I'll get you my pretty... 6  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 6

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'It look like feeding time has started, dear boy. I see the back of our victorious wearwolf and Wonder Woman's legs on either side of him. I think his table manners will be attrocious, don't you think?'

'Can't we go now? I want to see your new Chamber of Horrors Fun house that you are opening.'

'All in due time my little pet. Right now I'm enjoying the delicious destruction of Wonder Woman.!' The creature moved like lightening on Wonder Woman. It quickly clamped its sizable jaws around her left thigh next to her groin. It glared down at her with a look of complete mastery over the defeated heroine.

Wonder Woman sensed that it, Bill, was about to shake her for all she was worth with the intent of ripping off her flesh. 'Better act now... do something.' She thought. Diana pulled her other leg up and stuck the heal of the other shoe, hard, straight in the eye of the monster. She dug it in hard and twisted the heal back and forth.

Howling in pain the werewolf released its slobbering grip on her thigh and writhed on the floor.

In a flash Wonder Woman leaped from the sofa and dashed for her belt. Making three long strides she grabbed it off the chair next to the wet bar just as the werewolf wirled after her and grabbed her ankle sending her to the floor.

Now two desperate actions happened at once: Wonder Woman struggled to put the belt around her waist as the werewolf pulled and dragged her to its waiting, drooling mouth. Fury in its remaining eye told Wonder Woman she would soon be dead if she did not get her belt on.

As the creature lunged straight for her most tender area Wonder Woman kicked it on the jaw and sent him straight up to the ceiling. Banging his head on the ceiling he landed hard on the floor and rushed her again. This time Diana was on her feet and met his rush with a hard puch to the stomach followed by an elbow across the jaw. Staggering back the creature stood still and observed Wonder Woman.

'Bill, I know your still in there. Some of you has to be left. Even now.' Slowly approaching the monster Diana extended her arm in a reassuring gesture. Now only one foot away from the frothing mouth of a hungry werewolf Wonder Woman gave him her warmest, tederest smile. 'Bill? Who did this to you?'

The werewolf's face suddenly changed to a passive, almost comical look of a forlorn dog. With an other worldly sound, yet comprehendable to the beautifull amazon she heard 'GORDIKAI'.

'Modecia? Do you mean Dr. Mordecia did this to you?'

Unable to with stand the pull of the animal in him the werewolf wirled around and crashed through the door.

'Bill! Wait! It's not safe for you out there!' Wonder Woman screemed. 'Nor is it safe for anyone in your path my dear Bill' she thought. _________________________________________________

Dr. Mordecia walked rapidly to his limo with his playmate in tow. When the Dr. was angry nothing was worse than being alone with him. 'I cannot believe she slipped out of the grip of another one of my specially trained assasins. What does it take to kill her? There she was with no protection at all, wearing the skimpiest teddy I have seen in a while, alone in her apartment, facing a hungry werewolf. My gosh he had her in his jaws for crying out loud! I saw him rake his talons over her arms and shoulders. He was raping her against a wall and she still squirmed out of it!!!'

'Well there is only one thing left to do. I'll have to kill the sweet heroine myself. Now here's the plan...'

I'll get you my pretty... part 6