I'll get you my pretty...  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 1

Wonder Woman< Zardor & a Werewolf

A wave of horror flooded over Wonder Woman as she killed the grotesque spider vampire. 'How did it get into my place and up in bed with me?' she thought. Shivering with revulsion she looked at it as the blood, her blood, oosed on to the hardwood floor of her bedroom.

She had awakened when she heard the sucking and slurping noise close by. In her bed,lieing on her back she had then felt 'something'furry on her left inner thigh next to her pelvis. It took her several moments to percieve that the sucking noise was attached to her and that she was not dreaming. Pulling the sheet back she looked down to see one of the, for lack of a better word, spider vampires that had attacked her while strapped to a boulder some months ago.

Horrified into shock and revulsion she looked at the thing and saw it feasting greedily on her inner thigh. Sensing her wake up it lifted its head and gave her a high pitched growl as it dug its leggs deeper in her leg. Daring her to hit him it clamped down on her and fiercly sucked hard & fast.

Wonder Woman screamed at the sight of this thing attacking her. 'How did it get on me with out me feeling it?' she thought. With out any further hesitation she grabbed it around the back and pulled hard. Screaming because the vampire had burrowed its javlin-like sucker deep in her she pulled with all the strength she had. The little monster clicked and screeched at the pressure it was under.

Finally with a loud sucking 'POP' it let go. Wonder Woman threw it against the wall and took a lamp and hit it repeatedly. Jerking and throbbing the parasite eventually stopped moving.

Collapsing on the floor Wonder Woman rubbed her wound and looked at the thing dead on her floor. 'How did it find me?' she asked out loud frantically. Thousands of thoughts ran through her mind almost at once- how long had this thing been attached to me? How did it get in? Did someone let it in? Oh my, is the Zardor still alive?

As soon as she thought the word 'Zardor' a flood of recent painfull memories retured. Zardor raking his long talons down her exposed skin, her legs, arms & shoulders taking the scrapes directly; Zardor tossing her into a horde of frenzied aliens who then yanked, twisted, pulled and probed her for what seemed like hours. Finally the most horrifying memory: Zardor raping her repeadedly while she was strapped to a boulder deep in a dimly lit cave system. She instictively rubber her ankles and wrists as she remembered his various attacks- choking her while in side her, pulling her away from the boulder while strapped to it, and lastly turning a large vase of the creatures loose on her while spread-eagled and helpless.

All these thought dominated her mind as she sat on her floor looking at the dead vampire. 'Oh NO...Oh No!!! Please not again...'

I'll get you my pretty... part 1