Wonder Woman and Batgirl 08

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This story contains material of a sexual nature. It has explicite descriptions of sex, bondage and non- consentual sex. If you are at all offended by this kind of story. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!!!

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Barbara Gordon's vision was still immensely foggy as she felt a rope being pulled tight around her chest. She moaned slowly but her body wouldn't respond. Even without being tied, she probably couldn't move anyway. Then, she recoiled like a beaten animal as the sight of her tormentor's face loomed over her. With a loud whacking slap across the face, Catwoman shook Batgirl awake. "So nice of you to join us sweet cheeks. I see you're still alive. Good."

Batgirl slowly raised her sore head and neck, and looked around at her predicament. She was tied on her back to a huge log which was about twice as thick as she was. Her arms were tied over her head and her legs were tied very wide apart and to the sides of the log. Several coils of rope pinned her legs, waist and arms to the log basically making her a permanent part of it. She was so sore and tired, her head simply dropped like a rock as she lay back down. She was completely stripped and lay naked to the world and spread across the coarse, hard tree trunk.

"Its just like one of those "Puuurrrrerils of Pauline" serials." Catwoman gasped clapping her hands together. "The poor bound and gagged heroine is tied to the log and sent slowly down the conveyor toward the buzz saw. The huge blade whirs and zings, cutting the log as the young damsel struggles for freedom. The only puuurrrroblem is, there's no mountie to save you." she said with a giggle as she leaned over Barbara and slowly ran her clawed fingertip down Batgirl's nose. "I've got all the mounties. TOMMY!"

The henchman threw the breakers and the monstrous cutter started up. The huge, circular blade began spinning at high speed as it sat like a chomping pacman waiting for Batgirl's log to chew on. Batgirl looked down her body, between her legs and at the saw and began to scream. It was lined up perfectly with her crotch. Tears of terror streamed down her face as the log began moving toward the steel blade of death.

"Tata Batgirl. Just like you, we have to "SPLIT"." Catwoman laughed as she put her arms around her goons and skipped out of the mill. "By the way, we found the next clue." she bragged taping a manila envelope with her Cat nails. "Too bad you won't live to see it. BWAHAHAHAHAHA" Batgirl lay twisting and struggling against her ropes as death came closer and closer. "It can't end like this... NOT THIS!"

The cold chill of the lake water shot through Wonder Woman's bare body like thousands of tiny daggers as the bucket of water brought her violently to consciousness. Immediately, Diana began to feel disoriented and dizzy as what she was laying on began to rock and roll about. Wonder Woman lay curled up in a small, two man, inflatable raft. The women had completely cocooned her in duct tap. Her amazon body lay like a fly tied in a spiders web, her arms taped behind her back and her legs bound tightly together. Tape ran everywhere, around her legs, arms, chest, shoulders, stomach, knees, ankles, almost any part of her that could move was securely taped. Her hands were the worst part. The women had used an entire roll of tape to bundle her hands into one mass of gray, sticky tape securing the ends of her arms into one huge glob of plastic. Several coils of tape were wrapped around her mouth and over and around her head. Her hair was a snarled, sticky mess under the tape and the only part of her head exposed was her eyes, nose and cheeks which bulged out and over the tape around her mouth.

"Wakey wakey." screamed Tarra as she flung the tequila bottle sending it bouncing off Wonder Woman's taped chest and into the water. "We decided you needed a nice, relaxing boat ride." Tarra laughed as she stood arrogantly on the dock.

"Yeah, a ONE WAY boat ride." screamed Victoria as she untied the little boat and gave it a kick with her shoe. "Have a nice trip... see ya next FALL!" she joked and with that all the women began to laugh at the bound up heroine as her boat caught the current and started down stream.

"You think she'll stand a chance?" asked Victoria as they watched the boat head down stream.

"Nah, those falls are hundreds of fee.. hundreds of fee... really high. She go SPPPPPLLLLAAAAATTTTT like a heroic pancake." replied Tarra as she staggered off the dock with her to cohorts and headed back toward the cabin.

Wonder Woman twisted and pulled at the tape as the boat began to pick up speed. Far off the roar of Glouster falls grew closer as the heroine raced toward certain DOOM. "Only minutes... must get free...dear Hera... Its HOPELESS!"

Is this the end of our two heroines. Will Wonder Woman be dashed to bits on the jagged rocks below Glouster falls? Will Batgirl be beside herself in pain and agony at the saw mill.

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