I'll get you my pretty... 3  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 3

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Bill decided to call Wonder Woman on her private line linked to her jet. His C.O. had beleived him, thankfully, that he had massive amnesia for the past several weeks. After a private and formal interview and review they determined that Sgt. Roze had probably been either abducted or had some physical abnormality that caused the memory loss.

He told them that he kept seeing Dr. Mordecia's face and hearing his voice from time to time in his head. Since he had never met the man the C.O. researched the voice on record of Mordecia and determined that something was amiss. Changing all the codes that Roze was privy to was a basic precaution that he took for the base security.

Connecting to Wonder Woman's jet he heard her voice. 'Bill so good to hear from you! Where have you been for the past several weeks?'

'I frankly don't know Diana- my memory is a blank. The only thing that gives me apprehension is that I remember seeing and hearing Mordecia in my dreams or something like that.'

'Mordecia?! Oh no... I've got to get that sicko once and for all. I will eventually track that bastard down if it's the last thing I do.'

'How are you darling? Miss me while you had a touch of memory loss?'

'Yes... too much. Eager to see you.'

''Have you got a good appitite worked up or are you very tense?'

'A bit of both actually'

'Well you can have a bit of me as soon as you want. If you're tense I've got just the thing in mind. Can you come over to my place tonight? We can eat first if you want or releive that tension- your choice, Darling.'

'That's hard to resist. Be there after eight tonight.'

Wonder Woman banked her jet hard to the left and headed home. She wanted to get ready for Bill and help him through what ever he had gone through. The name of Mordecia gave her some chills but she was willing to do whatever it took to finish that evil bastard off.

Letting her mind wonder she remembered her times with Bill. 'Man, he is a fantastic lover. Think I'll play Little Red Riding hood for him and see where that takes us. My guess is he needs some good release from the stress he may have been under.

Feeling all warm and eager for Bill to ravage her she broke into a mischevious grin. 'I have it really good with Bill... can't wait to see his reaction to that teddy I bought yesterday.'


Mordecia had his plan set. This was a full moon tonight. For the past few days Roze turned exactly as he had hoped. The process took several minutes to complete but the result was truly wild.

'Lets see... if we position ourselves here we may get both an eye full and an ear full of Wonder Woman's death at his hands...these telescopes are so innovative don't you think dear boy?'

I'll get you my pretty... part 3