I'll get you my pretty... 9  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 9

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Zardor ripped Wonder Woman off the wooden target. 'What are you going to do now! Please, don't! I can't stand this terroizing. Just finish me off... please...

Flailing away at her Captors Wonder Woman was wrentched around by Zardor and grabbed by the throat. He squeezed her until she passed out. Lauphing at her limp body as it hung in his sharp, clawed hands Zardor flipped Wonder Woman up side down and carried her over to the chaines suspended from the cieling. Pulling one of her ankles up to one manacle he fastened it with a click.

'Put me up. put me up, put me up!' Yelled a fully aroused miget.

Zardor lifted the midget and placed him over Wonder Womman' unprotected groin. One of her legs dangled uselessly and the other was stretched taught by the chain. Her arms hung limply as she was still unconcious.

Crawling all over the helpless heroine the midget poked, twisted and generally acted like a perisite on the bound woman. Pulling her thighs apart he bit her hard. 'OOOOWWW!' Screamed Wonder Woman coming to. Feeling her self upside down with something crawling on her thighs and groin she shuddered and pulled her body up to see the midget wrecking havock on her lovely legs. 'Please Stop that! It hurts!'

Grabbing her free ankle the midget dived off Wonder Woman's crotch. OOOUUUCCCH!

Splitting her legs was wrenching for her. The midget then crawled along the extended leg and latched back on to her groin.

'Nice and soft here...' Ouch! Oh! He's ripping me in two!

Zardor coud containe his arousal no longer. He walked over to the midget and pulled him off. Dropping him to the ground He buried his mouth in Wonder Woman.

Pulling, chewing, twisting, the torture went on for seemingly hours. Diana was sure she passed out several time as Zardor ripped into her.

'He's sticking his tongue... Uuggghhh!'

Finding Wonder Woman's open mouth he dropped his cape and belt and further assaulted the helpless heroine. Alien smells and fluids nearly choked her as she hung up side down.

Finally the horror of her attack became too much and Wonder Woman blacked out and lost all conciousness. The two attackers payed no attention to the desperate situation of Wonder Woman- they were simply enjoying her.

'Well now. I see that you've started dinner with out me. Save anything for me boys?' Asked a flushed and perspiring Dr. Mordecia.

I'll get you my pretty... part 9