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A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



The research project into the possibility or rebirthing the Martian race expands further and further into the world of the super heroines. Many of them (Vixen, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, Mera, Wonderwoman and Powergirl) have been violated in the pursuit of science as the Martian gathers more Intel, and the methods of gathering data and samples keep escalating...

Experiment #14 - Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl

In Kara's short stay on Earth (compared to many years spent on Krypton), there was one place where she had always felt safe, a slice of home on Earth where she was allowed to spend as much time as she needed. Every time a crisis struck her, she would retreat there to recover and ease her stress. More recently, she had isolated herself during the sexual crisis in order to hold back her interactions with anyone and avoid both embarrassment and problems.

She had hoped this would never change.

"...fuck yes... make me come... give it... to me..."

As it was turning out, not everything inside the Fortress of Solitude was so kind. She had just discovered it personally. But it hadn't started out like that...

Whenever an issue came up with the Fortress of Solitude, its warden, Kelex, send a coded signal first to Superman. If he was unable to answer within a short time span, the message was redirected to Supergirl. The girl of might was soaring over the Atlantic, coming back from an operation in Spain, when the signal reached her ears. She immediately diverted north, into the great Arctic, at frightening speeds, making it there within ten minutes. She entered through the sky opening and landed in front of the main control room. Almost immediately, she noticed the two major issues.

Kelex was lying on the ground, torn in two. The good news was that repairing him would not even be an issue. The bad news was that he couldn't explain where the alarm had come from. Leaving him there for the moment, Kara turned to the main computer. Her first instinct was to check Superman's whereabouts. He was off-planet and could not be reached. She wasn't really worried about it, but it was useful to know.

The second major issue came up as soon as she checked the Fortress diagnostics. It filled her with concern: the menagerie security system had failed. It meant that any one or many of the creatures that lived in the various pens tucked away under the Fortress could be loose. What she really feared was that the more dangerous monsters, carnivores, might start to feed on the lower class monsters, herbivores. Many creatures in this 'zoo' were the last of their species as well. She didn't even bother to check the roster of creatures; she immediately raced down the halls to the section in order to try to contain the damage.

Kal and her had talked about such an emergency actually. The protocol was simple. If quarantine was breached and monsters got out, they could be dragged into alternate holding areas where they could be kept isolated or even in stasis until repairs could be done on whatever had broken down. Kara had also been warned about the most dangerous monsters, some of which might present a challenge even to someone of her might. She still felt confident that she could quickly get the situation under control. Armed with her speed and senses, she entered the area of the menagerie, shutting the emergency doors behind her to make sure no creature escaped.

The race to find all these monsters proved to be extremely difficult, much more than she had anticipated. Even with her alacrity and strength, some of the creatures proved elusive. She had to wrestle with a large bipedal lizard monster trying to bite her head off (and its mate, trying to help it). A slug creature had slimed all her costume as she had moved it to a secure enclosure. Small critters who seemed harmless had grown spines and pricked her body everywhere as she put them in a safe pen. She was still pulling out their prickly sticks off her skin as she battled a foul-smelling underwater snake carrying its own bubble of water with it. The good news was she was making good progress at finding some of the creatures that roamed, and it seemed that none had been killed as she found no cadavers (at least, she hoped they hadn't been eaten whole).

The menagerie also contained a large arboretum where various creatures lived in a controlled ecology. With the failsafes off, it was entire possible that creatures from other exhibits had wandered into this area. Having done her best with the creatures roaming the halls, she entered this arboretum and closed the access behind her, to prevent more creatures from escaping.

The place felt like an alien paradise. The lush plants were a mix of green, blue and purple, in shapes not encountered anywhere on Earth, the last vestige of a garden paradise that Superman had visited some time ago. The ecosystem, as small as it was, stood in perfect balance. For a moment, Kara lost herself in the contemplation of the wildlife, until a grunt to her left drew her attention. The creature resembled a boar, but it had six eyes, no fur, and spines running along its back. She moved to catch it but it began to speed away. Supergirl decided to tone down her speed in this environment, for fear of disrupting the natural habitat. Still, catching the beast was no challenge. Its spines were hard and sharp; thankfully, she was quite invulnerable.

"You're not supposed to be in here, are you?" she scolded it.

She carried it upwards into an alcove and returned to her hunt. She traipsed on the grass, reveling in the odors. Her eyes were drawn to a large plant with flowers of red and yellow, with large stems sticking out. Their smell was intoxicating, extremely stimulating. She inhaled their aroma, staring past at the odd insects making their nest in the plant. She turned back to resume her hunt, only to face a creature that resembled an earth skunk, but in colors of blue and violet. The sight of the creature made Supergirl jump back, which in turn caused the creature to panic. In reaction, it sprayed Supergirl back with some kind of fluid. She was able to hide her face behind her arms, but nothing else.

"Why you...?" she blurted out.

She expected the smell to be atrocious; in fact, she barely smelled it. However, she began to hear a bubbling sound; she realized, a moment later, that whatever had been shot at her seemed to be melting her costume.

"What in Rao's name...?"

The acid - or whatever it was - was slowly peeling away the top layer of her suit; knowing that her invulnerability also made her suit impervious to damage, she immediately crawled out of it, tossing the skirt and top away (remaining in her red for-fitting underwear and bra. She watched the substance gently burn through the high-end polymerized threads, seemingly not affecting the nature around.

"Great!" she told herself. "Another costume down the drain."

She needed to make a choice. She could fly back to Metropolis for a spare. If Kelex had been operating, he would have been able to create a new one for her within a few minutes. Or she could keep hunting the creatures. That last option still seemed to take priority. She thought back to the beast that had just sprayed her.

"Wonder if it's native to the locale?"

A few droplets had landed on her skin - no damage. There was no threat going after it. She used her senses to spot it; she flew over it, having seen from where it sprayed, and picked it up. It struggled a little bit, trying to spray her again (but doing so in the opposite direction) as she secured into an alcove above her head. When she set it down, it quickly turned around and sprayed her before she could fully dodge. Again, she protected her face and eyes: unfortunately, she didn't protect her chest. The plastic strap on her bra broke, and her boobs popped out.

"Happy now?" she looked at the terrified creature.

She sighed. Being topless was still tolerable, even if she didn't enjoy much. She flew back down into the arboretum, and resumed her exploration.

"I really should have checked the animal database," she whispered to herself as she pranced around in her underwear and cape, her arms crossed over her chest.

She was able to secure two other critters, though she had to run after them, her boobs bouncing all the way. It almost made her laugh. One of the smaller rodents nestled itself between her mounds as she took it safety. It was almost cute, she told herself, and wondered if she should have taken a picture to send to her friend Natasha (with whom she'd shared a bed a few times). She didn't have her cell phone with her so it didn't matter.

The arboretum was huge, one climate zone but expanding over a few kilometers underground. Eventually, Supergirl reached the edge of a pond. The water was still, and the fauna around it brimmed with life. Supergirl leaned down against the water, plunging her hand in the cool, drinking a sip. She knew the water to be drinkable here. Her eyes darted across the scene: many animals might have wanted to make it here, because of the fresh water source. Indeed, her heightened senses spotted a marsupial-like creature which had hidden just before she had stepped on the edge of the water. She flew off the ground and over the pool to get to the creature's overhang position.

Unexpectedly, something jumped out of the water, grabbing her in mid-air; both fell back in the water. Disoriented, Supergirl wasn't able to identify the creature. She felt what seemed to be multiple mouths trying to bite - without success, thankfully - at her exposed skin. Mostly, they reached for the inside of her thighs, her exposed breasts, her neck, her hands and her feet. Still stronger than whatever had grabbed her, she flew upwards and out of the water, dragging it with her. The beast was like nothing on Earth; its main body, a large green-brown mass without legs, limped under her as its many appendages, some of which had sensory perceptors, others having prehensile quality and still others with mouths with very small teeth, clung onto her body. It obviously wanted a taste. Because she didn't want to hurt it, Supergirl had to tone down her strength. The nibbles on her flesh actually tickled her. She began to wrestle with the appendage holding to the top of her body. Suddenly, one of the mouths snapped itself between her crotch, biting at her underwear. The sudden jolt made her squeal, and she began to shake uncontrollably. The sudden burst of motion made the creature let go; as it did, it tore away her underwear, falling back into the water.

Supergirl composed herself for a moment. She remembered this creature from the files; it was in its natural habitat. Why it had attacked her, however, escaped logic. She scanned the water with her senses and saw it had retreated. She then felt the chill of water and air on her exposed sex.

"Wonderful! I'm a nudist in a zoo!" she laughed.

The stress was better with laughter. The marsupial had - not surprisingly - fled, so she flew off in the direction she thought it might have gone. She eventually found it, nestled at the top of a tree. With her speed, she secured it and took it to another alcove.

"I really should have checked how many critters don't belong here," she told herself.

She landed in the middle of a clearing to continue her investigation. It was impressive to see how many of these creatures had adapted to their surroundings. Despite her senses, she felt that most could escape her perception. She took a few steps to the left, thinking she saw movement, and something pounced on her from behind. She collapsed under its weight, falling face first into some flowers.

"Hey!" she yelled.

She tried to look behind her, and all she saw was a giant patch of fur, twice her size. Not wanting to injure the beast, and not feeling threatened by it due to her resistance, she laid there as the creature seemed to smell her. She felt it was rubbing against her lower back, something slick and hard. A moment later, too late, she understood what was happening.

"Oh! Come on!"

She felt the stickiness and goo all over her back as the creature attempted - quite unsuccessfully - to mate with her. Or perhaps it was just its way of marking her. Regardless, she was grossed out. As soon as the beast jumped back, she spun around and grabbed it by the neck. It was some kind of giant alien feline, twice the size of human lion.

"Now why did you do that? I'm not your mate!" she told it as it tried, unsuccessfully, to claw at her.

She picked it up and flew it to one of the larger alcoves. The creature's dejection was oozing down her back, over her buttocks and along her legs, reaching the crease of her sex. As soon as the beast was done, she flew back down and used some leaves to wipe herself. The musk of the animal was quite strong, lingering with her as she tried to get it off. She thought of going back to the pool to finish cleaning herself, but she decided she could endure it. However, she soon realized that the scent of the large predator on her was keeping the rest of the monsters away. She flew up, spotting a waterfall, and headed for it. She tossed the cape off and flew into the cool water. It made her entire body shiver, her nipples perk, the small hairs across her skin rise up. She took a moment to enjoy the sensation; the coolness of the water, the stimulating aromas in the air, the paradise-like quality of the arboretum, all of these made her quite comfortable. As she washed herself, her hand unconsciously hazarded itself to between her legs. She cleaned the folds of her sex with a finger, biting her lower lip, then realizing what she was doing.

"Maybe not the best time for this," she whimpered, pulling her hands away.

Feeling clean and refreshed, she stepped out of the water, only to see her cape being dragged away by a man-sized bird-like creature.

"Hey! That's mine!"

To her surprise, the bird flew off at frightening speeds; she immediately dashed against it, but because she didn't want to damage the nature around her, she held back most of her speed. The bird gave her quite a run for her money; she eventually managed to grab hold of the cape, the bird letting go as soon as she did. She stopped mid-flight, wrapping the cape back around her neck.

"Bad bird!" she called it out as it fled.

She knew this one didn't need to be relocated. Despite its size, it only ate plants and small insects. Considering where to go next, she looked down and saw she was hovering over a boiling bog. The surface tension of the liquid made it impossible to see underneath it. She wasn't familiar with this type of environment, so she hazarded a look around, flying over the spot as she attempted to find animals that seemed out of place. The vegetation here was more in tones of brown and dark green. As she got lower, she was surprised by a sudden boiling pop, splashing water up in the air and up to her legs, getting them wet. The water was hot, not burning but hot enough to be felt on her invulnerable skin.

"Weird place," she told herself.

There didn't seem to be anything that required saving here, so Supergirl readied herself to move on. Just before she could, the bubbling under her seemed to intensity. She barely had time to look down when a giant pop blasted water high into the air. She closed her eyes to avoid getting hot water in them; yet, as she did, she felt a weird suction power drag her down and into the water.


Her lower body hit the water up to her waist, and it seemed that the water wrapped itself tightly against her, pinning her there. She plunged her left hand down into the water, only to get it stuck too. The water felt more like concrete at this point and, despite her amazing strength, the super heroine was pinned in.

"This is nuts! What is this?"

Her heightened senses told her nothing: the atomic structure of the bog hadn't changed, at least not that she could perceive. It also seemed that it was the surface tension holding her down, as she could move her legs and her hand under the surface. She began to feel pricks on her legs, not painful, more annoying, like something was trying to sting her, perhaps several small fish or water creatures. Some of the pricks went to her exposed sex, underwater. While they still didn't hurt, they tickled.

"Hey... stop it..." she began to giggle uncontrollably.

Her bottom-half struggling under the water, she wondered if the liquid was somewhat a non-Newtonian fluid of some kind, or the alien variant of it. Perhaps pulling with all her strength would not, but a slow, progressive application might free her. She didn't want to have to resort to freezing or burning it. She began to work to get her left hand free. As she was doing that, however, something brushed the inside of her thigh, a fish probably, and it made her squirm even more.

"Will you... stop that!"

Of course, the bog creatures could no more understand than acknowledge her request. When she felt the same creature - or another similar - rub against the crease of her sex, she held back a moan.

"Don't do that..."

It didn't pay attention. It rubbed against her a second time, then a third and, finally, it seemed to want to wriggle inside her sex.

"No, no, no," she told it, contracting her pelvic muscles to prevent it access.

It worked for a moment, but then the tickling resumed. It forced her muscles to relax, and the fish - or creature, whatever it was, pushed what seemed to be its head inside her opening.

"Ahhh.... fuck..."

And then, it seemed the creature got stuck, trying to wriggle out, back, unable to move, rubbing against the entrance of her sex.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck a fish fuck...."

She was babbling uncontrollably, stimulated by the mere presence of the intruder.

"Go away away ooh no no fuck yes oooh aaahhhh..." she kept on mumbling.

The pricks on her legs and lower body continued, making her ever more receptive. It seemed that, while trying to escape from the confines of her sex, the creature was actually burrowing a bit further inside.

"Stop stop not so deep oh my oooh aahhh fuck... stop! You're gonna make me come..."

It didn't stop. She came. Her pelvic muscles contracted, and the form between her legs fell limp. The climax didn't last, and Supergirl was horrified at what had just happened, both the orgasm and her potential killing of the poor creature.

"Oh Rao no!"

Kara was desperate to get out of there. She stopped holding back her strength; the surface tension broke against her and she flew out of the water; whatever was trying to get inside her had already popped out.

"No no no!"

She was livid from the feeling of guilt overwhelming her. She had killed the fish with her involuntary muscle contractions. She observed the boiling water for a moment, then flew off and landed in a meadow of flowers of all sizes.

"Oh! poor creature... now why did you try to get in there!"

She was trying hard not to blame it, but in a sense, it had swum to its death. Ever since coming to Earth, Kara had taken great steps to avoid injuring anyone, voluntarily or not, that didn`t deserve it. This include the people with whom she entertained some sexual games. She had crushed two of Natasha's dildos in her sex; she had almost broken her fingers once too. She hadn't been so bothered that one time with Cassie (aka Wondergirl), but she had toned down during her single encounter with Courtney Whitmore (aka Stargirl). She sighed.

"Well, nothing I can do about it now."

She was concerned, though, that two creatures in the arboretum had tried to mate with her. Then again, perhaps the fish's reaction could be explained differently. For the giant cat, there was no doubt. She didn`t think it should have been drawn to her at all, except as a snack. That had not been its intent. It had tried to mate. She was lucky, in a sense, that it had not been able to aim correctly, or it might have actually mounted her, and that would have led to a whole lot of other, greater problems.

"You know what," she told herself, "I think I need to get some pants on. Or at least panties."

With that resolution in mind, she moved to fly off the ground - except she didn't. It wasn`t that her feet were stuck - she simply couldn't fly.

"What the....?"

Supergirl felt her entire body become limp, and she collapsed forward, unable to move. For a moment, she wondered if there was Kryptonite here, but this felt different. She felt her conscious mind drifting away.


It was the last word she uttered, and the last thought in her mind before a while.

Kara woke to a numbing sensation across her entire body. Almost all of it. Between her legs, at her crotch, the powerful feeling of penetration could not be ignored. Beyond that, very little sensory input came to her. Her voice was gone so she couldn't speak. She was obviously somehow suspended in the air, though since no blood rushed to her head she knew she was not upside down. She finally realized that something was wrapped around her limbs (arms and legs), supporting her weight. And something was drilling inside her sex, unmindful of the effect it had on her - or perhaps it knew and didn't care. Kara moaned internally as the stimulation inexorably climbed her into a climax.

She managed to open her eyes. She was still in the same meadow with the flowers, only she was now nestled among the flowers. Several of them, with large petals of white and pink, were now open. From the center of the large flowers, a hard pistil stood out. There were vines around the plants, slowly moving about, shuffling gently through the air. Kara managed to look down at her naked body, and she saw that she was suspended over one such plant, and its pistil was deep inside her, moving into her wet sex, driving home the pleasure.

Kara climaxed, and she realized it wasn't her first orgasm of the day. She had been at the mercy of these strange plants for some time now. Perhaps the poison - the effect from the fish, maybe - was wearing off. Perhaps it was why she was waking up. Perhaps a normal person might not have woken up. But she had. She also noticed that somehow, she felt full inside her womb, as if the pistil had planted something in there.

The vines lifted her off the flower, its pistil now covered in her fluids. The vines then began to shift her sideways, towards another flower. She wanted to struggle against it but the numbness was still too much. She stared down as she saw the pistil of another flower drive in deep inside her. Only this one didn't simply rub against her; she felt it start to thrust in and out of her, and pretty soon, Supergirl was once more in the throes of ecstasy at the vegetal rape. As her voice slowly came back, she began to beg.

"...fuck yes... make me come... give it... to me..."

However it could, the plant abided by her request, and gave her a succession of orgasms in a quick sequence, enough to send the Kryptonian girl in the vapors once more.


The next moment of consciousness came again when she felt the powerful arms of her cousin pulling her off one of the plants, still inside her. The second moment came much later, as she woke up on a bed somewhere in the Kryptonian fortress, with Kelex at her side. Immediately, the robot warned Kal-El that his cousin was awake, and Kal rushed to her side.

"Thank God! You're safe," Kal told her.

"...I'm not sure what happened," she said, remembering most of the details but still confused.

"You did a great job tracking down the creatures after the menagerie lost containment," he told her, "but... you fell prey to the Zagratok..."

"The what?"

"It's a strange plant - there are only about twenty left in existence, all here."

"I was..."

Kal wanted to keep things as technical as possible, to avoid some of the more troubling aspects of what he had seen upon his arrival.

"The plant steals genetic material. Rather, it combines itself with other genetic material. I had to extract about thirty or so pods from inside you..."

"You mean... it put these pods inside me?"

"Yeah. The pods eventually fall out and grow into new plants that have new genetic material. But not viable, in your case."

"How does a plant evolve like that?"

"Well, actually, it's not just a plant. It`s already a symbiotic life form. On their home planet, they could take genetic material from any species found there."

"Oh... and about the weakness?"

"Komoro fish. It secretes a powerful toxin that even our bodies can`t process quickly. I'm surprised you didn`t wake up when they started to..."

Kal didn`t finish his sentence.

"Well, I sort of did, but then I fainted again."

"I see..."

Kal stared at the screen.

"The good news is, thanks to you, we lost no creatures. And you have no... consequences from the... uh... process."

"It`s okay, Kal. I had sex with a plant. You can say it."

"Maybe you can, but I can't. Anyway, I... have to get back to Metropolis. Kelex will... handle the rest."

Kal couldn`t get out of there fast enough. Kara sighed, letting herself fall back on the bed. Not a typical day. It would be quite some time before she returned to the menagerie.

- Experiment Report -

"The use of the menagerie in order to set the trap for Experiment #14 was a complete success. It is disappointing that the subterfuge could not be used a second time, if only because the Man of Steel might become suspicious were there be a reprisal. Another option would be to relocate one or more of the symbiotic Zagratok, but again, that would raise suspicion. Another option would be to take samples from the plant in order to clone it. That seems unlikely due to the constraints necessary to analyze the DNA of the hybrid plant. Perhaps the best option would be to steal the pods extracted from the womb of Kara Zor-El; these plants might be made to grow on their own, and it would be interesting to see what develops from them.

"It was easy enough to find, within the menagerie, animals and plants whose effects could be combined. Morphing into a Zagratok plant in order to proceed with the extraction of the samples from the Kryptonian girl proved to be no challenge, and an overflow of neural stimulation sufficed to put her back in a catatonic state.

"The samples from both Kryptonian females looks promising. I have also collected samples from the Kryptonian male, collected after coitus with his human mate. A mix of Martian and Kryptonian genetics would certainly breed a superior Martian but the analysis and decomposition of the elements will take more time. Perhaps a subset of the primary experiment maybe developed once more data has been gathered.

"There is great potential in the experiment so far and, although hybridization is not yet possible, more experimentation should yield more data for processing."

NEXT: The daughter of Steel, Natasha Irons, is in for a rough undercover mission...