Wonder Woman and Batgirl 09

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"Damn this water is COLD!" Wonder Woman thought as her tiny raft bounded and plunged in and out of the river's frothy, ice cold currents like a leaf in a garden hose stream flowing toward a drain. This drain, however, was several hundred feet high and she was one hell of a tiny leaf. The amazing amazon's ever renewing body was slowly recuperating from its sexual ordeal and she began to struggle and pull harder against the duct tape as she grew closer to the edge.

"Hera! This stuff... so tight... this can't be the END!" she screamed under her gag as she tried frantically to pull at least one hand loose.

What was worse, the little boat was filling fast with water. The sides were still inflated but the interior was hip deep in ice cold water.

"Wait! The water! The tape is..... softening."

Sure enough, as the voluptuous brunette rolled about in the half filled boat, the water began soaking into the duct tape making it weaker by the second.

"Too SLOW!... Got to do something to buy time!" she thought as she saw the misty spray of water ahead that marked the edge of the great falls. "I've got no CHOICE!"

Closing her eyes and taking one last deep breathe through her nose, the amazon rolled her bound body over the edge of the boat and into the fiercely flowing rapids. For several seconds she remained immersed under the white foam as the little boat continued toward the edge. The boat then sailed straight over the falls and flittered down into the misty whiteness below.

For a long moment, only the roar of the falls echoed through the early morning haze. Then, a long, female arm burst from the depths and Wonder Woman groped and grasped for the nearest rock. Only her right arm was free, but, with spirit and determination rivaled by no other, she pushed and reached until she pulled herself up against the slimy stone savior. A few moments later, her other arm came free, then her legs. With shear, female determination, she plodded through the currents like a buxom juggernaut until she found herself plopped down on the shore of the river, bruised, half drowned and totally exhausted.

Barbara kept blowing away wood chips from her nose as the spray of pulp from the saw blade started pilling on top of her. The log was about halfway through and she could see the huge blade growing nearer and nearer.

"CATWOMAN!" she screamed under her gag. "NO!"

The noise of the mill was so deafening that she couldn't even hear herself think let alone make a sound. She stared down her naked body, which was now totally covered in wood chips, and watched in horror as the bladed reached the bottom of her feet.

Suddenly, a new wave of hope sprang from the plucky avenger. "My God! She tied my feet apart!" thought Barbara as she felt the blade cut the rope that ran between her ankles and which bound her legs to the log. With a twang, her legs slipped to either side of the log, free of their bonds.

"Thank the stars I've been practicing this..." she thought as she lifted her long legs up and curled them over her body so her feet were touching her hands. Laying on her back, with her ass up in the air, Barbara went to work untying the knots on her wrists with her toes.

"Never thought... this would... ever come in... handy...." she thought remembering the time she had accidentally dropped the keys to her bondage cuffs and had to use her toes to pick the lock.

Her break was short lived however as she felt the huge blade growing nearer to her arched rear. "Just a few more... THERE!"

Her hands were free but it was too late. The blade was too close to give her time to remove the ropes from around her chest. Suddenly, however, she noticed the log had left its cradle and her end was suspended in mid air.

"If I can just..." with several thrusts and yanks, she began lurching herself to one side, causing her body to slip around to the side of the log. It was close, very close. The breeze from the blade passed so close that she pissed all over the log as she felt it pass within millimeters of her back and head. Then, with a sudden snap, the last rope was cut and she fell flat on her stomach on the floor in a puddle of her own urine and soaked saw dust. The room went black as she fainted.

Yumi screamed wildly under her gag as Victoria plunged her mounted dildo deep inside the tied Asian. Victoria's dark tan body pushed and surged between Yumi's tightly bound legs as the blonde violently raped the poor girl. Then, with one last surge of sexual sensation, Yumi screamed uncontrollably and collapsed from another horrid climax.

Both Nic and Nac were enjoying Tasha as one entered her ass from behind with a mounted dildo while the other forced the already beaten girl to blow her. As the short hared girl's gang bang continued, the satisfied Victoria got up and walked over to Tarra Rogers who was stripped, gagged and totally bound to one of the posts in the cabin.

"You ladies were good FUCKS!" hissed Victoria as she grabbed Tarra's reddened breast and squeezed it hard. "Not as good as Wonder Hoar but entertaining none the less. I've always wanted to rape a lawyer."

Tarra's face was slightly swollen and bruised and she turned away and whined as the blonde slammed a steamy kiss on the beaten woman's cheek.

"Too bad you bitches were too drunk to pull off your little double cross. We made sure we didn't drink like cows like you three did cause we were planning the same thing for you." Victoria laughed as she pushed her two fingers into Tarra's pussy and began rubbing the poor woman wildly.

Tarra, Tasha and Yumi had been the victims of their own, poorly planned double cross. They were going to jump Victoria and the Noc sisters and leave them all bound up so Lord Easystreet's androids would pick them up. Sadly, however, too much liquor and too little brains make for a poor attack and the three ladies found themselves being victimized just like Wonder Woman. Brutally beaten, gang banged and demoralized for hours by the three psychotic lesbians, the three girls now lay totally spent at the mercy of their captors.


Tasha spasmed and convulsed as her last climaxed sent her hard and broken to the floor.

"What are we gonna do with them?" asked Nic as she got dressed.

Victoria pondered the situation for a long moment. Then, with a wicked gleam she slapped Nic on the back. "Have I got an idea! You're gonna love it!" cried Victoria as she headed for the door. "Get our little love sluts dressed in some nice bikinis and some high heel pumps. They've got some work to do."


Wonder Woman slowly stirred as her body began to regain its strength. After a few minutes of rubbing her head in agony, she slowly got to her knees and then her feet. With great care, she pulled the rest of the duct tape off her freezing body and tossed the scraps to the ground in disgust.

"I don't believe this. Look at ME!" Wonder Woman gasped as she looked down at herself. "Anyone could drive a Mack truck up my.. er, me, from either direction and I'd hardly notice! I-I-I'm RUINED!"

Her ass had been dildoed so many times that it was still extremely wide and hollow. Her breasts still had their plump form but were covered in grope and whip marks making it very obvious that someone had a tremendous field day with her. The worst yet was her vagina, which had been plunged so many times that it was now permanently widened from the six women dildo fucking her continuously.

The most damaged part of her, however, was her will and self esteem. She had been totally demoralized by her enemy and her arrogance had cost her a huge price. The great queen, the world's greatest super heroine and America's darling idol was now nothing more than an over climaxed, sexually defeated, super-pushover.

"I've got to redeem myself. Got to get those women back for what they did. I must bring them to justice." she cursed nobly as she staggered up the bank and over the hill toward the mansion.

"Oh Catwoman! Damn YOU!" screamed Barbara as she too staggered out of the mill and into the mid morning sun. Her totally raped body plodded along as she slowly regained her strength. Just like in her apartment, things went too far. She couldn't handle the sexual excitement and the experience had totally destroyed her will. Catwoman had broke her. Defeated her. And now she was nothing but a heroine stripped of her dignity and image.

As she neared the main road, Barbara heard the noise of a horse drawn carriage coming her way. Quickly, she dove into some nearby bushes and watched.

"Dear God!" she gasped as she watched the wagon move slowly by. Tarra, Tasha and Yumi were fettered and muzzled with riding bits and were strapped at the front of the wagon in a triangular formation. Under all the horse's rains and leather straps, the three women were wearing some pretty snazzy bikinis and some really high heel shoes. Victoria and Nic and Nac were laughing away on top of the wagon as they sent whip after cracking whip blows down on the three whaling and screaming women. The two wheeled monstrosity of female suffrage rattled by Batgirl and headed slowly along toward the mansion.

"Welp, at least they're not moving too fast. If I hurry, I can get to the mansion before they do." Barbara thought as she got out of the bush. Suddenly, a cool morning breeze quickly reminded the plucky heroine that a birthday suite was not an effective costume. "SHIT! I've got to find some clothes."

Diana pulled hard on the zipper and let out a breathe as she pulled the ring to the top of the outfit.

"I can't believe THIS! They had all sorts of stuff here when they were having me... well, you know... but now all I can find is this!" Diana cursed as she twirled about in the full length mirror, eyeballing the outfit. She had circled back to the cabin where her little "party" took place and had bust in hoping to find the six women, or at least her costume. Instead, all six were gone and the only clothes she could find was...

"A French Maid's OUTFIT! If this isn't the most sexist thing I have ever seen!" she hissed as she stared at her huge Amazon body crammed into the tight black outfit. Her legs were covered in a set of fishnet stockings that ran from the outfit's six inch, black, stiletto heels to a tiny, micro skirt. They were held up by an extremely obvious garter belt/waist belt arrangement and her privates were covered by a very sheer pair of black, lace panties.

"Damn skirt won't even cover the garters!" she whined as she pulled and tugged on the micro mini skirt in hopes of stretching it down.

The top was actually very similar to her costume; a boustier. But this top was black, lacy and extremely tight. Her huge breasts looked like two enormous scoops of tan ice cream sitting in two extremely small serving dishes. It was all she could do to keep her nipples inside the bra cups. She couldn't even see her pumps over her cleavage as the outfit pushed her breasts up and outward as though it were offering them to anyone who would care to take them. She had decided that she would wear her hair up and held by the outfit's little bow tie barrette.

"At least no one should recognize me in this." she sighed as she headed out and toward the mansion. (Yeah right :))

Batgirl made her way slowly through the grounds, slipping easily past the estate's huge recreation center.

"Well, jean shorts and a tee shirt are better than nothing I guess." Babs thought as she grabbed some clothes that were sitting on a beach chair next to the pool. As she dressed, she quickly noticed something, or the lack there of. The entire estate was absolutely quiet. Only the sounds of nature could be heard where as before, the shouts and screams of dozens of models, actresses, business women and starlets beating the living day lights out of each other rocked the estate grounds.

"Hmmm, maybe they're all inside..." Babs thought. Suddenly, she took a quick dive behind a nearby cabana as she heard footsteps. "OOHHH!! Catwoman!" Batgirl cringed as she saw her female nemesis. "I ccccuuhh cuhhhh can't go through ttthhhuuu thhhat again.." Barbara shuddered as she tried to be a mouse; quiet and hidden.

The feline felon made her way arrogantly around the pool and toward the estate's huge mazeorium. She was incredible and absolutely intimidating, especially to Batgirl who had just gotten her poor ass broken and defeated. The she-cat sauntered along in a pair of super high, stiletto heels and she wore a black, French cut bikini with garters, black silk arm gloves and her cat mask and ears. Her three incredible hunk henchmen were close behind, each decked out in their skin tight kitten boy outfits.

"OK Boys, split up. That third clue has got to be around here somewhere." Selena ordered as she held up the paper and looked about the garden. The three kittens moved off in separate directions as they also started searching the grounds. Batgirl slipped along behind the bushes and stalked the she-vixen.

"Well, well, if it ain't Cat-SLUT!" said a voice from another entrance to the great shrubbery maze. Victoria stepped out wearing a tight thigh- high one piece dress and twirling a baseball bat in her hand. Nic and Nac were just behind her carrying some implements of their own; namely a tire iron and a 2x4.

"Looks like its my day for banging the shit out of bitches in costume." she said coyly as she held up the bat nice and erect. "And I bet this would probably fit with some room to spare." she added, caressing and licking it as she stared coldly at the shocked feline.

"HSSSSSSSS" growled catwoman as she raised her clawed glove and crouched in a threatening, cat-like stance.

"OOOOOO.... WE'RE SOOOOOOO SCARED....." all three women responded in a big mocking chorus with Nic and Nac twiddling their fingers in pretend fear at the bikini clad vixen.

Suddenly, Tommy, Tabby and Morris stepped out of the bushes on either side of Catwoman and quickly swooped in to form a wall of muscle between the she cat and the three now shocked lesbians. The three women crouched into fighting stances and stepped back as they cowered from the sight of these three impressive slabs of meat.

"Well now. Who's going to bang whom?" smiled Catwoman as she arrogantly leaned against Tommy and put her hands on her hips. "Get 'em boys! Bring me the blonde chic!" she barked giving Tommy a smack on his muscle tight rear.

The three women began backing up slowly as the men started approaching. Tabby was the first to reach the girls as he loomed over Nac like the incredible hulk. He raised his fist and let fly a massive blow. Nac thought she was dead meat until she saw how absolutely uncoordinated his attack was.





With three expert round kicks to Tabby's muscular stomach, Nac sent the behemoth straight to the ground in a crouching ball of pain.

"HEY! That hhhuuuuuurrrrttt!!!" The huge man stammered as he began to cry. Nic, seeing this, immediately swung for Tommy's head.

"NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE!" screamed the hunk as he covered his face and ran away from Nic. Nic began chasing the scared rabbit out of the garden and back toward the pool, laughing and making horsy "Yee Haa" sounds as she grabbed for his rear.

Morris, seeing his two buddies turned into sheep, stepped back behind Catwoman. "Hey bitch, I ain't paid to be beat up." he declared all white eyed as she ran past the shocked feline and into the maze.

Barbara Gordon watched in amazement and then slapped her hand across her own face. "DOH! I could have kicked the crap out of those three anytime and only had to deal with Catwoman." she sighed in her best Homer Simpson impression.

"Get back here you... you... COWARD!" screamed Catwoman as she shook her fist at the deserter. "Now I know why I never hire pretty boys."


Catwoman turned to face a now smiling Victoria. Somehow the bat had disappear and, in its place, Victoria was holding up a huge, white dildo. In the background, Nac continued to pummel and beat Tabby, who was now crying like a huge baby and laying useless in a fetal ball on the ground.

"Now its your turn. We neutered your kittens, now its time to spade the cat." Victoria said as she moved toward Selena.

Catwoman has never been a push over and Victoria quickly found this out as the super villianess's cat claws lashed out at the blonde's model face. The two women continued circling each other, hissing and scream insults as they each tried to deal a defeating blow against the other.

Nac, however, decided that two against one was a much fairer fight and came at Selena with her 2x4 swinging. Like the true cat she was, Selena easily avoided the charging she-bitch and dispensed a round kick in return. As Nac went staggering into a bush, Victoria saw her chance and lunged at the villianess only to be met with a series of rapid punches to the face and stomach.

"Hmph! Amateurs! Did you honestly think you could... HMMMMMBBLLM!!!"

Just as Catwoman was about to make the usual superior, ego tripping speech that all evil people seemed to make when they have the upper hand, a hand holding a handkerchief came clamping down hard over the she-cat's grinning mouth.

Nic pulled the struggling woman back hard and off her feet as she wrapped her muscular arm around Selena's waist in a vice like grip. Seeing another chance, Victoria lunged forward and grabbed Catwoman's bare legs, pinning them as the two women swept the villianess off balance and to the ground. Nac did a football dive on the pile of wrestling babes and all three woman fought to keep the she bitch pinned and helpless.

Catwoman hissed and screamed under the ether soaked rag as she tried to kick, claw and punch away her attackers. Batgirl watched for several long moments as Catwoman put up a valiant but futile struggle. Soon the violent screams turned to moans and then muffled sighs as the bikini clad vixen finally fell.

"I think its time for a bitch taming party." smiled Victoria as she stood over Catwoman's unconscious body planting her high heel deep into the villianess's cheek.

As the three women went to work stripping and tying Catwoman, a long arm reached out of a nearby bush and grabbed the crumpled piece of paper that Catwoman had dropped.

"I almost feel sorry for her." sighed Batgirl as she made her way into the maze watching the women behind her. "Nah..."

Diana Prince moved stealthily up a drive and toward a huge set of gates that surrounded the main complex.

"Great Hera! These shoes are murder!" she complained as the high heels made her sway and saunter like a street hoar.

The gate was apparently left open and the ex-super heroine slipped easily inside. Most of the grounds in this area were huge, neatly mowed lawns. "Figures he's got his own golf course." Wonder Woman sighed as she moved over the low, wide hills.

Then, Diana quickly dropped to the ground and hid as a noise rang out from her right. Crouching and moving like a true amazon, Diana moved up the hill and toward the sound.

"By the GODS!"

On the other side of the hill, Diana spied three women tied, gagged and staked out on the grounds in a spread eagle formation. A whole squad of androids were busy "dealing" with the three ladies in Lord Easystreet's preferred fashion. Each girl was being mounted by a huge, polyurethane automaton who appeared to be banging the living will out of them.

"Those must be the same androids that got Batgirl in the mansion." Diana whispered as she watched the gang rape helplessly.

"Great Hera! That's Tarra Rogers!" she gasped as she saw the blonde woman turn her way. Sure enough, Victoria had kept her word about leaving them for the androids to collect. The three women were now being brutally gang banged and mercilessly climaxed at the hands of a bunch of tireless mechanical rapists.

After a series of agonizing screams of climatic exctasy. The androids dispensed with the last girl and stood over the moaning, dazed prisoners. Then, an android placed a hand over each girl's mouth and a pinkish gas began to spew out of their palms. The women surged and fought one last time but they finally slipped unconscious from the gas. Untying the sleeping vixens, the androids carted their drugged bodies off and into the back of a nearby van. The doors slammed shut and the truck took off across the greens.

"Looks like someone got a major double cross." grinned Wonder Woman as she started after the van. "I guess there IS no honor among thieves."




Catwoman thrashed about, kicking and screaming, as Victoria's naked body slid back and forth on top of her own naked, bound and gagged form. The dildo was huge and perverted, studded with raised knobs of plastic and curved wickedly upward in a super strong, relentless erection. The wild cat was true to her name, twisting and bucking, hissing and screaming like a bitch cat in heat getting plugged by a huge Tom. Catwoman surged and thrashed her hips about frantically as Victoria taught the she-cat a sorely needed lesson.

"Whhaaaa... Whhhaaattt aaaa FUUUCCKCKKK!!!" Victoria screamed as she too began to explode from the woman's ever gyrating hips. "Yooouuu... You'rreee going down you BITCH!..."

Catwoman didn't seem to be cooperating however, even though Victoria had now stepped up the villianess's violent, brutal, dildo rape. Fire burned like the beam from a light house from the vixen's enraged eyes as the vibrator plunged in and out and in and out of her. Both women, however, were locked in mortal combat, neither giving an inch and neither allowing themselves to climax. To do so meant utter defeat and both ladies were so intent on winning that they both endured wave after sexually agonizing wave of stimulation, hoping the other would break. Hips slammed, asses clenched, Victoria's hands groped and squeezed Catwoman all over, teaching the she-cat a new level of breast teasing pain.

While the two cats fought on the ground, Nic and Nac had rounded up the three studs and summarily strip and tied them; hands behind there backs, their feet together and their mouths gagged.

"I've never raped a man before." giggled Nic as she spread her legs over Tom and began riding him.

"God! These guys are HUNG!" gasped Nac as she began stroking Tabby's already enlarged penis. Enthrallment turned to passion and soon Nac's mouth engulfed the huge erection and the lesbian was busy sucking away at the frightened porn star's forced erection.

Nic was busy as well. Her hips slipped down over Tom's raised cock and she quaffed it inside her, sliding it slowly and steadily between her lips as she slid her hips down on top of it. Panting and moaning she began to rock away, building pressure and sensation in both herself and her bound victim.

As Nic and Nac took advantage of her three henchmen, the she- villianess was having problems of her own. The panting and screaming grew quicker and quicker. The thrusts; faster and faster. The fight was a valiant one but the winner would no doubt be the one in control. The three men watched in horror as their unbeatable, undominable mistress screamed and yelled in one last death throw of resistance.


The cat nearly threw her rapist off her as she swelled so high that every bone in her body cracked from the strain. Victoria hung on, however, panting and crying out "YOU BITCH! I'VE BEATEN YOU! YOU'RE MINE!!! YOU'RE FUCKING MINE!!!!" as she slammed the dildo in and out of Catwoman at even a faster rate hoping for....


...another climax


...and another


...and still another

Horrificly and without and ounce of mercy, Victoria laid waste to Catwoman's entire body, stripping her of her will and pulling her down off her high horse of arrogance. Victoria collapsed in a pile of sweat, panting and weezing as she tried to catch her breathe. Catwoman moaned in defeat, rolling about slowly as her raped body soaked up the last of the sexual experience.

"That'll teach ya..." Victoria whispered as she slowly got back up.

For several moments, Victoria sat next to the semi concious villianess and watched Nic and Nac enjoy their prize.

"WAIT!" screamed the blonde as she saw both girls nearing a climax. "I've got an idea. Quick, help me with Cat-hoar here." she ordered as she untied Catwoman's arms and legs from the croquet spikes in the lawn. Both women got up and helped the blonde tie the aurborned hared vixen's hands behind her back and tie her gag even tighter. Then, like paramedics, they lifted the she-bitch by her free legs and ass and carried her in a chair like grip toward Tom. They then placed Catwoman on Tom's lap, just above his swollen cock.

"I think Cat-slut needs a good fuck from her men." Victoria teased as she grabbed the henchman's penis and stroked it long and hard. At that moment, Catwoman began to come back around and began twisting slowly as she saw her predicament. "I don't think so..." Nac smiled as she grabbed the struggling Catwoman by her hips and started pulling her backward. "Try this on for size."


Tom's monster cock slid slowly into Selena as the villianess was slowly pushed down onto the man's erection. Inch by inch his member pushed deeper past his boss's defiant vaginal muscles as she was helplessly forced upon him. He watched as the only woman who had ever dominated him and tamed him was now being brutally raped and forced to have intercourse WITH HIM. Her beautiful, unmasked face tensed and cringed in sexual agony as he entered deeper causing her to flail her head and hair about like a mad storm of passion. Soon, however, nothing could stop her engulfing the last of his erection as the three women forced her down the last inch onto the muscle bound stud.

"Take a look pretty boy!" screamed Victoria as she violently pushed Catwoman forward and pressed her face close to his. "I bet you've been dreamin' about doin' this to your boss lady! Well start FUCKIN' or we'll snip the whole thing OFF!" she barked as she pulled out a knife and touched the blade to his testicles just enough to let him know that he could be the next John Wayne Bobbit. His hips slowly started thrusting in fear as Catwoman was held in place by the three sluts.

Catwoman stared into Tom's eyes and, for once, he saw fear, fear and weakness. This was the first time he had ever seen his mistress as the victim and he began to loose all hope as more fear and panic began to fill her eyes.

"YAH! MULE!" Nic screamed as she smacked Tabby on the ass and pushed him toward the two on the ground.

"OOO! Look at that plump ASS!" teased Victoria as she ran her hand over Catwoman's full, round, hunched over rear. She then ran her fingers ominously down the she-cat's crack. "I bet this needs a little fucking too..."


Catwoman cringed and tightened as Victoria pushed her middle finger hard into Selena's anus. The villianess ass began to wiggle about frantically as the blonde began thrusting her finger in and out of her opponent without mercy. After a few moments of torture, Victoria removed her finger and walked up to Tabby who was gagged and bound with his hands tied behind his back.

"You know what to do." the blonde smiled as she looked down at Selena's bent over rear. Tabby could feel the knife blade slide slowly up his hard erection and he immediately nodded. "... and make her suffer." Victoria added as she pushed him down behind Selena.

The huge body builder got to his knees and inched his way forward. Nic reached out and grabbed his cock and guided it like a torpedo being loaded into a tube. As he pressed the tip of his cock against her anus, Selena began to wildly twist her head about in some desperate attempt at seeing what was happening. The man's enormous penis quickly let her know exactly what was going on.


The going was incredibly tough, seeing how he had never plugged his boss in the rear before. In the industry, he was considered too large for most porn star's vagina's. Doing a woman's ass was completely out of the question... until now. Selena was bucking and squealing like a trapped pig now as both men entered her fore and aft. The pain was unbearable and it was all she could do to just breathe from the sensation. Suddenly, she felt her gag come loose.


The she-bitch's cries of revenge were cut short as Morris's cock was pushed fast into her gapping mouth. All Selena could now do was pant and moan uncontrollably as every part of her was brutally violated BY HER OWN HENCHMEN!