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A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



A new threat looms over the heroines of Earth, one that may well be unstoppable. Batman is convinced that the Martian Manhunter has begun attacking and violating his fellow heroines.

But the truth is much more complex. The Martian's actions, however wrong, are motivated by a very powerful desire to see his race returned to him. And he is willing to go to many lengths to run the experiments he needs in order to save his people from extinction, and bring about a new Martian lineage...

Experiment #4 - Mari Jiwe-McCabe, aka Vixen

Mari Jiwe-McCabe still felt guilty over what had transpired between Hawkgirl, Wonderwoman and herself. And although she still entertained some thoughts about being intimate with Green Lantern John Stewart later on, the wild all-girl threesome in the woods had been a more memorable experience. For one thing, Mari had never considered herself a lesbian. Granted, she had been hopped up on pheromones and had even been tempted to mate with a tiger (but had kept most of her wits, limiting her contact with it to a very intimate cuddle). Granted, there had been magic involved which had turned all three heroines in sex-hungry zealots. Granted it had been probably best to keep the activity contained to them instead of involving an entire tribe of pygmies. These facts did nothing to alter Mari's perception of her own sexuality.

Once the curse had lifted from them, and she regained awareness to four of Hawkgirl's fingers (almost her full hand) pumping into her sex (while John Stewart fucked Hawkgirl in her ass at the same time), Mari had decided to leave hurriedly (but not before being on the end of a mind-blowing orgasm). She hadn't spoken to anyone since then, even if it had been a few days. She had requested time off, and no one was inclined to refuse.

Back in her native African country, Mari was now resting comfortably on the porch of her home, overlooking the wilderness in the distance. Being a friend to all the animals, able to commune spiritually with them through her Tantu totem, she was no threat for any of them. This allowed her to live on the reservation itself, to have a small wooden hut with limited amenities. It suited her needs just fine, and as isolated as it was, it felt perfect for this kind of relaxation.

Since returning home, every so often, Mari found herself teasing her clitoris with one finger, until she realized she was doing it and forced herself to stop. Today, she was wearing a light skirt that went down to her knees, nothing underneath, and a belly shirt with very short sleeves. Her brown hair was a mess; she needed to take a shower. She had tried bathing earlier, but the bath had turned into a manual stimulation race which she had, at that moment, been unable to hold back in. For whatever reason, she was still very aroused, and her body seemed to desire more intercourse. She was intent on denying it.

The satellite phone rang. While it was easy for Mari to turn off the Justice League communicator, she needed to be in touch with the rest of the world. She leaned back, picking up the heavy receiver and pulled it to her ear.

"Hello, Mari speaking..."

"Mari. This is Boudreaux."

Jean-François Boudreaux. A friend and colleague who worked at the nature preserve, fifty kilometers away. Married, three kids, his lovely wife was a white missionary who had defrocked once here. They had worked on many occasions tracking down wounded animals, or going after poachers in the preserve. He knew of her secret identity and cared nothing for it.

"Jeff... how nice..."

Absent-mindedly, Mari allowed her hand to return to the crease between her legs as she spoke.

"How are you doing, Mari?"

She loved his accent. They could have both spoken in their native tongue but, somehow, they always communicated in English.

"I'm well... relaxing. Yourself?"

"I am not too bad... but there is an emergency."

"What is it?"

"We found a carcass... we believe it is poachers."

"Where are you at?"

"At the north gate, near the Primary Road."

"I'll be there in a few minutes..."

"Thank you, Mari."

He hung up at the other end. It took Mari a moment to gather her thoughts and get up. She retrieved her totem, wrapping it around her neck, and simply went off, not bothering to change into her costumed outfit. Channeling the power of flight, she made the trip in record time, hovering above the scene in a matter of minutes, lowering herself to join the various protectionists that were there. She recognized Boudreaux, of course, tall and athletic, rifle on his shoulder, a stern look on his face. He was accompanied by trapper Lefroto, a local man, and another protectionist, this one from Australia, Cameron. Boudreaux immediately noticed the unusual gait of his friend, as much as he noticed her hardened nipples under his shirt (and therefore, her lack of athletic support). He said nothing about it.

"I am glad you are here..."

"What do we have?"

He showed her the gruesome sight, animals killed and scavenged for parts. Mari's heart skipped a beat - although she could appreciate the violence of nature, she always cringed at the depravity of human behavior. Animals killed each other, but only humans were able to kill with such blatant disregard for nature. In her conflicted mindset, Mari wanted payback, and she turned her intent against the poachers who had done this.

"What were you thinking of doing?" she asked Boudreaux.

"We have a jeep trail, so we were going to follow it. Lefroto said he thinks he knows where they went."

"I'll scout ahead then..."

Boudreaux stared at Mari with some concern.

"Are you sure you're up to it?"

"I'm fine."

"Listen, you've probably been through a lot so..."

"I said I'm fine!"

Even Mari was surprised at the anger in her voice, but she didn't apologize for it. Instead, she looked towards Lefroto.

"Just point me in the right direction."

The native tracker did just that; a moment later, Mari was airborne again and heading out. Her friends looked up towards her with concern, but there was nothing to do but follow the trail.

Mari felt terrible about her reaction. She knew that Boudreaux' words were not meant as any form of insult or injury, but she was hurt, and she was slowly coming to terms with that reality. Being forced to have sex, even if it was with people you appreciated, was still a crime committed against her, making her a victim, making her feel weak and vulnerable. It made sense that her first reaction was to isolate herself. It made sense that her second would be to lash out against any perceived weakness, even if it was highlighted by someone who cared. Her mind was still on those thoughts when she noticed the thin wisp of smoke sifting through a very thin canopy. Someone was burning something: a clear sign of human presence, potentially poachers. It was obvious the hunting party, given the distance she had flown, was still several hours away.

For a moment, Mari hesitated before diving down to face the threat. But she was still not thinking straight, confused about her ordeal, and she needed to vent. Hitting hard on these miscreants might just make it better, she told herself. Yet, as she breached the sky and fell upon the camp, she was greeted by the echo of laughter. It made her crazy, and she dove in and hit the first individual she saw, sending him flying across the ground. She landed quickly and stared down the poachers, three men, one already stunned on the ground. Two of them were black; the third one was Asian. They yelled something in a tongue she didn't understand and raised their guns. Instinctively, Mari channeled from inside the totem which glowed faintly, a new power. Swiftness of the felines got her on top of her two enemies before they could fire, pummeling them harshly with fists, elbows and knees, knocking the weapons out of their hands and the air out of their lungs. Panicked, one of them attempted a retreat as he saw his colleague sprawled out onto the ground. Mari pounced, landing on his back, hard elbow to the back of his skull.

A shot rang out and pain tore through Mari's back; instinct took over, and she leapt back, ignoring the injury, to the one she had first knocked out. He had pulled a pistol on her. She whacked him out with a solid left cross, all the while feeling that there was something wrong in her back, as blood dripped down her spine. The opponent fell hard to the floor, knocked out by the violence of the strike. Mari held back a cry of pain, channeling inside her totem the healing power of the crocodile, hoping it would regenerate whatever wound she could not see. The bullet was obviously lodged inside her back, else it would have made a hole through her body.

Unfocused on the scene due to the pain, Mari failed to notice that the second attacker she had knocked had gotten up, and was quietly picking up a long wooden stick. She was too busy numbing the pain and feeling the regeneration kicking in, overconfident in her ability to take them out. Granted, the opponent had been stunned momentarily, and his jaw was severely swollen, but he was still up. Mari barely had time to hear the swish of the stick as it neared her head and connected with force. It was over a moment later.

When Mari woke back up, the sun was setting, telling her she had been out for about an hour. Her first reflection was about the pain in her back, but it was gone. The injury had healed - thankfully. However, she soon realized that her predicament was probably much worse. She was confined in a metallic cage, stripped naked, her flesh pushing against the narrow metal grating. Her hands were also bound to the metallic wiring, making her unable to move them. More importantly, her totem was gone from around her neck. As she stirred, she must have made a sound because the trio of poachers moved towards her. They looked injured: one's jaw was so swollen he could barely speak, another had his arm in a support along with several contusions, and the other seemed hunched over, as if his back was injured. The taller of the black men spoke in her native tongue, a local.

"No doubt we have the most exquisite prize here..."

"Fiends!" she yelled out.

They laughed, as best as they could given their injuries.

"If we weren't so banged up," he continued, "we would have taken a ride in your sweet ass..."

Mari trembled, and not from the cold. Memories of her recent ordeals with the Justice League resurfaced, and she found herself turned on at the idea of these poachers' potential molestation, which only made her feel worse. She lowered her head.

"Don't worry, though," he replied. "As soon as we're up, we're gonna make babies for you..."

"You're poachers... villains that prey on innocent animals!"

"No denial, totem girl."

The man pulled out her totem from his shirt pocket, dangling it a meter from her.

"Bet you need this thing to use your powers... and even, if you don't..."

He pointed to his colleague with the injured jaw, holding a rifle that he trained on her.

"In case you get any ideas..."

Mari lowered her head again. She wanted to cry. She had flown in desperate, and had failed to get them. It seemed to her that, in another setting, had her mind not been disturbed, she would not have made those mistakes. Internally, she reasoned that perhaps she had been broken, and perhaps she had lost her ability to fight. Her captor, however, wasn't done with his taunts.

"You know what we're gonna do with you?"

She looked at him, no longer hiding her fear.

"Well, look at that," he mumbled. "She's downright scared..."

"...don't hurt me," she heard herself begging.

"A little late for that, sweetie. We're gonna make a lot of money out of you. Do you know that people with powers can fetch a nifty price on the slave market?... that's right. We don't simply hunt animals for their goods. We make a killing in the slave trade."

Human trafficking. The lowest form of trade, as far as Mari was concerned. And she was about to become the next item for sale. Despite her anxiety, or perhaps because of it, Mari felt unable to fight back. Constrained as she was in a cage normally reserved for other types of animals, unable to move, she began to sob silently, waiting for her fate to unravel.

Night rolled in, and it started to look like the poachers were waiting for someone, possibly their transport. Mari felt a little less distraught after a while, remembering that Boudreaux and his posse were on the same trail. The problem was that, as night came around, it would be impossible for them to pursue on. She often heard the poachers argue among themselves in a language she didn't understand. Eventually, she saw two of them lie down for the night, while the third one, the one with the swollen jaw, remained awake. She watched him pace back and forth for a while; he often cast a glance in her direction. Time passed, and he eventually moved closer to her. Perhaps he didn't speak English or the native tongue, but his eyes betrayed his enmity. She saw him put down the rifle, then rummage through one of the backpacks. She saw him remove one of his shoes, then take off that sock. He then moved closer towards her.

"What are you...?"

She didn't have time to finish. He forced her mouth open, putting his dirty sock inside it. She practically choked on the taste and smell, but the gag reflex didn't kick in. He then placed a layer of duct tape across her face, preventing her from spitting out the sock. She moaned through the improvised gag, tormented. She saw him swing around back, then pull on her legs to bring her rear closer to the edge of the cage. She heard the shuffling of clothing, and suddenly felt the pressure of his tip against her sex. She tried to moan, to give a shout out, figuring that he wasn't allowed to do so (given his attitude and the gagging) but there was nothing to do. She felt even more queasy as his penis penetrated her vagina and he began to fuck her with a hard, swollen tool.

The rape lasted over a minute, the walls of her sex pressing against his shaft, welcoming it despite her resistance. She closed her eyes, waiting for the deed to be over - and then she heard the unmistakable sound of a weapon being cocked, and words in that same different language. Opening her eyes, she saw that the man with whom she had been speaking earlier was holding the rifle, aiming it as his friend raping her, ordering him to stop, she imagined.

The rapist pulled out of her, grunting, complaining, but his colleague would have none of it. He yelled at him, which stirred the third man. The stand off was intense as nothing seemed to happen; a minute or so later, she felt a soft and warm liquid hit the crease of her lower back, and she understood that the rapist had masturbated the rest of the way. She heard him pull his pants back up and go around to the sleeping area of the camp.

The one that had just somewhat saved her from further humiliation bent down, tearing away the tape and pulling the sock out. Mari, unable to hold back anymore. vomited on the floor. The man stepped back, waiting for her to finish. It almost felt like he was going to ask about her well-being, but of course, being her captor, there was little empathy he could show beyond what he had just done. He took his turn to stand watch. Mari didn't move, her attention focused both on the awful soiled sock taste lingering in her mouth and the fluids cooling on her lower back.

More time passed into the night, and she fell half asleep, constantly woken up by her body's objections to remaining still in this position. The watch swapped once more, but the new guard didn't try anything. He seemed tired, and Mari watched him, between her own moments of wakefulness, doze in and out on the log where he was sitting.

Suddenly, she spotted movement around the guard, and before she could speak, she saw that someone had grabbed him from behind, choking him, preventing him from calling for help. Hope renewed itself in Mari's heart as she saw whoever it was take down the sentry, then quietly move towards her. An instant later, by the moonlight, she recognized her friend Boudreaux. She didn't even wonder where he had come from. He checked out the cage silently. It was impossible for him to get her free without making too much noise. There was only one thing to do. He turned back to the camp and moved towards the sleeping poachers. Inwardly, Mari prayed.

She didn't actually see how he dispatched them; all she saw was his shadowed figure looming over them, and then nothing. He came back after a minute or so.

"We're fine for now, but we're not out of the woods," he whispered to her.

"Jeff... I'm so... thank you."

"Hush, Mari..."

She complied; getting her out of the cage was no easy feat, but he managed to pry it open and she crawled out, on her hands and feet. She was sore from the forced immobilization as much as from the anguish of her situation.

" totem..."

He handed it to her. She smiled at him, wrapping it around her neck. He helped her up.

"Where are the... wooh..."

She almost fainted. Jeff supported her weight.

"They're not far... we need to get out of here..."

"We should arrest them."

"Your safety is my priority, Mari..."

He smiled at her, and she felt a kinship which she hadn't shared with anyone in a long time. He helped drag her away from the camp, down into the bushes. She was still naked, but she didn't care. She was free. Looking back at him, she saw that he was checking her out, even if he seemed shy about it. Somehow, it flattered her.

"Thank you, Jeff..."

"My pleasure Mari... I'm sorry I didn't get to you sooner."

"It's all right... the others?"

"Stayed behind for the night. But I knew you were out there, and I had a... premonition. Did they...?"

His voice trailed off, afraid of asking the question.

"One tried. He didn't get very far with it..."

She wanted to show strength, but in fact, she was exhausted.

"I'm so sorry," he mumbled.


She forced him to look into her eyes.

"You didn't do this. You're here... you saved me... you..."

That intense stare. It pierced into Mari's heart and made her long to embrace him. She leaned forward, as if to kiss him, but he shied away.

"Mari.... I..."


"...I have Maud... and..."

She could tell he was extremely turned on, and thoughts of his wife and children were holding him back. It was fair, she thought. But not to her. She needed him, here and now.


"...yes, Mari?"

She got up, exposing her naked splendor to him.

"Take me."

"...I... ok."

In the darkness of night, less than three hundred meters from the camp where she had been captured and violated, Mari laid on her back in the wilderness and was mounted by her friend, having sex in the moonlight. Pulling down his pants, keeping everything else on, Boudreaux penetrated her sex with vigor, spurred on by her desire of him.

"If Maud ever finds out..." he mumbled as his massive cock pushed in and out of Mari's vagina.

"She won't... oooh... fuck me, Jeff..."

She felt him well, hard, endowed, contained in her tightness as she was explored as deep as he would go. He groped her breasts as he continued his ravage; Mari contained her yelps and squeals as best she could, as she began adding up the orgasms her lover was providing her. He prodded her insides for over an hour; they moved from Mari on her back to him taking her sideways, then she went on all fours and he piled into her with an almost violent attitude.

After such a long time, exhausted, Mari could barely take in more.

"OOhhh! Jeff... please come in me... please come inside me.."

As if on cue, she felt the warmth of his release inside her womb, and she bit into her lip in order to refrain from screaming her satisfaction. Overcome with pleasure, Mari fainted for a moment. When she came to, she was lying on her back, and her lover was nowhere to be seen.

"Jeff...?" she whispered.

She saw his shape not far from the spot where they had mated. He was sitting against a tree, contemplative.

"...are you ok?" she whispered as she crawled to him.

"I... just betrayed Maud's trust, Mari... I... we..."

"We did what I asked. I... lured you into it. I'm sorry."

She wasn't sorry at all. She had wanted to fuck him for some time now, and his wife and children were the furthest thing on her mind at the moment.

"It's all a blur," he murmured.

"What is? Us?"

"All of it... leaving the camp to find you, taking out the guards. It's like I was... sleepwalking."

"The important thing is that you did, and that I'm safe."

In the distance, the sound of an helicopter was heard. The sun was slowly rising.

"That's probably how the poachers were hoping to escape," Mari said. "You stay here. I'll... check it out."

"I need to find the guys... they're... not far from here."

"All right. I'll... delay them."

Boudreaux got up and walked away. Somehow, she realized, he wasn't all there. Perhaps betraying his vows really did mean something to him. If that was the case, she could only apologize for encouraging him into something she needed: control over her own sexuality. She hoped that, in the process, she hadn't ruined their friendship. But time was not on dwelling: there was still much to do.

- Experiment Report -

"Experiment #4 can be deemed a partial success. The heroine known as Vixen was intercepted as she was hunting down poachers in her native land. She was chosen as the first test subject due to her proximity to the effect when she was on board the station. A partial mental link already existed with her psyche, and the pleasure she derived from a steady stream or intercourse with John Stewart and Shayera Thal made her receptive to manipulation.

"First contact was established after she was apprehended by the poachers. It was decided that direct intervention was not warranted. Scanning her memory allowed for a determination of a potential rescuer; although many male images were conjured, only one seemed to be logically able to intervene. Mental contact was established with human subject Jean-François Boudreaux, 35 years old, African male; superimposition of mental awareness and drive was enacted.

"Subject Boudreaux was coaxed into going after Vixen alone; however, he was sidetracked and I assumed his appearance in order to operate the rescue. The reaction of Vixen was exactly as expected, as she was the one who encouraged initiation of the mating process.

"During the act of intercourse, by exploring the length of her reproductive system with an appendage extruding from the constructed phallus, I was able to collect multiple samples at various stages of copulation, from initial insertion up to right after coitus. Vixen was taken to the limits of her human capacities, after which she begged for the sensation of ejaculation which was provided for her pleasure and contentment.

"After the fact, while she was unconscious, subject Boudreaux was brought to the scene and his memories were replaced by those consistent with Vixen's interpretation of events. There was no overlap, nor any mental instability in the process, but it left him with a confused state.

"Analysis results state that basic DNA profiling has confirmed, once more, that while the genetic markers between humans and Martians share multiple characteristics, there are still many differences between the two to account for before inter-breeding can be achieved. The lingering effects of the mystical power of the Tantu totem may provide some insight as to how fecundation may occur. It is worth noting that, of the ova harvested during the mating process, only the one that was extracted during the height of coitus showed a limited ability to combine DNA, even if degradation occurred quickly after the fact. It holds the promise of a potential match between genetic strands.

"The DNA fragments that seem the most promising within the structure of the heroine have been isolated for further study. Subject Vixen has proven helpful in the process. No further experimentation is required for her.

"Side note: incidentally, I found the fact of male orgasm quite pleasant; at that moment, I was mentally connected to subject Boudreaux, and it was strange how his ejaculation was simultaneous to mine. I will have to look further into the specifics of that endorphin release."

NEXT: Experiment #5

The experimentation continues with Hawkgirl, who is thrust into another dangerous assignment!

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