Wonder Woman and Batgirl 01

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This story contains material of a sexual nature. It has explicite descriptions of sex, bondage and non- consentual sex. If you are at all offended by this kind of story. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!!!

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Barbara Gordon just finished a heavy session of aerobics and collapsed in a pile of sweat and exhaustion on her sofa. "Damn that Denise Austin! That girl's got more energy than a one-legged man at a butt kicking contest." she mumbled as she sat back and watched the attractive girl bounce about.

"I wouldn't mind tying that bundle of energy down." Barbara thought to herself as she watched Denise bounce up and down, coaxing her camera audience on with her sickly sweat "C'mon, you can do it" voice.

"Now to the left... Now to the right... That's it.. you can do it..." Debbie would repeat again and again with an incredibly cheesy smile and patronizing voice that really said "You're a fat loser... I'm better than you.. I am a goddess."

"Its almost like watching a big Barbi doll. I bet a good sized vibrator could bang the spunk out of her. " Barbara said eyeing the woman's firm rear and bouncing chest. Suddenly, Babs stopped and starred down between her legs, noticing that she was rubbing herself with her fingers and enjoying it.

"God I miss Selena!" she said rolling onto her side and rubbing a little harder. She then sat up with a gleam in her eye and made her way toward a secret storeroom she used to hide most of her crime fighting gear. There, she grabbed a video tape cartridge from a box stored at the back of the room and put it into the machine. She then stripped out of her leotard and sat naked on her white sofa. With a click, she started the mysterious tape.

The images of her and Selena's bound and gagged bodies came intensely to life as the tape started. Apparently, the three stooges of crime, the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin, had taped her and Catwoman's near demise, probably for their own sick enjoyment. It was lucky for Barbara that she was able to snatch the tapes from the city evidence vault before they were made public.

"Boy daddy would go NUTS if he saw what really happened. He always thinks of me as his little girl." Babs thought as she rubbed herself slowly and watched as she was forcefully gang-banged into submission by the Joker's android nemisises. The scene then switched to the struggling Catwoman as some hideously disgusting plant penetrated her bound and helpless body. The screams and moans of desperation from both her and Selena made her wet with desire and excitement. Being so close to defeat, risking total submission was too exhilarating.

Babs stood up and ran to her bedroom, ejecting the tape and nearly pulling the VCR along with her as she grabbed the cartridge. Flinging the tape into her bedroom machine and turning it on, she quickly opened her dresser drawer and pulled out several special handcuffs, a cloth gag ,a large, black vibrator, a silk, black bikini and several other items. She slide the silk G-String up her firm thighs and let it sit low and wide around her legs as she tied the bikini bra into place. There was something about being in a costume, even a costume as skimpy as a bikini, that drove Babs wild with excitement. Being naked was boring. Being nearly naked was everything. The final touch was a pair of shiny, black 6 inch stiletto heels which she slipped on. Standing in the mirror, she gazed at her muscle tone, curvaceous body and ran her hands slowly over her breasts and rear.

"God! What a BOD!" she hissed slapping her ass and talking as though she were someone else, someone who was in control, someone who was crude, primal and dangerous. "You need a good FUCK!" she continued groping her breasts.

Jumping on the bed she quickly cuffed her feet. She then inserted the large plaything, which took a few erotically, agonizing minutes. She the pulled her G- String up and into place, covering the toy, preventing it from escaping. Using another set of special cuffs, she clamped each manacle around her thighs just above her knees and then clamped the manacles to each other, forcing her curvaceous legs tight together. She then picked up a leather, bondage sock and pulled it over her legs like a sleeping bag. From the back she zipped the sock up, squeezing her legs tightly together and forming them into one shapely mass. The top of the sock ended at just below her crotch and her full, white thighs and buttocks slightly bulged out of the bondage accessory.

She then picked up a leather belt with several rings orbiting the outside and affixed it around her waist. Picking up the gag, she placed it over her mouth and tightened it around her head with more straps. The gag was a specialty item that was made from a soft cloth pad attached to a firm, leather backing and held in place by straps. The pad snugly covered her mouth and muffled even the loudest screams. She seemed to like this kind of gagging over a ball gag, which made her drool and made her jaw tired. She also felt it was a lot more sexually attractive.

After gagging herself, she cuffed her hands behind her back and to the ring on the back of her belt. She was now completely restrained and felt absolutely wonderful. With a dexterous click, she pressed the play button and lay back as the tape started and the low hum of the vibrator began to build.

The images continued to bombard her as she remembered the experience. Her naked, bound body surged and rolled about slowly as the sounds and screams of her and Catwoman sent waves of erotic stimulation through her. The vibrator also added to the tension, slowly building its vibrations like it was designed to. Each scene was shocking and exhilarating. Selena moaning, Barbara screaming, both women being taken by the criminals that had captured them. Both women being pulled down deeper into helpless submission. Barbara rolled about moaning and surging as her climax grew closer and closer... BAM!

"Barbara honey, its daddy." called out Commissioner Gordon in a patronizing, voice like and adult calling a little girl. Barbara froze stiff in fright, almost crushing the vibrator inside her as she heard him come in.

"Dear GOD!" she screamed under her gag as she flopped about on the bed trying to get untangled from the bedding. Frantically she grabbed the remote and, after pressing the forward and reverse a few times, managed to stop the tape and turn of the TV.

"Barbara, I came to see if my favorite little girl wants to go to dinner." called out the old man as his voice neared the bedroom. Barbara sat up in sheer terror as the foot steps grew closer. "If only daddy could see his little girl now!" Babs thought as she stared about frantically for escape.

The door slowly opened. "Barbara, are you in..."


"Oh thank God whomever you are." Babs slunk back as her father turned to answer the living room phone. As the old man talked, Babs popped to her feet and made her way, like a female pogo stick, to the dresser. Her large breasts bounced up and down causing her to lose balance and plow into the cabinet. The keys she so desperately needed went flinging back behind the dresser and out of reach.

"HHHMMMMMM!" Babs screamed in shock as she twisted around for some other means of escape. "Lock pick's in my Batgirl utility belt in the secret room. I can't get to it!" Then with a bouncing furry she jumped across to her closet. Turning her back to the door she tried to grab the knob but the mountains of coat hangers and clothes hanging on the knob prevented her from getting a grip. Then her eyes bulged in shear terror as she heard the phone hang up. In one last, final act of desperation, she dove toward the floor and slid her bound and gagged body under her bed. Her feet disappeared just as the door opened and Commissioner Gordon timidly stepped in.

"Barbara. Are you in here?" he asked making sure he didn't walk in on a half naked daughter. He was an extremely decent man and was embarrassed at even the slightest amount of nudity.

"NO!" Barbara gasped as she suddenly realized the cord from the vibrator ran out from between her legs, across the floor, and up the side of the bed to the dresser where the dial control sat patiently glowing. Groping desperately, she fished the cord off the floor with her cuffed hands and started pulling the cord so she could pull the remote off the dresser and down under the bed

"Got to... turn it off..." she winced as the low vibration made her sweat with building sensation.


The hard plastic case of the remote hit the side of the dresser and then the floor as it fell. Babs froze again but sighed in relief. Commissioner Gordon was moving a chair at the same time the remote fell and the noise was perfectly masked. Looking to her right, she watched the small white box as she slowly drew it toward her. Then her eyes bulged in shock as she watched the box jam itself between the dresser leg and the bed leg.

"DAMN IT!" she huffed as she pulled harder and harder. The, with one frantic yank, she twisted her body and pulled the cord as hard as she could. Suddenly, a never before felt sensation of intense vibration shot through her pelvis, sending Barbara bucking about in panic. Looking across she could see the dial was broken and pegged past the 10 mark. She normally enjoyed a heavy workout of 4. The remote was broken and the vibrator was now going hog wild with the full 120 volt setting.

Bab's hips rolled slowly and erotically as the toy drove her closer toward an unwanted and uncontrollable climax. "Gett... ouutttt ddddaaadddy." she thought trying to hold back the flood.

"Hmm... I guess she's gone to the library. What a dedicated girl but I wish she wasn't suck a pig." he said picking up a pair of frilly, black panties and placing them on the bed. "I'll just leave a note." he added, sitting down at her vanity mirror and taking out some paper. Like the methodical man he was, he slowly and meticulously wrote out a note. Then, as he finished the note, the timer on the VCR expired and the tape stopped. Apparently Barbara had only hit the pause earlier and now the mechanism decided to stop the tape.

"What's this!" Commissioner Gordon asked as he turned on the TV and picked up the remote. Under the bed, Barbara was now frantically twisting about, struggling to keep quite as the sensation from the vibrator and the act of being caught overwhelmed her.


"Damn pager!" Gordon cursed as he got up. Reading the display he headed straight for the door. "Its the office! I've got to get back." he barked as he shot out of the apartment and slammed the door. At that same moment, Barbara screamed uncontrollably as her climax tore her nearly apart. Her hips shot upward, pushing her mattress and box spring off their frame and to the floor. The heavy, king sized bed collapsed into a pile of mattresses, pillows and stuffed toys, entombing the helpless heroine and pinning her. Babs continued to violently pound her hips about as wave after wave forced her down again and again and panic filled her desperate mind as she knew too many climaxes like this would certainly dominate her.

The dazed heroine staggered from the bedroom, clutching her pelvis just below her stomach and holding her head. It had been nearly two agonizing hours since her father had left and she had spent the time trapped under the collapsed bed, pinned and helpless as the vibrator continued its relentless work. Her only saving grace was the fact the toy was not designed to run at such a voltage and its poor internal workings had finally seized.

Barbara was also "damaged" by the experience. The toy and the bondage were too much for her and the unlucky heroine had succumb to its effects. The constant climaxes had pushed her over the edge, beyond her ability to cope or resist, and now she was dominated. She staggered about, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed over with a veil of haziness as she sauntered slowly into the living room. She dropped to her knees, unable to comprehend or care about anything. At this point she would have obeyed anyone without question, performed any act, allowed anything to happen to her. She collapsed utterly defeated.

After an hour of sleep, the oppressive sensation lifted and Barbara slowly got to her feet. She shook her head to clear it and walked back into the bedroom, plopping down in the chair that sat in front of her vanity mirror.

"Can't ever let that happen again." she mumbled as she clutched her head. "I can't believe I lost to a vibrator." she winced as she picked up the melted plastic toy. Dropping it on the table, she looked down and noticed the note from her father.


I stopped by but you weren't home. You got a call from some company called Frederick's. They said your "special" won't be done for another week. I hope you understand this cause I don't. I'll be at the office.

Love and kisses Daddy.

"Damn, my new leather outfit's going to be late." she grunted picking up a stuffed, pink bear and hurling it across the room and hitting Charlie's bird cage. The bird squaked noisily as the cage rolled about.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Babs said affectionately as she quieted the bird. "You know how mommy gets when she doesn't get her TOYS!" she hissed. "Anyway, daddy had to rush off to work and at this time of night it could only mean its big trouble." Barbara said putting her hand to her chin and staring intensely off into space.

"I think its time Batgirl got involved, don't you?" Babs said to the bird, blowing it a taunting kiss as she strolled off toward the vanity. Pushing a button she activated the secret room and popped inside. A few moments later, the Batgirl cycle came screaming out of Barbara Gordon's back alley.

"Batgirl! Saints alive! Are we glad to be seeing you." said chief O'Hara as she walked up to the young heroine and stood in front of her with a desperate look on his face. Commissioner Gordon got up from behind his desk and his gloomy expression turned to sheer delight as he escorted Batgirl into the room.

"Yes, chief O'Hara's sentiments reflect all of our feelings at seeing you." said Commissioner Gordon.

"Why, what's wrong? Where's Batman and Robin?" asked Batgirl as she sat on the corner of Commissioner Gordon's desk and crossed her legs. She was wearing yet another new costume. This one was a two piece arrangement. The bottom was a pair of purple, spandex shorts that sat low and wide across her shapely hips, just below her belly button and riding along the curvature of her thighs where her thighs met her hips. It was more like a swimsuit bottom than shorts and was absolutely skin tight, hugging ever curve. The material was so shear and tight that even the indentation made by her vagina would peek through now and again as she crossed her legs. Her standard Batgirl utility belt sat across her hips.

Her bottom was complimented by an equally tight and shear purple halter top. The top covered her upper chest and neck, forming a nice, skin tight turtle neck that stopped just below her chin. Her arms and shoulders were bare and the only thing keep it up was a small, zipper on the neck portion that zipped up behind her head. The top stretched out tight over her large breasts and stopped just below her tits, wrapping itself snugly around her rib cage. A small strap portion continued around back and was again held together with a small zipper. This arrangement left her back completely bare except for the neck and lower strap.

Her legs were completely bare except for a pair of 6 inch, purple, glossy calf boots that zipped up the sides. Her arms with the same way, bare except for a pair of satin, purple gloves that stopped just before her elbows.

She was wearing her regular, purple cowl with a free flowing, red hared wig underneath. The wig was much more real and soft looking than her older one making her look more like a red headed Cathy Ireland than a stiff hared Mary Tyler Moore. To top the whole outfit off, she wore her usual purple and yellow Batgirl cape.

"Saint's preserve us Batgirl, we just don't know." Chief O'Hara stuttered in a panic as she waved his arms frantically.

"Its as though the Earth itself has swallowed them up completely." added Commissioner Gordon ominously as both he and Chief O'Hara stared in dread at the silent Bat phone. "We haven't been able to get a hold of them at all."

"Oh brother..." thought Barbara as she rolled her eyes in disgust. "What a couple of little boys. Well, I think a woman can handle things just fine." she thought as she popped off the desk and arrogantly strutted to the center of the room.

"What did you need them for?" she asked striking her usual Batgirl stance.

"I'm afraid that Lord Easystreet has decided to make all of our lives a lot more tense with his newest, wild party." Commissioner Gordon said waving his hands in the air.

"You mean that billionaire is throwing ANOTHER wild party?" asked Batgirl.

"Sadly yes Batgirl. Even after last years fiasco with the heard of rampaging elephants down main street, he still insists on throwing a wild party every year." Gordon said

"Saints alive, a let me tell you clean up after a plethora of pacaderms is no picnic Batgirl." added the chief.

"What's his theme this year?" asked Batgirl.

"I diamond hunt." replied chief O'Hara. "Of all the infernal things to have."

"Yes Batgirl, that scavenger hunt is going to attract every criminal to Gotham city like flies to honey, seeing how the diamond is worth nearly 2 million dollars." Gordon continued.

"Two million! But even the hope diamond isn't worth THAT much!" Batgirl exclaimed.

"Yes, but this diamond is special. It supposedly is 99.9% pure crystal and developed synthetically. The military and medical applications for it in laser technology could be limitless." explained Gordon.

"Sure en be Batgirl and all year the crazy coot has been holding a lottery to pick a bunch of winners to go out to his island estate and play the game. The funny thing is, he only is allowin' women to join, and beautiful women at that." added O'Hara.

"I see." said Batgirl stroking her chin. "Commissioner, is there anyway you can get a ticket to this party?"

"Why yes, I had two but I have one left. Why do you ask?" asked Gordon.

"Well, I was thinking if we asked your daughter Barbara to go there, undercover that is, and had her keep an eye on the guests, she could warn me if anything bad was happening using this Batgirl transmitter." said Batgirl as she pulled a small device from her belt and handed it to Commissioner Gordon.

"I don't know... " hesitated Commissioner Gordon. "Can't we use an undercover police woman?"

"All the master criminals in Gotham city probably know your undercover agents. Besides, its a harmless assignment. There are dozens of guests and probably nothing is going to happen." said Batgirl.

"You're right Batgirl." said Gordon. "I know she'll be safe with you."

"Good, I'll contact her tonight and I'll arrange everything and have her keep you posted." said Batgirl as she took the transmitter and walked briskly out of the office. As she opened the door, she turned back to the two men. "By the way, what ever happened to the other ticket?"

"Good thing you asked." said Gordon as he walked to his desk and looked at a folder. "Apparently the IADC also wants to have an agent on hand to make sure the diamond doesn't fall into some foreign power's hands. I believe their agent's name is Ms. Prince."

"Good, I... I mean I'll have Barbara keep an eye out for her." Batgirl said as she walked out.

As Batgirl left, Commissioner Gordon turned to Chief O'Hara. "Ah, its so nice to know my daughter is in such capable hands."

"Aye, but don't you think she'd catch a cold in that outfit?" asked chief O'Hara. Both men looked at each other and Commissioner Gordon raised an eyebrow.