I'll get you my pretty... 7  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 7

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One month had past since Wonder Woman suffered the ravages of Bill's transformation into a werewolf. She's heard nothing from him directly or from the Coast Guard base where he was assighned.

Explaining Bill's plight was a bit of a stretch to the Lt. But he seemed open to the possibility of accepting Wonder Woman's account of Bill's victim staus. Considering the attack the Giant Squid waged some months back ,that he saw with his own eyes, the Lt. was anxious to find Bill and help him if possible.

Wonder Woman now was intent on finding the exact location of Dr. Mordecia. 'No pussy footin' around when I see him, no hand cuffs, or trip to the police station. I just kill him- period' Wonder Woman thought as she scanned the internet for property owners in the local area.

About to call it a day, she perused one more link related to local events tonight on the new Horror Fun House set for its grand opening. Being Holloween night the city hoped to generate lots of revenue and bring people to the down town area again.

Scanning the list of names she went into shock and rage as she saw Mordecia's name listed in some of the fine print of the original purchasing documents. 'Got you! You evil bastard!'

Shoving her chair against the wall she stormed out of her apartment and made a bee line for the festivities associated with the grand opening of the Horror Fun House.

Milling through the throng of people laughing, drinking and generally flirting with each other she entered the main entrance of the forbidding 'castle'. Met by a midget with a long spear he asked her 'Where may I direct you Ma'am?'

'You work here?' she asked in an icey, remote voice.

'I do. Would you care for a drink?'

'I want you to take me to Mordecia!' demanded Wonder Woman.

The midget initially looked apprehensive, then completely blase'. 'I have never heard of him Ma'am. Perhaps you would like to walk down the 'path of torture' said a leering, suddenly malevalent midget. Looking at her legs and waist he said 'We have guides or you may go alone!'

With out answering him Wonder Woman turned to walk down a hallway that was deserted and dark. Turning quickly to the right the midget motioned to 'Frankenstien' to act. 'Frankensien' made a deferential slight bow to 'Dracula' and they both dissapeared through doors that were not readily visible to the casual observer.

Wonder Woman walked down the hallway seeing various devices: the rack, chaines suspended from the cieling, numerous sharp weapons, large tables desighned for torture and many more disturbing items.

Out of the dimly lit horror room Wonder Woman heard the unmistakable cackling of Dr. Mordecia. 'Well, Well, well, what a delicious treet we have for our enjoyment tonight. Wonder Woman has decided to offer herself for our evil ministrations!'

'Mordecia, show your self! I'm here to take you in.'

'Look behind door number one Wonder Woman.' Flipping up to the cieling exposed for her to see was a large bomb. 'Do not try to grab the bomb Wonder Woman. I have my assistant more than willing to explode it if you do not immediatly take off your belt! Do you want the death of hundreds of people on your hands?'

'You sick monster!'

'Do it now, my pretty little treat.'

Pulling off her belt she threw it against the wall. 'Now what? You strap me to some of the torture devices?'

'Not me my lucious heroine. ZARDOR!'

Ripping off his Frankenstien mask Zardor rushed at Wonder Woman. Quickly grabbing her under her arms Wonder Woman screamed 'NO! NO! NO!'

'Zardor will do exactly as I command Wonder Woman. I found him nearly dead in a cave system I purchased. Never know when a mad scientist will need an underground cave to butcher a pretty young super heroine. Now I have an alien who is dieing to do just that!'

For a long moment, seeming like hours, Zardor glared into the eyes of Wonder Woman. His clawed right talon began a slow groping of her throat, chest and groin.

Squirming when his sharp claw dug into her moist area she gasped at his brazen, callous use of her lovely body.

Crushing her into him Zardor bit Wonder Woman hard on her shoulder. 'OW! OH, Please Stop!' Lauphing at her as he held her off the floor and ran his talons down the front of her body lightly. Wonder Woman shook with fear as she was pressed up against his hard alien body.

'For the record my delicious heroine, Zardor has orders to torture you but not kill you. That's my treat. I'll be there soon! Untill then!

'Zardor! Hold nothing back! Treat her in a thoroughly horrible manner! Now!' barked Mordecia.

I'll get you my pretty... part 7