I'll get you my pretty... 11  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 11

No Summary

Blinding rage, fear and desire drove Bill to follow the scent he picked up some hours ago. Catching a wiff of Wonder Woman he stopped his attack on the couple necking on the park bench. The man swore he would never cheat on his wife again. The lady that was with him said it looked like his wife. So what was he so upset about?

Running the trail of the scent he had imprinted on his phsyche he ran toward the large ominous building where people were leaving. He did not notice the red & blue spinning lights behind him as he sniffed the front door and walked menacingly down the hallway. _________________________________________________

'Plese don't do this to me!!! I beg you, please let me live. Don't kill me!!!' Wonder Woman had lost all pretence at composure. Begging was her only recourse. 'I will do anything you want me to do. Anything that Zardor or that midget wishes they have done to me I'll gladly get in position for it. Please don't rip me with that meat hook!!!'

Getting the hook in position Mordecia sneared in Wonder Woman's face and said 'One quick pull and you bleed all over this table. Beg for mercy now!'

'PLEASE DON'T! Name your demend I'll do it! The most grotesque thing immaginable I will do it for you, just don't rip me apart with that thing!'

Mordecia ran the sharp hook along the edge of the blue portion of her outfit. Pulling up the fabric he 'popped' it back in place along the hip and thigh area.

'I'll grant you a brief reprieve my lovely damsel. All three of us will ravage your delicious body as you lay here. There's not much room for us all on this table but we'll have to adjust!'

A grotesque, writhing mass of sinister perversity fell on Wonder Woman as she lay helpless on the examination table. Zardor, the midget and Dr. Mordecia swarmmed over her helpless postion. Much of the time all that was visible was her feet, hands and bits of her lucsious leggs peeking throught the attacks. The roars,yells and commands filled the room from all three men as they inflicted unspeakable acts on the bound, helpless heroine. After several minutes of musical chair raping Mordecia said 'Now I've kept my part... time for you to die Wonder Woman!' Cruley twisting the meat hook up next to her he said ' Think I'll catch all your blood and study its effects for a few weeks. So long you snotty, stuck up female!'

At the end of the sentence the doors to the torture chamber exploded open. Zardor, the midget and Mordecia froze in their place as a large werewolf bounded toward them. The midget squirmed under the table Wonder Woman was strapped to. Dr. Mordecia said 'STOP, Bill! KILL WONDER WOMAN!'

With out breaking his stride the werewolf dove for Zardor's throat and began to savagely attack him. Both rolled around the floor knocking over sprears, axes, chains and whips.

Moving with blinding speed the werewolf picked up a spear and stuck it straigth in Zardor's open mouth. Flailling and yelling wildly Zardor frantically tied to pull the spear out that had been jammed in to the floor. Zardor was nailed to the floor with a spear.

The werewolf whirled toward Mordecia. Mordecai had the meat hook pressed against Wonder Woman's groin. 'Now, now my little pet. Who's the boss here? I gave you an order. Kill this delicious little treat right now.'

The werewolf looked uncertain at this new command and strode slowly over to Wonder woman. 'It's all right with me if you eat her as she is. She is delicious.'

Standing next to Mordecia the werewolf looked down at Wonder Woman. Diana mustered up all the courage she had left and smiled warmly at Bill, saying 'Please Darling, dont' eat me. Save me!'

Twisting his furry face toward Mordecia the werewolf whipped out his hand a caught the meat hook before it could tear into Wonder Woman.

It was over in seconds. Mordecia lay in three different places. Wonder woman said 'Bill, darling please come here.' Looming over the bound heroine it glared at an easy meal. Taking its front paw it dragged it over the stomach and thighs of Wonder /Woman. 'Only you can cut me loose. Bite the wrist and ankle bonds and set me free, please.'

Nuzling close to each area the beast bit the leather straps and freed Wonder Woman.

As she sat up two policmen came in the room and opened fire on what they beleived was a murder in progress.

'STOP, DON'T!' yelled Wonder Woman.

The werewolf rushed away toward an unused door and dissapeared into the night.

'You alright ma'am?'

'Oh my gosh, this is Wonder Woman!'

Wonder Woman sat up from the table and stared at the two policmen. Then she fainted from exhaustion and fell off the table.