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A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



The Martian Manhunter is running experiments in breeding, studying human female reproduction and coitus in order to, perhaps, help restore his lost race.

He has, so far, included both Vixen and Hawkgirl in his experiments, gathering their DNA and unfertilized eggs through deceptive intercourse to pursue further testing...

Experiment #7 - Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman

Even though it had been a full week since her last encounter with the Batman, Catwoman was still sore all over. Her adversary/lover had, in the course of around forty-eight hours, violated her every orifice countless times. How his body had allowed him to sustain such a rhythm was beyond her understanding. And even if she had enjoyed it immensely at the time, she wasn't in the mood for starting anything remotely sexual.

It made what was currently happening to her all the more disturbing. Naked, except for her cat mask and boots, surrounded by individuals fornicating in various positions, she had come to the Braunklaus hotel, on the outskirts of Gotham, to meet her contact for the next job she had been hired to do. It wasn't the first time. Every so often, contacts chose unique places to meet, places they could control and preserve their anonymity. Everyone wore masks here, if nothing else.

Making her way through the crowd, Selina could not deny she was turned on. She remembered an occasion where she had tumbled in such a place with Batgirl also in the nude. It had been quite erotic, rubbing their bodies in a wonderful catfight in front of everyone. But that fight had nothing to to with what was going on here. There, the young woman was going down on a fat elderly man. Here, a middle-aged gentlemen was busy kissing one masked girl while he fucked another from behind, as she herself was performing oral sex on another woman, who was busy being face fucked by a tall slim man. Over there, three men were tied up from the ceiling, wearing leather thongs, and a dominatrix was administering her brand of love to them, and they begged for more. In the corner, two young males were liplocked as they jerked each other off. In the other room, a girl was riding a sybian in the middle of a crowded room. There were more people inactive, watching, than there were performing. Many of these people, Selina knew, were voyeurs while many others were exhibitionists. It suited everyone's whim to come here.

Wading through, groped every once in a while, Catwoman finally spotted the man with the jade jaguar mask. He was sitting on a sofa, naked, young and athletic, a very stimulating erection sticking out from between his legs. In the room where he was, there was a couple lying on a bed; the man was taking his partner almost lovingly, under the watchful gaze of another man who seemed to be content with merely watching. Keeping a close eye on the scene, Selina made her entrance. She was the woman with the black cat mask, of course. Meeting her contact in her Eve costume was unusual but not unheard of; at least, everyone else was naked too, so it leveled the playing field. Besides, everything that happened here was always consensual: it had to be, else the police would quickly rain down on the activities - the police, or the Bats. No one wanted that.

"You must the Jaguar," she said, examining him from his head to toe.

"And you are the Catwoman..." he replied, doing the same.

She actually spun around for him, to show she wasn't armed, but also to show her goods. She was an exquisite creature, in exceptional physical shape, training several hours a day, following a tight diet. She had to if she wanted to keep her edge in the business. She had the seductive quality of the femme fatale and the sultry elegance of the wild cat. If her contact hadn't already been aroused, he would have been there.


"I'd rather stand," she replied.

He acknowledged her answer with a nod, and reached to the side of the chair where he was seated. He pulled out a folder which he handed to Catwoman. She opened it up to check what she was being hired to steal.

"That's it?"

"Don't underestimate the security," her contact answered.

"I never do. Is it all in there?"

"There's one last piece of information not in there. We discovered it only after compling the data."

"I'm listening."

Besides them, the woman on the bed was starting to moan quite loudly, obviously properly stimulated by her companion. Catwoman leaned in closer (casting a quick glance at her contact's erect dick) to hear the information.

"There's a houseguest in the home. You may need to neutralize."

"What kind of houseguest?"

"They have a housekeeper. Apparently, she's in there while the owners are away. It's unusual."

"But you still want me to go in and steal the items with people inside the home? That costs extra."

"A cost we can cover, Catwoman."

She considered the circumstances. She didn't need the money, but she needed entertainment, and she wasn't being provided any recently, not since she had been sequested on the Watchtower with Batman. This was... exactly what she required. Simple, a small challenge, snatch and grab, no issues, no questions.

"Fine. When?"

"Tonight, if possible."

"Drop off?"

"In the file."

She bobbed her head, a wicked smile on her lips. For a moment., she was tempted to indulge in what else the contact had to offer, between his legs. But that was outside of established relations and, besides, she wasn't really in the mood. At least, that's what she told herself.

As she exited the soirée, walking past everybody still fornicating, she wondered how much that was true.

She waited about three hours, the middle of the night, to do the deed. Getting there was not an issue. The map was detailed. She had the layout of the home, the inner yard, all the floor plans and the details of the security grid: a piece of cake to disable with the right tools. It took her less than a minute to sneak into the place, past the cameras and sensors. She climbed from the rooftop, crawling into the small bathroom window. Once inside, her only concern was the motion sensor in the front entrance and stairwell upstairs. But since she was already on the second floor, it wasn't an issue at all.

Listening in, Catwoman heard a rustle from one of the adjacent rooms. Second floor was master bedroom, guest bedroom. The family didn't have any children at home anymore. It was probably the housekeeper. What was she doing awake at this time? Obviously, before progressing further, she needed to ascertain what was going on. She crept out of the bathroom, into the hall, and focused on the origin of the sound. The guest bedroom. She made her way there. The door was slightly ajar, so she peered in.

On the bed, she saw something she didn't expect and, suddenly, the rules of the game changed. From this angle, she could see a woman's head and face, titled backwards, a piece of clothing in her mouth serving as a gag. On top of her, there was a man, swaying back-and-forth. She could see, from the angle, that the woman was naked, and that the man was naked from the waist down, and also masked. He was fucking her. But it was the woman's eyes, desperate, staring away from the door, filled with tears, that got to Selina. Instinctively, she knew that she needed to intervene and stop this rape. Throwing caution to the wind, she burst through the door, ready to tackle the man on the bed and get him to stop.

But something went wrong with her charge. In the corner of the room which she had been unable to see from the ajar door, another criminal, masked as well, was holding a gun to a second hostage. This made Catwoman come to a standstill.

"Holy fuck!" yelled out that villain. "It's the Catwoman!"

His partner stopped his movements inside the woman to look up. Catwoman barely had a second to react; she decided the better part of valor was key here; besides, if they raced after her, they might leave the hostages alone. Hopefully, they would not kill them. But even as Catwoman spun around, ready to dart out of the room, she saw, at the top of the stairs, another assaillant, masked as well, his gun trained on her. He must have been on the ground floor, she told herself.

Her last instinct was to try to leap through the window, but the gunman in the room with her anticipated it, calling it out to her.

"Don`t you dare!"

To reiterate his point, he cocked the gun at his hostage. Catwoman hesitated, and that was enough for the man down the hall to reach the door. Catwoman sighed. At the very least, she took in the scene fully in order to comprehend what was happening.

The woman naked in the bed was surely the housekeeper. The other victim was a young girl, probably ten years old, wearing a scarf over her eyes (perhaps to prevent her from seeing what was being done to her mother), stripped out of her pyjama pants (she still had unicorn underwear on). These individuals were also dressed as burglars. They had probably come here to rob the place, same as she had. Finding the mother and daughter, however, had changed their perspective, and they had decided to indulge in some flesh.

"Face down on the ground," the man from the hall said.

Catwoman complied. She was in no situation to argue. She might have been able to take out the three men, had she been alone, but the presence of hostages and guns made things difficult. She was certain the mother or daughter would get hurt. As soon as she was laying face down, the criminal placed his foot at the back of her neck, keeping her still.

"Go on, bro... I got this."

The one who was currently raping the woman resumed his action, while the one restraining the young girl seemed to fondle her legs.

"Stop that!" Catwoman yelled out to him.

He stopped, looking up.

"Why should I? I haven't had my turn yet... And I like 'em fresh..."

"If you touch her, I will kill you," she threatened.

It wasn't any idle threat. There were few crimes as revolting as child abuse, whatever form it took. Growing up on the streets, she had been on the receiving end of some pretty violent treatment as a child herself. And while no one had ever sexually abused her - she had been too cunning for that at the time - many had tried, and several had at the very least inflicted injury on her in some way or another. Perhaps this child wasn't homeless, but that didn't excuse whatever they might do. She saw the criminal put his large hand at the child's neck, from behind, and stare her down.

"Well, what's it worth to you? I'm gonna get my kicks in one way or another..."

Catwoman realized exactly what he was asking for. She shivered at the thought of what he expected her to offer. Under normal circumstances, she would have never considered it. But at the very least, getting the hostage out of the way might help her get free, she considered.

"Put her in the closet... tie her up if you want but get her out of the room... then we'll talk."

"No deal," the man pinning her neck said. "You do what we ask or she gets hurt..."

"...look... I don't want her to witness this."

The man looming over her seemed to consider the request.

"I'm gonna pull my foot off, you're gonna turn around and show us the goods. Do that, and we'll put your precious kid in the closet..."

He moved away. Catwoman had to fight her instinct to pounce, but she simply rolled onto her back. Her left hand reached for the zipper to her costume, and she began to pull it down. She was aware that all eyes - even those of the one currently raping the women - were on her. She was also aware that a gun was being pointed at a child's head. The zipper went down as far as it would go, down to her crotch. Its opening exposed both her black bra and panties, and every inch of skin in-between.

"Nice..." murmured the one threatening the girl.

"Slip it off... nice and slow."

With a gun aimed at her chest, Selina pulled the leather suit over her shoulders; she could see the kind of restraint the one holding the gun on her was exerting in order to keep his focus and not lose his advantage. She cursed him for being so professional. The one threatening the girl seemed to relax his grip, but it seemed too soon to act. Selina had been exposed to her enemies before; she could handle the humiliation. She slipped the leather suit down to her waist, drawing awesome stares from everyone.

"Aw fuck!"

The man pounding away at the housekeeper achieved orgasm, distracting almost everyone in the room. Unfortunately for Catwoman, the one training a gun on her kept his wits about him. Catwoman heard the woman moan through her gag in protest, to no avail, as the rapist finished his dirty deed.

"Yes... yes... fuck... ooohhh.... yeah..."

He was done spilling himself inside her, and quickly pulled out, his wet prick sticking out like an unwelcome guest.

"Who's next?" he asked.

"Don't touch her anymore," Catwoman said.

It was obvious this story was going only in one direction. She hated herself for getting caught so easily. She blamed her current post-coital depression.

"Well, if we don't touch her," the one holding the young girl said, "and we don't touch this one..."

" can touch me."

She had said it out loud, despite her best instincts. When had she started caring for the victims? But she knew why she did, and why she wouldn't let anyhing happen to the young girl, regardless of what it cost her personally. She continued stripping, pulling the catsuit down to below her knees.

"She's a fucking fox!" the one who had just raped the housekeeper said.

"Put the girl in the closet..." she reminded them.

They complied with her request, tying up the young girl's hands behind her back, not too tight, but enough that she couldn't get free. They sat her down in the corner. At least, Catwoman thought, the young girl was out of harm's way.

"We done what you asked," the one pointing the gun at her said. "Now strip!"

There was no protest on her part. She unclasped her bra from the back, then pulled down on her panties, exposing her ample breasts and the black landing strip of pubic hair above her sex.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck!" the one whose dick was exposed began to gloat. "We're gonna fuck the Catwoman."

"Shut up!" the one in charge said. "We are gonna do it, but you ain't ever gonna gloat about it."

"What? But why?"

"Because if anyone finds out..."

He looked down at Catwoman.

"Deal's a deal, Catwoman. You're gonna help us relieve some tension, and we're not gonna spill our guts about what happened here. Wouldn't want people to think you're so easily subdued, after all."

This man was smart, Catwoman realized. If an incident such as this ever came to light, it would definitely ruin her reputation. She nodded in agreement. The leader moved slightly back, to allow Catwoman to remove what little was left of her garb. She saw the one in the corner that had been holding the girl undo his pants and pull out his erection. Crawling on her hands and knees, she made her way up to him.

"I'll suck you and I'll even swallow," she said, "but if you face-fuck me or try to hurt me, I'll bite it off."

"...ok, fine."

"Don't worry, you'll enjoy it."

Before going ahead, she stared at his right hand holding the gun.

"Would you mind giving that to one of your colleagues?"

His boss gave him permission, so he handed it to the one who was already exposed. Once the gun was safely away, Catwoman leaned in and began to run her tongue along the length of his shaft.

"Ah sweet fuck," he whimpered.

As the other two watched the scene unfold, Catwoman began to use all the tricks she knew to get the man off. She teased his shaft and balls with her tongue and fingers, kissing the tip of his penis, wrapping her fingers at the base of his shaft to tighten it, eventually getting her full lips around it, diving it deep into her mouth. The man had closed his eyes and was making an effort to keep his hands limp on each side. He certainly didn't want her to stop.

"...sweet mother..." he mumbled.

"Can I go again?" the one who had raped the woman said.


Encouraged by his leader, he jumped off the bed, tossing the gun to his boss, setting himself behind Selina, examining her sex.

"Cunt's already soaking..."

"Just get it done," his leader replied.

Selina, as focused as she was on the man in front of her, knew exactly what was about to happen. She did nothing to stop it as the rapist penetrated her sex with his half-erect cock. As he started pumping, she felt it stiffen and start to provide her with some pleasure. She tried to deny it, but she was turned on. All the while, the leader was keeping his distance, safely considering his options. If he had joined in, if all three had been on her, she might have been able to attempt something to take them down. The leader was obviously wilier than that. He could keep a threat active on her or the housekeeper. In fact, she saw him move towards the housekeeper. Although she couldn't see exactly what he was doing, she speculated his hand was around her crotch. With her mouth occupied, she couldn't really protest.

The woman moaned through the gag, though only for a few seconds.

"There," the leader whispered, "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

All the while, Selina felt the hard shaft of her suitor working its way deep, as far as it could go.

"Such a good whore," she heard him say.

"Divine," the one being sucked on said.

The ordeal lasted for long minutes. The men weren't eager to spend themselves, despite Selina's best efforts. She focused on the one she was ministering with more intensity, placing one of his hands behind her head. He took it as an incentive to apply some pressure. This small maneuver made quite a difference and, suddenly, he was on the verge of spilling it all.

"Aahh... gonna come... gonna come... gonna come."

Selina braced for it. Hot spunk filled her oral cavity, quite a large amount in fact; she had promised to swallow, so she did her best, but some of it trickled between her lips. Without applying pressure, the man being pleased kept her mouth on him until he was fully done, and no more came out. Only then did he let go, allowing Catwoman's head to go free.

"Best one ever," he mumbled.

Catwoman was now distracted by the man pounding inside her vagina; his erection kept going from limp to hard as he made his way into her. She needed him to be done fast, and she knew a few ways to help. She started by focusing on contracting her pelvic muscles, to give him a greater amount of resistance and friction. Then, she started goading him on.

"Oh fuck... fuck me you big stud..."

"Ah yeah, I'm gonna fuck you good."

"Ram it deep, you pervert!"

"I'm gonna take you all the way to the bank, you slut!"

He was hard again, and it didn't take long for him to reach his limit.

"It's coming... inside your sweet hole..."

"...give it to me..."

A warmth shot out of him and into Catwoman; she held back any sound as she felt him tensing with every spurt. He had gone as deep as he could, and now was reaping the benefits of his penetration. As much as she hated admitting, it had felt good to be thus possessed, even under these circumstances.

He pulled away from her and retreated to the corner to recover from his exertion. The one who had just been given the blowjob also did the same, backing away. Catwoman was by no means exhausted, but she needed to recover psychologically from what she had allowed them to do.

She saw the third one hand the guns to his accomplices, and begin to take off his own pants. He was the biggest of the three, impressively endowed, and the sight of it made Selina shiver.

"Her name is Maria Oreya," he said, pointing to the bound housekeeper. "My friend already had a turn with her, so that's done. However, because you barged in and attempted to save her - and then agreed to our terms, we're not going to do anything more to her."

"...thank you," Selina mumbled.

"Now, move on top of her," he ordered.

Catwoman complied, shuffling to place her body on the bed, on top of Maria's. Their breasts rested upon each other's. The rapist moved behind Catwoman.

"I want you to talk to her," he said.

"Talk to her?"

"Take off her gag... you won't scream, right, Maria?"

The housekeeper made the appropriate head nod. The cloth gag came out of her mouth, and Maria coughed. She stared up at Selina, feeling the weight of the cat burglar pressed against hers.

"I want you to tell her she's gonna be all right," the villain added.

There was no argument.

"You're gonna be all right, Maria," she told her. "He's not going to do anything more to you..."

"...but you..."


Selina placed her fingers on Maria's mouth, motioning her to be quiet.

"Kiss her," the rapist said.

It was a gentle lip lock; Maria tensed up but did not resist.

"Better than that..."

"I'm going to tongue you now," Selina said, before leaning in.

The second exchange was much more passionate. As they were embracing, the rapist moved his cock to Selina's vagina, pressing his tip against it.

"Aahh..." Selina moaned.

"Keep kissing her..."

She continued. She felt the hardness of the shaft split her open, pushing inside, amazingly tight, almost a perfect fit. The liplock intensified, and even Maria began to be into it. The rapist gave a few thrusts into Selina, making her pant through the embrace.

"You want it all?" he asked her.

"Fuck yes," she moaned through the kisses.

"With your hand, reach down and start massaging Maria's clit."

It was impossible to ignore the request. Selina's fingers made their way to their destination, reaching the women's crease, titillating that erogenous zone. Maria moaned with excitement and shame, but Selina's lips were keeping her mouth busy. The rapist inside Selina slowly moved into a faster pace, taking his time, enjoying the rise and, visibly making sure that Selina and Maria both did.

"Stop," Maria mumbled, "you're gonna make me come..."

"Then come on my fingers," Selina whispered to her.

Maria didn't need any more motivation. Selina's fingers were deft enough to get the housekeeper off and into a mind-blowing orgasm. All the while, the villain perused the insides of the Catwoman, making her pant from the power of his thrusts and the girth of his manhood. She had rarely felt so full.

"...fuck have you been all my life..." she mumbled through the ecstasy.

She felt his cadence increase, and it felt like he was ready to blow, but he didn't. He kept swaying at this incredible pace, and Selina felt her perceptions dim from the intense stimulation. She started to lose it.

"Fuck that is good... fuck... ohhh... fuck yes... aaah.... filling me up so much.... aaahhhh...."

"Where do you want it?" he asked her.

"Fuck anywhere... just keep drilling..."

It took him a long while still until she felt him ready to spend himself. Meanwhile, the other rapists were contemplating the scene, almost transfixed at their leader's performance.

"Now?" he asked Selina.

She didn't even answer. The pleasure was riding deep into her, on the edge of orgasm. Maria was limpless under her, exhausted from her own release. The rapist felt it was time, and he didn't hold it back, ejaculating into Selina's sex, driving her finally over the edge.


The long moan continued as long as she felt his warmth inside her, spurt after spurt emptying gloriously into her womb, longer than she expected it to, not that she minded. She was brimming with his seed; as he pulled out, much of it dribbled out onto Maria's pussy. Selina was out of it, and would be for several minutes.

"We need to go," the leader told his goons.

"What? But I wanted another turn.

"No... this is all you get. We need to leave before she stirs, and takes it out on us. You two... never speak of this ever. You should leave Gotham."

The two rapists suddenly understood what they had done. It all become obvious. Without looking back, they headed towards the door. The leader cast a glance back at Selina and Maria, before whispering.

"You two were amazing... thank you."

Selina barely heard the words. She lifted her head only to see him exit the room. Her first instinct was that she forgot to ask his number. It took her a full minute to realize what had transpired, and how she had allowed herself to be victimized. And she wondered what kind of spell had possessed her to let them do this to her.

Mostly, she wondered if, through her relationship with Batman, she hadn't gone soft.

- Experiment Report -

"Experiment #7, involving Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, was very insightful. In order to challenge myself, I moved outside of the traditional gathering method and hired the services of two of Gotham's not-so-finest. From files garnered independently, I was able to assign a target house and prepare the infiltration. From there, it was simply a matter of using the various contacts to set up a meeting with the Catwoman.

"Mascarading as her hirer, I was able to observe her femininity during our interview. She never suspected anything through the entire process. Once she was recruited, I sent her to the home where my agents and myself were set up.

"To make the incident more believable, I recruited a third party actress, one agreeable to such activities. The child's conscience itself - actually the actress's daughter - was subsumed by a telepathic suggestion, replacing the memories she would experience on site with others, more pleasant. The scene was set. All we had to do was wait for the Catwoman to enter and become a pawn in the game.

"Her reaction to sexual stimulation was as expected. Having the rapists abuse her helped convey the nature of the assault and hide my veritable intentions. Her psych profile confirmed that she would bear no permanent psychological scars from the encounter; in fact, my own excessive stimulation of her body during the intercourse, not to mention the inclusion of several decoys, made the data gathering completely invisible.

"While I was inside the subject, I also garnered physical samples from the actress herself. Comparison will see if those samples provide new data.

"The DNA extracted from the subject Selina Kyle proves puzzling. While there are traces of metahuman markers, none of them seem to be active. She might be a latent meta, awaiting development; she might have also inherited traits from ancestors. The markers do seem similar to those found in Atlantean physiology, perhaps a common ancestor.

"In any event, it seems that with every new ova that I study, I learn more about human female reproduction. It also seems obvious that meta-markers are the key to deciphering the genetic puzzle. I am not confident enough with my data to access the secrets files of doctor Pieter Cross at the JSA.

"The experimentation requires more data. I have only scratched the surface of the question."

NEXT: Experiment #10

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