Wonder Woman and Batgirl 12

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Wonder Woman's hips rolled upward again in desperation and horror as yet another bloated, oversized android penis plunged itself, deep, hard and brutally into the over sexed avenger. Pounding, pumping, gagging and moaning, the brunette bombshell soared uncontrollably toward another mind ripping climax as the mass of ten or so androids around her climaxed again and again on, under, over and especially inside the totally raped heroine. Under the two piles of undulating, pulsating android bodies, an occasional grasping arm, clenching hand or twisting foot surface in a desperate attempt at escape, only to be pulled back down and back into the pool of violently raping automatons.

They wouldn't stop. Ruthless, cold, efficient and untiring the androids continued their massive sexual barrage. Catwoman had no idea of the time or how long Wonder Woman and Batgirl were being "entertained". She was too busy reviewing Lord Easystreet's financial records and having him sign over deeds, power of attorney and so forth to care about the moaning and screaming coming from the master bedroom. All she knew was, the last two or three episodes of Oprah were pretty lame.

The pile of androids across from Wonder Woman swelled and pumped more feverishly now as the small whining voice underneath began wailing in absolute desperation. Then with one last explosive surge. The pile soared upward and then collapsed, its occupant stilled.

Wonder Woman's hand exploded from between muscular arms and strong backs. Her hand groped the air in desperation as her screams grew more intense. The pile of automatons intensified their onslaught until, with one last death throw Wonder Woman's arm grew limp and the she-avenger collapsed with a final moan.

Steve Trevor waltzed into the office as Trudy Sommers, the receptionist, hung up the phone and turned back to her PC to battle yet another weekend's worth of memos. "How's my favorite cutie today." smiled Trevor with a small glint in his teeth.

"Hee heee... now Steve. You don't want me to sue you for sexual harassment, now would you?" she giggled giving him a sassy look.

"My, we're sounding more and more like Diana everyday." he replied shooting back a grin.

"Heaven forbid. Shoot me if I ever become a tree stump like that." she said rolling her eyes. "So how was your weekend?" she asked.

"OK, got in a few rounds of golf. What worries me though is Diana never checked in. Mighty strange for Mssss. Protocol." Steve said sarcastically.

"That's true. I bet she's just sun and funnin' it at that Lord Easystreet thingy. Any minute she'll call in sick, just you watch." Trudy replied giving Steve a ya' know wink.

"Are they here?" asked Trevor shaking his head toward the main conference room door.

"mmm hmmm... and waiting eagerly for your monthly report." she said stapling some sheets together to hand him. The monthly meeting was always the same old boring, dull review the budget with the top brass thing. Steve dreaded this part of the job more than any other when he got his promotion.

"Diana gets all the cool assignments and I have to sit by the phone like a wet blanket and suck up to those old stiffs." he thought as he straightened his tie and walked into the room.

The room was dominated by a huge, oval shaped, oak desk. It had that old boys look and feel and the twenty old boys sitting around the table added to the stiff atmosphere. Steve moved to the front of the room, made his usual tasteless icebreaker joke then proceeded with his report.

"As you can see on the big screen behind me, our budget has been going through some bumps and grinds..." Steve started to say as he pressed the remote and the big monitor came to life. The men then began to bustle and mumble to each other in an unusual display of shock and amazement.

"Wow, they must really be impressed with that pie chart I did in Lotus." Steve thought to himself proudly, knowing he was all thumbs when it came to computers. He turned to view his handiwork and his jaw nearly hit the floor.

The monitor was not of a pie chart but of Diana Prince's office down the hall. A video camera showed Diana bound spread eagle to her desk with a huge, penis dildo shoved into her mouth and held there by tape. Her massive breasts were coiled with several loops of rope into two large, sloshing bowling balls of jello-ey flesh and each nipple was pierced and hung with a huge, gold ring. Leather straps were tied to each ring and to the ceiling pulling her breasts up and taught.

Her ass was plugged with yet another, obvious, penis replica, held firm by more tape. As her hips soared and rolled about, her butt would come down on the table and on the dildo sending it plunging in and out of her ass and sending her back up in torment.

The worst part was the two, yes two, oversized dildos forced firmly into her ravaged vagina making her look like a man smoking two cigars. They were humming and vibrating like the pump on a fish tank and they were driving her insane with agony. She moaned and rolled about in mindless sexual torture as she put on the most erotic display of female suffrage Steve could ever hope of seeing, or pay for.

Her whole body was cum soaked, beaten, bruised, dildo fucked, toasted with cigarettes, whipped, spanked, scratched and otherwise mangled to the point that it was extremely obvious this woman had been severely gang raped and sexually destroyed. Then Steve gasped in shock. "The red boots, the tiara it can't be." Sure enough, Diana was wearing just enough of Wonder Woman's outfit to give Steve the clue that Diana Prince was really....




Said the note pinned through Diana's belly button. The wheels turned, the buttons clicked and the registers rung up sale as all the men in the room finally figured out what one plus one equaled.

The band played hail to the chief and the music sounded more like the tootings of an amateur high school football band than a professional arrangement due to the bustling and chit-chatting of the awaiting crowd that drowned out their tune. The rows of old ladies, gentlemen, couples and retired citizenry that had nothing better to do that day than to come out to Gotham Park on a Monday morning began to clap as Commissioner Gordon took the stage.

"Thank you people of Gotham. Its a proud day for our fine city. A day that we will all remember. But first, let me introduce someone who needs no introduction; Batman and Robin" he said with a proud grin as he clapped to urge the dynamic duo onto the stage. The crowd, camera men and newspaper reports hunkered closer to the stage as the crowd applauded wildly the two humble crime fighters as they strolled up, tipping their cowls and waving their hands at the cheering masses. "Thank you citizenry. Thank you. Your applause is gracious but undeserved." Batman said humbly. "We are simply citizens like yourself doing our part to make Gotham the fine city it is."

"That's right. And each and everyone of you can be a hero as well if you obey the law and practice good government." added the boy wonder, slamming his point home with his patented fist in the glove punch.

"Batman, today Gotham honors you and the boy wonder with a most auspicious show of gratitude. Today we honor the cape crusader by declaring today Batman day!" the Commissioner said proudly as he shook Batman's hand and handed him a plaquared denoting the day's establishment. The crowd went into another tyraid of cheers and clapping as Batman accepted the award.

"And that's not all. To mark this day, Gotham city is proud to erect this fine monument to the scourge of crime." Commissioner Gordon announced as he waved his hand in a Vanna style pass at the huge object behind the stage covered by a tarp.

"I present the Batman statue." he said as he pulled the line to drop the tarp. The crowd burst into applause again, but, like a fart in an elevator, the mood quickly turned somewhat distressing. Commissioner Gordon and the Dynamic Duo turned and....


The statue was a ten foot replica of Batman standing proud and tall with his hands on his hips and his cape (made of pewter and stone) waving to one side with Robin standing action ready an waiting to pounce on the cape side. The statue was ominous in itself but, what really stood out was the screaming, bucking and wiggling female form lashed to the front of it.

Batgirl was tied across Batman's chest like the Christ's crucifixion only her legs were very much apart. Her gyrating hips were secured to Batman's waist with coils of rope and she was slammed down onto a mock, stone penis that was protruding from Batman's crotch and straight into the plucky avenger's battered cunt. Her humiliating image was augmented by the latex penis dildo secured in her mouth and the other one shoved deep into her tight ass. Her plump breasts were nipple pierced with huge gold rings and leather straps pulled them tight and down to the base of the statue. Her body was covered with bruises, whip marks, stained cum and scratches and she seemed almost delirious from sexual torment and humiliation. All she was wearing was her mask, gloves and shin boots with the rest exposed for hundreds of gasping onlookers and millions of television watchers to view.

"Saint preserve us Commissioner its Batgirl!" Chief O'Hara exclaimed as though he were the very last personon Earth to realize this obvious fact.

"Batman LOOK!" Robin yelled pointing rudely and obviously at the naked girl.

"Yes, YES... she's worried about something... her eyes.... see how she's keeps staring in fear at the sides of her face." Batman explained to the Boy Wonder as all the men stood there like zombies, none of them getting the clue to CUT THE WOMAN DOWN!

Suddenly, Batgirl screamed wildly under her dildo gag as some cat twine shimmied in the sunlight and grew taught. In one fell swoop, Batgirl's mask, gloves and boots came zipping off and revealed....

"Hey! Isn't that Barbara Gordon, police Commissioner Gordon's daughter?" cried out one of the reporters as he pointed at the now hysterically panicked heroine. "Yes, you're right! Batgirl IS Barbara Gordon!" screamed another reporter who rushed with a group of other news hounds to the nearest pay phone.

Commissioner Gordon stood and gasped in horror at his now totally nude, dildo fucked little girl. "Barbara..."

Off in the distance, a fur covered Corvette with a long, black tail slowly pulled away from the park as more and more people rushed to see the spectacle.