Fire and Ice  

By Interesting Life


A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



The Martian Manhunter is running experiments in breeding, studying human female reproduction and coitus in order to, perhaps, help restore his lost race.

So far, he has taken samples from Vixen, Hawkgirl, Catwoman and queen Mera, pushing the experiments further at every step. And it only escalates further...

Experiment #12 - Beatriz Dacosta and Tora Olafsdotter, aka Fire and Ice

The heroine known as Fire (in her real life, Brazilian model Beatriz Dacosta) had once made the list of the top twenty sexiest women in the world, or at least one of those lists. At the time, she wasn't working as a heroine yet; she ran a website from her apartment where people could follow her on daily basis. That meant everything from waking up to taking a shower, to her training regimen, to shows she put up for her fans. She had stopped short shy of pornography, but only because some of her friends had convinced her to maintain a certain image. SHe didn't regret not displaying her sexuality on the world stage, just as she didn't regret washing herself in the shower live in front of a million people. In truth, there were few regrets that Beatriz had, mainly because she was content with everything in her life. Her private life, her love life, her heroic life, they all made her quite satisfied with everything she had gone through. There were a few snags here and there but, all-in-all, she was content.

Her best friend and fellow heroine, Ice (in real life, Scandinavian-born Tora Olafsdotter) was perhaps the polar opposite of Fire, in so many ways, it was hard to count. She had grown up in the lap of luxury in her native country, and upon finding out she was empowered, she had immediately wanted to be part of the heroic communty. She had operated alone and under the public radar for quite some time, and she still wasn't used to the fame she had gotten through the Justice League and with the Global Guardians, where she had met Beatriz. Tora was shy in public, and she hated having the spotlight on her. She was also quite inexperienced when it came to relationships, counting on one hand the number of boyfriends she had been with. She was constantly wrestling to improve herself, never quite content at her performance, and she kept chiding Fire because of her lack of restraint.

Despite these differences, the two were extremely close, and people often mistook them for lovers. It wasn't that Fire hadn't tried to seduce her friend multiple times; but while Ice was now comfortable in the intimacy of their relationship (showering together naked, for example, was no longer an issue), she had no romantic interest for her friend. And Beatriz, truthfully, had no such interest either: she was just passionate and wanted to indulge in every bit of pleasure that life offered, and she wanted to share it with her best friend.

The closest they had ever gotten to a sexual encounter was making out and heavy petting, and it had only been to spite Tora's former boyfriend, Guy Gardner. Beatriz would have liked to take things further, but it hadn't happened yet, and it probably never would.

One of the the drawbacks of being a public figure was shared by both girls: with their unique hair colors, bright green for Beatriz, stark white for Tora, they could rarely go unnoticed. Their public appearances often drew important crowds, because they were heroines but also because they were extremely beautiful. Fandom came with its lot of fans, in all colors and sizes.

Both heroines often provided protection for events held at the United Nations, thanks to their background with the former Global Guardians. Today, they were on assignment outside that building. A potential threat had been made on the currently elected president of Erkindstan; the duo of heroines had been called in to oversee that nothing would go wrong. They had been at the airport when his plan had landed, Fire covering the sky, Ice covering the ground, watching for any potential threats. They had followed his limousine and escort to the United Nations building, then waited outside of the building while the president met with the Council. When his interview and presentation were done, they escorted him back to the hotel, where they secured his room, the halls and the building itself. The heroines then assigned themselves to patrol the halls and outside, just in case anyone attempted to make good on the threat, swapping roles every hour or so. They didn't bother with the president's room: his personal bodyguards were there for that.

Tora was done with her outside rounds, so she went back inside to the hotel room assigned to them in order to get a glass of water and trade roles with her partner. She walked through the hall to the hotel room door, swiping her security card to get in. As she entered, she absent-mindedly made her way into the living room, arriving upon an unfortunately almost familiar scene.

"Oh! Bea, for crying out loud!"

Her friend and partner was just across the room, on her knees, in full costume, in front of a man in a suit - one of the president's bodyguard - busy with a blowjob on him. Beatriz turned her head and stopped mid-motion, keeping her lips wrapped around the cock of the man. Tora immediately turned away, staring back at the door.

"...what the...?"

The bodyguard was obviously confused; Beatriz pulled away from him.

"What?" she called out to Tora.

" couldn't wait until the mission was over?"

The bodyguard, now feeling completely unsettled, stepped back and covered himself, awkwardly trying to put himself somewhere he wouldn't be in the way of the upcoming argument.

"What's your problem?" Beatriz asked. "The president is safe in his quarters, you were outside patrolling, I figured I had about ten minutes to kill..."

"And you go blow the first guy you find?"

"Not the first guy," Bea answered. "He's clearly the most handsome of the lot..."

She looked back at him.

"That's a compliment by the way."

He nodded shyly, wanting to be anywhere but here.

"It's not the first time you've walked in on me with someone!" Beatriz added.

"Yeah, don't remind me."

Tora turned to face her friend, now that the scene had shifted.

"Come on, Bea... we have a job to do. It's... unprofessional."

"Oh! so that's what it's about? I'm unprofessional?"


"So it has nothing to do with the fact that you're jealous then...?"

"What? No!"

Beatriz laughed.

"Oh! come on. I can score any man I want - or woman, for that matter, if I wanted to - and you don't get squat!"

"What the hell are you saying?"

"I'm saying I manage to score myself a nice little piece of ass and you come rain on my parade. Again."


"Last month, that mission in Antarctica..."

Tora stares her down.

"You were fucking the doctor while we were trying to evacuate the complex!"

"The scene was tense... I just wanted to defuse it!"

"And then you tried to get his nurse to join in?"

"She looked like she needed it!"

Tora lifted her hands in desperation.

"Ah! You're so..."

"I'm so what?"

Being raised in a respectful household with old values, Tora couldn't get herself to say the word she was thinking, but she didn't have to.

"Well, we can't all be chaste and wait for prince charming. I happen to like sex! It's not my pronlem if you don't."

"I like sex fine!" Tora replied. "I just... not while you have other things to do... like your job!"

The guard tried to intervene discreetly.

"...I should probably go..."

"No!" Bea said. "I'm not done with you!"

"Yeah... obviously!" Tora sneered at her friend. "Fine. I'll go back out patrolling. You fuck him good, Bea. That's all you ever do. Fuck up."

The moment the words left her mouth, Tora regretted it, but she refused to take them back. She turned her head quickly, exiting the room to hide her tears from her friend. As for Bea, rage kicked into her heart, coupled with shame for what she had done (after all, Tora was right about duty taking precedence over pleasure). She had become bored, and then horny. She didn't look back to the bodyguard.

"Get the fuck out," she whispered.

He didn't hesitate, leaving Bea alone in her room as he hurriedly escaped. Bea stared at the door for a moment, wanting to run after her best friend to apologize, too proud to actually do it. She screamed, then dragged herself towards the bathroom, where she slammed the door.

Roughly half an hour later, a call came in to Tora's communicator; the president was requesting her presence in his suite. She aborted her patrol; procedure required her to get in touch with her partner to let her know what was happening, but she was still angry at the whole situation: mostly about losing her temper.

"Maybe if I had sex with her, she wouldn't need to do this," Tora thought without believing it as she headed to the president's room. She knocked. A bodyguard - not the one from before - opened up the door and let her in. The place was lavish - a presidential suite. President Arno Kevnien, a late forty-something man, was sitting in one of the larger seats. One of the guards motioned Tora towards the chair facing him; she didn't sit down but stood by it.

"Mr. President?"

"Yes, miss Ice. Please sit."

"Thank you, sir. I'd rather stand. I'm still on duty."

"As you wish," he replied, "but the fall might injure you."

"The fall...?"

One of the bodyguards surprised Tora by stabbing a syringe in her neck; it took a mere second for the compound to react to Tora's metabolism; her entire body went limp and she fell onto the carpet.

"I told you," the president said.

While the bodyguard put the syringe away, the president got up and moved towards Tora. She couldn't move - her entire muscular system had shut down. She could still sense everything around her, so she could see the movements, feel the rug underneath her and hear the president's voice as he spoke.

"You must be wondering what kind of trap this is."

He motioned for the two bodyguards in the room with him to pick her up. They did so, carrying her to the large kitchen table in the other room, where they laid her down. Slowly, they began stripping her out of her costume, mindful to remove the electronic gear in her suit. Tora, completely paralyzed, could only suffer through being undressed, though they were mindful not to tear her costume, and they did fold it neatly and set it on the table beside her. They then proceeded to remove her underwear as well, giving her undies the same treatment as her heroic suit. Tora wanted to call for help or fight back; her body was simply unresponsive to anything but sensations.

"If you must know," the president spoke in a detached tone, "this was always my intent all along."

She wanted to ask him questions. She wanted to beg. She wanted to tell him to stop. She tried focusing her powers to focus her powers to freeze the room - but her powers would not work, somehow neutralized as well. The president sneered for a moment, then turned to his bodyguards. The older one moved closer, unzipping his pants and climbing on top of the table, putting his dick in Tora's face. She wanted to bite at it; instead, he slipped two fingers in her mouth to get it open, touching himself to get hard. He positioned himself over her face, sliding his dick into her welcoming mouth and, working himself through pushups, proceeded to violate her mouth. The president watched silently for a moment; tears formed in Tora's eyes.

"Such sadness," the president whispered. "And we've only just started."

Tora was already in shock from the paralysis; the oral rape simply compounded the experience to make it completely surreal. The tears were a reflex at this point, as Tora's mind almost shut down to protect her from what was happening. Her violator did not stop his exercise nor did he break his rhythm until he was ready to spend himself, at which time he dropped from his position, forcefully holding Tora's head as he emptied himself into her mouth; because conscious muscle control was gone, his pressure on the back of her neck made her swallow all he gave her, almost choking her in the process.

"Very well done, soldier," the president said. "Let's see how your colleague can fare in the same task."

As the first bodyguard moved off the table, the second one undid his pants, exposing himself; he assumed the exact same position as his colleague, forcing his own dick into Tora's mouth. Barely recovered from gagging and unable to breathe correctly, still in shock, Tora barely felt this second violation of her mouth. The lack of muscle control had altered her perception of her environment so she couldn't acknowledge all of its horror. Once more, the soldier pounded into her mouth as he pushed himself up and down, working towards his own climax; it lasted quite a while, much longer than his colleague. In the meantime, the president had opened up his bathrobe and exposed himself; he was already hard and remained so as he waited for his bodyguard to finish.

"You probably can't really hear this at this point," the president mused, "but these soldiers are merely taking their payment - a portion of it anyway - from you."

The man raping Tora's mouth was done; he paused to grip her head and release his load into her throat, again forcing her to swallow. As soon as he pulled out, a coughing reflex kicked in, and she spit back out half of it. The president smiled, staring at the man.

"It looks like your colleague had much better control."

The guards said nothing; the second one retreated, covering himself again.

"Now," the president said, "I am going to use you for my pleasure. Your sex will welcome me, and I will get my release."

The two bodyguards dragged Tora's body to the edge of the table; the president moved his hard cock against the opening between her legs. Without effort, the walls of Tora's vagina expanded as he penetrated her. The feeling was still all there, and it brought her back to the moment, albeit still in a confused state. She wanted to moan from the intrusion but her vocal chords were still unresponsive.

"Pity I can't hear you agonize over this," the president said, "but safety has always been a primary concern."

Closing his eyes, he proceeded to violate the heroine with a slow, steady pace; the orgasm kicked into high gear, though Tora could not express it. She felt him well, harder than any of her previous partners (not that there had been many). Her entire body trembled as he continued his violation, eyes closed, focused on the moment. In all honesty, the president barely lasted a minute.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" he yelled out as he came, emptying himself inside her womb. "You... are... magnificient..."

Tora was still in the throes of pleasure as he finished pumping inside her. The bodyguards said nothing about his performance. He pulled out of her; semen dripping onto the edge of the table and floor.

"Clean this up," he told the guards as he regained his composure. "Dress her up again... We need to prepare for the next step."

They said nothing and carried out his orders.

Beatriz was in the bath of the hotel room assigned to her when the call came in; she reached for the communicator which she had taken off as it beeped. It was the president's signal.


"Miss Fire," the president called out, "there's been an incident with your colleague. Please hurry to my quarters, quickly."

Fire didn't even blink - she was out of the bath and into the hall in a flash; it didn't matter that she was still naked; she ignited her power, covering herself in green flames, and rushed to the door to the president's suite, already ajar. A bodyguard was on standby and let her fly in. Immediately, Fire saw that her partner, Ice, was sitting motionless in one of the chairs; a bodyguard was beside her, apparently tending to her well-being. The president was not far from there, a concerned look on his face.

"What happened?" Fire called out, immediately remorseful of the earlier incident.

"She... fainted."

"What? Why? How?"

"I do not know... perhaps you want to check her out?"

Fire did. The fact that she was naked under her flames didn't even bother her. She powered down, exposing herself to the president and bodyguards, leaning over Tora.

"Her pupils are still responsive," Beatriz said.

By then, the bodyguard had closed and locked the door. Not that it would do much good if Fire powered up, but there was a play happening that the president wanted to unfold, regardless of the risk.

"She may have been drugged," the president said.

"She may? How?"

"With this..."

He tossed the empty syringe to Fire; she caught it, but didn't catch on to his game.

"Where did you find this?"

The president was surprised she didn't understand what he had implied, but then he remembered that this heroine had a reputation for being a little ditzy. He smiled.

"In my bodyguard's pocket," the president replied.

"And where did he find it?"

The president laughed, and suddenly Beatriz understood.

"What? Why?"

"Because I could and because..."

Fire was about to reignite her power as she stepped back, but the president raised both his hands.

"Now, let me explain to you what is happening."

"Talk fast before you all burn!"

The president acknowledged; he knew how dangerous this one could be, but he had planned for this accordingly. After all, he knew which buttons to push to get her to cooperate.

"It's quite simple. The neurotoxin in Tora's body is slowly killing her."


"I say slowly because she still has several hours to get an antidote. It's a unique blend, bonded to her DNA. Not hard to find, but much harder than yours, my dear."

"You killed her?" Fire raged out, threatening to ignite, green flames sparking across her naked body.

"No! Not yet. She can still live."

"How? Tell me!"

"It already told you. The antidote. A binary compound - one triggers the body to shut down, the other cancels the effect."

Fire was by no means stupid; she sometimes failed to see obvious things, but now was not one of those times.

" must have the antidote."

"I do. Not on me. Somewhere close. Safe. Hidden."

"...what do I have to do?"

Tora was following everything of the scene. She saw Beatriz give her a quick look as she spoke; Tora wanted to let her know all that had transpired, all that she had seen and been subjected to, but her body was still unresponsive. For all she knew, the president was telling the truth: she could really be dying, or perhaps she would remain like this forever - a fate as bad as death on some level.

"To the point? Good," the president replied. "You're already naked. We're going to rape you."

"...rape me?"

"Yes. All of my bodyguards and myself. That includes the two roaming the halls. You say yes, they'll come, we'll rape you, then I'll tell you where the antidote is."

" can't be serious!"

"I thought you liked sex?" the president sneered.

Don't do it, Tora told herself, staring at her friend as if she could telepathically communicate the words. It's not worth it.

"You don't harm her in any way," Beatriz cried out. "You... leave her alone in this and I'll... do it."

It wasn't the words in Beatriz' voice but the tone in which she said them that broke Tora's heart; more tears flowed from her eyes, another reflex kicking in.

"Prove it," the president told her.

He opened his bathrobe, exposing his erect cock.

"Suck my dick and swallow my load. Do it, and I'll spare her."

Tora desperately wanted Beatriz to look at her so she could speak with her eyes, let her know she didn't have to do this. Beatriz didn't look back. She walked forward, got down on her knees, grabbed the president's erection and began to stroke it.

"God as my witness, jerk, if you even think bad thoughts about Tora, I will kill you and your family."

"Noted. Now suck."

She swallowed him up without hesitation, providing him with an excellent blowjob. The door to the hallway opened and the other two guards walked in. They stood immobile, staring at the scene.

"Yes... so warm your mouth..." the president whispered.

She didn't need to make him last or to enjoy it herself; Beatriz used her best tricks to bring his pleasure to a quick conclusion; when she felt it start to shake, she pushed deeper into her throat and welcomed his ejaculation without missing a beat.

"Aaah my word..."

She milked him hard, grinding with her teeth, not enough to injure but just enough to remind him of how she felt about all of this; he didn't complain, allowing her to finish.

"Remarkable devotion," he said. "You must really care for her."

"Don't even talk about her," she told him.

"Of course. You're right."

The bodyguards had taken the opportunity to get almost fully undressed; they had kept on their sunglasses and their earpieces. Beatriz was surprised to see the president remain hard after his release; she suspected he had taken a performance enhancer.

"My bodyguards have all been assigned a way to... take you. Personally, I... have your sex, heroine. But we'll deal with that in a moment."

One of the bodyguards moved to the floor; Beatriz immediately understood what was expected of her. As she moved about, she made sure not to look in Tora's direction. She lowered herself down towards the shaft aimed up at her; she was about to slide her pussy over it, but the president spoke again.

"Now there... this one goes in your ass..."

She looked up at him with an angry look.

"Look, I'll get his dick wet in my cunt so he can ram it up my ass, ok?"


Fire carried out her movement; the man's dick swiftly disappeared inside her sex; she bit her lower lip against the pleasure of the insertion, swaying on it up and down as she gently rocked herself. The president let this go on for ten or so seconds before speaking up.

"He's wet enough."

" use for foreplay, uh? Typical male."

She pulled off her partner, then moved slightly forward.

"Don't imagine you're the first jerk to get back there," she replied. "I'm as slack as a pornstar."

Indeed, with very little effort, she impaled her ass on his cock; he helped her by grabbing her waist.

"Ah fuck..." she whimpered.

"Own her ass," the president ordered.

The soldier carried out the order; his thrusts into Fire's ass were hard and violent; he gripped tightly at her skin. Fire closed her eyes. She didn't want to accidentally catch Ice's stare - she couldn't do this if she saw her eyes in any way. But Fire was turned on, despite herself, and the anal penetration was actually doing it for her.

"Fuck me... my ass..."

"You enjoy this," the president sneered.

"Yes, you prick.. you're getting off on this, motherfucker?"

"I have fucked mothers, that is for sure," the president mused.

Fire didn't want to give them too much of a show; she held back her moans and pants, biting her lips together as she felt the hardness press into her, stimulating those zones which would give her the pleasure she had been seeking. More than that, she wanted to feel the humiliation of defeat, of being taken in front of her best friend by these rapists, to show her weakness.

"Fuck... fill me up with your cum, you sick fucker..." she goaded the soldier on.

He was nowhere near, but the president took it as incentive to move the process along.

"We are ready, it seems."

The president dropped to his knees, leaning forward; he positioned himself so his dick touched Fire's pussy. Making his way into her hole was complex due to the angle of penetration, but once he was in, watching her mouth open as he pushed inside, he was ready. The three others moved in. Fire raised her hands and readied them, as two of the guards moved in for handjobs. Finally, the last one aimed for her mouth. The five of them, moving almost in unison, proceeded to thoroughly violate Fire. Try as she might, the heroine could not hold back the sounds of pleasure they forced out of her, even through the dick in her mouth.


No one changed positions for the entire ordeal; powerful bursts of pleasure made Fire like putty in their hands; the first guard to ejaculate emptied himself inside Fire's ass, remaining stuck there until the rest of the orgy ended. He didn't say a word, didn't complain, allowing his partners to finish. Very soon, the other guards were ready.

"In her mouth..." the president ordered.

They did just that, taking turns to force their loads down her throat, one after the other, barely grunting despite the pleasure they were giving themselves. All that remained was the president; he forced the scene to a stop, making all the guards pull away. He then shifted Fire to her knees, forcing her to face her paralyzed friend, who unfortunately could not stare away from the violation since the beginning. The president penetrated her again, resuming his romp with the heroine. Fire knew full well how she was facing, and she was making her best effort to remain eyes closed as the man kept raping her. Eventually, she forgot as more pleasure built up inside her loins. As her eyes finally opened and locked gaze with Tora's, Beatriz could no longer hold back the amazing climax building between her legs. On a completely twisted level, she wanted to share it with Tora.

"Aaahh no fuck!.... cumming so hard.... mmm... fuck you, fucker...."

The president was done; he painted Fire's womb with his ejaculate, fulfilling his own baser needs.

"You are taking it all in, bitch," he mumbled.

"Fuck you..."

Fire lowered her head as she felt the last warm spurts inside her; she was still trembling from the shame and the orgasm when the president pulled out and away.

"That was divine... as divine as hers..." the president mumbled.


"Your pussies.. they are both as welcoming as the other."

Fire looked back, ready to react, but he was gone. So were his bodyguards. She crawled to her paralyzed friend, realizing the president had tricked them both. Her eyes were full ot tears.

"...please Tora... don't die... I..."

The words didn't break through the sobs. Just then, and quite suddenly, Tora stirred. She wasn't paralyzed anymore. She was free. Both heroines stared at each other, completely overwhelmed by a flow of unfamiliar and conflicted emotions, which ended in an embrace...

It was a couple days later, in another hotel room, that Fire, bent over, was being taken from behind, reveling in the pleasure her partner was giving her. She felt it deep inside her sex, as another climax rode into her.

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me... yes yes yes... aahh..."

Fire collapsed forward and her partner collapsed on top of her, breasts grazing her back. A gentle kiss on Tora's neck, nuzzled right behind her ear, made the heroine smile. She felt the hard tip still inside her; she looked sideways to catch a strand of white hair.

"...I love you, Tora..." Fire whispered.

"...I know. I... love you too, Bea."

Tora, on top of her friend, the strap-on deep inside the both of them, was still learning; but after what she had seen, after what Beatriz had done - or tried to do for her - caring for her in this fashion was the least she could do. Besides, the love was real. Tora didn't consider herself a lesbian. She didn't want to have sex with women. She wanted to have sex with her best friend, who happened to be a woman.

"...are you gonna let me try that on you?" Beatriz inquired.

"Maybe. When I'm done with you..."

Tora began using her hips once more to get the action started again, and Fire responded with all the sounds she could muster.

- Experiment Report -

"Experiment #12 has provided me with two new samples. The opportunity to capture both at the same time was too opportune to be neglected; it will soon become clear that the real president never left his country, and that an imposter mascaraded the entire ordeal. It is doubftul anything can be traced back to me.

"It will be interesting to find out the variants between the DNA structures of Fire and Ice; after all, they are opposites on the power scale, so to speak - the variations may well hint at how DNA can be manipulated to achieve certain results.

"That being said, there is still much work to be done in gathering and analyzing the data. I have yet to find what I need, but I shall search on."

NEXT: Powergirl gets a taste of of vulnerability as an old but new enemy comes into play!

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