I'll get you my pretty... 4  

By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part 4

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On the drive over to Wonder Woman's apartment Bill noticed some distracting things that made him feel ill at ease. For one his shoes were too tight, his shoulders started to strain the shirt he was in and his trunk ached all over.

More disturbing however were the images of Mordecia's face over his and the sick look on it. He heard another voice he could not place. Wondering if he had started to loose his mind he shook his head and said 'I've got more important things to focus on now- like a gorgeous woman that is eager for me to come over'. Forcing his mind to think on that Bill disregarded the intenc=se disire to yell and growl.


Standing in front of her bedroom mirror Wonder Woman checked out the fit of the new teddy she bought. 'MY,My,My... this should do the trick just fine...'. The teddy was red & blue striped (diagonally) with white stars starting at her left breast and continuing down to her right hip. Cotton and very thin she adjusted the fit behind the neck and tied the knot again.

Looking down at the high-heeled shoes she thought ''Maybe these things will come in handy for Bill...'. Pulling on her red robe at the sound of the door bell she confidently walked over to it and opened the door.

Smiling warmly she said 'Oh Bill, I missed you so much! Please come in.'

Good gracious, what a beautifull robe. It looks stuning on you!'

'Wait till you see what's underneath- it will bring out the beast in you no doubt'

Stepping back a few feet Wonder Woman slowly untied the sash of her robe. Falling to the ground Wonder Woman stood a complete picture of beauty.

'Dinner is served' she playfully said to Bill.

Bill however was feeling a mixture of desire, rage and pain as his fingers, toes and head were killing him.

'I notice you aren't wearing your bely?' Managed Sgt Roze.

'It would spoil the look of this for you darling. Playfully and with mock distress Wonder Woman said 'You're not going to hurt me are you?'

Seeing red and feeling a rush of adrenaline like he never had Bill managed 'I hope not... you're too lovely'.

'Well come get me you animal!'

Walking over to her he placed an arm around her waist. His other hand moved to her groin and he lifted her to meet his mouth. Kissing her hard he felt an uncontrollable growl escape his throat.

'My, what strong arms you have!' said Wonder Woman.

Bill could only glare at her eyes.

'My, what sharp claws you have! Actually they are rather sharp. Have you cut them lately Sweatheart?' asked a suspended Wonder Woman. She noticed that she was closer to the ceiling than expected- nearly bumping her head.

What was Sgt. Roze glared into Wonder Woman's face and snarled! 'My what long teeth you have Bill!' 'Bill! ...'BILLLLLL!!!'

What followed was like a nightmare for Wonder Woman. Her beloved Bill was no longer embracing her. What held her was what could only be described as a Wolf Man. Wonder Woman screemed as the Werewolf grew to almost twice the size of Bill Roze. His clothes were in tattered strips. Wonder Woman felt his arms clamp across her waist and stared into the hairy snarling face of an enraged wearwolf.

'NO! Stop! NO! NO! NO!'. The banging and thrashing of furniture drowned out the helpless pleas of the heroine caught in the brutal grip of a wolf man.

I'll get you my pretty... part 4