Wonder Woman and Batgirl 11

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Batgirl sauntered slowly out of the narrow passage and into a large, richly tiled sauna. The walls were covered with what appeared to be hand painted, Italian tile work depicting various Mediterranean scenes. The whole room was absolutely gorgeous and she had to shake her head and bring herself back to reality after staring at a fortune in tiling. The room was the size of a two car garage and was dominated by an oval shaped pool. The pool was not filled with water but what looked like soft, smooth, brown mud.

"Hee hee hheee... now... heehee... behind the changing curtain.... put it ... heehhee on." stammered Lord Easystreet's obviously excited voice. Batgirl looked about and then walked over to a hand painted changing curtain that stood at one corner of the room. She looked down behind the curtain and then put her hands on her hips and curled her mouth in
her typical "how typical" smile.

"You have got to be kidding!" Batgirl sighed as she picked up the black string bikini and held it up between her fingers. "There's more string on this than cloth!"

"Heehheee.... ya... ya... I know.... Hee hehehe..... but... butt... you PROMISED!!!" the boy screamed.

"Fine" she said calmly rolling her eyes in disgust. The perky avenger slipped behind the curtain and began changing. From his monitor room, Lord Easystreet watched Batgirl's silhouette as she slowly stripped and twisted about, pulling the bikini on.

"Man! What a BOD! I'm gonna enjoy this." he snickered and drooled.

The female freedom fighter stepped back out from behind the curtain and planted herself in her patent pending Batgirl stance. The string bikini was indeed skimpy to say the least. "Good thing I get a bikini wax twice a month." she thought as she looked the cloth depleted swimsuit over. The only thing more humiliating than standing nearly butt naked like some Hollywood bimbo was having to stand in 4 inch, black stiletto heels.

"This geek as got a major libido problem." Batgirl whispered out of the corner of her mouth as she stood waiting.

"Noww... noww... heehhehe... step into the mud...." stammered the boy over the microphone.

"Whatever." Batgirl moaned as she walked slowly up to the edge of the pool and removed the shoes. "A lot of good these did." she thought as she stepped into the mud with her bare feet. The mud was very cool and also very viscous. It was more like pudding than mud and it felt good as her feet sank to her ankle in the muck. She walked cautiously to the center of the pool and assumed her usual hands on the hips stance.


A low grinding noise, like stone rolling on stone, shook the room as a panel slid slowly away and Lord Easystreet stepped out. Batgirl nearly dropped her knees laughing as she held her hand over her mouth to stop her humor stricken reaction.

Easystreet was dressed like some absurd beach go-er from the 1920s. His outfit consisted of a pair of spandex, black and white, horizontal stripped long johns and shirt. Over his eyes he wore an absurd pair of thick framed safety glasses, around his waist he sported a yellow inflated kiddies wading duck and his feet were adorned with enormous swim fins.

"Hey baby! Here I AMMMMM!!!!" he declared holding his arms out toward the under-whelmed avengeress.

"Great Erckle with a woody." she said under her breath as she rolled her eyes.

"So... like.... we're supposed to mud wrestle." she said coldly staring him straight down and flicking a chunk of mud at him with her bare foot.

"OOOHHHH Yeah sweet cheeks.... come ta popa!" he yelled as he plodded toward the heroine, swim fins and all.

His approach was clumsy, uncalculated and totally retarded yet, Batgirl didn't budge. He closed, she stared. He drooled, she sighed. His eyes focused on only two things, the great Bat-breasts that he had been dreaming of. His hands extended in a kind of gripping motion toward her plump....


Front kick? What front kick? Where the hell did that come from. All the hyper-active teen knew was some force slammed into his solar plexis and sent him sailing straight up in the air like a punted soccer ball.


Sprawled out like a crashed cartoon character, the kid smacked face first into the mud and slowly listed like a torpedoed tanker. Then the life fled from his arms and legs and he collapsed.

"Waaaaa!!!!! Youu.... Youuu.... you.... hurt meeeee......." he balled like a three year old. Batgirl, at first, stood beaming in superiority over the insolent geek but now, her stern face began to melt.

"Oh... I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"UUUGHH!! My stomach! It hurts...." he cried.

Being the heroine she was, Batgirl couldn't refuse such a whimpering soul and knelt down in the mud in front of him. "There there... Its OK... I didn't mean to hurt you." she said softly as she stroked his arms with her hands.

"uh uh uh all I ever wanted was... snif snif... some fun... dats all.... just fun... You don't know what its like to be the world's richest kid..." he babbled as he crouched and cried.

"Aw poor baby." Batgirl said pleasingly. She then grabbed him and pulled his head to her bosom and held him motheringly.

"Its.. its just... snif... women just don't respect me, you know..."

"I know."

"They try and take advantage of me snif..."

"I know"

"I'm.. snif... always alone..."

"I know"

"And I bet you like being fucked by farm animals..."

"I know."









The kid plowed face first into the unsuspecting heroine and slammed her hard to her back in the mud. He then immediately pounced on her breasts with both hands and began squeezing and groping them like they were melons at the market. He was almost as heavy as she was and a bit taller and he managed to slip his body between her legs and keep her down as he mashed her perky breasts.

"You fucking....." Batgirl rolled about in the mud trying to knock the little creep off. She was an expert fighter but, having trained later in life, Batgirl's fighting reactions were to first "fight like a girl". Her hands slapped and hammered on his back and her legs kicked about as she fought to excise the hormone pumped teenager.

Then, regaining her fighting senses, she grabbed the kid by the shirt collar, propped him up and over her and gave him a very memorable, Dirty Harry, knuckle sandwich straight in the mouth. He didn't stagger. He didn't fall over. He launched like an MX straight into the air and down onto his back with a loud FWAP!

"You little.... OOOOOO!!!!!!!" she got up and ran toward the stunned and bleeding teenager, her body now completely coated in soft brown, glistening mud and piled drived a punter's kick straight into his crotch. With an unholy motion that would have made an entire audience of men cringe in their seats, the kid's body lifted a foot out of the mud and landed like a prone ball on the concrete edge.

Mad. Damn she was mad. First plucked in an open window, then tied up, then drugged, kidnapped, gang banged by Catwoman and her three kittens, beaten, humiliated and nearly cut in half by a rusty mill saw, she gritted her teeth and panted like a raging bull. Then, with super heroine strength she picked up the soundless, gasping geek over her head by his neck and pelvis and slammed his body into the mud as hard as she possibly could. Like a cat, she sprang into the air and piled her muscular legs deep into his exposed stomach. She then straddled him and grabbed him by the neck.

"Wrestling! WRESTLING! You want wrestling! I'll give you wrestling!" Then with unheard of brutality, the she-avenger began slamming blow after blow into the kids face like a pile driver slamming down a post. Over and over again his body jerked with each punch.






She came. Not like a school girl. Not like a college girl. Not like a wife. Not like a hoar. She came like the red eye express. Each climax slammed by like train cars through a station. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Her body pounded and thrust in uncontrollable convulsions as she went through her fifth forced multiple orgasm. Cum again exploded from her mouth and Wonder Woman was forced to quaff another humiliating load of the obviously demoralizing fluid. "GUUGHH!!! Can't... take much more.." she panted as the groping and molesting continued. "Just too many of them.... NOO!!" One of the androids forced her to her knees and over the top of another. Then, both androids fed their members into each of her respective orifi and Wonder Woman found herself being doubly fucked in her ass and her pussy. Her pert anus was totally decimated at this point and she was actually able to engulf at least half of the 12 inch long polystyrene dildo as the android plunged down her ass.

Gritting her teeth and thrashing her head in an erotic display of spitting and hissing, the amazon started jerking and twisting her chest as the android under her gabbed both of her breasts and began squeezing them wildly. Then, pulling them straight down, it forced its mouth over her nipple and began sucking her off like someone sucking the juice from and orange.

"DA... DA.... DAMN YOU!.... I... AM WONDER WO.... HUGLLMMBLM!" A twelve inch penis, no matter what its made of, always acts as a good gag, which she quickly discovered when her gapping mouth was plugged by the third android's member.

The four now became a synchronized, pulsating unit with Wonder Woman's sole goal being to resist climaxing and the three android's to make her come until she dropped dead. The building sexual tension, the erotic moans, the dildo friction, the brutal rape, all of these indicated that Wonder Woman was losing. Faster and faster the three pumped the one. Over and over the pummeled her sexual will. Her pace became quicker, her panting higher. Then, with and explosive squeal of definite female sexual agony, the buxom mamazon screamed a cry of defeat as they took yet another climax from the heroine.

No sooner had the first climax tore her down then the android raping her ass pulled its dripping cock out and plunged it over the second one's and deep into her brutally abused vagina. This sent Wonder Woman into a new frenzy of sexual panic the likes of which she could only dream about in some perverse sexually dominate nightmare.

This climax was bad. Very bad. Muscles clenched. Buttocks tightened. Eyes squeezed shut like never before. Her body grew so tight that her skin grew beet red from tension. Then, with one last futile surge of her shapely hips, America's darling super heroine was smashed and pulverized into totally sexual ruin and humiliation as her body exploded in an uncontrollable convulsion of will sapping climaxes. The spirit spent, the fire squelched, Wonder Woman collapsed in defeat.

Still not done humiliating the fem-fightress, the androids burst all over the prone, moaning mamazon, filling her vagina and covering her with a thick stream of android cum. They then flung her lifeless body to the floor and stood over her as they emptied themselves on her.

Groping and clawing at the mat, Wonder Woman looked up with tear stained, blood shot eyes at the cabinet in front of her. "One... one... chance..."

With the last of her remaining strength, the buxom brunette lunged forward and sprawled her abused body over the top of the case. No sooner had she done this then the androids determined their victim still had enough energy to fight and had to be put down again. The marched slowly toward her. She let out a high kick and nailed the closest one in the head. It staggered back but another came up over her. It raised its fists, both of them, over its head and brought them down to pile drive Wonder Woman to the center of the Earth.


Not only did the glass case break but the Onyx stand crumbled from the android's massive blow. Her plan had worked and the now newly excited avenger sat to the side of the case, where she had jumped to, just before her stomach was going to be turned into hamburger meat.
Her hand reached out and.....

Outside in the hall, the room was silent for a long moment. Then a low, dull FOOMP preceeded one of the androids crashing straight through the door and imbedding itself in the opposing wall. It sank down totally shorted by the impact. More crashes and bangs and crunching sounds followed and soon, the mighty Wonder Woman stepped out of the room, mean, super charged and ready to kick some ASS!!!.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" screamed Victoria as she was pushed along down the corridor and toward the lab. The three she-bitches, Victoria, Nic and Nac, had fallen into one of Lord Easystreets gas traps while searching the maze for the next clue. They were now tied, with their hands behind their backs, similar to the way Wonder Woman was tied, with three androids accompanying them through the secret, underground facility.

Covered in white, creamy goo, all three were apparently host to the android's rather persuasive hospitalities; they all got the living daylights banged out of them. Now a little more "relaxed" the three lesbians staggered along toward their fate.

The women stood in awe and shock as they saw the rows of tubes containing the bound and anesthetized bodies of their adversaries. "Holy SHIT! What kind of hell hole IS this!" Victoria screamed as she tried to twist out of her bonds.

"Get your FUCKING hands off me!" the blonde screamed as two androids picked her up and placed her on the conveyor belt. As Victoria started to slide feet first into the machine, clamps came down over her legs, holding them in place. At the same time, the rosin holding her hands softened and released her wrists from their uncomfortable bonds.

"NO! DEAR GOD! NO!..... I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU ALL!" she screamed as her legs started inside the machine.


From the darkness, a gold barrette spun through the air like a ninja star and struck the off switch on the machine. The androids and all three women watched it hover back across the room and into the hands of...

"WONDER WOMAN!" the three screamed in shock.

"But we thought you were dead after we gang banged your..." started Nic in a slow moronic voice.

"SSSHHHHHH!!!" hissed Victoria. "Now... now Wonder Woman.... we were only joking... ha ha... joking... We really didn't mean to do those things to you..." said Victoria in a sickly sweet voice as she sucked up to the mamazon.

"Oh shut up!" blared Wonder Woman as she rushed the androids. The fight was brutal, violent and utterly futile. In minutes the androids were reduced to nothing more than scrap plastic at the feet of an arrogant, self indulged super heroine. The amazon then sauntered slowly over to Victoria, who was wriggling about on the conveyor belt.

"I should push the button..." Wonder Woman gleamed as she knelt over the woman nearly touching lips with the blonde and smiling as she rested her thumb on the start button.

"No... NO! Please... PLEASE!!!!" pleaded Victoria. The woman's cries for pity turned to gush tears of desperate whining as she fell apart and begged for mercy. This was all Wonder Woman wanted to see. Both women knew Victoria had lost. She had broke and whimpered and that was her moral demise.

"Say I'm the most beautiful super heroine in the world." smiled Wonder Woman with absolute arrogance, tapping Victoria on the nose with an affectionate finger.

"You... you... you're the most... beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, attractive, drop dead, knock out super heroine in the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!" screamed Victoria in a shower of desperate tears.

"Well, maybe not the most beautiful." replied a voice from the doorway. Batgirl sauntered slowly into the room touting a superior smile with Lord Easystreet all gagged and bound and in tow. She was covered with semi dry mud but none the worse for wear.

"Batgirl!" smiled Wonder Woman. "I'm so gald you could join us."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Batgirl replied giving Lord Easystreet a little shove/kick with her foot to prod him next to Nic and Nac. Wonder Woman walked over to Batgirl and put her hands on her hips as she surveyed the situation. "The first thing we have to do is get these women out of those tubes."

"I don't think so..." replied Batgirl.


Wonder Woman's strength was torn from her as Batgirl ripped the magical belt from around her waist and stepped way back. As the amazon stood in shock, Lord Easystreet began twisting and wiggling and his ropes merely fell to the floor as though they were just draped on.

"SURPRISE WONDER BIMBO!" snorted Easy as he walked over to Batgirl, put his arm around her back and grabbed a handful of heroine ass with a shit-eating grin.

"Batgirl! How could you!" screamed Wonder Woman as she backed away in shock.

"Oh Batgirl couldn't..." Lord Easystreet started to say. He then pulled out a remote, similar to a TV remote and pressed a few buttons. Pushed along by an escort of 5 androids, Batgirl staggered into the room and slumped to her knees. She looked worse than Wonder Woman did after her gang bang by the four androids in the octagonal room. The not so plucky avenger was gagged and bound like a slave, with a ball gag, chains and handcuffs. Her body was covered with layers of both mud and creamy, white ooze and she looked thoroughly beaten.

"Bat-slut here put up a real good fight in our little mud wrestling contest. Little did she know, however, that 1) she was fighting an android duplicate of me and 2) the mud was laden with an anesthetic that soaked through her skin. Sadly all she was wearing was that skimpy string bikini. It was only a matter of time then WHAM! gang bang city!" snickered and slobbered the perverted kid as he spanked the kneeling Batgirl on her sore and much abused ass.

"This Batgirl is an android replica I designed for my own "amusement". As you can see, this one doesn't have as much thigh cheese as the original." said the boy smugly.

Batgirl steamed and whined and shot the kid a dirty look. If she had heat vision like Supergirl, she could have cut a mountain in half with that scorching stare.

"Now for you Wonder Boobies! Get HER!" the kid ordered as he yelled into the remote. The amazon ex-super heroine rolled tumbled and fought with all her might but there were too many opponents and they were way too strong. In moments, the amazon was pinned and bound again with more rosin securing her hands behind her back.

"Hmm... I wonder what I should do with you. I know, let see how many blow jobs both of you can give my androids." he laughed as he started to program the remote.

"You'll never get away with this!" screamed Wonder Woman. "I'll tear you from limb to limb you little creep!"

"I think its time that mouth of yours got shut." replied the geek as he pressed a button on the remote. One of the androids turned and marched slowly towards a now kneeling and wiggling Wonder Woman.

Suddenly, out off the hallway, a shapely, female plowed into Lord Easystreet from behind sending the kid face first into a wall of computer banks. A torn gloved hand reached down and picked up the remote and Catwoman held it in front of her.

"RRRRRARRR grab those two prrrecotious heroines!" she ordered in her usual cat-talk. The androids immediately turned on the twisting heroines and stood them up, holding them super tight.

"RRRARRRAAA!!!!" she cat meowed as she walked toward Victoria who was absolutely hysterical with panic. Wonder Woman's wrath was one thing but Catwoman... the desperate blonde reached out and pressed the button turning the machine back on. Before Catwoman could reach her, Victoria slipped into the machine and soon emerged bound, gassed and entombed in a glass container.

Catwoman walked up to the glass container and stroked it with her half broken clawed finger tips. She then spat on the glass and made a small love heart over Victoria's sleeping face. "Prrrr..... sleep now. I shall destroy you later... RRAAAARRRR!!!".

She then shot Nic and Nac a stare that could have killed a hundred gutless men. Nic and Nac nearly clobbered each other trying to be the first into the machine. Anything was better than the wrath of that she- bitch even if both had to share the same tube. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the two naked lesbians emerged in an awkward embrace of tangled arms, tits, legs, hair and ass.

The torn and tattered feline vixen then sauntered back over and grabbed Wonder Woman by the chin. "I've been wondering what kind of entertainment you'd be like. Now I get to find out."


"Get your hands off ME you sick WOMAN! You need some serious HELP!" Wonder Woman yelled as she spit in Catwoman's face.



Wonder Woman's head nearly left her neck as Catwoman backhanded her face. "Gag the spitfire's tongue!" ordered Catwoman into the remote. Wonder Woman thrashed her head about wildly as she fought to resist the humiliation of being gagged in front of her enemy. The androids were far stronger however and soon the fem-fightress was sporting a thick, rubber ball gag like Batgirl's.

"Puuuuurrrrrfeccttt! Heroines just the way I like them; bound gagged and.... well, two out of three ain't bad." she grinned as she lightly ran her clawed finger tips down between Wonder Woman's legs and over her
star spangled mound.

Then with a harsh yank, she grabbed Wonder Woman's lasso from the "Barbi" Batgirl and strolled over to Lord Easystreet. He was crumpled on the floor, nearly in tears from fear. The woman took the young boy's head by his hair and pushed is shock face in between her full, round, tan thighs. She then looped the magic lasso around his chest and pulled his head back to force him to look up at her huge, full breasts and evil grinning face.

"Rrrrrrrr.... you're going to tell me everything... EVERYTHING I want to know.... I've got some major plans for you and your MONEY!" she said coldly.

"Yeeessss.... yess... oh mistress.." he babbled. Wonder Woman gasped and twisted in angry against her bindings at how the great lasso was being used. "How dare....!" Batgirl was more in fear of what Catwoman would do if she got control of that much wealth. "She'll go on a rampage!" Batgirl thought as she tried in futility to free herself.

"What is all this for." Catwoman asked waving her hand at the tubes and the machinery. "Where's the diamond?"

"Well... its... itss... all a trick..." stammered Lord Easystreet. "There never was a diamond... its just a lure... See, I've been doing this for the last 4 years."

"Huh? I don't understand..." asked a puzzled Catwoman.

"It started out small, just a few nameless bikini models, starlets, prostitutes, etc. I'd sucker them to the island for a party or something, then bottle them up one by one and sell them into white slavery. The foreign buyers I got were small time at first but, as the quality and notoriety of the girls increased, the more prestige and money I got and the better clientele I was able to deal with. Now I'm one of the top White slavers in the world." the boy yammered.

"But you're a billionaire?" said Catowoman.

"Well... not really.... after my parents died, all I got was this island and 10 or 20 million. The American Lung Association got the rest."

"Rrrrrr... with money like that you'd think they would have found a cure for cancer by now." Catwoman said under her breathe as she waved her hand for him to continue.

"...anyway, I found out that, if I made the bait more inticing, better quality women would show up. What added to the excitement was pitting them against each other. That's what gave me the idea for the treasure hunts. The women that showed up were all power hungry, self centered, egotistical, narcissistic bitches, you know the professional types, the models, the actresses, the lawyers, business women, the kind of women that didn't need anyone and would win at any cost. They were so self centered and competitive that they didn't even notice or care whether their party mates were disappearing. To them it was a bonus, an opportunity to take advantage of. They were so bent on being the winner, they didn't know it was a trap till it was too late. The best part is, since they are such rotten, competitive bitches, no one cared if they were missing. I never once had the police out here checking up on missing girls. Man, what a bunch of morons. They were so stupid. I never saw a bunch of women that needed to be taught a lesson to in all my...."

Catwoman raised one eye and stared down at the boy. Lord Easystreet immediately realized that his large breasted captor was one of those "morons" and sucked down a huge gulp.

"Is there anything else I need to know..." Catwoman said as she leaned down face to face with the boy and ran a razor sharp talon under his chin.

Frantically, Lord Easystreet panted and thought. "Yes Yess... Batgirl is really Barbara Gordon, police Commissioner Gordon's daughter and Wonder Woman is really Diana Prince from the IADC." he blurted out in one long, winded sentence as he clenched his eyes shut.

Oh the obsenities those two struggling, furious, bound and gagged heroines spouted out under their ball gags as both super women grew beat red with angry. If they weren't gagged the comic book code of approval would have melted right off all the back issues of Wonder Woman and Batgirl from such horrific language.

"Purrrrfect.... simply purrrrfeeecccct!" cried Catwoman. "I couldn't have asked for a better day... WAIT!... yes I could! Androids! Take these two and escort them to the master bedroom of the main house." ordered Catwoman into the mic. "All androids, report to the master bedroom of the main house, I repeat, the master bedroom of the main house." she ordered again, switching channels on the remote.

Laughing like an excited school girl, Catwoman smacked Wonder Woman's passing rear. "Yah MULE! Its GANG BANG time!" she screamed. Wonder Woman and Batgirl went into a hysterical tyraid of struggling and kicking and both had to be carried to the main house.