Wonder Woman and Batgirl 05

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"SSSHHHHH!!" hissed Tarra as she looked out the second floor, dust covered window as Wonder Woman approached. "Its Wonder Woman!!!" she whispered turning toward Yumi. "Is Lord Easystreet's little toy ready?" she asked crouching down in the window.

"Oh yeah! We cranked up the juice on it too. Boy is she in for it." replied Yumi.

"Fine. Just don't fuck this up or we're in deep shit!" The two women were dressed in black leather pants, black turtleneck sweaters and ski masks. They slipped down the mills hallways and into the darkness as Wonder Woman stepped through the main door of the complex.

The main area was a huge, wide open space with various pieces of rusted, junk equipment strewn about. The heroine slowly walked inside, looking about cautiously as she tried to take in the entire room and all its details.

Suddenly, a shot rang out from deep on the other side of the room. Her instincts and training paid off as she deflected the .45 round with her bracelets. Then a series of shots rang out, illuminating a female form in the darkness with each burst.

The woman was hiding behind several pieces of equipment that blocked Diana's path, including a huge, rusted out truck that sat close to the heroine. Deciding to take a non-direct approach, Wonder Woman put her foot on the tailgate of the truck and gave it an immense shove with her muscular leg. The truck took off, literally skidding across the concrete floor. It crashed and slammed into equipment, posts, lumber and other obstacles as it plowed its way toward the now shocked shooter. Apparently Yumi was not ready for this tactic and she started screaming as she ran toward a back exit as fast as she could. Diving for her life, she barely rolled inside the door as the wave of junk plowed up against the doorway.

"Holy SHIT!" screamed Yumi as she got up and ran down the hall.

Diana made a bee line for the pile and started chucking half ton chunks of debris out of her way as she tried to clear the doorway to get through. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all." grunted Wonder Woman as she tossed an engine block out of the way with a hefty 'UMPH'.

Yumi came tearing down the hall, through a small, rectangular room and through another door. Tarra stopped the panting maid as she started to change her clothes.

"That fucking trap had better hold her!" screamed Yumi. "She's a lot stronger than we thought!" she added as she helped Tarra get undressed and slip into a skirt and suit.

"Don't worry. That pile of crap ought to slow her down. Just do what I told you and she's ours." Tarra smiled as she messed up her own hair and put on her glasses.

Wonder Woman finally moved enough of the junk to get through and she started jogging down the long hallway after the female assassin. The hallway ended at a small, rectangular room which was about 10 feet square. Stopping at the doorway, Diana suddenly noticed that the walls, floors and ceilings were now made of some kind of silver colored metal instead of wood. In fact the whole hallway from the main area on down was lined with steel and was completely out of place from the rest of the mill.

"HELP! Wonder Woman!" screamed a female voice from across the room. On the other side, the hallway continued. About 20 feet down, the masked assailant stood holding Tarra Rogers at gun point. Tarra was tied with her hands behind her back and she was a thorough mess. She stood shaking and crying as the hooded gunwoman used her as a shield.

"Don't come any closer or I'll blow this fucking cunt's head off! This hoar bitch is going to get her brains splattered, what little brains she has, if you try anything! Just stay back or lard butt here gets a new asshole!" Yumi screamed at Wonder Woman as she roughly grabbed Tarra with a choke hold and slammed her against the sides of the hallway as she waved the .45 around.

"Do you MIND!..." hissed Tarra softly shooting daggers back at the maid. "You're over acting!!!..." she whispered.

"Oh... sorry..." replied Yumi apologetically.

"Oh, I see." said Wonder Woman taking a confident pose and entering the room. "I'm supposed to surrender, is that it!" she added, taking another step forward. Looking behind the two women, she could see a huge, steel door which looked very locked and very impassable. Apparently the gun woman had boxed herself in and was extremely desperate.

"Why don't you just give me the gun and we'll all walk out of here together. No one needs to get hurt. You're obviously trapped so there's no need for this." calmly spoke the confident heroine.

"THAT'S IT! Now the bitch gets it!" screamed Yumi as she put the gun to Tarra's head and cocked it.

"You better have switched the gu..." Tarra winced.


Tarra sighed slightly as a small tinkle of urine stained her panties.

"Oh dear. Oh my!" gasped Yumi "I-seem-to-have- run-out-of-bullets." she explained in an over exaggerated acting tone as though she were reading her lines off a cue card.

"OK, you're obviously out of bullets. Let's just put the gun down and relax." coaxed Wonder Woman as she took another step forward.

"Bah to you Wonder Woman! Ney, I defy YOU!" she cursed shaking the gun at the heroine.

"Ney, I defy you...???" whispered Tarra with a quizzical look as she sneered back at Yumi.

"I read it in one of my brother's comics." Yumi whispered back. "These heroine chicks go for it."

"Ney, I defy you...???" said Wonder Woman in a quizzical voice as she rolled her eyes at the weird line.

Realizing she now had the upper hand, Diana arrogantly started across the room and toward the hallway. Just as she reached the middle of the room, Yumi pressed a button on a remote control in her pocket. Immediately two 4 inch thick steel doors came slamming down, closing off the exits in front of and behind Wonder Woman. At the same moment, the floor split into several panels which fell away and formed two steep funnels on the floor. Diana's bare, shapely legs slid on the cold, steel floor and each one slid into a separate funnel. Instantly, thick plastic seals inflated, pinning the avenger's legs into the holes.

Wonder Woman stood alone in the room, her legs slightly apart and buried up to her knees in the holes. She immediately began to twist about, struggling to free her legs. The mechanism under the floor whined and creaked as her immense strength strained the metal.

Suddenly, she heard a noise, like a cable being released above her. With lighting reflexes, she reached up just in time to catch the ceiling which came dropping down on top of her. This was not a ceiling, however. It appeared to be a huge block that she was now supporting with her amazon strength.

"Well, well, well." teased Tarra as she finished untying herself.

Diana looked ahead and could see a video camera and mic sticking through a hole in the door that had slid down in front of her.

"I see we have our hands full now don't we?" laughed Tarra. "I hope that multi-ton block of concrete and steel isn't too heavy." she added like she was talking to a baby.

"Not as heavy as it will feel when I shove it up your ASS!" grunted Wonder Woman as she continued to push upward. She was able to support the block but it was close to her maximum strength level. If all she had to do was lift it for a few moments, she probably wouldn't even break a sweat but, having to hold it constantly was putting a severe strain on her arms. The block would slip down slightly forcing Wonder Woman to push it back up in a constant gravity tug of war.

"Well now, such a mouth!" replied Tarra in a mockingly surprised voice. "I think I have something that will quiet you down a bit. Certainly something that will bring you off your high horse."

In front of Diana, a two foot square panel slid away from under the camera hole in the door. Inside, an odd device similar to a small satellite dish protruded forward. It tilted upward and then began to glow slightly blue. Then, with an odd humming sound, a beam of blue, pulsating light shot out and hit Wonder Woman's shoulder.

Wonder Woman reeled, not in pain, but from shock and sexual sensation. A strange, vibrating wave of exhilaration ran through her shoulder and arm, sending wild ripples of sexual excitement through the heroine's straining body. If it were possible to fuck someone in the shoulder, this is what it would feel like, only much better. The surprise from the ray and the sensation were so quick and intense that she started to lubricate slightly from the blast.

"How do you like it? A girl's best friend. Lord Easystreet had it developed. Its what he calls an orgasmabeam." said Tarra as she watched Wonder Woman's reaction and bit down softly on her lower lip.

"Its quite simple actually, its a sonic, modulating beam that projects waves of ultra high frequency sound. The sound waves are tuned to specifically agitate and stimulate only a female's sexual nerve endings. Basically it vibrates the hell out of any nerves it hits, sending false sexual information to the brain. Its kind of like shattering a glass with sound only it works on specific nerves instead. It also stimulates the brain itself, sending specifically tuned frequencies through you that effect only the sexual portions of the female human's brain." Tarra explained as she watched Wonder Woman get blasted again by the beam. "Heck the things way better than a vibrator!"



Wonder Woman rocked and swayed slowly, rolling her head back and around as the beam fired another and yet another blast into her arms, shoulders and bare thighs. As she moaned, the block slipped a little more, shaking the avenger back to reality. She tried to push the block away or jam it on one of its sides but, before she could concentrate, another blast of blue ecstasy shattered her efforts, striking another fresh part of her body.

"Those were non-sexual parts of your body Wonder Woman. Lets see how those jugs really stack up." exclaimed Tarra as she redirected the beam.

"Hera, NO!" Wonder Woman screamed as she stared down in panic at her cleavage. Suddenly, the beam hit her left breast sending it rippling and sloshing about as it vibrated the huge mammary.


The amazon moan was animalistic and deep as the shear intensity of the sensation made her wet with excitement. The beam not only hit her square in her already ripened nipple, it was now blasting away in a steady stream, pushing the tit around like a fire hose pushing a huge water balloon. She twisted and gyrated her upper body in a futile attempt to avoid the devastating beam but this only heightened Tarra and her cohorts sexual show.

"Wow, what a bod!" gasped Yumi as she rubbed herself. "Make her wiggle some more."

The beam then switched to the right breast, causing Diana to let out a high scream as the tender breast was decimated by the beam's irresistible charms.

"Can't quit.... Hera.... Must not... surrender." Wonder Woman gasped out loud as she rolled her head back and panted away. Her satin shorts now had a noticeable stain as she began lubricating uncontrollably. As her mind spun from the beam's intensity, the block slipped down some more and Wonder Woman had to catch it with her elbows. She was now supporting the massive stone with her upper arms only, letting it rest slightly on her head.

"OOOWAAAA POOORRR BAAAABBBBBYYYY." teased Tarra as she reached around Yumi and began massaging the Asian's soft breasts. "Is da wittle Wondie Woman getting tired?" she mocked kissing Yumi's neck.

Both women then turned and started French kissing each other as the beam continued to pound the most erotic moans, coos and cries from the tortured avenger. Wonder Woman's sexual agony, and her vocal repertoire, were driving the two villianesses wild with passion. In moments, Tarra had pulled Yumi's sweater off and was happily sucking on her breast as the show continued.

The two women then looked each other in the eye. "Let's finish the bitch off." Tarra said with an evil grin.

"Guess what's coming next Wonder Woman?" said Tarra as she started to aim the dish.

"HERA! NO! NOT THAT!" screamed Diana as the beam traveled down her chest, over her stomach and toward the most devastating target of all. Her hips went wild, twisting and writhing as she tried to avoid the ever closing beam.

A long silence filled the metal room. Then, like a swelling, erupting volcano, Diana's scream of uncontrollable ecstasy exploded from her as the beam found its mark. There wasn't even a chance of fighting off the climax. The only chance she might have had was to slow down the wave after wave of multiple orgasms that pounded away at her body and mind but, she had already lost that opportunity. Her vagina burst from lubricant as her juices streamed down her legs and soaked her shorts. The sensation was so intense that she broke into tears and began sobbing as each climax tore her violently apart.

Then, a soft hissing sound started to echo through the room. From dozens of small jets in the walls, a pink, misty gas began to slowly seep in.

"Oh, by the way, that's Gyneform gas you hear." said Tarra matter of factly. "Its a special anesthetic gas designed by Lord Easystreet to sap a woman's strength, only if she climaxes. Pretty neat huh? You're perfectly safe, just as long as you don't cum but, I don't think you can avoid that."

Diana's looked about wildly, her panicked, tear stained eyes glaring with fear as she watch the gas slowly seep into the small room.

"UUGGMM, UUGGH! Can't... think... No, I won't... won't be BROKEN! I AM WONDER WOMAN! NO ONE DOES THIS TO....." she screamed defiantly as yet another climax blasted through her. As she came, the gas went to work, slowly sucking the strength from the surging avenger. Diana's head began to swoon and swirl as the anesthetic slowly took effect.


Another climax tore away at her. The gas sapped her down even more. Like a wild fire being dowsed by water, the gas smothered her spirit and drained her of her strength. Her arms began to shake, then her knees began to wobble. Suddenly, with a loud scream, the heroine dropped, bending at her knees and falling on her back to the floor. She was now supporting the impending block with just her lower arms and chest as she moaned and groaned from the gas's anesthetizing effects.

"She's DOWN!" screamed Tarra as she reached for the beam's controls. Diana's crotch and hips were now flat on the floor, having moved out of the beam, and the sex weapon was now steadily trying to make the block of concrete have its first sexual experience. Tarra re- aimed the dish and watched as the beam shot up between the block and Diana's spread thighs.

Wonder Woman was now in triple jeopardy. Not only was she falling asleep from the gas, but the beam was hitting straight between her legs and her hips were now pinned tight by the block. The massive stone surged up and down as the buxom heroine struggled under the mass in some desperate attempt to escape.

"Now to see what this thing can really do." smiled Tarra as she reached for the intensity control and turned the knob from 4 to its maximum of 10.

The block surged upward and froze as Diana's hips soared upward. The sensation was beyond pain, beyond sexual stimulation, beyond ecstasy. It was as though every muscle, every bone, every cell, every atom in her body was being violently gang raped all at once. She couldn't breathe, her eyes were streaming with tears, ever muscle was strained beyond their limits as she tightened for the horrid finale. Then, Tarra pushed her over the edge.

"And when we final have you, we're going to really gang bang you..."


The scream echoed like a wild animal falling from a hunters bow as the amazon exploded from the sexual experience. The massive stone came crashing down as her absolutely devastated body collapsed in one last surge of resistance. With a final sigh, Wonder Woman was silenced, her body and will broken and beaten.

Ironically, the stone didn't drop more than two feet above the floor. It was made to stop short so it would not absolutely crush its victim. The metal doors opened and Tarra and Yumi stepped in as the block raised back up toward the ceiling. They stood watching in erotic enjoyment at the heroine's unconcious, beaten, sweaty and glistening body as she lay moaning and breathing heavily. Tarra reached down and pulled off Wonder Woman's belt.

"Now we have her for sure. Take her and strip her. I want her tied up nice and tight, the way she was meant to be." Tarra ordered as she held the belt and examined it like a trophy of power. "This is just the start Wonder Bitch, just the start. ITS PARTY TIME!"

Batgirl quickly sunk down behind a pile of old boards as she heard a tremendous crash from the other end of the mill. "What in God's name..." she gasped as she started to make her way back toward the direction Wonder Woman had taken. Trying to avoid any obvious entrances or windows, Batgirl scoured the main building, hoping to catch site of what was going on. "I know Wonder Woman is tough but, I can't help feeling something just went terribly wrong."

It had taken Batgirl at least 20 minutes to maneuver through the darkness as she tried to avoid the mud, equipment and lumber. Four inch stilettos looked great on her legs but were horrible in mud. She knew this but their erotic feel made her wear them anyway. Then, like a dying animal, a muffled, female scream of utter agony rang out from deep inside the main building.

"Dear God! Diana!" Barbara whispered as she climbed the side of the building to a second story landing. The second story windows were an array of large, cross hatched windows that stretched along the length of the building. Getting in was no problem seeing how most of the glass had been broken out by kids or weather.

She slipped into the dark upper landing and moved slowly behind some huge crates. Suddenly, several flashlights made a small dancing show of lights as a group of women came out of a dark doorway on the first floor.

"Tarra Rogers?!" Batgirl grunted, half knowing something like this was probably right up that lawyer bitch's alley. The arrogant blonde came strutting out, putting on her blouse and glasses. Behind her, two women in ski masks and skin tight, black outfits were carrying a very shapely, bound and naked body.

"Wonder Woman!" Batgirl gasped. Wonder Woman appeared to be unconscious and completely stripped save her tiara and red boots. Her hands were tied behind her back and her legs were tightly bound together. A thick, cloth gag was tied around her mouth, completely covering the bottom half of her head an pinning her fiery, brunette hair. The two women were carrying her like a carpet, one holding her by her shoulders while the other carried her legs.

"Now how the Heck did they manage that!" Batgirl said as she curled her lips to one side in a half smile of semi-surprise. "I didn't think those bimbos could count to two without taking their blouses off. There's got to be someone else involved. Someone with a wicked, devious mind." she mumbled as she stealthily moved down a wooden ladder and approached the three women from behind several rows of crates.

"Boy, for such a well built bitch, she sure is heavy." rasped Tasha as she and Yumi placed Wonder Woman on the floor to rest.

Batgirl removed her Bat-a-rang from her belt and readied it.

"Are you kidding, she's 90% tit." Tarra said with a smile as she stood over Diana and rested the point of her stiletto, black shoe on the avenger's huge breast.

Batgirl tied one of her bondage ropes to the weapon.

"I wonder if they're real?" asked Tasha as she leaned down and started poking the other breast with her finger, trying to find any sign of an implant.

Batgirl slowly stood up and raised the weapon, aiming it at Tarra's long legs.

"If they are, I want her plastic surgeon's number." Tarra replied in a laugh. The three women began to laugh maniacally as Batgirl drew back.

"Laugh this off you... HUMMMMBLMM!!!" Batgirl started to say but as she was just about to let go, an ether soaked handkerchief came down hard over her nose and mouth. The heroine dropped her Bat-a-rang and began twisting about wildly as the fumes forced themselves deep into her lungs. Her thrashing and screaming turned to swaying and moaning then to dull twisting and sighing. Then, the plucky avenger dropped to her knees and then the floor, her eyes rolling up into her head, as she was heavily chloroformed.

The three women had stopped laughing and watched Batgirl's anesthetizing. They then watched as a tall, sleek beauty slowly stepped over the sleeping Batgirl from out of the darkness.

"Good work Catwoman." said Tarra as she walked up to the feline vixen. Catwoman stood wearing a pair of high, six inch, black stilettos, thigh high, black, fishnet stockings with garters, a French cut, bikini bottom, a belt with various compartments, a string bikini top, arm length, silk gloves and her usual cat mask that looked like a pair of cheap, starlet 5 and dime sunglasses.

"Yes, my trap worked Perrrfectly." she said with a rolling purr as she knelt down and started stroking Batgirl's full, round thigh with her gloved hand. "They are both ours now. Lets enjoy them GRRROWL! You three may have Wonder Woman. I have unfinished business with Batgirl." she said as she pulled out some silk tie downs and several handkerchiefs.

"Yes, thank you Catwoman." said Tarra as she skipped back to the other girls and ordered them to pick the amazon up. "I know just the place." Tarra said slapping Diana's flat tummy as she escorted the two women out of the building.

Catwoman continued to stroke Batgirl like she was a long lost pet. She then flipped the heroine on her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back. With the silk tie downs, she criss-crossed Barbara's wrists and secured them with several knots, she then bound her elbows and upper arms to her chest with a few more long straps. Turning the young girl over, she pulled out a large, red ball gag and pushed it into Barbara's mouth. With leather straps, she secured the gag in place around the girl's head. Using several more silk straps, she meticulously secured Batgirl's legs together at her feet and ankles as though she were enjoying the whole bondage experience.

"Poor Barbara." sighed Catwoman as she stroked the girl's cheek with her hand. "I told you I would get revenge for you spurning my affections. I know you can be broken and I'm going to enjoy making you my number one kitten." she continued as she gently ran her hand between Batgirl's legs.

"Tom! Tabby! Morris! Get in here!" the vixen screamed. Three very muscular and well built gentlemen wearing all black outfits and black ski masks with their names sewn onto their chests came lumbering out of the darkness.

"Pick up our little honey and take her to the cabin before the chloroform wears off. I want her to wake up with a surprise." Catwoman ordered. The three henchmen eagerly picked up the bound babe and carried her out into the midnight darkness.