By Interesting Life


A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



The Martian Manhunter is running experiments in breeding, studying human female reproduction and coitus in order to, perhaps, help restore his lost race.

So far, he has taken samples from Vixen, Hawkgirl, Catwoman and queen Mera, pushing the experiments further at every step. And it only escalates further...

Experiment #11 - Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman

Anyone who pretended that the princess of Themyscera was not a killer did not know her at all. It wasn't that she looked to actively kill her enemies, but she held no compunctions if, in the heat of battle, her blade ran them through. First and foremost, she had been trained as a warrior. She hadn't left a hundred dead bodies in her wake either. She could still remember the faces of everyone she had killed in her life. She had also never publicly slain someone - except for that one time with Maxwell Lord, to save everyone from a mind-controlled Superman. Fallout from that action had since died down.

But like any killer with a conscience, every so often, Diana's dream were revisited by the ghosts of those she had killed. And because she was a highly spiritual creature, born of gods and magic, her dreams were often more than simple manifestations of her subconscious. Actual forces could invade her slumber and challenge her. When that happened, when the violence in her mind became too hard to manage, she retreated back to Paradise Island, to her sisters, and she rested in the safety of her sanctuary. Most of the time, this eased her mind.

Lately, however, the dreams had become quite obsessive. Diana was still reeling from both allowing herself to be sexually humiliated on Olympus by the god Eros (while the others gods discreetly watched the lewd act) and the violation she had suffered at the hands of Aquaman and Mera. Thinking back on the consequences of the misuse of the Vessel of Orgia, she was angry that she had not been given the opportunity to destroy it. Instead, it was now in the confines of Fate Tower, presumably until the end of time, but Diana hated the feeling that someday, perhaps, it would resurface again. She didn't care that it contained the souls of hundreds if not thousands of long-dead Atlanteans. It was a threat. It had led her to succumb to a desperate physical need, first with two female teammates, Vixen and Hawkgirl, then with Batman himself. Weakness was abhorrent to her, and while she did not regret the intimacy itself (perhaps a bit as it pertained to Batman), she hated that she had been unable to resist the compulsion. She imagined all those events and emotions explained why the dreams were so invasive and, admittedly, full of sexual overtones.

In order to purge herself from these conflicted emotions, Diana decided to go on a pilgrimage, alone, in an isolated area, where she could confront her inner demons and face up to all her failures, addressing all of them in one moment of confrontation and clarity. She traded in her Themysceran armor for a travel dress, parted on both legs, a camisole and sandals, all in the brown tone. She removed her weapons, blade, lasso, tiara, keeping only her bracers for defense. From there, she used the mystical means of transportation available to her on Paradise Island to travel to one of the remotest places she knew, a plain in Caucasus, three hundred miles from any civilization. She brought barely enough supplies to last two days, knowing full well her venture might take longer. This was about cleansing her body and her mind. She needed no distractions, and she needed to return to the bare essentials.

Faced with isolation, she began her trek across the landscape.

Her first day of trekking had proven quite uneventful, almost peaceful. Isolated from all civilization, with no human contact, she had no other resolve but to walk ahead, walk on, facing only the hardship of the venture and her own self. Trouble arose on her first night in the wilderness, after she set up camp and the sun had disappeared, leading the way to night. As she was resting on the ground, the starry sky above her head, she felt a presence around her, waking her up. At first, she saw nothing; she almost dismissed the impression until she felt something brush against her exposed leg. Thinking of a small critter or snake, she rose swiftly, but again saw nothing.

"Who is there?" she asked

There was no answer, only the howling wind infiltrating crevices and moaning. There was also nothing at her feet. Somewhat confused, Diana began to walk around her camp.

"If there is a presence, show yourself."

In the whispering wind, at the end of her perception, a word reached her ears.


Can it be? she asked herself. A ghost, a haunting here? No one had died on these plans for millennia, she knew. Either an old ghost, or one that had tracked her into this trek.

"Who are you? Decline your identity."


It was the only echo that reached her. A ghost, lost, confused. Suddenly, it lashed out against her, like an invisible whip striking in the night, slapping against her face. It didn't draw blood, but it hurt.

"Cease!" she commanded. "Show yourself, ghost, or face the wrath of Themyscera!"


This was a personal matter. A ghost from her own past that had tracked her down. One of the few men she had slain in combat, she thought. Although no death at her hands had ever been particularly gruesome, she knew that was no a necessary requirement for a haunting. An incomplete task, a supernatural influence, perhaps even Hades himself seeking entertainment at her expense. Wherever the ghost had come from did not matter.

"You must feel I have wronged you somehow," she replied, calming herself down. "I shall not seek you out but, if you should manifest, know that I am prepared to deal with you, in however fashion is appropriate."

The wind carried longer words - perhaps the ghost was in the process of manifestation.

"...why did you..."

"Why did I kill you? Perhaps because we were locked in the heat of battle? Perhaps you were threatening lives? I cannot know until your name is known to me."

The wind didn't answer further, dying down. Diana waited for it to manifest again for a time, but it was gone. She suspected it would be back, that it would gather strength and return. It may or may not be necessary to fight it. In any event, she was ready, despite not having most of her weapons with her. The bracers she wore would prove a successful defense against any kind of magic thrown at her, putting her on equal footing with ghosts and monsters, whatever form they might take. Diana returned to bed, to further rest. Her journey was barely starting and, already, her demons were surfacing, she told herself. This trek was not a luxury - without it, she might not cleanse her soul from whatever ailed it.

The next day of trekking proved as uneventful as the first. All day long, Diana revisited the encounter from the previous night, wondering if the voice was familiar, or if the threat was real or imagined. She expected it to manifest in the next night, so her mind also raced at the possibility of its return. Still, she kept walking forward, allowing her mind to drift to battles won and lost, to friendships and rivalries, to all those actions that made and unmade a person.

Night came, and Diana decided not to sleep this one out. She would wait for the ghost to show. It did not disappoint, the wind howling the words at the turn of the day.

"...why did you..."

She rose from her seat.

"Ghost, listen to me. I am here, ready to face you on whatever terrain you chose. Show yourself so we may parlay."

"....you kill me..."

"Tell me who you are and I will say. I know the names of everyone that has met my blade."

It was half a truth. She had their faces, but names sometimes escaped her. She had done her best to research every opponent she ever had, but she could not have found out the names of some. They were few in number.

"...why did you... kill me..."

Was the ghost trapped in its cycle of violence and death? It sometimes happened, she told herself. Diana did not want to drag this ghost with her the entire length of her trip; raising her arms across her head, she clanged her bracers together. The echo vibrated around her - the magic resonated in an invisible wave around her. The result was not instantaneous but, progressively, a ghostly shape, a swirl of transparent green mist almost, emerged through the darkness.

"I see your haunting, ghost. Your fade is known to me."

"...why did you kill me, princess of Themyscera..."

The voice did not come from the manifesting cloud; instead, it echoed in her mind, reaching from the depths of the underworld, channeled into essence by the floating mist.

"Tell me your name, ghost, so we may parlay."

"...name... what is my name..."

It was possible for ghosts to forget everything about who they were. That much was known. This one was speaking from beyond the grave, only present because of the mystical mist seeping from Tartarus or below. It meant that this soul was one belonging to the ancient world. It narrowed down the possibilities of whom the deceased might be. Diana recalled a battle on the shores of Themyscera, some years ago, where a tribe of lost men, living in their own private island, had attempted to invade Paradise Island in the hopes of mating with the women. These men had been cast out into the oblivion, having only resurfaced because the evil wizard Mordru had found their island prison in limbo, and unleashed them onto the island. In the battle to protect the land of her mother, she had slain at least four of the men. She had never learned their names, except for their leader which she had faced in singular combat on the battlefield. He had almost defeated and raped her - she had triumphed over him, stabbing him unexpectedly through the heart after he tore her clothes off and tried to mount her.

"Are you Diello? Is that your name?"


The voice, resonating in her mind, seemed to coalesce, and suddenly, she recognized it. It was him. His voice, coming to clarity, was a perfect match to her memory, barring the echo of unlife.

"You are Diello, leader of the tribe of man, who attempted to invade Paradise Island, haven of the gods, who came to pillage and rape, whose fate was sealed by my blade, so long ago."

"...I am Diello..."

It was as if the ghost itself was breaking through the barrier of mist and coming into his own. This was not necessarily a good thing. This man had been a worthy adversary, yes, but she knew he had personally raped three of her comrades, killing two of them after the fact. She had witnessed the last rape and murder before being able to interfere. If his ghost was escaping, it was her duty to prevent it. Why it was manifesting now could also be explained due to recent events? Submitting herself to the whims of Eros in order to protect herself from the Vessel of Orgia's power, Diana still carried a part of his energy from the seed he had planted inside her womb. It had not yet fully dissipated. The power of Eros, combined with the mystical energy or the Vessel of Orgia, both powerful magics in their own right, might have summoned this threat from her past, a rare enemy that had come close to a sexual violation. She still remembered, because her memory was flawless, the tip of his manhood coming to rest against her flower. It had been before her first moment of love with Steve Trevor. At that time, she was still a virgin to men. She had avoided being despoiled by her attacker. Now, his ghost was emerging.

"Listen well, Diello, if you are him. This is not a wise course of action. I have killed you once, and I can kill you again. And if you die as a ghost, Tartarus will not bind you again. You will be drawn into the abyss and escape the final rest. Torment will be visited upon you a thousand fold."

Her speech, intended to prevent him from manifesting further, did not seem to even reach him. The mist coalesced slightly into an almost human pattern, but then it dissipated again, as if the ghost still did not have the strength to enter this world. She was not surprised. This was only its second night attempting a breakthrough. It would not tear into this world until the next night, giving her a full day to prepare. It dissipated shortly after. But she knew when to expect it. It behaved exactly like she knew it would, albeit with a lack of awareness that was unusual. But who could read into the psyches of ghosts, truly?

The smart thing to do, she told herself, would have been to get back to Paradise Island, gather her weapons and be ready for the battle to come the next night. Yet, doing so would defeat the purpose of this entire journey. Besides, nature all around her could easily provide for all her needs, and her own mystical nature would imbue these improvised weapons with the power she needed to dispel the ghost once and for all.

The next day, Diana didn't travel. She prepared. Wood, rocks, dirt, mud, whatever was at hand became a tool to prepare. She stripped out of her clothing, like she always did on Themyscera while preparing for a confrontation. She crafted herself a spear with wood and stone; she crafted a large shield from several scraps of wood and the rope she had brought. She hunted down a wild boar, skinning it for its hide and fur, making a fire to roast its meat for a meal worthy of her upcoming battle. She tore apart leather and fur with her bare hands, crafting herself both a loincloth and a war bra, both of which she then wrapped around her body. She made herself a bandanna with the rest of the leather, then enjoyed the boar's fresh meat along with some of her own supplies. This night, the ghost Diello would manifest around the turn of the day, and she needed to be in full strength. She blessed her spear in the name of the Gods, calling upon Hades himself to bring respite to the tortured soul seeking revenge.

With all those preparations complete, Diana was ready to face the ghost from her past and, perhaps, the rest of her failures in recent times.

Night swept in, and Diana stayed awake, clad in her improvised battle armor, tending the flames. She meditated on her upcoming fight, wondering what form it would take, wondering how her opponent would strike, and what she would have to do to end it once more. Mostly, she was confident that her might would be sufficient to face it as it was.

When the midnight hour rolled around, the sound of a heartbeat began to resonate across the area. Diana, eager for the confrontation, rose to her feet, ready to take on her enemy.

"Diello..." she said, calling out to him.

The same mist as the previous day appeared, beginning to coalesce into a humanoid form, the process much faster than the previous day. The visage was much clearer today, belonging to her attacker and would-be rapist, the man from the lost prison tribe. In this ghastly state, he felt naked, though his form was still indefinite, shifting between partially solid and completely fluid. His eyes betrayed little emotion, like he wasn't actually there, or not fully.

Should she strike at him now, she wondered, before he could fully escape the bonds of undeath? It might have been the wisest course of action but, if she waited for him to fully manifest, then his banishment at her hands would assuredly be final. No more salvation for him in the abyss. And to her mind, he needed to be gone forever. As she stared him on, he finally spoke again, a single word, spoken in a cold detached otherworldly voice.


She wasn't surprised at the word. She had expected it. Before being slain, he had been ready to mount her, the tip of his male appendage pressed against her virgin opening; he had never achieved his goal of rape because of a blade through his heart. With the lingering sexual energies inside her body, Wonderwoman had drawn out the one soul which had wanted to consume her flesh but had been denied. The fact that, at the time, she had been a virgin was an even greater factor influencing the mystical elements involved.

"It will not happen!" she defied him, weapons at the ready. "Today ends your last existence on this world."


"There is none for you!"

He was there now, speaking in single word sentences, still somewhat disconnected, but fully incarnate (at least, as much as he could be, given he existed in-between two dimensions. She suspected that his essence could shift between solid and air; not that it mattered to her, since her bracers would protect her against both forms of magic; the shield would serve as an additional defense against terrestrial attacks; the spear, blessed by the power of Hades called upon by the Amazon, would also injure the ghostly shell. The bandanna across her head would shield her mind with the blessing of Athena's strong will: no fear or dominion would overtake her. Adopting a basic combat stance, she advanced towards the monster that was intent on seizing and hurting her. It seemed to feel her approach because it started to shift sideways, half-floating, half-walking.


"...yes, that is what I'm about to give you."

Battle was joined. With the tip of the spear, she tried to stab at the ghost. It moved away; she pressed her advantage but, as the tip would reach its mass, the mist parted away.

"Wily," she told it. "No matter."

Every time she tried to strike at it, it would either move out of the way of her weapon, or it would spread its mass to avoid the tip's touch. After a few more hits, Diana stopped what she was doing, adopting a defensive stance.

"Enough! Attack me now!"

From its protruding limbs emerged what could be interpreted as a sword and shield combination. They felt much more real than the rest of the body. The sword struck the wooden shield, blocked. The two opponents began to trade blows, with neither able to break through the other's defense.

"You are formidable," Diana called it. "But you will fall!"

As the confrontation lasted, the ghost's shape became much more perceptible, and it now looked more like a man clad in a bluish glow; the endowment between its legs was impressive, at the moment limp during the fight. Diana had held her own without too much trouble; using her extended knowledge of combat, she began to dance around her opponent, hoping to distract it. It almost seemed to work, as its guard lowered slightly. The tip of the spear was able to strike at the ghost's cheek; blue mist splashed away from its face. The injury seemed to infuriate the ghost.


Quite suddenly and without any preemptive sign, the ghost's mass turned gaseous once more, expanding in all directions, as if ready to envelop Diana in its eerie glow. The Amazon had the right reflex to back away and place her weapon and shield in front of her. However, the mist moved much faster than she did and, instead of wrapping itself around her, it floated past each side and reformed behind her. Diana attempted to spin around but the sword hit happened even before the ghost had fully reformed. Diana fell forward; the weapon had drawn no blood, but had sent a nervous blast into the warrior's body. Despite the shock, Diana was still in rare form, so she struck back. Unfortunately, the tip of the spear missed its mark yet again. It almost felt like the ghost could anticipate her moves.

"...you cannot best me!" she yelled at it.

Its next assault, however, seemed to prove otherwise. The ghost, using its shapeless form as an advantage, began to strike from multiple directions; it seemed to have more arms than Diana could perceive. She was able to block most hits due to her incredible reflexes but, every time one struck her, the same nervous shock ran through her body, tensing her muscles for at least a moment, slowing her down, making her that much more vulnerable. The ghost, it seemed, had tactics beyond any that she had ever faced in the past.

Finally, when the opening was there, the ghost took its chance and sliced at Diana's chest, from high to low; the blade, cutting into her skin with its nerve shock, also tore apart the leather wrapped around her breasts, making them flop out as the leather bra fell to the ground. Diana fought the reflex to cover herself, knowing it would make her even more vulnerable. It reminded her of the battle against Diello; during that previous fight, he had also been able to strike at her suit and chop it off, rendering her naked.

Her breasts bouncing as she struck back, she managed the sever the arm which had disrobed her; it flew off in a cloud of mist. But the battle was far from done, and the ghostly enemy resumed its multiple assault with force. A second successful mist blade strike at Diana's temple stunned her for a moment, enough for the enemy to reach in, wrap one of its ghostly hands around the leather strap holding her loin cloth together and pull. The leather snapped, and Diana's bottom half was exposed as well; an untrimmed patch of hair covering her sex, her powerful behind sticking out into the cold of night.

"You can't win!" she yelled, now trying to convince herself.

She had never faced such a wily ghost; able to bluff her, with an attack that seemed out of this world. It only made sense that this ghost had been imbued by someone else. Diello was not acting on his own behalf. It was the only explanation she could think of to explain its incredible power. There was no time to dwell on it. She needed to defeat it swiftly. Calling on her reserves of energy, focusing on the evil the Diello had done, she allowed the Amazon rage to build up in her heart even as she deflected more blows. Then, she charged, a flurry of strikes designed to end it. Many hits struck at their mark, with the ghost barely able to keep up with her empowered self. However, whereas the spear hits should have inflicted major injuries to the ghost, dispelling most of its mass, it seemed to have little effect, and this, more than anything, got to Diana. The blessing of Hades should have been sufficient to cripple this apparition. Instead, it remained intact, and this could only mean that the god of death himself had warded the ghost against it. It meant that Hades had sent this monster against her.

"Hades!!!" she yelled out, hoping to summon the god to call off this monstrous creature.

Nothing happened, and the ghost resumed its violent attacks. At one point, because she was exhausted from the supernatural combat and calling on her reserves, Diana let her guard down, for only a moment. The mist sword struck through her chest into her heart - what might have been a killing blow against a real opponent merely incapacitated her fully, and she fell backwards, dropping shield and spear, landing hard on her ass, arms back, legs slightly apart.

The ghost pounced, on her in an instant. Memory came back to her as she felt a hard tip pressed against the opening of her sex. She screamed.

"No! Get away!"

The mist ghost reached down, grabbing her hands, avoiding her wrists (because of the bracers, perhaps) and it tried to thrust its ghostly phallus inside her. She tried to bring her legs together; it slid its own legs as far as they would go, forcing hers apart, and pressed hard.

"Stop! I command..."

The word remained in her throat as the phallus penetrated inside her, cutting off her breath. In one thrust, its entire impressive length was inside her warm opening.

"Ah! No!"

The thrusting began. She could see, from her angle staring down, the massive blue shaft sliding in and out of her, very real. The ghost had taken full physical form, and it was raping her.


"You can't!" she yelled at it, fighting to struggle free, unable to do so.

Already, the pleasure was building inside her loins, remnants of all the sexual influences that had invaded her life recently. Within a minute of the violation, she couldn't deny herself the pleasure of the lewd act.

"Yes... fuck oh... yes... deeper.... aaahhhhh..."

Goaded on by her exhortations, the ghost increased its pace, and she moaned even louder.

"..raping me... taking me... defeated... ah... how dare you...."

The hard swollen ghostly appendage inside her seemed to expand even further, also reaching into her depths in a way that felt supernatural, incredibly amazing. It had nothing to do with a man's organ - the entire sensation was unearthly.

"...dominate me... you won... bested me..."

Her voice trailed off as the climax finally hit, unrelenting in its power. On cue, she felt a warmth of juice flowing inside her, unable to wonder how a ghost's seed might affect her in the short or long run.

"...seeding me... no.... aahhh...."

And the ghost was done, pulling away, still very solid, still very rigid between its legs. As it let go of Diana, she crawled back from it, regaining some of her composure.



"Yes, you sick twisted ghost. You won! Your purpose is fulfilled. Begone!"

She didn't stand up, staring at her attacker, angry that she had been quite satisfied by the ordeal, angry that her body and mind had complied with the vile pleasure given to her. She felt the dripping between her legs but dared not look, staring at the monster instead.


"That is not going to happen."

The nervous stun now completely dispelled, she quickly jumped up and charged her opponent, this time striking at it with her fist and bracers. As with earlier, it dodged out of the way by dissipating into mist. Diana didn't let up, and she was satisfied when one of her bracers, striking the creature's mist, dissipated it quite rapidly. However, perhaps because it felt threatened, the ghost once again resumed its multiple attack. Without her spear and shield, now lying on the ground, Diana could hardly hold her own. The ghost could strike at her from any angle, and soon, another successful hit on her back sent her sprawling forward, landing on all fours. The ghost leaned in front of her, some of its misty arms pinning her hands to the floor.

"Let go!" she screamed.

It didn't. Instead, lowering its lower body to her face, it pressed the tip of its hard phallus against her mouth. Before she could fully close her lips, it rammed the organ inside her hole. Her first instinct was to bite on it; she quickly found it that it did nothing. She was unable to close her mouth.


Once more, the ghost began to rape her, this time in this new orifice. She felt the hard stabs at the back of her throat, almost making her choke. As it happened, she failed to realize that the mist was gathering all around her, and some of it coalesced in a second ghostly form behind her, equally endowed. While her mouth was being fucked, the tip of the new ghostly shape's phallus came to rest once more against the folds of her sex. Although she felt it now, she was unable to speak up, her mouth occupied, or to prevent it from invading her body once more. Taken from both sides, her hands and feet held down by the ghost's multiple appendages, she could only suffer through the insult as the pleasure built up inside her once more.

Moment into it, a large stream of fluids splattered inside her mouth, the ghostly seed filling it to the brim; much of it leaked out and up into her nostrils. The phallus popped out and she coughed hard, spilling most of the white fluid on the ground, even as her sex was being ravaged once more.

"No. No. No."

Every thrust gave her voice to try to resist, but words were insufficient.


"...you can't... stop..."

So many defeats in such a short time was taking its toll. First, Eros. Then, her friend Aquaman and his wife Mera. Now, Diello. Spoiled by three. The humiliation was complete.

"Just fuck me," she blurted out.

And so it did, eventually firing another hot load deep in her crevice as she allowed it to take its pleasure, taking her own at the same time, defeated. But the ghost was not done.


Keeping her on all fours, it steadied itself against her anal cavity and proceeded to violate her there as well. The memory of Diello doing the same to one of her friends back then as she watched came back; she remembered the look of horrified pleasure in her Amazon sister's face and imagined herself with that same tortured face. The ghost of Diello pounded inside her bowels for a long time, and she climaxed from it a few times, her entire body now subservient to its needs. The final release in her buttocks was both a disappointment and a relief. The monster had beaten her, had taken its reward and now, it was probably going to kill her. As it pulled out of her ass, the dribbling sensation of his juices leaking out, it pushed her hard on the ground. She lay there, immobile, ready for the final blow to be struck.


The word threw her off; she managed to roll on herself. The ghost was dissipating.


Diana's hand reached out to her vagina, still wet from all of the sex it had encountered, and she collapsed as the ghost dissipated. It had won, and now, it was done. Its last wish granted. It had dominated her and was now returning to its final reward in Tartarus. Diana wondered, for a moment, if she should seek it out down there to enact her own revenge. But it seemed pointless. Whatever evil had brought it out, it had not meant to kill her. She might not be so lucky next time. And despite her rage, she recalled the intense pleasure it had given her, hating herself for wanting more.

"This must be a curse," she told herself, wondering what other mystical means she might use to break this vicious cycle of sexual violence.

- Experiment Report -

"Experiment #11 proved to be quite a challenge. In order to create a scenario that would be both believable and would avoid the Amazon princess warrior from fostering an extended revenge, a premise had to be developed that would insure an instant confrontation while avoiding subsequent inquiry and retaliation.

"A telepathic search of her psyche revealed a potential weakness. The experiment waited until she was in a vulnerable place, isolated from everyone so she could only rely on herself.

"The gathering of information on the presumed ghost was difficult; the mind of an Amazon is incredibly difficult to decipher; however, by triggering certain sensations through visual manifestations of mist, I was able to glean from her own conscious memories the name of one Diello, a former enemy who had attempted to violate her. By means of deception, using the conscious elements from her own psyche, I was able to dilute my form between ghostly mist and actual apparition, shape shifting as needed.

"The confrontation proved to be one of the most challenging. The Amazon is a fierce combatant, and only through guile was I able to defeat her. The use of psychic nerve attacks was determined to be optimal for taking her down; the hardest part was simulating the destructive effects of the artifacts she had prepared against the ghost so they would resemble her expectations of reaction; there were several instances where I could not adapt my form quickly enough, but the heat of battle allowed these to go unnoticed. It is not an efficient tactic to use against quick-witted opponents.

"However, once her nervous system was affected enough, the penetration and extraction proceeded without difficulty; her body seemed quite receptive to the stimulation; perhaps I overdid it by extending the sexual activity to include all available orifices, but extra data on sexual stimulation is always practical.

"It is unlikely the Amazon will seek out the real Diello in the afterworld. Were she to do so, it might reveal the deception, although I am not certain that would even be the fact. Little is known about what happens to human souls after death. I doubt even the princess of Themyscera has the answer to this one."

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