. During their isolation, Rose and M'gann had successfully enjoyed around fifty different incarnations of sexuality (including alternate methods of pleasuring like anal insertion and pain affliction), and because Rose had climaxed multiple times, M'gann had shared in the whole ecstasy. She had nonchalantly allowed her mentor to look at those memories.

Both Martians had also talked about potential procreation in order to revive their lost race, but, for them to be compatible for reproduction, much genetic manipulation would have to be performed. In reality, Miss Martian was not a green Martian (she only masqueraded as one), but a White Martian; the two species had lived on Mars but at different time periods and were biologically different enough to prevent their DNA from forming a hybrid Martian without scientific assistance, thanks in great part to genetic manipulation. In truth, the possibility had already been considered the first time they had met, when Jon had recovered M'gann and the few others that had then been found with her (but were now all dead) from their lost craft. Unable to find a means to bring the Martian population back from extinction, they had abandoned the project. The recent conversation had been mostly a repeat of those same arguments.

The Martian Manhunter had returned to his lair with more questions than answers. Out of pure curiosity, in order to test the limits of his psychic abilities perhaps, the Martian had morphed into his traditional human male form, that of detective John Jones, and had tried masturbation, to no effect. Even when attempting to channel the memories of sexual encounter - his own or those of his 'niece' - his body refused to produce the pleasure normally associated with the stimulation of the human male genitalia. Turning into a female version of said character had changed nothing. All-in-all, the experimentation, called #2, had proven rather frustrating. A thought had then occurred to the Martian, and he had turned back into a man and, going down the streets of Los Angeles, found a strip club where one was allowed to be touched by the dancers.

Isolated in a cabin with a partner calling herself Diamond (although Jon could have pierced her psyche for her true name, he had chosen not to), he had felt the connection as soon as their skin had touched. She had undressed seductively for him, then dragged his hands to her breasts. At that instant, memory recall triggered the physiological reaction in his human body. The dancer had obviously felt it as well. Her hand had grazed the improvised erection under his pants. Under normal circumstances, it would not have gone further than that. But the Martian Manhunter told himself he needed data in order to take the experiment further. Implanting a suggestion in her mind had led her to go down on him, wrapping her luscious human lips around what looked like a human cock (really a network of physiologically modified sensory receptors), which she had sucked on whole-heartedly. Taking a cue from his Martian female counterpart, he had allowed a small amount of his morphing flesh to coalesce within the sack located below the shaft, and had been able to actually provide an ejaculation that matched taste and color for semen - using a memory from the woman's mind. From there, he had simply penetrated her, bending her over the chair where he had been sitting, and his expectations of pleasure had been rewarded handsomely. Feeling her tightness around his make-believe erection had been quite the blissful experience, one that went beyond what he had felt in the Watchtower, under the influence of the Psycho-Pirate's spell. His masterful control of his body had also allowed him to provide a considerable amount of pleasure to his partner, as his morphed appendage was able to titillate her perfectly. He compiled all of this information into Experiment #3.

Much later, in a remote location, the Martian had considered the hormonal data from his encounter, and had been stunned to see that his own reproductive hormone levels had increased during the act. He had not expected such a result, given the lack of genetic compatibility with human females. But there were chemical reactions in human bodies similar to those in Martian physiology, close enough to be of interest. It dawned on the Martian Manhunter that perhaps there was more investigation to be done in that field. Perhaps the answer to his unspoken question lay in human genetics. He began to consult various documentation of human reproduction - actual biology textbooks and advanced genetics research papers from across the globe. Within hours, the Martian Manhunter had elaborated a theory about human-Martian genetic similarities. Within a few days, he had a template for hybridization. Of course, the template was not viable under current conditions. Much more experimentation needed to be done in order for the project to be viable. But there was hope, where none had been.

It made the necessity for research that much more important, he had told himself. And it was why the experiments could not stop. Perhaps the rebirth of an entire race was at play.

The Completed Protocol of Experiments

#0 - Wally West aka Flash, and his wife Linda Park

(with events featured in the story "The Psycho Chronicle)

#1 - Julia Foray, Kimberly McLandis, Shuanna Povea, supermodels

(with events implied in the story "The Psycho Chronicle)

#2 - Solo masturbation

#3 - Nana, exotic dancer and prostitute

#4 - Mari Jiwe-McCabe, aka Vixen

#5 - Shayera Thal, aka Hawkgirl

#6 - Veronica Sinclair, aka Roulette

#7 - Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman

#8 - Oilina, Atlantean female

#9 - Gaethra, Atlantean female

#10 - Mera, Queen of Atlantis (A thru E)

#11 - Diana Prince, aka Wonderwoman

#12 - Beatriz Dacosta and Tora Olafsdotter, aka Fire and Ice

#13 - Karen Starr, aka Powergirl

#14 - Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl

#15 - Natasha Irons, aka Steelgirl

#16 - Sierra Blanka, aka Matrix

#17 - Nicki Jones, aka Jade

#18 - Rose Wilson, aka Ravager

#19 - Cassie Sandsmark, aka Wondergirl (w/Miss Martian and Superboy)

#20 - Charlotte Gage, Stephanie Brown and Lori Zechlin, aka Misfit, Batgirl and Black Alice (with Batwoman, Flamebird and Katana)

(with events featured in the story "Made of Clay")

#21 - Dinah Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary

#22 - Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress

#23 - Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle

#24 - Cassandra Cain, aka Blackbat

#25 - Sandra Woosan, aka The Lady Shiva

#26 - Jesse Chambers, aka Liberty Belle

#27 - Courtney Whitmore and Maxine Hunkell, aka Stargirl and Cyclone

#28 - Cat Grant, Tabloid Reporter

#29 - Lois Lane, Ace Reporter

#30 - Lana Lang

#31 - Donna Troy, of the Titans

#32 - Koriand'r, aka Starfire

#33 - Zatanna Zatara

#34 - Cynthia Reynolds, aka Gypsy

#35 - Rachel Roth, aka Raven

#36 - The final experiment...

The italicized experiments are implied, but not written. If there is a demand, I may eventually write them up.

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In Central Africa, the Martian begins his hunt for his fellow heroines with Vixen…

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