I'll get you my pretty... 2  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 2

Wonder Woman< Zardor & a Werewolf

Dr. Mordecia had quite a difficult time subduing and then transporting Sgt. Roze to his new facility. For the past several weeks the experiments looked promising. Mordecia and Blanchet gaped down at the unconcious Roze and looked hopefull as to whether the locanthropy process would work. 'Such a fine strapping young man don't you think Harold?' Seething with jealousy Harold said 'I suppose so... When are we going to put him on her?' said a petulant, impatient personal assistant.

'Quite soon dear boy. I have learned that Wonder Woman has been asking for the wear abouts of out dear Sgt. Roze for some days now. When we turn him loose I'm sure she will want to conssole him in a number of ways. That will be the perfect time for him to strike. That witch survived our little vampire we let in on her. Thought she would however. She's quite resoursefull. Wish I could have seen the attack it mounted on her.'

'Me too. Can't stand women like her any way. Too much competion. They take away all the good ones like Bill here'.

'Oh so true my dear little helper... now you go run along upstairs and I'll join you in a minute'.

Looking down at Sgt Roze, Mordecia thought 'This ought to do it. She won't expect what I plotting for her. Do wish I could see this strapping lad tear her apart. Might have to dump Harry if you fullfill my wishes old chum'.

Mordecia formed a sick dangerous look on his face as he thought of the plan he ahd for Wonder Woman. First I'll turn this wearwolf loose on her then... I really don't know what I have in that other alien we found a few days back. Such long talons, for some reason this thing reacted strongly to my pictures of Wonder Woman. Is it possible he has run into her? I still wonder what he is?'


Across town Wonder Woman went shopping for some liengerie. Seem like some of the area clothiers had decided to offer bedroom attire based on her outfit. Having her picture in the newspapers and fuequently on magazine covers the men all over the area demanded their wives and girlfriends 'dress up' like Wonder Woman.

'Oh this will do the trick for Bill!' she thought. Holding up a cotton red, white & blue teddy she pictured herself in it with Bill wrecking sweet havok on her. 'All this needs in a deep red robe to cover myself before I spring this on him...Mmmmmm can't wait for Bill to get at me in this.' she thought. On her way out she spied some high heeled shoes and said 'Oh my... I must have these!This will surely bring out the beast in Bill'.

Unknown to Wonder Woman she was about to be placed in life-threatening peril from her most threatening enemy.

I'll get you my pretty... part 2