Wonder Woman and Batgirl 10

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Diana made her way over a hill that marked the Southern most tip of the main estate and hid behind a bush as she saw the van next to a small white building. It very small, about the size of two phone booths, with a pair of white double doors.

"Hmmm. Seems interesting. I doubt they're all crammed in there." she thought as she slowly approached the doors. Her doubts were verified as she opened one of the doors to reveal an elevator door with a single button. She quickly darted behind the building after she pressed the button but, to her relief, no one or no-thing was on the elevator as it reached the top.

She stood in the elevator and was left with one glaring choice. The softly glowing button radiated out from a burnished steel panel on the wall and Diana bit her lower lip slightly as she pressed it. Half expecting the elevator to start shooting downward like in that goofy Star Trek episode, she was relieved to find the ride smooth and graceful. How far down had she gone? She had no idea but she took off one of her French Maid's shoes and raised the heel ready to bash the crap out of anything on the other side of the now opening door.

"Nobody home. Good!" she muttered as she put her shoe back on and clicked her way down a long, hospital white corridor. There were steel bulkhead style doors to her left and right but, since they had no handles or any other signs of entry, she walked past them to the end of the hall. The end was dominated by a pair of large, white bulkheads with a sophisticated touch tone pad lock on the doors.

"Great! Pick a number!" she mumbled curling her upper lip and bending over to fiddle with the buttons. Unknown to the amazing amazon, a camera, hidden behind a wall panel, spied her raised rear as she slowly swayed it back and forth as she tinkered with the lock.

"GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!! What a SET!!!" slobbered Lord Easystreet in his best Benny Hill impersonation as he zoomed the camera in on her exposed ass and the thin strip of silk panties that covered the heroine's crotch.

As he watched the unsuspecting amazon, he turned to another monitor that was playing Wonder Woman's brutal gang-bang from the night before.

"Shit, I couldn't have paid women to do that!" he gasped as he watched Wonder Woman being banged again and again by the six berserking she-sluts. "What a show!"

As Diana's little peep show continued to play out, another monitor displayed Batgirl's horrific night of sexual terror. "I definitely couldn't have planned this. Batgirl and Wonder Woman, stripped, tied and totally fucked. And not only do I get to watch the whole thing but, I know who they really are and their weaknesses."

The little pervert turned back to Diana's screen and he continued to watch her plump rear sliding back and forth as she tried to pick the lock. "Let's just see how resourceful you are bubble butt.." the kid snickered as he picked up a 2 litter bottle of Dr. Pepper and watched the heroine.

"Code, code... what would I be if I were a code?!" Diana said as she stood upright, placed her hands on her hips and pouting.

"Wait a minute...!" She grabbed the little French Maid's purse hanging over her shoulder. It came with the costume and she really didn't want to break up a complete ensemble, no matter how tasteless.

"YES!" she grinned as she pulled out the item that she was hoping would be in there; a compact. Opening it, she bent back over and blew across the top of it so a thin stream of dust would shoot out and cover the keypad. Then, with a few more blows from her cherry red lips, she whisked away the excess off the keys.

"Now, the keys that are pressed the most should have the most finger oil on them. The dust should stick to those and not the unimportant ones." she explained out loud like one of those comic book characters explaining their actions because the artist couldn't draw the scene well enough.

Sure enough, the numbers 2,3,5 and 8 were covered in dust. "Hmmm... the letters "abc","def","jkl" and "tuv" maybe its a four letter wor...." Suddenly her perplexed expression turned into one of "Oh, how juvenile" as she reached out and typed in f.u.c.k.

Her educated guess was rewarded with a satisfying clunk. The massive doors slowly opened with the help of some kind of hydraulic mechanism. They slid apart and she carefully entered shaking her head at the vulgar password.

The room was dark, except for lights coming from several, high-tech, pieces of equipment. Rows of computer consoles, lab tables and control panels echoed blinks, blips and pulses like some miniature city at night. She walked toward the back of the room and toward a large, black curtain that stretched across the back wall. As she approached it, a series of neon blue lights came on and the curtain slid open.

"Great HERA!" gasped Diana as she stepped back and covered herself slightly in instinctive shock.

The row of plexiglass tubes were filled with women. Each woman was bound, with her hands behind her back and her legs together. Over their faces, some kind of oxygen mask covering their nose and mouth and it appeared to be keeping them quite asleep. The most horrific thing, however, was that they were all stripped naked like laboratory animals.

"What happened..." Diana gasped as she slowly walked from tube to tube checking out each girl. "So this is what happened to all the party guests." she said staring in shock and in awe. The women were, without a doubt, beautiful as they lay nude and bound in their tubes. Each girl's young, nubile body gleamed and glistened from the soft blue glow of the neon lights as Diana stared at each gorgeous female specimen, being slightly turned on herself by the concept. "...not a bad little collection..."

"Aphrodite!" she gasped again as she neared the end. There, standing bound and anesthetized like perfect female statues, were Tarra Rogers and her two cohorts Yumi and Tasha.

"I thought they were the ones behind all this. Even they weren't immune. It looks like anyone with a set of breasts and a pretty face is a target." Diana thought as she stood staring at the three women, who, not 12 hours earlier, nearly tortured her to death.

Suddenly, the lights to the room started coming on in waves of flickering fluorescent flashes. Quickly, Diana swung around and slipped behind the curtain that was now all bunched up at the corner of the room.

"Let me GO! I demand to be RELEASED!" screamed a young, female voice as a group of three androids carried a spunky, silver haired blonde teenager into the room. "My daddy will sue you into the ground for this!!! So help me I'll... HEY What are you doing!!"

The young girl began to scream and kick some more as the androids easily lifted her onto a conveyor belt that fed into a long, rectangular machine that stretch the entire length of one side of the room. It looked kind of like some strange manufacturing machine with arrays of pistons, gears, wheels, pulleys and belts. Diana watched helplessly as the androids fed the girl's lower body in first and held her screaming body down as she slowly disappeared into the mouth of the odd machine.

The whole machine sprang to life as it began "processing" the young female. Diana could hear spuratic bangs, clangs and screams as the girl apparently pounded away at the inside of the machines. The sounds went through the first section but then stopped and settled down to just screams. Through a clear section, Diana could see the girl tied down, with her legs slightly apart and her hands clamped down to the conveyor belt over her head. Her twisting body passed by the narrow, open gap and into the second section.

The second section started to make noises like a giant washing machine. The sounds of pumping and sloshing and spraying poured out of the huge mechanical beast as the girl's screams were muffled under waves of water and soap. Through a narrow, green lit, window, Diana could see huge brushes, similar to the ones in a giant car wash, soaping up the nubile young teen's perfect body. Then an array of mechanical hands began wiping, squeezing and cleaning the girl making her snarl and scream as she was very obviously being groped with utter abandonment.

Her gleaming and shining body emerged from the end of the second section and proceed into the third, her mouth cursing and spitting soap like a cat getting a much needed but unwanted bath. Then a horrific scream rang out as a series of pistons started to move. The girl was then silenced and only the lonely sounds of the machine filled the room. Huge pistons began pushing themselves inward toward the center of the machine like a giant plastics injector. Steam and gas billowed out of release valves as the machine compressed itself inward like a football fan crushing a beer can. Then, with an explosion of hissing, the pistons quickly expanded and the conveyor belt started back up.

"By the GODS!" Diana gasped softly as a plastic tube containing a perfectly posed, spotlessly clean, beautiful teenager emerged.

The silver haired brat was now like the others, set in a pristine pose of erotic bondage and sleeping like an angel. A mechanical arm picked up the tube and swung it into place with all the others. At that point, the three androids turned and left the room, turning off the lights and leaving Diana dumbfounded and a little bit nervous.

"Boy, I'm glad I'm not Catwoman right now." sighed Barbara as she slipped through the shrubbery and into the garden maze. From behind her, she could hear the sounds of gagged hissing and snarling and she knew her ex-lover was definitely not having a good time. "Or maybe she is.." Barbara thought sprouting a slight grin knowing that bitch is getting what she deserves.

Barbara Gordon slinked along gracefully from corner to corner, slipping through the maze like a stealthy cat. "First two rights, then a left, then right, left, right... At least that's what the usual layout of these things are." she thought as she moved about cautiously. The maze twisted about and Barbara found herself traveling for about 20 minutes until she came across a huge stone statue against the wall of the large estate.

"God! What an ugly Gargoyle." she scoffed as she pranced about it, examining it for any clues. Looking for several minutes, Batgirl formed her usual Batgirl stance and stood pouting in front of the monolith.

"What the hell does this clue say!" she grumbled as she shook the sheet and read it again.

Wind about and all around Follow me all over the grounds Find my watcher and stand eye to eye His gaze will surprise you if you try

"Hmmm, obviously I just did the winding part..." Batgirl thought as she stared back through the maze. "The watcher is obviously Mel Gibson here..." she pondered some more looking the statue over again.

Then, she suddenly realized that the Gargoyle's gaze was straight ahead, at least 3 feet above her head and toward her back. Turning about she looked at the brush wall behind her and noticed a small stone bench sitting innocently in a small knook.

"Ah HA!" she proclaimed as she strutted confidently toward the bench and limberly jumped on it assuming her Batgirl stance. "What a simple puzzle!" she beamed as she let out her little girl giggle and stared eye to eye at the gargoyle. Squinting, she looked about, first in disappointment but then her excitement grew as she could see a pin point of light being emitted from one for the eyes.

"Oh, I get it, its a light sen... AAAAUUUGGHHHH!!!"

Before the over confident heroine could act however, the bench tilted backward like a dump truck and spilled its shapely contents down a hole that opened up in the vine covered wall behind Batgirl.

Tumbling like a large Barbi doll, Barbara Gordon slammed and slide from side to side down the super-slick chute and into the mysterious darkness below.

Then, like an upside down jack in the box, the spirited crime fightress burst from a set of ceiling doors and landed good and hard on her plump ass.

"YEEEOCH!!!" she screamed as she sat on the floor rubbing her sore butt. "Watch that first step..."

The young girl sat for a moment and looked about. The room she was in was very small, about the size of a small bedroom. The floor was covered with a thick mat, kind of like the tumbling mats found in high schools. The walls and ceiling were also covered with the same blue mat material. Barbara was relieved the floor wasn't concrete but, she began to panic when she noticed the lack of any door.

"What is this!" she shouted as she stood up and pressed against the walls hoping to find a door. "I thought I was winning!"

"You are my dear... you are..." chuckled a young boys voice from an unknown source.

"OK, what the heck is this? I'm getting pretty fed up with this nonsense. You've got a lot of explaining to do Mr. Easystreet or whoever the hell you are!" blared Batgirl as she spread her legs and assumed her patented, bitchy Batgirl stance once more.

"My, my Miss Gordon. We do have a mouth don't we?" teased the voice.

"That's Ms. to you JUNIOR and besides women have a right to speak our minds. Maybe a good lesson in female rights would straighten you out!" she grinned shooting the ceiling a gloating stare of utter superiority.

"Oh sorry MZZZZZZZZZZZ Gordon EEEEXXXXCCCUUUSEEEE MEEEEEE!!!" replied the voice in a very childish, patronizing tone. "Maybe its you that needs to be taught a good lesson."

"Hmph! I'd like to see you try. What's wrong, afraid to face me alone sport." Batgirl replied quickly.

"If I can goad this kid into a one on one, maybe I can bag him and get myself and Diana out of here." she thought biting down slightly on her lower lip in anticipation. The silence was long. Just as she was about to back down and say something more, the loudspeaker came back on.

"OK, You've got yourself a deal. You and me, one on one." he proclaimed.

"Uh-uh-uh... Not so fast." Batgirl replied with a bargaining tone that only women knew how to wield. "What do I get if I win."

A long silence passed.

"What do you want?"

"Well," she started, curling her eyes upward in thought like a preschooler sitting on Santa's lap. "I want ONE: the diamond, TWO: Mine and Diana Prince's release and THREE: all the other women released as well." she demanded crossing her arms across her chest.

Lord Easystreet sat in his chair and rocked back and forth like a cowboy on a mechanical bull. He was choking his chicken so much from the thought of wrestling Batgirl that he could barely contain his excitement. His eyes glanced over her perky, tight body and he drooled slightly as his camera panned and zoomed in along her silky thighs and up to the heroines perfectly formed crotch. His other monitor showed a fantastic zoom in of her perfectly spherical buttocks as her tightened muscles caused them to nearly stand up on their own.

"Oooo ooooo oooKKK. Um,.... Yes, yes... OK I agree but under three conditions." he replied.

Batgirl shifted her hips to one side and rolled her eyes.


"ONE: We fight with my rules. TWO: You have to wear whatever I tell you to and THREE: If I win, YOU'RE ASS IS MINE!" he stated.

A slight shiver went up Batgirl's spine as she heard the last condition. "You're ass is mine! My God what a little pervert. Well, I can probably handle the other two and, if he wins, which I doubt, I can always escape, or at least play like I have a headache. Just as long as I don't give him my word." she thought as she sprouted a small, arrogant grin.

"OK, agreed." she replied.

"Oh, and one more thing. I want you to give me your word you'll obey the conditions." he added.

"My WORD!" gasped Batgirl. She was a crime fightress, a super heroine. Her word was her bond, her symbol of right and justice. Breaking it would be an incredible blasphemy of everything she stood for.


"......ok....." she mumbled under her breathe.

"What was that?!"

"I said I give my word YOU SHIT!" she screamed clenching her fists in anger.

"Ah... music to my ears." Lord Easystreet replied. "Now, follow the corridor to the end."

With that, a panel slid away and Batgirl slowly started down the dark corridor.

*** She confidently made her way back to the elevator but then stopped cold. "What! No button!" she gasped in shock. Looking about all she could see was the sterile white door and its frame. No sensor, button or switch could be found. After a few futile attempts at pulling the doors apart, she guffed and crossed her arms in frustration.

Looking back down the hall, she made her way along the rows of doors until one caught her eye. "Hmm.. this one wasn't open before." she thought suspiciously as she crept up to the open sliding door and peered inside.

The room was sterile white, similar to the hallway, but more dimly lit. Rows of soft, white, fluorescent lights lined the edge of the octagonal shaped ceiling casting dull hilights on the slick, smooth walls. The room reminded Wonder Woman of a museum except no statue, picture or sculptures decorated the eight paneled room. The floor was an odd surface composed of a semi-soft matted material, similar to gym mats only white in color. Across the room, however, was the thing that caught her eye and made her tingle with excitement.

"My belt!" she whispered softly as she bit her lower lip and moved slowly into the room like a cat sneaking up on an unsuspecting mouse. The magnificent sash of power sat like the heavy weight champion belt on a onyx stand in a small, lighted alcove at the far end of the octagonal room. Her costume sat draped over the glass case that housed the belt and Wonder Woman immediately set out stripping down to get into her star spangled "work" clothes.

"At least I don't have to wear this sexist French maid's outfit anymore. Ah to be back in something sensible." the amazon stopped for a moment and peered outward in puzzlement at her last thought. "nah... this isn't sexist." she finally said as she spun it about in her hands in admiration and gave it a once over.

Was it the change in lighting. Was it the warming of the room. Whatever it was Wonder Woman suddenly turned and stared in shock at the entrance, which was now sealed shut as though it had never existed. Suddenly, the great heroine froze in a building wave of adrenaline as she stood staring about at the super quiet room in nothing but high heels and her birthday suit.

"ooooohhhhh shhhhiii....."


The two panels on opposite sides of the room slid open faster than those funky doors on Star Trek and the butt naked super heroine jumped back against the Onyx case as two immense, super-androids stepped out of their hiding places and into full view. Immediately, the fem- fightress dropped her skivvies and began trying to get the glass cover off the case.


The two androids took a step toward her and she turned and stared in shock at them. Her gaze then exploded into a bulging gape as she saw the two biggest members a woman could ever dream of laying eyes on slowly grow erect and begin dribbling with creamy white ooze.

Her fists went wild banging away on the case. "DAMN! SON OF A BITCH! OPEN!" Hair flying, feet kicking, hips shifting and pushing, fists landing blow after blow on an ungiving class case. Her belt just sat there taunting her with "nah nah na na nah..." as the two replicants moved in on either side of her.


The mamazon's mighty leg sent out a massive side kick that nearly bent the android's head clean off and into its back. The mechanical adversary staggered backward from the well placed blow, but, as she wen to kick its head clean off, the other polystyrene protagonist calmly wrapped its massively muscular arms around her firm waist and picked her clean off the floor. Like tossing a a scrap of paper, Wonder Woman went sailing across the room and into the opposing wall. If she were a Warner Brother's cartoon character, she would have been a flattened spot on the wall. As is, her firm body slid down the wall like a big drop of spit.

The android that had thrown her walked briskly toward the avenger and reached out to grab her hair. "Not today TOBOR!" she screamed as she flew into the automaton with all her strength and pile drived it into the matted floor. With automatic reflexes matched only by a super being, the android reciprocated by using its massive legs to push Wonder Woman over itself and back toward the other wall.


This time the buxom mamazon bounced off the slick surface like some big chested replica of a rubber ball. She landed nearly three feet from the wall. "Luckily... huhh... I had my face to... break the fall..." she gasped as she tried to regain the wind that was so rudely forced out of her.


The first android's grip nearly pulled her brunette trusses straight from their roots as she was lifted hair first off the floor. She dangled and kicked about like a cat being picked up by the scruff of its neck as the android held her a few inches off the floor. A brutal five knuckle sandwich to the solarplexis quickly slowed the amazing amazon however, as the android pummeled her hard in the gut. Another blow to her face sent her staggering back and into the arms of the second awaiting roid.

The automaton grabbed her limp arms and pulled them behind her back as it arched back and pulled her up and over its frame to keep her off her feet. Wonder Woman swayed and rolled her head groggily as she rested her crotch on its knee. Looking down, however, she gasped in horror when she realized that its knee was really its....


Slithering and kicking, the amazon flailed about as she tried to get her body off the android's enormous cock. The member was so long she could actually see two inches of it sticking out from between her legs as her hips rested on it. Too, distracted by her current "vaginal" predicament, Wonder Woman paid no attention as the android pulled her wrist together behind her back and secreted some kind of white, epoxy resin around them. The substance quickly hardened into a make shift pair of semi-elastic handcuffs that kept the mamazon's hands well under control.

"I demand to be set FREE! By the GODS do you hear ME! RAPE... Rape is... illegal! YOU CANNOT DO THIS!" the brunette spitfire spouted into thin air, hoping whomever was running this freak show would "stop the insanity". Sadly Susan Powder was nowhere to be found and her rhetoric was cut rudely short as the android's huge hands came up from around either side of her chest and roughly grabbed each of her mountainous orbs.


Wonder Woman let out an animalistic cry of defiance as the automaton's hands began molesting, massaging and thoroughly taking advantage of her massive mammories. Like a kid playing with two huge water balloons, the robot groped and squeezed, forming the avenger's enormous glands into erotic sculptures of jiggling, sloshing works of fantastic mammary art.

"Howw....! HOW DARE... YOU!! UUUGHH!!!" she spat as her endowments were so blatantly molested. All she could do was stare in panic and horror as she watched those pale white, plastic hands mash and kneed her like she was a big doll. Then, while clamping her back with its left hand over her left breast as though it were some melon sized handle, the android grabbed her right nipple and began pulling outward on it, stretching her right tit this way and that, almost in mockery of her huge breasts. Out and in, side to side, up and down, the resilient sack of mam-meat wobbled like a huge hunk of jello.

The android then pulled her back farther, nearly bending parallel to the floor and slid its free hand down her back and over her ass. Wonder Woman then went wild with panic as she saw it grasp its organ and hold it pointed straight at her crotch.

"NO!... NO!... This is RAPE! You can't...... UUGHHH!!!!!!!"

That declaration of resistance was cut short as the android titled forward and forced Wonder Woman down on its ripe penis. The enormous, plastic cock burst her lips wide open and plunged into her vaginal hole like a battering ram crashing the drawbridge of a castle.

Painful... slightly. Pleasurable... maybe. Overwhelming.... MOST DEFINITELY! The defiant heroine's hips bucked and gyrated as the android forced more and more of the ooze dripping penis farther into the amazon's helpless and overly sensitive vagina. Hissing, grunt and spitting, the fem-fightress could only twist in horrid, sexual agony as she was forced to methodically engulf the over sized bitch tamer.




"not... uugh!... not supposed.. to happen... to me... I..I'm ... Wonder Wo.... AAYYYYYYUUGHHH!!!"

Her hips put on the most erotic display of struggling defiance anyone could have hoped to witness as the impalement of her virtue violently continued.


"AAGHH!! NO! ... WHAT!... NOOO..UGHH!!!!"

The android's hand found its target as Wonder Woman's bare, exposed clitoris was mindlessly assaulted by the robot's relentlessly tireless fingers, Like a piano player using three finger to play the same three keys over and over again, the android's fingers oscillated across her dripping slit and over her ripe clit sending the avenger into a frantic wave of screaming, wiggling and bucking. No two strokes were the same. No two motions repeated. First smooth, then brisk, then rough, then teasingly soft. Its fingers were the perfect masterbaters as her sexual will was barraged with irresistible stimulation.

"NNYYYUU!!!! Can't... cannn'tt let... it climaxx.... No one... takes... Wonder Woman... No.... uughh... ughhhh!" Futile words. The amazing amazon's fight was valiant, determined and feverish but, like a stag cornered by lions, it was only a matter of time before the prey would fall to the predator.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of firm hands grasp the sides of her hair tossed head. Her eyes opened and she gaped in terror at the second android who had walked up in front of her. Her gaze moved slowly down in building horror at the automaton's lower half. Like a one eyed serpent, its cock starred her straight in the eye as it dripped its synthetic "cum".


Her head went down like a felled tree. Nearly gagging, Wonder Woman screamed and moaned as her head was forced down and her red lips were parted. Her mouth engulfed the dripping member sending her into another frenzy of twisting and writhing in sexual humiliation. The great Wonder Woman giving head! Unthinkable, unbelievable... un- fucking-real! Under all those moans, grunts and cries she may have been biting the hell out of that cock but, from every other vantage point, America's premiere super heroine was bobbing and twisting in shear, exquisitely erotic defiance. Wonder Woman was getting tamed from both ends and she was powerless to stop it.


Wonder Woman's tear stained, blood shot eyes bulged in panic at the familiar sound. Rolling her eyes to either side her screams became violent whines and her pinned, double fucked body went into a hyper wave of hip wiggling, leg thrashing, chest twisting and butt slamming as she saw two more androids reaching for her.