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A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



In order to restore his lost race, the Martian Manhunter has begun experiments with human sexuality; he has decided to use his heroic female allies as subjects.

After the basic experiments, he has begun to act against them. He has already deceived Vixen into sleeping with him to gather some genetic material from her, and he is far from done.

Experiment #5 - Shayera Thal, aka Hawkgirl

Shayera was staring at the ceiling, still uncertain about what was happening in her life. In the past seventy-two hours, she had succumbed to a spell of lust (as had most of her allies) and had been consumed by an intense sexual need. It had led her to copulate with a pygmy (though not to completion), then partake in a lesbian orgy with Diana and Mari, finally culminating in a long sequence of sexual encounters, first with John Stewart and Mari once more, then with her former beau, Carter Hall, aka Hawkman.

She was now in St.Roch, Louisiana, in his home. He was sleeping beside her. They had made love. Again. He had fallen asleep immediately after the act, and she was now contemplating her fate. A few years ago, they had split up. He was possessive. She knew it for a fact. She had pushed him away because of it. It had never been an issue of sex. They were star-crossed lovers. They were made for each other - at least, their souls were. In this life, a very independent Thanagarian warrior like her was too much of a free spirit to be tamed by a human mate. On Thanagar, love was not restrained by bonds of jealousy. As a warrior, before coming to Earth, Shayera had bedded several of her fellow soldiers, men and women, often on those nights before a great fight. It was believed that all this tension accumulated was bad for soldiers, and that acts of intimacy could also reinforce camaraderie. One on particular night, before a particularly grueling mission, Shayera had teamed up with another female warrior to mate with four different males. The orgy had led all of them to survive the encounter. Sex before a battle was a good omen.

Carter didn't see it like that. He was what Earth people called old-fashioned. He believed in mating for life. It wasn't that he hadn't enjoyed other sexual endeavors; it was simply that, once he committed to a relationship, he remained exclusive and he expected his partner to do so. And while Shayera had, back then, considered adopting that lifestyle, and had even become content with it (since he was such a compatible lover), she was still often the victim of his jealousy anytime she mentioned the attributes of another male. He had even restricted her from working with fellow male heroes (as if women were no challenge to him, she told herself smilingly).

Still, Carter was a great lover, and it was easy to forget how bad it had become back then. Shayera realized that this proximity to him clouded her judgment. She pulled quietly out of bed, letting him sleep it off, and she walked over to the balcony of his penthouse apartment. The building overlooked most of the city, a perfect launching platform for the hawks. Walking back the wing harnesses made of Nth metal, Shayera allowed her hand to glide across the feathers. It reminded her of the freedom she enjoyed in all things.

The cool air on her naked skin made her tremble. She smiled, staring out at the cloudy sky. Truly, she was not meant to be tied down. She looked back into the room, at the motionless form of her lover. She could sleep with him anytime. She would sleep with him anytime. But she couldn't stay with him.

"I need to go..." she whispered to herself.

As she turned back to head inside, she heard the familiar beep of her communicator, still in her ear.


"Hawkgirl? This is cyborg."

"What is it, Victor?"

"We're getting a disturbance in your area. Could you investigate?"

"What kind of disturbance?"

"An energy spike of some sort..."

Shayera looked back towards the bed, where Carter was still asleep. This was his jurisdiction, but they had called her. Then again, he wasn't actually part of the Justice League anymore.


"South-west, around 50 kilometers. Near the bay."

"Satellite feed?"

"Reveals nothing. There are a series of warehouses along a wharf. Perhaps inside."

"I can be there in fifteen minutes."

"All right. Update when you get there."

The signal died down. Shayera stretched her shoulders and moved to recover her suit and harness. There was no point in waking Carter; he would just want to tag along, and she needed room to breathe. She thought of leaving him a message, but decided against it. It would make her look needy.

About fifteen minutes later, her wingspan stretched across the sky, hovering on the Thanagarian technology supporting her flight, Hawkgirl was gazing down at the designated location. Night was still heavy, and the only available lights came from malfunctioning lampposts strewn about the wharf. Five different buildings adorned the sector, and any of them could have been the source of the spike. Hawkgirl's piercing gaze, both a natural gift and an enhancement due to the lenses in her visors, helped her shed some understanding on the scene. There was definite movement near the furthest structure. She hovered quietly to its roof and landed; the wings retracted to become manageable in tighter corners.

"I'm here," she whispered through the communicator.

There was static on the line: interference. She heard Victor Stone reply, missing out on a few of the words.

"...on location. What is your... observation only..."


She wasn't here to find trouble. Her first order of business was to determine what was going on. To do that, she needed to figure out who was down there. She jumped off the roof, and her wings glided her gently, quietly, to the floor. She made herself as discreet as possible, tucking the wings as low as they would go. If necessary, she would remove the harness, but she disliked the prospect. It often left her more vulnerable, cutting off her main manner of escape. Peering around the side, she saw two individuals seemingly standing guard. From their outlook, they appeared human, but appearances could be deceiving. So many aliens had shapes and physiologies similar to humans that a mistake could easily be made, and an energy spike might mean a portal to another world (or even to another location on the planet).

"What about the hostages?" one of the guards said.

They spoke English. They were probably human. They wore riot suits, full body armor with helmet, and were armed with short-burst energy rifles: nothing Shayera's Nth metal mace or deflection harness couldn't handle.

"Once we're done with the packing, we'll blow the place. Eliminate the proof."

"Is the teleportation going to take long? I'm starving!"

"Beats me..."

"Well, we better make this quick."

So the guards were on a timetable, and there were hostages involved. Calling in Cyborg at this time would serve no immediate purpose, Shayera decided. She would take down the two sentries, then signal her status. It was just a matter of timing it right.

The guards barely had time to react before the Thanagarian warrior was upon them; the mace connected with the first, lifting him several feet into the air as the charged energy of the weapon ignited his nervous system, shocking him into convulsions. The other had time to move his weapon and aim it, but Shayera's elbow connected with his exposed throat (the only place where the armor didn't cover) and he keeled over. He didn't have time to pull the trigger. She followed it up with a mace swing to his back, and he crumbled to the floor, knocked out. The other hit the ground with equal force. Shayera made sure both were out before turning towards the building. Almost ready to rush in, she remembered to call the Watchtower.

"Cyborg, this is Hawkgirl, reporting."

More static and less voice came through. She was closer to the disruptive energies.

"...status... better... can't read... help?"

"Negative on the help, but keep a track on my signal. There may be a teleportation device, and if I get stuck with it, I'll need you to find me, wherever I may be."

"...do... active..."

There was nothing more she could hear, but she was confident Cyborg had heard. At any rate, if he was worried, he would send someone after her. Defiant, Shayera kicked down the door to the warehouse, ready to face whatever threat would be there. What she saw, however, forced her to hold back.

In the middle of the room, there were three individuals dressed in American military uniforms, soldiers most likely. They were chained to one another and to some kind of machine which generated some kind of ambient energy, clearly the source of the interference and spike. There was no one else in the room, and much of what should have been there was gone.

"What is this?" she called out.

One of the soldiers, tall, short blonde hair, a scar on his right cheek, called out to her.

"Hawkgirl! Stay away! This isn't safe..."

"What's going on, soldier?" she yelled out.

The machine was making a constant noise that drowned out the room, so speaking up was necessary to get communication going.

"I'm not sure... we were on guard duty... this is a government storage facility... these guys came out, took us out... we woke up tied to this... items keep vanishing from the warehouse, like they're being taken elsewhere..."

"And this device... did you seem them operate it?"

"No. It seems to run on its own..."

It was clear one of the soldiers was still out; the other was too far to be heard correctly.

"I need to get you away from this place," Shayera mumbled.

"No! Don't get close... something will happen."

"What do you mean?"

"One of the guards outside said something about not getting too close... critical mass or something."

"I have to try."

Perhaps it was foolish, but Shayera felt a kinship to these soldiers, caught in this trap. She couldn't abandon them. She wouldn't want to be abandoned. Bravely, she raced forward, ready to strike at the machine with her Nth Metal mace. Only she didn't make it. Instead, light engulfed her, and she heard a scream (her own?) and passed out.

As she woke, Shayera immediately stirred to action, ready for battle - and finding no immediate threat. Quickly, she assessed her surroundings. It seemed immediately obvious from the purple sky that she wasn't on Earth, yet the vegetation was highly similar to what she had seen in the planet's rainforests. She was uninjured, and her suit was still intact. Her harness, however, seemed neutralized somehow: she couldn`t take flight.

"Some kind of disruption..."

She glanced about, but there were no direct paths out of the overgrowth she had obviously landed in. Hesitantly, she called out.

"Hello? Anyone?"

Her hope was answered, as she heard a voice call back in her direction.

"Over here!"

There was some distress in the voice, so she hurried through the foliage and branches in the general direction from whence it had come. She almost fell over as she suddenly reached the edge of a cliff, not too high. She glanced below and saw one of the soldiers she had come to rescue, the one that had spoken to her.

"Are you all right?" she asked him.

"Mostly... my ankle is twisted, but otherwise I'm uninjured. You're Hawkgirl..."

She smiled. It was always pleasing to be acknowledged.

"Let me get down to your position."

She refused her first instinct to glide down, knowing her harness was unresponsive, and instead found a route not far to the left. She joined the soldier, getting a better look at him. He was handsome, quite athletic. He was wearing his khakis and a matching camisole. The scar on his right cheek stood out.

"Your ankle?" she asked.

"I can walk... I can`t run. Where are we?"

"I am sure. This feels like the rainforest, but the sky looks different."

"Here," he said, handing her his radio, "take this..."

"You still have your radio?"

"I found it on the ground, not far from here. No trace of my fellow soldiers. I tried calling someone but there was just static, and every so often, a few beeps. I triangulated the clicks towards the west. Or what feels like the west."

Hawkgirl checked the signal. She was familiar enough with the technology to see the soldier's interpretation was accurate.

"What's your name, soldier?"

"Private Ellis Jacobs, ma'am."

"Call me Shayera."

"Very good, Shayera. What`s the play? You seem like the superior officer."

"I'm no officer, but I'll take the lead if you don`t feel up to it."

"Given my injury..."

"All right."

She looked towards west.

"We go in that direction. We need to find the source of that interference. It may be our ticket back home."

Without further conversation, the duo set out into the dense forest, making the best possible time given their condition. They walked for a few hours, with Shayera helping her partner overcome some of the more difficult terrain. Eventually, they began to discern an odd shape in the distance. It took a moment for Shayera to figure out what was she was seeing.

"We're still on Earth... and this is a dome."

The sky in that region was covered with some kind of refraction that altered its color, but still let in light so they could orient themselves.

"A dome?" Ellis inquired.

"I believe so. And this... is either a spacecraft or a base. From the looks of it, automated."

"How can you tell? I can barely see it."

"I have enhanced sight," she told him.

He nodded in approval.

"We're not that far. An hour at most. What we need must be in there,"

"I agree," she said. "But you're in no condition to run an operation."

"I can't let you go alone!"

He placed his hand on her wrist. She turned to him, smiling.

"It's kind of you to be concerned, but I'll be fine."

"No... I mean, you probably will be but, all the same, I have training. I can do this."

The resolution in his stare reminded Shayera of the dedicated soldiers on her native planet who never quit, never abandoned., never gave up. She couldn't ask anything less of this man. If he was willing to endure the trials, she certainly couldn't - or wouldn't - talk him out of it.

"All right," but we need to rest.

They sat down on the mossy floor, crushing the plants underneath them, thankful for a small respite.

"Aren't you hot under that mask?" Ellis asked her.

"A little..."

She took it off. Ellis' stare spoke volumes about what he thought. Despite being a proud warrior, she was still considered a beauty by any standards: a sharp chin and nose, thin but bright red lips, a piercing gaze of green, shoulder-length orange-red hair (a natural color for her). Ellis smiled at her, then looked away.

"What?" she asked him.

"I didn't think you'd... never mind."

"Speak your mind, soldier?"

On Thanagar, there was rarely any formality between soldiers of the same unit. She had imagined it to be the same here on Earth.

"It's just," he started saying, "that I've rarely seen a soldier as... remarkable as you."

"You seem quite capable yourself, Ellis Jacobs."

"Just Ellis. Thank you. Coming from you, that's high praise."

"I have worked with your planet's military before. Most are competent."

Ellis didn't seem to be sure how to take the sentence.

"It's meant as a compliment," she replied, a sly look on her face.

"With respect, Shayera... you could probably run circles around me."

"I probably could... it might even be fun."

Finding this kind of uncomplicated camaraderie was a boon to Shayera. People on Earth behaved quite differently, despite physiological similarities, from hers. She missed the brutish frankness, the lack of subtlety and the overly aggressive posturing. Everyone on Earth seemed so conciliatory in contrast.

"Are you married, soldier?"

"No. No family either. I mean, besides my parents. Yourself?"

"I used to be, but that was another life."

"Why do you ask?" he inquired, not clearly stating his hidden intent.

"Curiosity, mostly. On Thanagar, we practically know everything about the people in your squad within a day or two. There are very few secrets, and even fewer questions not to be asked. No topic is off-limits. Do you have questions for me?"

Ellis hesitated.

"I'm not sure. How long have you been on Earth?"

"Five years now, off and on. I was drawn during a galactic conflict and helped your planet's defenders against them. I stayed on because I found my... past lover."

"Past lover?"

"It's over now. In another lifetime... in another cycle of reincarnation."

"Oh! Okay..."

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"

"To be honest, Shayera, I've never thought about it. I mean, it's nice to consider, having a do-over for things you regret doing - or not doing."

Shayera smiled, extending a hand towards his. He took it.

"On Thanagar, we rarely have regrets."

"And why is that?"

"Because we act on our impulses."

There was too much innuendo for that comment to be ignored, but as a gentlemen, Ellis didn't jump on it. He made it more subtle.

"Well, if you're implying that perhaps there's a lot of stress here..."

"That can be one way to see it."

She leaned over, crawling towards him, and she locked lips with him.

"...um, Shayera.."

"Quiet, soldier."

She kissed him again, pushing him onto his back. She wasn't thinking of Carter at all. She was thinking of the upcoming mission, going down to the spacecraft, having to infiltrate or fight her way in. She was thinking of her time on Thanagar, with her squad, with all the people she had cared about it. Most were dead now. There were no regrets. She had loved them all, each in their own way. Private Ellis Jacobs was no different. He was a fellow soldier, locked in a mission with her. As far as she was concerned, there was nothing exceptional about what was going to happen. It was all very logical.

Their lips touched. Moments later, Shayera was removing the soldier's camisole, exposing his powerful muscles, caressing them with the tip of her nails. She kissed his nipples, then let her hand wander to his pants, caressing the bulge that was forming underneath it.


"Shhh..." she quieted him. "No words."

He nodded his understanding. His own hands went to her shoulders, and he began to look for the buckles holding her harness together. When he didn't find them, he rummaged along the seams, his hands rolling over her breasts. She moved his hands to the center piece, the hawk face, just below her chest, and helped him unclasp it. She then removed the harness from her back, setting it down gently as his hands ran over her belly. She turned back to him and they kissed again. She started fondling with his belt, pulling it off in one quick motion, then unzipping his pants. He helped her by shuffling about as she removed his pants and underwear at the same time, pulling them down below his knees, right above his boots. For a moment, Shayera stared at his erection; before he could pull down his boots, she had wrapped her lips around his shaft.

"...ffffff..." he mumbled, trying hard not to make a sound.

With her lips wrapped around him, Shayera felt empowered. Having a man in this position always made her feel like she had control over him; having his pants stuck around his ankles was also another way for her to exert some control. But Private Ellis Jacobs wasn't about to let her do everything. He pulled off her shirt as she was sucking on him, forcing her off long enough to take the shirt completely off. Shayera helped him along by taking off her bra before returning to her blowjob. She kept at it for a minute or so, with Ellis completely submitting to her care, until he eventually pushed her off and on her back. He reached at her belt and undid it; she fought briefly to keep her pants on, for play, before allowing him to pull them down to her own ankles, setting herself up in the same predicament as he did.

Ellis contemplated her naked body and smiled. His head lowered between her crotch and he began to return the oral favor he had just received. She felt his tongue driving inside her sex, deep, deeper than she thought it could go. It was hard not to moan.

"...wooo...." she let slip out before regaining her composure.

Ellis had decided he wouldn't stop until she climaxed, and so settled in for however long it would take. Shayera had another idea. While she enjoyed his ministrations, she pushed him off, then pulling him on top of her, positioning his dick against her opening. Seeing as how she was asking for it, Ellis pushed in and began to ram into her hard. Moans of pleasure were hard to contain, so Shayera grabbed Ellis' head and forced their lips together in a tight embrace.

In the depth of a rainforest, Ellis and Shayera fucked madly. He was as agile with his penis as he had been with his tongue; Shayera bit into his forearm, almost drawing blood, as he made her orgasm once, and then a second time within that same minute. Shayera remanded control of the encounter to her partner, so he pulled out, spun her around, on all fours, and rammed himself back inside her sex, indulging in her warmth and tightness as he built up to his own release. Shayera lost her composure.

"Ah! Yes. Fuck. Inside. Deep. Oooh. Fuck. Aaah!"

She even began to swear in her native tongue, which only seemed to goad Ellis on. In a moment of lucidity, after a third orgasm, she called out to him.

"Don't come inside me..."

She knew that, genetically speaking, humans and Thanagarians were different enough hat a child might not be conceivable, and it explained why she rarely used precaution. However, she had taken to the habit of having the men pull out and fire their load on her. Ellis seemed to have a different idea.

"Fuck... can I take... your ass?"

Shayera hesitated. She had enjoyed anal sex before, but had rarely found it satisfying. She had, however, already come three times thus far. She felt indulgent.

"Go... for it... stud."

Private Ellis pulled out of her sex, his dick still moist in her juices, and readied for the anal penetration. He was surprised to find her parting her cheeks for his entry with ease.

"Aaahh!!!" she yelped.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, just... deeper!"

It wasn't easy, but the soldier managed to push half of it all the way in. He steadied his rhythm as he resumed the movements. Shayera buried her face in the moss as she enjoyed the intensity, feeling him getting ever deeper inside her ass.

"This is insane..." he said, feeling the urge.

"Do it... fill me up."


Moments later, a hot mess poured out of him and into Shayera's back door, and she held back her cries of pleasure at the wonderful sensation it made her feel. Ellis's orgasm was silent but powerful, so much so that he almost fainted on top of her after he was done.

"...fuck!" Shayera blurted out as she began to recover.

The muscles in her buttocks contracted, pushing Ellis out of her hole. She felt the thick hot cream dribbling out, and she allowed the sensation to leave a lasting impression on her. Private Ellis Jacobs was an amazing lover, and potentially a better soldier, she told herself. She turned around and crawled on top of him, spent and satisfied. He wasn't moving much.

"...wow..." he whispered.

"Wow indeed," she whispered back. "How is your ankle?"

"Ankle...? Oh! Yeah.. Ouch..."

She laughed softly. His eyes were closing. He was falling asleep. She was glad. Despite their previous conversation, there was no way she was letting him go out there with him. It wasn't that she didn't trust his combat skills or his training. It was simply that, if anything happened to him, it would be on her conscience. He might be mad about it, but he would forgive her.

Silently, she waited for him to be fully asleep before getting off of him. She rose quietly, dressed in all of her gear, covered him with his clothes. She stared out at the compound below. She was going to get both of them out of this mess.

- Experiment Report -

"Experiment #5 provided additional data which may turn out to be useful. The idea came to get a baseline comparison with Thanagarian ova at various stages of coitus from Shayera Thal. While humans and Thanagarians are highly similar in external physiology, their DNA is different enough to warrant comparison. She was also chosen at this stage because a mental link from her orgy on board the Watchtower remained, but was diminishing and would vanish shortly. It seemed important to preserve contact for the duration.

"After Shayera was dispatched to handle a situation in Louisiana, a tab was kept on her. She was transported to a remote location on Earth. The League had been tracking an illegal weapons theft and smuggling network sponsored by unknown interests. As soon as Shayera was relocated, moments after being abducted (it was hard to prevent Cyborg from finding her so I initiated a diversion in another sector of the planet), her profile told she would set upon correcting the situation. She had made contact, prior to her exit, with a bound soldier. Given her mental state, it was easy to surmise that she would be inclined towards sexual acts if she were put in danger alongside a fellow warrior. Thus, the appearance and personality of the soldier was assumed, and I integrated the scenario.

"Intercourse with Shayera was achieved soon after. Strangely enough, her desire to provide oral stimulation to the male seemed to contradict the preference of most human females; very little sampling was done. Convenience encouraged me to provide oral stimulation to her in return, and I was able to collect a few samples, turning the human tongue into a deep probing appendage for a moment. Afterwards, regular coitus began, and several samples were garnered during the two acts of penetration.

"Although her psyche seemed to want her to remain dominant during the act, she also seemed to appreciate the tables being turned on her. Her request for an ejaculation outside of her womb forced me to improvise, but the choice of her rectum for the discharge was a unique opportunity to study her physiological reaction to the insertion (although, in itself, it served no purpose to the study at hand).

"Faking sleep, she allowed the male to rest while she ventured out into the rainforest in order to stop the smugglers. She succeeded. By that time, Cyborg had tracked her location, and the League joined her. I managed to rescue the soldier, still in captivity in Louisiana, and swapped his memories with mine, setting him in the rainforest in the spot where the copulation had processed.

"It now seems obvious that Shayera will revisit Private Ellis Jacobs in order to pursue further physical activities with him. It is not my opinion that any new data can be gleaned from these encounters, but I may just revisit them to compare the experiences felt and gain a greater perspective on human intercourse."

NEXT: Experiment #7

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