Wonder Woman and Batgirl 06

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The light began to turn from a fuzzy ball into the light from an over head lamp as the anesthetic slowly wore off. Batgirl moaned slowly as she began to regain consciousness. She felt like a patient in a hospital, the scent of the ether still heavy on her breathe and her body feeling dull and numb. She shook her head to wipe away the cobwebs and tried to sit up. Instantly she realized she was tied. Her hands were anchored together at the wrists and to some kind of bed frame. Her feet were apart and tied at the ankles to the base board of a brass bed.

Looking about, she began to twist in panic. She had been stripped but not just her suit. Her mask and wig were also gone. Batgirl was no more and in her place, only Barbara Gordon, librarian lay.

"HMMMMMMBLM!" she cried out from under her gag. A silver, silk cloth was firmly tied around her mouth, preventing her from crying for help. She scoured the room and saw she was tied to a large, king sized bed. The bed was in some kind of log cabin. She could see moonlight peeking through a window over her head as she tried to get an idea of where she was.

Suddenly a figure approached from a table across the room. He was very handsome, with an actors strong jaw and sexy hair. She could tell he was very well built from the physique that penetrated his black suit. He sat on the bed and looked Barbara over with eyes that almost seemed to burn through her with expectation.

"I see you're awake." he said softly, cupping her face in his large hand. "CATWOMAN!" he screamed.

Barbara seized in shock. "Catwoman, HERE!" she thought. Their break up was less than cordial and she remembered the feline's intense threat of absolute revenge. As Catwoman and the other two men entered the room, Barbara began to writhe about in panic, knowing Catwoman's demented, sexual mentality.

"Oh dear GOD!" thought Barbara in horror as Catwoman ran her long fingers slowly over her bare, soft vagina. Her hips rolled slowly upward and around as she tried to avoid the woman's tender touch.

"Perrrrfect, simply perrrrfect. You were always sooo sensitive." growled the vixen as she leaned over and slowly pecked Batgirl's gag where her lips would be. Batgirl was, of course, quite nervous at this point. The cool night air, the kidnapping, the bondage and being so helpless with no chance of escape was setting every nerve of her's on fire with excitement. Knowing Catwoman, she knew she was really in for some rough treatment. The worst part, however, was the fact that Catwoman knew her sexually, including her fetishes and weaknesses.

"Let me introduce you to my new kittens. I decided to go all out with my new gang. Tom, why don't you introduce yourself to the young lady." Catwoman said as she stepped aside and the huge henchman approached. He pulled off his ski mask revealing a well defined, surfer looking face with blonde hair and deep brown skin. We was very handsome, no, almost gorgeous. Babs had a hard time trying not to look into his deep blue eyes and chiselled face. He then pulled of his black sweater to reveal his bare chest. Barbara just stared in amazement at the man's rippling stomach muscles and huge, broad shoulders. He was absolutely incredible.

He then slowly pulled off his black pants and boots, stripping himself down to nothing more than a tight fitting G-String. And tight it was too. His penis was incredibly large, almost monsterous as it buldged outward from under the thin piece of cloth. It hung firm and tight between his legs but it was not erect. It was like some huge snake, waiting to burst out and strike at its victim. Barbara instinctively rolled her thighs inward and turned her hips slightly away from him as he approached.

"They call me Tommy the Tommy Gun." he said as he sat down and leaned over her with his broad chest and sleek, muscular arms. "I've broken a lot of women before but never a super heroine. This oughta be fun." he said staring deep into her eyes as he pressed his forehead to hers. Babs, shut her eyes and squealed slightly as he got up and walked over to Catwoman who promptly wrapped her arms across his wide shoulders and began kissing him.

"I'm Tabby but my stage name is Johny Logsplitter." said one of the other men as he approached the bound heroine. He had already stripped himself down most of the way while Barbara watched Tommy and Catwoman French kiss. He tossed his last garment to the floor and stood over the bed. He was almost the antithesis of Tom, having a body builder's huge physique. He stood flexing his enormous arms and legs, tightening every stomach, chest, arm and leg muscle as he stared down at the gapping girl. He nearly resembled Fabio but had a meaner, more sinister look to his eyes. Barbara moaned slightly and turned her head as she saw his crotch. His nickname was definitely true as she stared in horror at his enormous cock. Tommy's was long and slender but his was shorter and way fatter. It hung like an enormous piece of meat between his super tight, muscular legs.

"You're definitely gonna feel me, BITCH." he said as he roughly placed his huge hand on her bare pelvis and slid it around over her lower tummy. "I like 'em wiggling and ripe." he said with an evil smile.

The last henchman, Morris, pulled off his outfit and stood next to the bed. His physique was similar to Johny's except he was a huge, dark, black man. His entire body was shaved, including his head, which was absolutely bald. Even his legs were smooth and bare. He just grinned softly as his huge black hand patted her jumpy, white thigh. "Nice piece- o-meat Bitch." he said in approval as he stepped away.

"These three gentlemen are all ex-porn stars that I managed to bail out of the drink. You should feel honored my dear. There are women who dream of having men like this. And to think, you get to have all three, AT ONCE!" she hissed. "Tabby, Morris, soften up our guest while I get in the mood with Tom." she barked as she grabbed Tom and began madly kissing him.

Barbara began to scream wildly as the two muscle bound men approached and climbed on the bed. She pulled against her binds, twisting and kicking about as they grew closer. Roughly they began to put their huge hands on her bare, helpless body, stroking her, petting her thighs and hips as they gapped at the wiggling heroine before them.

Johny then reached up and pulled off her gag. Before she could let out a scream, he smothered her cry with a deep, heavy kiss. Babs twisted her head from side to side as she tried to avoid his mouth but he clamped his hand under her chin and held her in place as he drew a longer and longer kiss from her.

Her desperate coos and moans then turned to high shrieking as she felt something long and wet between her legs. Morris's tongue slid slowly between her lips as he sucked and massaged her vagina and clitoris with his mouth. He grabbed her full, round thighs with his enormous arms and clamped her rolling hips down as he forced his mouth on her. At the same time, Johny let go of her chin and cupped her left breast with his hand. It was like a huge adult playing with a small doll as he cupped the relatively small breast and massaged it around in huge, erotic circles.

She managed to twist her mouth free only to have him smile at her with an arrogant grin. She gritted her teeth in panic as he moved down over her chest and began cupping both breasts with his hands. Like a kid playing with cookie dough, he began to wildly squeeze her 36s, molding them and teasing them with his well skilled hands. He then barreled down on her and pulled her chest upward, forcing her ripe, erect nipple into his sucking mouth.

Barbara screamed in shock as he began to naw away on her bare breast. The sensation of her nipple and tit being heavily sucked, along with Morris's intense blow job was sending wild ripples of sexual sensation throughout Batgirl's tender body. These guys were professionals and she knew she had to do something before it was too late.

Then, like a pro, Johny rolled to one side of Barbara and moved himself out of her line of sight. Morris sat up and inched his knees under her plump rear. With one hand, he held her right thigh from underneath while he pulled down his g-string and pulled out his cock with the other.

"OH DEAR GOD! NO! Catwoman NO!" screamed Barbara as she began to twist about wildly. She watched in absolute horror as the muscular, black man began stroking his enormous dick with his hand to get it hard. It grew bigger and bigger, sending Barbara into an absolute frenzy. Johny worsened the situation by holding the struggling heroine down and forcing her head forward so she would have to watch. Morris then grabbed her thigh with his other hand and slowly moved his penis forward.





Barbara screamed in panic as she saw the tip of his penis pass by the mound of hair between her legs and felt it slowly part her delicate lips. Then, wailing and screaming, she gyrated her hips about frantically as the man's erection pushed its way deeper and deeper inside her. At first the going was very hard. The heroine put up an enormous amount of resistance but the super hard member pushed its way slowly past her defiant vaginal muscles at it sent waves of wild, uncontrollable sensations through Barbara's bare body. Barbara's screams were absolutely deafening as Morris moved his way deeper. She was so tight, so tender, so sensitive. He looked down and watched as his foot long organ pushed its way, like a piston, toward its target, sinking deeper and deeper into her tiny pussy.


Batgirl's hips thrust about wildly as his penis continued its agonizing journey. Every inch was a battle, every millimeter another erotic wave of dominating pleasure and pain. Her vagina lubricated like a broken faucet as the organ made its way toward her womb, disappearing bit by bit inside the fiery heroine. She never knew she could quaff so much. Even her vibrators at home weren't this big.

"UUUUGHH! Got to get free.... before I.... Can't let him take ME!" Batgirl thought as desperation flew through her mind.

She then began to pant an moan deeply as his hips finally pressed against hers and he slid is buttocks down into her lap. He had finally penetrated her all the way and now lay over her, his hips slowly pumping his huge organ in and out of her bound, defenseless body as she wiggled slowly under his ominous form.

"UUGH! God this bitch is tight... so... fucking... TIGHT!." he gasped cringing his eyes as the woman's vagina squeezed down hard on his member. "God, she's so... ugghghn!"

Barbara pushed her hips around as she clamped her muscles in a vain attempt at slowing Morris's progress. This was a sad mistake, however, as the added tightness only served to heighten the man's already excited state. Like an animal, he began to heavily bang Batgirl, pushing his cock in and out of her with increasing frequency and intensity.





Moaning with each violent thrust, the wave of sexual excitement began to build deep inside her. As her body was pounded by this huge man, Johny leaned back in and began again to suck and massage her tits. This time, however, he was much more ferocious, groping and squeezing her relentlessly as his mouth sucked hard and deep on her delicate breasts.

Faster and faster Morris pumped. Batgirl's body was slamming about violently now as the ex-porn star continued to quicken his pace. This wasn't just some sexual flaunt with Catwoman. She was being raped, viciously raped, and she was powerless to stop it. This was something she had dreaded when she became a crime fighter. Being beaten up by criminals was one thing but she was being taken, raped against her will by Catwoman's thugs. Being so helpless at the hands of her captors made her cry in terror. Selena had promised her revenge and now she fulfilling her threat.

"Fuck her HARDER! Bang HER!" coaxed Johny as he cheered his buddy on.

"You fucking BITCH!" screamed Morris as he forcefully slammed his way harder and deeper into her. Batgirl continued to pant and scream in sexual agony and fear as his thrusts drove her higher and higher. His cock was so huge, she was so helpless. Together, the sensations sent her spiraling upward as the relentless pumping continued.

Then, the heroine's hips exploded upward, tightening with every muscle in her body. At this point, Morris began thrusting inward, twisting his pelvis around and forcing his pelvis bone against her surging clitoris as he devilishly sent incredible waves of sensations shooting through her. Her teeth gritted. Her breathing stopped. Her eyes clenched shut as the climatic wave built inside her. Its pressure grew, expanding past her will, past her control. She was like an ant at the foot of a huge tsunami. So weak, so powerless. Every nerve, every muscle began to explode with excitement. Then...


Her scream was that of utter sexual domination. Like the death throws of some wild animal, Batgirl bucked and thrust about horribly as the overpowering climax sent her spiraling down in defeat. At that moment, Morris grabbed the girl's ripe ass and squeezed it hard as he tightened his body. Gritting and hissing he shook and thrust as his climax overwhelmed him.


He screamed as he exploded inside his victim. His pelvis continued to pump away slow and deep as he discharged heavily inside the young heroine. Batgirl was now panting and moaning loudly as the first rape tore her mind and body apart. Her rest was only momentary, however, as Johny's words shattered her serenity and made her freeze in shock.

"Its my turn now." he said as he let Morris slowly retract his soaking penis and he moved into place.

The bedroom door burst open and the three women carried Wonder Woman under their arms and into the room. Wonder Woman had revived from the ether and was busy struggling against her bonds and her captors. They carried her gyrating body across the room and tossed her haphazardly on the bed. Then with a flurry, the three women secured Diana to the bed. They untied her legs and resecured each limb to a separate bed post with a pair of extended chain handcuffs. Her hands were untied from around her waist and her bound arms were swung up over her head and tied to the headboard. The three ladies then climbed off the bed and stood as they watched Wonder Woman twist about erotically on the bed in a vain attempt at freeing herself.

The female hoodlums stood for a short while admiring their handy work. Then, with a girlish giggle, they began to strip. All three ladies removed their outfits and laughed as they watched Diana's reaction. Diana was unsure of what was to come. She thought they were just going to leave her bound and gagged on the bed like all the villains did but the three naked approaching women told her otherwise.

The three vixens began to moan and sigh heavily now as they started moving closer toward the now twisting Wonder Woman. There hands started sliding forcefully over her body, groping and massaging her breasts and legs as the three nymphs started to moan louder and louder. Tarra then reached up and removed Diana's gag. The heroine let out a snarl of fiery resistance.

"How DARE YOU! I demand to be released at ONCE! You women are all sick, I can help you if you just let me go." Wonder Woman stated arrogantly as she tried her usually rhetoric on the three villainesses.


"Ah shut up ya CUNT!" screamed Tasha as she punched Wonder Woman across the face.

"Yeah, you bitch. Shut the fuck UP!" Yumi screamed sending her fist hard into Wonder Woman's muscular stomach.

The two women then began smacking and slapping the heroine in a horrific frenzy. Wave after wave of punches rained down on the prone and helpless avenger as the two vixens relentlessly beat her.

"You think you're so hot with these tits! Well, take THIS!" screamed Tasha as she punched her fist as hard as she could square into Diana's left breast. Diana's breasts were very firm and hard. Even after 5 or 6 blows, Tasha was only able to sink her fist in halfway to her wrist.

Yumi then straddled the amazon and began smacking the woman across the face like some wild slapping machine, alternating hands as she sent the heroine's head back and forth. Diana looked like a spectator at a tennis match as her head rocked from side to side. Her brunette hair sprayed about angrily like sloshing, black paint in a rocking bucket.

The two women then sat back and stood over the panting and now stunned amazon. "That should shut your mouth!" smugly barked Yumi as she spit on the moaning heroine. She then leaned into Diana and grabbed her heaving tits.

"UUUGH! No... more..." moaned Wonder Woman. "Can't you see you all need psychiatric help. Please let me help you..." The avenger pleaded half-groggily.

"I know, that rope of hers. Get it." Tarra ordered. Yumi got up and quickly returned with the golden lasso. Tarra grabbed the rope and wrapped it around Diana's waist. The overwhelming sensation of the magical item sent her body rolling up and around as her mind was taken over by the lasso's effects.

"Now, from what I understand, you have to obey us and do what we tell you." asked Tarra as she held the rope tight around Diana's waist.

"Ye...yes... I must obey...." stammered the avenger as the words were forced from her.

"Good, first, no more speeches! COMPRENDEE!" screamed Tarra between her teeth.


"Yes what!.."

"Yes.....mistress." replied Wonder Woman.

"Now shut up until we tell you to talk."

"I can't believe we fucking have Wonder Woman!" gasped Yumi as she softly groped Diana's 40 DD breasts.

"Yeh! And that's gotta be worth something." said Tarra as she looked at the other three women and began to smile as a wicked thought came to mind. "I'll be right back." she said with a giddy chuckle as she quickly strutted out of the room. Moments later, she arrived with a tripod and video camera.

"OOOO! Yes!" exclaimed Tasha as she got up and helped set up the AV equipment. "Do you know what a movie about Wonder Woman being GANG BANGED would be worth, especially by three babes like US!" Tarra said laughing as she turned the camera on.

"Dear Hera! YOU CAN'T" screamed Wonder Woman as she saw the little red light come on.

"Villains aren't supposed to do this." Diana thought. "They just tie you up and tell you their plans. THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" she thought in terror.

"No... UUMMPH!... NO!" cried Diana as the women started again to grope her. Her enormous breasts sloshed about uncontrollably as the three women's' hands caressed and stroked her naked body. They were growing more turned on by the second and Diana began to grit her teeth in panic at their obviously growing passion.

"Oh God!" screamed Tasha as she leaned in and started kissing Diana's upper chest and face wildly. The three began going crazy, kissing and massaging Wonder Woman like a pack of animals in a feeding frenzy.

"Oh you Bitch!" screamed Tasha. "OOOHHHH!!" she screamed again as she masturbated herself while she stroked Diana. Then, like a wild woman, she swung her leg over Diana's chest and straddle Diana's face with her thighs and hips.

"Suck me you Bitch! Suck ME!" she screamed as she grabbed Diana hard by her hair and slid her vagina down over the amazon's gasping, horrified face. Wonder Woman surged and rolled about as Tasha began thrusting her hips back and forth, wiping her vagina over Diana's beautiful face and forcing the heroine's mouth into her wet, dripping cunt. As she did this, Tasha started masturbating herself, rubbing her own clitoris and massaging her own breasts as she forced herself on Diana. The lasso compelled Diana to obey and the amazon began to lick the woman's pussy as she was forced to pleasure her rapist.

"HUMMMBBLLLM! NNNNGHMM! NNNMMBBLM!" Diana screamed in shock and disgust as the nymph's heavily lubricating vagina was forcefully wiped across her face and mouth. Diana's body continued to surge about, clenching and pulling at her reins as she fought to resist the disgusting act.

With a loud slap, Yumi whacked her hand across Diana's left breast sending a jello like wave rippling through the enormous mammary. Then with animalistic ferocity, Yumi grabbed both breasts with each hand and squeezed them hard, long and mercilessly like a child plowing her hands into two piles of soft, wet clay. With utter abandonment, Yumi began massaging the enormous tits, sculpting them into plump, erotic canyons of mountainous flesh as she pushed the large breasts about. First apart, then together, then forward against Tasha's ass. Round and round her hands went sloshing the avenger's breasts like huge slabs of jello. Then, like a hungry vampire, she dove in and sucked Diana's bare, ripe nipple deep into her mouth. With an angry bite she began sucking wildly on the defenseless tit in some vain attempt at milking it dry.

Diana's chest rolled and twisted wildly as her breasts were accosted. The pain, the sensations, the brutality were sending waves of shear panic through Wonder Woman's mind and she began struggling violently to get free, knowing that something worse was yet to come.

No sooner had the thought entered her mind than Tarra began sliding her hand along the inside if Diana's thigh. "Oh you're such a hot Bitch aren't you!" said Tarra teasingly. Then, with a vulgar sweep, she slid her hand over Diana's shaven, bare vagina and ran her long fingers between the avengers lips. "So hot and so Fucking WET!" she screamed as she began wildly rubbing her hands all over Diana's cunt.

Wonder Woman let out a ferocious scream as she felt her crotch being violated. Her hips bucked about wildly as the woman's brutality and forcefulness sent chills and waves of uncontrollable eroticism through the amazon's panicked mind. So helpless, so out of control.
She was being raped. RAPED! This can't happen. Her mind raced with these thoughts and the horror and totality of her predicament grew more intense with each moment.

"Oh Yes, That's it Bitch! MMMMMMGGGLM!" Tarra leaned in and began blowing Diana's gyrating pussy, driving the amazon wild with fear and sexual sensation. Her mouth plowed deep and mercilessly into Diana, her lips sucking and oscillating like someone sucking spilled milk off a table top. Diana's moans and screams of defiance continued sounding out from under the frantically thrusting brunette as Diana's vagina was viciously violated by this woman's devilish mouth.

Tasha continued sliding herself over Diana's face, pulling Diana's hair as she rode the buxom avenger like a rodeo cowboy breaking a wild filly. The sensations pounded into her by her three rapists were driving Diana mad causing the woman to cry out uncontrollably from under Tasha. "Oh Dear HERA! No... NOT THIS!... NOT THIS!" she screamed in a muffled voice that was drowned out by the young girl's soaking wet cunt.

Yumi sucked hard and pulled her head upward as she stretched the large fleshy mass of Diana's right breast as hard as she could. With both hands she clamped down on the gland and squeezed it as though she were trying to force the last drop of toothpaste out of its tube. Then, violently, she plowed her face back down into Diana's surging chest, burying her cheeks into the center of the huge tit. She then rose up and grabbed the two tits with each hand and started giving them another violent round of intense massaging.

With her fingers, Tarra began feverishly teasing and pinching Diana's exposed clitoris. Her fingers pressed and pulled, flicked and rubbed sending Wonder Woman's hips pounding about and twisting from side to side like a fish flopping on a dry beach. Diana was frantic now and her body was violently squirming about and gyrating as the vicious and merciless gang rape continued.

"Oh I bet you want some more don't you. I bet you're a big, naughty slut?" teased Tarra as she let up slightly and reached over to the side of the bed. From a bag, she pulled out a long red vibrator and held it ominously over Wonder Woman's thrusting hips. "I bet you love doing this dirty shit don't you?" she said petting Diana's pussy like it was some whimpering dog. "Do you want a little of this? HUUHH? Do you want THIS?!" she said with a sarcastic force as she callously pushed the dildo into the unsuspecting heroine.

Diana froze in shear terror, knowing instantly what the crude implement was that was being forced upon her. She tightened up and surged upward as she fought to resist its advance. Tarra continued to push hard, inching it slowly and deeply into Wonder Woman's tight, defiant pussy. With her tongue, Tarra licked and teased Wonder Woman's protruding clitoris, forcing the avenger to loose control of her vaginal muscles and weakening her already depleted resistance. The dildo moved ever deeper, making Diana moan and roll about in shear sexual agony.

Then, with a deep, heavy "UUUUUUUUUGHHH!" Wonder Woman's hips collapsed to the bed as the implement reached its deepest insertion. Instantly she began writhing and bucking about like a wild, trapped animal. She was frantic, desperate and the three ladies knew it. Violently, wildly she tossed and turned trying to fight for freedom.

Tasha had to grab Diana with both hands, almost being thrown off the wild filly by the avengers tantrum of desperation. Yumi bore down on the heroine as well, clamping her arm around Diana's full chest as she increased her sucking to a vicious, merciless pace.

Tarra pulled the vibrator back hard and the tightness caused it to come back slowly. Then, with an intense effort she forced it back in, then back out, then back in. Over and over she plunged it in and out of Diana's defenseless vagina. Like a piston, the vibrator pumped Wonder Woman higher and higher towards uncontrollable sexual devastation.

"You ARE a naughty BITCH aren't YOU!" screamed Tasha as she slapped Diana's stomach as hard as she could and continued pumping the vibrator in and out of the heroine. "Tell me you're a bad girl. Tell me you need to be FUCKED. I order you!"

"I.... I'm a ... bad girl! Sooo bad. I need to be fucked. Teach me a lesson. FUCK MEEE!" Diana cried out from under Tasha's impending pussy. The order to say those things sent Wonder Woman into a spiral of total humiliation. To have to beg to be raped by your enemy, this was humiliating.

"Oh Yes, so BAD!" agreed Yumi as she switched breasts and started in on the other one.

"SUCK ME CUNT! SUCK ME!" screamed Tasha again and again as Diana's forced oral sex brought the young girl ever closer to climax. Then, like a crazy woman, Tasha grabbed Diana with both hands and shook the avenger's head frantically. "LICK ME CLEAN! LICK IT! LICK IT BITCH!" she ordered forcing Diana's mouth even deeper into her. Diana was compelled to obey and increased her licking, sucking and swallowing of the girl's juices as she was taken.

"Oh you're so BIG! Look how big that cunt is!" Tarra teased as she began twisting and rotating the vibrator in ever widening circles inside Diana's vagina. The amazon began wailing in sensation as the woman viciously bent and deformed the dildo inside her. "Oh yeah, so big. I bet I could fit two of these in there." she added. No sooner had the words hit Diana's ears than the second dildo began tunneling its way underneath the first.