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A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



The Martian Manhunter is running experiments in breeding, studying human female reproduction and coitus in order to, perhaps, help restore his lost race.

Vixen, Hawkgirl and Catwoman have all fallen prey to this probing, as he explored their bodies through sexuality to gather the data he needs. But the Martian's techniques are getting more and more convoluted, and humanity is not bound to the land...

Experiment #10 - Mera, Queen of Atlantis

In all her years as a sorceress, queen Mera had never encountered such a monster. Its existence made no sense, even here, at the depths of the ocean. How could such an alien creature exist, let alone survive. But its presence was undeniable, as was its assault, vile and violent. All six of the Atlantean warriors that had accompanied her were down, completely neutralized by the beast with no name and no origin. She was the only left standing, and she wasn't able to fight it off. She was at its mercy - and it was taking advantage of her. No magic could save her. It had won.

The hunt for this creature had started not long after the debacle of the Vessel of Orgia. Black Manta, during the confusion of the sexual orgy, had managed to escape. Mera felt both betrayed and guilty about what she and her husband had done to the princess of Themyscera. She had hurriedly left the court, although she had assured her husband that she bore him no ill will, considering they had both acted under the influence. She needed time to reflect on how she had failed to resist the temptations of the flesh, and how much hate still filled her heart about these emotions. Swimming to the depths of the ocean, alone but not unprotected, she had come upon a strange sight. An Atlantean hunting party, roaming the depths, had been attacked by a strange monster from the depth. While most of its members had escaped, one of them had been kidnapped by the beast, which had then been able to disappear from their sight. The female hunter was now in the grips of the monster, no doubt already dead. The cause seemed just, so Mera promised to track the monster and get revenge for their lost sister. They pointed her in the right direction, asking to come along. She refused.

She dove into the depths even further, arriving at the spot where the attack and abduction had taken place after a while. There was no trace of either the victim or the abductor. Of course, the wizardess was not deterred by this. Her magic as powerful as ever, she focused on a detection spell, allowing her senses to follow the water displacement which whatever the creature was had left behind.

She didn't have to swim far. The path led to an opening against a rock face, a chasm leading further into darkness. Armed with her trident and magic, the queen had bravely swum down into the hole; light from her trident illuminated the path, allowing her to advance without fear of surprise. Her senses on high alert, she had detected a presence in her path as the tunnel widened and opened into a cave. Mera had never backed down from a battle, so she braved onward to face whatever threat had abducted one of hers.

However, as soon as she came face-to-face with the monster and its victim, courage turned to horror and disgust. The beast was formless, an octopus-like being without the actual look of one. Its mass was an undulating wave of flesh, non-specific and non-static; from the main body which seemed to have no visible mouth or eyes, or even clear senses, many pseudopods were protruding and flailing about, at least ten of them, waving in all directions, no visible features on them either. Most distressing, however, was the victim herself, bound to the flesh, facing her so her face was exposed. The kidnapped Atlantean huntress was nude, fully exposed from the front, held by the beast with more tendrils wrapped around her ankles and her wrists. And what could almost be described as large phallus was moving in and out of the victim's sex, essentially raping her.

Instinct took over, and Mera's first reflex was to attempt a mental communication with the victim - except that it failed. For whatever reason, the victim's mind was unreachable.

"Release her at once, depraved creature!"

It was a telepathic command, aimed at the monster, to try to disrupt its hold on the girl. It had no effect. The phallus kept pumping into the woman; the victim's face betrayed much pleasure despite the forced nature of the encounter. There was nothing to do for Mera but attack. The victim being in the way, she decided to strike with her trident at one of the tentacles hovering about, hoping to cripple the creature. Her slicing hit sectioned off the appendage, giving her hope that it was inflicting damage, so she turned to strike another one, which then shifted out of the way. But even as she was ready to strike again, the separated appendage, animated of a life of its own, slithered and wrapped itself unexpectedly around her neck. The sudden assault made Mera lose focus, and she used her left hand to grab the choker and try to remove it. It would prove to be a costly reaction. One of the other tendrils wrapped itself against the shaft of the trident, contesting its bearer for control. Yet even as Mera tried to grapple with it, another tendril wrapped around her left leg at the knee, and yet another wrapped itself around her left hand.

Within moments of initiating battle, she was fully restrained, unable to fight and disarmed, with the trident slowly floating away as the current dragged it to the inside edge of the cave. As if to further humiliate the queen, it twisted her around, positioning her so she could face the victim being molested.

"Foul beast!" the telepathic communication said, to no avail.

It didn't take long for the victim's face to turn from pleasure into an intense orgasm, her insides ravaged by the tentacle-like phallus; Mera refused to look away, allowing this violation to further incense her rage against the monster, unfortunately without result. The victim's intense sensation died down, and she was slowly - almost gently - pulled aside, the phallus-like construct of the beast pulling out its entire impressive length out of her.

Then, it began to move Mera towards it.

The queen of Atlantis fought like a woman possessed, almost breaking free a few times as the tentacles began to shuffle her out of her suit. The monster simply held on too tightly. It was immune to all of her mental commands; she couldn't even sense its mind, so it was neither animal nor man, more like some kind of alien creature. The queen's green suit of armor was soon floating around the waters, as the creature moved Mera down on its thick phallus.

There was little resistance as it parted the lips of her sex, forcing her to face it; the entire length slid inside her, slippery and flexible, deeper than anything ever had. It expanded to perfectly fit the confines of her moist, welcoming vagina, and then it began its work. The queen's eyes closed without her thinking about it, ravaged into pleasure by the violation of her most intimate area.


Her body, programmed to respond, made her want more of this horrible act, and her mental powers communicated this desire to the creature ravaging her. This time, for whatever reason, it seemed to react and increased its cadence, thrusting its undulating appendage in a way that would further stimulate its victim.

"Aaah... yes... mmmm.... what are you doing to me... oooh...."

The more sounds she voiced in her mind, the more intense the sensation got. Mera was on the verge of a climax, and she refused to let the creature leave her without satisfaction.

"Raping me... aaahhh... I'm a queen... taking me hard.... inside my.... oooohhhh.... yes.... more! More!"

It gave her more, and climax was achieved. Yet even as the orgasm overrode Mera's final defenses, she kept goading it on.

"Seed me! Seed me, you filthy creature."

It complied. A warmth of fluids shot out into the queen's hole, keeping her over the edge as it filled out every nook and cranny of her sex it could. The pleasure died down, but Mera did not fully regain her senses. Her mental words echoed still in her mind.

"How dare you violate a queen, you depraved monster. You would never dare do it again..."

So it did, accepting the challenge, forcing Mera to climax a number of additional times, delivering more of its contents into her womb at regular intervals, constantly breeding. Perhaps to enhance its own experience or that of its victim, it extruded a second phallus from its formless mass, a somewhat smaller one, and proceeded to penetrate her backside, violating the queen in both holes. It also resumed its work on its first victim, dragging her to limp beside the queen, growing more phalluses to spoil its other victim.

The rape lasted until Mera's mind collapsed, no longer able to take in either the pain or the pleasure, presumably both. As it pulled out of its victims, its phalluses retracting into its mass, a massive amount of its fluids leaked from the victims' orifices, staining the waters around them. The creature retreated into the darkness of the cave, escaping before either could regain their full senses. Mera floated limply in the water for a long time, until her mind returned and the shame of her defeat - not to mention her willing participation in her own violation during the act - brought the rage back to her heart. An internal shout later, unbridled in its anger, was followed by the queen swimming around to retrieve her gear and then taking the other victim under her arms, swimming both of them out from where they had come.

"You will die, beast..." she mumbled to herself in her mind as she swam for safety.

It was many hours later that Mera was back in her home, planning the next step of her revenge. Such a creature could not be tolerated to exist. Thankfully, neither herself nor the other victim had been impregnated by the beast. But if it was left unchecked, it would continue to attack and violate her subjects, and that was unacceptable. Mera, given the shame she was experiencing, decided not to tell her husband. She called upon the elite guard, summoning them to an antechamber. The bravest soldiers in the kingdom presented themselves to her; she selected six of them, all men. As they stood at attention in full armor, she spoke to them about the threat they faced.

"There is a monster down there, in the depths, so vile that it does not belong to the natural world. We must slay it, whatever the cost. You have been summoned to be part of this expedition. It will be the cruelest, most violent battle you will ever face. The beast is made of living flesh, which mutates to its whims. Your blades will cut off its flesh but it will live outside of its body, like the legendary heads of the Hydra."

There was little to scare these Elite soldiers, but they did understand the difficulties of besting such a monster.

"Your task will be to disrupt the creature by slicing it apart; on my end, using all of my magics, I shall burn away its limbs one by one, until it is no more. Make no mistake, this will be the deadliest fight you have ever encountered."

The soldiers were ready.

"If we should succeed, and it the beast is slain, I will allow each of you to claim a reward - any reward - you so desire."

There were many notions that came to the soldiers' mind, but they would reflect on it later, when they returned victorious. For them, there was no doubt - Mera, however, wasn't so certain. But she had to do it.

She brought the soldiers back to the dark pit, everyone at the ready. It took a long a long time for the beast to manifest again; given the creature's proclivity for sexual violation, Mera decided on a different but direct approach. Much to her soldiers' surprise, she stripped out of her armor, keeping only the matching undergarments and boots. Followed by her armed escort, she dove to further depths.

The creature crawled out of the darkness.

"Destroy this fiend!" she ordered the soldiers as she retreated behind them, not for fear but in order to support them with her magic.

They were the elite. Nothing scared them. Armed with their pride and the courage of the brave Atlantean race, they hacked away at the beasts' many tendrils as it lunged to grab them; if one of them got caught, another immediately raced to free him. Whenever a section of flesh fell off, cut off by a blade, Mera cast a destruction spell - the fire that burns under the water - consuming the floating remnant before it could start moving and going back to the main beast.

It was at that point, when the soldiers began to get the upper hand, that the creature mutated; its undulating mass extended, becoming harder and stiffer; the tentacles retracted into its frame, and arms grew out, six of them, no legs; a dragon-like head thrust out above a newly formed neck. Faced with this transformed threat, the soldiers barely stopped their assault; they quickly found out, however, that their swords could not cut as well as it had when it had been formless. Furthermore, the beast semed much faster now.

A first soldier was knocked out of the way with a swath of a massive clawed hand; two soldiers, managing to strike at a single arm together, sectioned it off; before they could rejoice on their attack, one of them bore the brunt of another strike, so powerful it knocked him out completely. Mera blasted the loose body part, but the beast did not slow down. One by one, the soldiers began to fall; the creature's new form was proving more than a challenge to them, and Mera, now fearing for their lives, changed tactics and began to focus her flames on the creature itself. It only seemed to make the monster even more mad, as it desperately avoided the flames aimed at its body mass. Perhaps a weakness had been found, she thought.

There came a point in the battle where all the Elite soldiers had fallen, floating around the dark blue. It was surprising for Mera to see them so helpless; many had been knocked out by single powerful blows. She knew of no creature that possessed such powerful strikes, and she wondered if, perhaps, there wasn't some magic in it. She had no time to consider it as she was fighting for her life, attempting to use flames to keep the monster at bay while trying to burn away its evil. But the fight was already lost; the arms shifted back into the tentacles as they were struggling against one another, and they reached out and grabbed the Atlantean queen.

"No! Don't you dare!"

She knew what was coming. She had experienced it before. With her arms restrained, a tentacle wrapped around her neck, another around her waist, she was captured and helpless. It dragged her forward towards itself, and she saw the same thick phallus as before rise in the middle of its lower mass.


Her telepathic yell was as inefficient as in her previous encounter. Last time, she had been violated facing the creature. This time, it turned her around, facing away, staring at the incapacitated soldiers floating about. She felt the pressure of its phallus against her sex as it tore off whatever garments she had left; she tightened her body to deny it access, but the phallus actually shrunk enough so that it did not matter. It pushed inside her.


With her sex fully penetrated, it expanded to its previous size and began undulating inside and outside of her.

"Ah! Stop! I command you... ooh..."

The same bliss as before was there, the creature finding all her most intimate and stimulating spots, scratching at her insides, making her melt with desire.

"Vile... beast... fuck me..."

She suddenly felt a pressure against the other opening between her legs.

"Ah! No! Don't!"

Again, to ease its way in, the other phallus shrinked until it slid into her without difficulty, and then expanded to fill her cavity. Stimulated in both holes, Mera lowered her head, abandoning herself to the pleasure as the beast rode her into climax, making her wonder if she hadn't unconsciously asked for it by tracking it down again. She felt its warmth emptying itself in both holes, and the ravage continued.

The beast, however, was not done with its humiliation of the queen. Mera's telepathic sense suddenly told her the soldiers were awake; she opened her eyes to see them floating upwards, their eyes glazed over as if their minds weren't their own. One word echoed in their psyches:


She saw them slipping out of their armors and realized, a moment later, that the beast had somehow taken over their minds.

"Fight it soldiers! This is an order!" she tried to command them.

They didn't listen. There had been a lull between her legs, as if to allow her to witness this, but the pace resumed and Mera lost it again. A moment later, a thick Atlantean shaft was forcing itself into her mouth; she closed her eyes to avoid seeing which of the soldiers was now demanding oral stimulation from her. Even as she tried to resist, the pleasure between her legs overrode her reservations and she began to push the male member down her throat, pleasing the soldier for several minutes. The monster between her legs kept her high, at the edge of orgasm, until the soldier himself climaxed, filling the queen's mouth with his seed; only then did the beast finally allow the queen to explode. As the queen swallowed all that had been given to her, another soldier took the spot, now free, and the triple violation resumed under the same rhythm.

A stomach full of Atlantean semen, once she had serviced all six of her soldiers, a womb and ass full of monster seed, Mera felt like nothing but a bloated whore. The monster seemed to feel it had done enough to her, so it ejaculated once more into both of her orifices before pulling out. So many orgasms later, completely subservient to her body's cravings, she called back to it telepathically.

"No... please... come back... I need you..."

All around her, soldiers and seed floated in the waters. The creature seemed to ignore her, so she desperately tried to swim after it. And then, she heard its voice, in her mind, and she trembled with delight.

In the following few weeks, once every six days, the queen went on a venture into the depths for more exploration. As far as the soldiers knew, they had achieved their goal. Oddly enough, they asked for no reward, as if somehow they knew it had already been granted.

Only the local wildlife knew exactly how the queen spent her time during these expeditions.

- Experiment Report -

"Experiment #10 took me to a different locale. While most of the population of Earth is comprised of humans, there is a small pocket of population that lives in the underwater trenches of the Atlantic Ocean, who carry genetic material from previous generations. It was decided that their genetic material should be gathered.

"The interference of queen Mera was initially not counted upon. In order to become invisible to them, I assumed the form of a mythical monster. I was able to mate with two Atlantean females (experiments 8 and 9) and extract several eggs from their reproductive systems before queen Mera emerged. Thinking I was a monster, she set it on herself to destroy me. It quickly made more sense to lure her into the trap. She is a prime specimen of her race, with superior genetics. The subjugation of her mind during the act of intercourse was not a difficult one, but minding her spirit outside of it proved to be a different matter.

"She returned with a host of warriors. It became obvious that she would never stop hunting the monster form I had assumed, so I had to change my approach. Taking out her elite guards proved to be quite a challenge but, once they were neutralized, I connected my mind to their psyches. I managed to capture the queen and resumed the intercourse with her, gathering more data from the act.

"Once she was fully committed to it, I introduced the Atlantean males into the equation, giving the queen incentive to pleasure them, providing her with release only upon completion of their climax; by repeating the exercise with the six guards, I was able to motivate her reactions to want to pleasure others. The minor form of conditioning works well.

"The queen is the only partner which I have visited more than once. I am logging all the data and samples under this single experiment, under lines A (for my initial encounter), B (for the second one), and so forth. As of this recording, I have collected samples C through E, and am looking forward to collecting more.

"Incidentally, it seems the king of Atlantis, Aquaman, is none the wiser for what his wife has been doing. The capacity for trust in homo sapiens and homo magi is quite extraordinary - as is the capacity for deception. Another fascinating trait for study, I presume."

NEXT: Diana Prince, aka WonderWoman, will face off against an unholy threat from beyond the grave...

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