I'll get you my pretty... 10  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 10

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'We lost him in the vacinity of the down town opening of the new businesses Capt.'

'Are you sure of what you saw Sgt?' said a muddled Capt. Frisk

'Sir there is no way I would want to report to my Capt. that I saw a werewolf running in front of my car toward a crowd of people- I have my pension to be concerned about!'

'Scout around and see if you can find it and corner it- be carefull. Don't get to close.'

'No problem Sir' _________________________________________________

'Wake her up Zardor!'

With a loud pop across her mouth Wonder Woman moaned and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up straight at the cieling then around at the three faces looming over her.

'I trust you've entertained Zardor and my little friend for a while? Tell me where do you hurt the worst? Right here?'

Wonder Woman flinched as Mordecia dug deeply into her. She found herself strapped on her back on oone of the tables she'd seen when Zardor first brought her into the room. Her legs were drapped over the side of the table and secured at the ankles. Her wrists were secured on the side as well. Instinctively she twisted the bounds to judge the tightness. 'Thinking of getting out of our little examination exercize my pretty? Zardor would love to see you try. He's eager to finish you off. Bit I've saved that pleasure for myself.'

Walking over to an adjoining table Mordecia picked up a filthy meat hook. Grabbing it by the handle he held it up for Wonder Woman to see. 'Where should I start first? Have any preferences Boys?'

The midget piped up and said 'She was rude to me. I say you start on her mouth and scare that pretty face for good! Then just work downward!'

Wonder Woman could not control her shaking. Tears dropped from her eyes as she new their was no bargaining with Mordecia now. 'He intends to rip me apart. There is nothing I can do to stop him!' she admitted to herself.

'For the record, my tastey little treat, I watched as my werewolf raped you in your apartment. My favorite part was when he pinned you against the wall and benged you for all you were worth! My you looked smashing in the teddy you had in mind for Bill. Did he enjoy you? Almost wished we had that teddy now to work you over in it. Zardor would have had such fun with that little outfit!'

'Me too' said the midget.

'This outfit however is quite stunning on you.' Mordecia began to run the meat hook along the line where her outfit met her skin. Tracing it around her chest, he stopped at her armpit and said 'Oh, my. Some blood is already drawn. Looks like it has stopped however. Lets get it going again.' Slightly touching the minor wound Mordecia flicked some of the dried blood and fresh blood slightly flowed.

Moving the meat hook down to her groin he said 'Now here is where every woman is made to be hooked good.' Tracing her outfit at the thighs and hips he pulled the fabric back with the hook exposing more of Wonder Woman's soft lucious flesh. This were I'm going to start right here my dear. I think it will take a few hours for you to bleed to death. Feel free to scream all you want!'

I'll get you my pretty... part 10