I'll get you my pretty... 5  

By Bunzilla

'I'll get you my pretty...' Part 5

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Dr. Mordecia loked throught the telescope and was delighted at the result of his plot against Wonder Woman. The contrast was as stark as could be imagined- a lovely woman with next to nothing on in the savage grip of a large wearwolf. The wearwolf was huge; Wonder Woman was much smaller; the Wearwolf was muscular, hairy and violent; Wonder Woman was smooth, sleek and suffering the brutal lunges and thrusts of what used to be Sgt. Bill Roze. 'My this ought to be over quite quick dear boy. Since I'm funding all this I'll keep the telescope and give an update as things get worse for our little heroine...get your hand off me. I'm busy now'. Mordecia's assistant was obviously jealous of the attension he was giving this woman even though she was was being attacked in front of their eyes.

Screams, pleadings and crashes reverberated in Wonder Woman's living room. The wearwolf had at first grabed her around the waist and twisted her back and forth causing Wonder Woman's legs to flail back and forth. Pushing off on its chest Wonder Woman tried to communicate with Bill. 'Bill, STOP! This hurts ! Yor killing me! Ow! OW!'

The fiend was mercillous in his attack. Wonder Woman was completely defensless. Her warm body pressed up next to the belly and chest of this monster she suddenly felt something sticking her between her thighs.

'Bill! NO! STOP this!'

Suddenly the wearwolf stopped his thrashing of her and held her my the waist. Her feet were two feet from the floor as the creature grabbed her right knee and pulled it away from the clinched position she had them in. 'UHGGG...OW!'. Shoving Wonder Woman down hard on his fierce maleness she shreeked in pain. 'This monster is inside me! Raping me!' she thought. 'Oh this hurts...' 'Bill, if there is anything left of you inside please spare me. You killing me!' Wonder Woman pleaded.

The creature reacted by rushing her backward to the nearest wall and slamming himself hard in her. Wonder Woman's back slammed in to the wall and quickly she felt the wearwolf's weapon rip up her more. As Wonder Woman passed out from the pain the wearwolf snarled close to her face and started a rythmic banging of Wonder Woman against the wall. Wonder Woman's entire body was limp as her arms and legs hung limply and responded to the thrusts and attacks of this huge beast. Her head fell against its shoulder and her lips parted in an unconcious wimper.

Exploding in her the wearwolf shreeked in victory. Grabbin her under her arms it threw her acroos the room so that she landed on the sofa. Splayed out like a deer to be slaughtered Wonder Woman was unconcious, defensless and only a few feet away from an approaching wearwolf.


'Oh I do beleive he has been much more violent with our dear heroine than the giant squid I put on her. She's out cold on her back. I wonder how she will taste for our little puppy dog?'


The wolfman slowly approached the unconcious heroine. On the sofa she was unconcious, her thighs spread, her arms extended away from her body so that nothing was protected or safe. The wearwolf sniffed her. Looking at the colors of the outfit it touched the patterns and made a confused expression. Moving down to her ankles it saw her shoes and took the ankle in its paw and pulled it close to its noze and sniffed, Wonder Woman moaned as she felt pain in her hip joint. she felt the grip around her ankle and opened her eyes. Instinctivley she screamed as she saw the wearwolf with her leg up next to its mouth.

Fully aroused by her scream of terror the wolfman lunged down the length of her body and locked his mouth and jaws around her thigh.

Wonder Woman shreeked as she knew he would tear her delicate flesh from her exhausted, abused body.

I'll get you my pretty... part 5