I'll get you my pretty... 8  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 8

'Follow that werewolf Rosco!'

'Follow the what Sgt?'

'You heard me the werewolf that ran in front of us just now!'

'I know, I saw it too. Was kind of hoping we both did not see it.'

'Looks like it knows where it is going...' _________________________________________________

Zardor had crushed Wonder Woman up against his stomach as he pinned her hands behind her back. Groping her with his other hand he cradled her by her crotch as he walked slowly into an adjoining room. Twisting around and seeing all the horrible instruments waiting for her Wonder Woman decided to act quickly.

'Zardor, I can't understand you when you speak- it's alien jibberish to me. I'll bet you can understand me though.' Wonder Woman wrapped her left leg around Zardor's hip and stroked it up and down. 'You like hurting me don't you Zardor?'

GLOB SGREED PATOONUCK!' Zardor to slow his gate with the amazon in tow.

'I like it when you hurt me.' 'UGGGHHH, not those talons though!' 'I meant to say you enjoy raping me don't you?'


'I remember when you raped me repeatedly in the cave some months back. Why don't you just stop and rape me now. That's what you really want to do anyway right? Just shove yourself up me and put a lock in my groin'

Wonder Woman did not see the direction Zardor was carrying her. He had her next to a round wheel well over 7 feet in diameter. As quickly as he could Zardor grabbed one wrist and secured it with the leather strap. The other was just as quick. Leaning down he secured each ankle so that she was spread-eagled on an upright round table.

'What are you doing? Don't you wnat to do me? Please don't kill me!!!'

At that moment the midget walked in with a small box. Looking at Wonder Woman he said 'You were so smug with me at the door this evening... I'll teach you a lesson'

The midget and Zardor stood at the other end of the room and pulled out various things Wonder Woman could not see clearly.

Now she could. The midget had several knives in his hand. 'Oh NO! He's going to throw them at me!'She screamed in her head.

Ku Thunk! The first knife landed next to her right ear ring, barly missing her face.

'Oh my aim is way off!I was aiming much lower. Guess were my pretty lady?'

The next knife landed four inches to the left of her left thigh. Catching her breath Wonder Woman said 'Surely you both want to do somethig else with me. Untie me and get to it!'

'All in due time my delicious dezert. Now for the cross bow. I'm much more accurate with that!'


Zardor grabbed the cross bow from the midget and fired the first round. The arrow hit 5 inches below Wonder Woman's groin. she instictively aised herself up albeit a bit too late.

Both of the attackers lauphed loudly at her as she was clearly terrified.

Zardor fired again. The next arrow hit exactly one inch above the last one. The midget ran at Wonder Woman to take a measurment. 'Next one should do it Sir!'

Zardor fired again and hit Wonder Woman. This arrow grazed her right arm pit. 'OWWWW!'

Zardor threw down the cross bow and walked to an adjacent wall and picked up a huge battle ax.


Wonder Woman's face was full of fear. He was going to put that ax directly in her middle she was sure of it!

Faking two throws Zardor and the midget enjoyed seeing her jump and jerk out of fear. Finally Zardor relaesed the Ax and it buried itself up to the hilt right between her leggs. It rested flush up to her blue section of her outfit. All the arrows split and disintegrated. Wonder Woman screamed as she thought surley Zardor had severed a leg. He did not.

Rushing up to her they both quickly untied her.

The midget said 'Can we suspend her and let me do some things to her?'


I'll get you my pretty... part 8