Wonder Woman and Batgirl 07

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Wonder Woman went absolutely insane. Her hips started convulsing wildly, pounding the king sized bed with each violent thrust. The whole bed shook and rocked as the amazon princess was deeply and horribly penetrated by the two vibrators. At this point Diana's muffled screams turned to crying wails of desperate agony. The sensations were too much, too overpowering. She was so helpless at the hands of such uncontrollable sexual violence. They were raping her. Pounding her. Tearing away every part of her decency and dignity. Crying and scream she fought to resist what she could never hope to abate.

The climatic wave soared higher and higher as she tightened like a swelling balloon. The three nymphs knew victory was growing near and stepped up their brutal onslaught. Squeezing, pinching, teasing, masturbating; every part, every erotic nerve was stimulated beyond comprehension. Diana Prince surged upward one last time in a final death throw of sexual defiance.


The scream would have echoed throughout the island but, the cabin they were in was well isolated. Wonder Woman's violent rape went unheard and unnoticed by the remaining guests. All alone, Diana was trapped in a living hell and she was absolutely powerless to stop her violation.

The three nymph's didn't stop, however. With callous disregard they continued their ruthless onslaught of Wonder Woman's virtue. No time to think, no time to catch her breathe, Diana screamed in shear terror. "HERA, NO! ... Multiple orgas....UUUGHHH!!" Her fear was realized as the constant sexual attacks forced another and another and yet another climax from the costumed avenger. For what seemed like an eternity, Diana's firm, muscular body soared and stiffened, bursting with wave after wave of overwhelming sexual bliss.

Diana's hips then collapsed in utter defeat as the women continued accosting the amazon with total abandonment. Tasha, growing near, stepped up her strokes, sliding her cunt harder and harder over Diana's mouth and face. Then, seizing up, Tasha rose slightly and began masturbating herself as her body tightened.


The girl screamed wildly as she climaxed long and deep. Her body convulsed as the orgasm claimed her and she began thrusting her vaginal muscles in reaction. A thick stream of female cum oozed out into Diana's mouth and into her face as the young girl began lubricating uncontrollably. She then slid her cunt back down onto Diana's face and began wiping her juices all over the amazon. "Lick me clean. Swallow it all." gasped Tasha as she sprayed herself on Diana. The amazon obeyed, licking and swallowing the girl's discharge without hesitation.

"Let me try." cried Yumi as she pulled the dazed brunette off of Diana and slid into her place. Diana, realizing a new girl was over her began to thrash her head about again trying to resist Yumi's black hared vagina. This was absolutely futile, however, as the young minx easily slid her crotch into place and began forcing Diana to perform the same horrid act on her.

"Did you like that hoar? I bet that took the spunk out of you." Tarra said as she pulled out the two vibrators and began licking them clean like a little girl sucking on a ice-pop. Then, with her right hand, she plunged all four fingers into Diana's soar, swollen pussy and slid her hand about like she was molding the inside of a soft, clay pot. In huge, circular motions, she reamed Diana's vagina with her hand, sliding it around the inside of her cunt like it was a vase. "OH YES, You're a fucking naughty BITCH! You like being fucked by big things. That's why your cunt is so BIG!" she continued taunting Diana with as much crude language as she could.

Diana surged and writhed about in shear agony as the woman continued her brutal, finger exploration. "How's about this for size CUNT!" Tarra screamed as she withdrew her hand and pushed her fist into the frantic amazon. Using her knuckles and twisting her wrist, Tarra began burrowing her hand into Diana's much too small vagina. Wonder Woman retaliated by convulsing uncontrollable in a wild display of desperate resistance. Both Tarra and Yumi had to clamp their bodies down onto the violently bucking heroine to slow her struggling. The amazon's screams turned into crying sobs and wailing moans as the young girl mercilessly penetrated Diana with her twisting fist. Her hand didn't go in all the way. Instead, her knuckles rode around between Wonder Woman's lips as the girl twisted and rotated her fist trying to burrow it deeper into the frantic amazon.

As the two women continued raping Wonder Woman, Tasha staggered over to a dresser and pulled out a special leather belt. The belt was the harness for a strap on dildo and she wasted no time affixing the biggest dildo she could find to the front. The belt also had a brace that attached to another didlo that she slid inside herself. As the mounted one moved, her dildo would move as well, echoing the motions of the first. She mounted the belt and walked back toward the mountain of women on the bed. She tapped Tarra on the shoulders and the blonde moved aside.

Grabbing Diana's knees, she pushed the amazon's long legs forward until her thighs were perpendicular with her pelvis. Tasha then hung Diana's knees over her shoulders and slid her vibrator toward its target. With a few positioning shifts of her hips, Tasha aimed her weapon and...


Wonder Woman exploded upward as the head of the dildo punched its way past her sore and swollen lips and deep into her aching cunt. For several seconds Tasha twisted and turned her hips as she brutal sent the dominating toy deeper toward its ripe target. After about a minute of agonizing penetration, Tasha's hips met Diana's jiggling buttocks as the dildo was fully inserted inside the amazon.

The three women then went to town. Yumi continued riding Wonder Woman's face, forcing her to lick and suck while Tarra grabbed the princess's huge mammaries and feasted on her enormous endowment. Tasha was merciless as she twisted and shoved, pumped and pushed. The amazon's hip reactions sent erotic waves through her dildo, into the belt and into the dildo inside Tasha. The three women and the super heroine formed a mountainous mass of erotic female flesh as Wonder Woman's brutally gang banged body surged about helplessly under the vixens' hellish onslaught. Then with another lunge of desperation, Diana's hips shot upward and collapsed in another horrific series of climaxes.

Seeing Tasha, Tarra got up and grabbed a belt for herself. "Lets give her our specialty." grinned Tasha as she helped Tarra with her strap on. "Yes, the bitch tamer." Tarra grinned giving Tasha a wet, French kiss.

Yumi screamed wildly as she too climaxed over Diana. She dismounted and the three women sat on the bed watching the buxom heroine moaning and groaning from the horribly devastating experience. Uncuffing her feet, Tasha remove Diana's leg cuffs and the three women turned Wonder Woman on her stomach. As they did this, Tarra slid along side Diana and let the two girls roll the amazon over on top of her. Diana now lay on her stomach draped over Tarra, her arms tied and stretched out over her head and her legs laying lifeless to either side of Tarra's hips. Diana's eyes were heavy and foggy and she stared down in a glassy haze at Tarra with her mouth hanging open dull and wide as she gasped slowly. Tarra grabbed Diana by the back of the head and began French kissing the woman madly.

"Poor, sweet Wonder Woman. Farewell" softly whispered Tarra in Diana's ear. At that moment, Yumi grabbed Tarra's mounted dildo and helped guide it into Diana's bare vagina. Wonder Woman reeled her head back as the fat implement penetrated her and pushed its way ever deeper inside her. Tarra grabbed the writhing heroine by her full, plump ass and cupped each buttock as she pushed her didlo in and out of Wonder Woman.

At that moment, the giddy brunette slapped Diana's jiggling ass and slid herself between the avenger's legs. Using her hands to part the amazon's large cheeks, she carefully aimed her devastating toy and plunged it hard into Diana's unsuspecting anus.

"UUUUGH! NO! HERA, Get it OUT! GET IT OUT! STOP!....." Diana screamed feverishly as Tasha pushed the dildo slowly past her defiant anal muscles and deeper into her ass. Diana twisted wildly as she tried to escape the penetration. As she raised her hips, Tasha pushed her rear back down with increasing pressure from the dildo. Wonder Woman was nothing more than a flailing, helpless piece of she-meat in a diabolic lesbian sandwich of sexual torture and her struggling only added to everyone's sexual excitement. (I can't believe I just wrote that :))

The three women and the heroine began wrestling each other as Diana tried to free herself and her tormentors tried to keep her in place. Diana panted and breathed like a chugging steam train as both women continued pounding her down. Then, suddenly, Tasha's body jerked downward as her hips dropped several inches. Tasha's dildo had succeeded in overcoming the avenger's resistance and it sank fast and deep into the mountainous rear. Wonder Woman's head shot straight up and her eyes bulged out in an unholy expression of absolute, sensual overload as the dildo slipped inside. No scream, no shriek, no cry for help. Her teeth clenched and her body shook as she lost all control of her mind and her body. The climax was horrendous. It blasted through her like a hurricane in a wind tunnel and the light faded from her sight as she passed out from the devastation.

"GGLLMM...NOO!!!" screamed Batgirl.

The king sized bed was shaking violently now as all three men enjoyed their captured prize. Johny was on his back, his huge arms clapped around Batgirl's reddened, tender breasts and using them to pin her. Johny's enormous cock was slowly burrowing its way deep into Barbara's anus as the young heroine tried to wiggle her hips free. Tommy was on top of the struggling heroine, his penis slowly pushing its was deep into her sore vagina as he mounted her rolling hips from on top. Morris was kneeling over Batgirl's face. His hands clamping her head still as his cock moved past her lips and down her rasping throat.

"MMMM... I just love it when you're penetrated." teased Catwoman as she sat on the bed and watch the erotic spectacle. "I want you gentlemen to all climax at once. She needs to be fucked good and I want every part of her inseminated." purred Catwoman as she started to slowly masturbate herself. The villainess had stripped herself and was now completely naked as she sat entertaining herself on the bed.

"OH GOD... NO! NO!... GOD..." Barbara cried out in her thoughts as the enormous men moved deeper inside her plucky, little body. Each cock sank deeper and deeper, disappearing slowly into their respective orifices. The men were grimacing in pain as their members were squeezed so tightly into the young girl's tight body.

It took nearly 10 minutes of agonizing penetration before the three studs were completely inside Batgirl. Then the pumping began. Brutal, intense, relentless and merciless. The poor girl's body was nothing but a fragile doll at the hands of three huge gorillas as she was gang banged. Her legs flailed about, her body twisted in terror. Three enormous cocks so deep inside her. She was absolutely helpless and wild sexual sensations raced through her erotically tortured mind, blotting out all possible coherent thought.

The three then began to seize. There massive, muscular bodies tightened and shook as they grew closer toward the devastating climax. Batgirl was beyond climaxing. Her body was in a constant state of climaxing as wave after wave of multiple orgasms continued to tear her will violently apart. Her body was nothing more than a bucking, convulsing female form as the men's insertions continued to blast her down.

After another few minutes, the gang tightened ever upward, pushing Barbara's flailing body along with the unified orgasm. She screamed, she cried, she groped and clawed. Nothing could stop them, nothing could save her....




All three rapists exploded at once causing them to pump away madly into the heroine's taken body. They grabbed and pinned her struggling form as they pumped and forced every drop of their unwelcome manhood deep into her helpless anus, vagina and mouth. For several agonizing minutes, all Barbara could do was thrash about slowly as she was forced to swallow huge amounts of Morris's discharge. The semi- white fluid came out between her soft, red lips and trickled slowly down her chin and over her cheeks. The other two men were deeply coming as well. Her anus began to ooze cum as Johny's cock filled her ass with his fluid. Tommy's discharge pumped deep into Barbara's unprotected womb and her brown muff became soaked with sweat, lubricant and cum. The three enjoyed their rape-fest, wildly banging Batgirl as the finished their climax.

After about 10 minutes, the three moved aside and let Catwoman in. The vixen had put on a belt with a strap on dildo and she slid her legs between Barbara's as she moved in on top of the panting heroine.

"UUGH! NO... God No.. please, I beg you... Stop pleeeeaassseee.." Barbara cried, her tears streaming down her face as her beaten and raped body lay helpless under Catwoman's sexually turned on form.

"Not on your life sweat cheeks. You left me. Nobody does that. Hssssss." The cat hissed as she moved the fat dildo into place an plunged it into Barbara's soar and widened cunt. Batgirl's head rolled back in sexual agony as she was again penetrated. The fiery cat twisted and pushed her implement forward, relentlessly pounding it deep into Batgirl's pussy.

As she did this, Catwoman began to pant wildly in erotic pleasure. She was raping her ex-lover and her nemesis, she was taking the woman that had scorned her. A woman that was an icon, a symbol of purity and decency. Dominating, relentlessly dominating the only woman that had ever beaten her. This bitch had to be taught a lesson and Catwoman was nearly frantic from sexual bliss knowing she was finally going to put the great Batgirl in her place, once and for all.

Both women were panting and screaming wildly as their female union continued to grow closer and closer. Batgirl was utterly devastated. This woman loved her, cared for her and now this feline vixen was brutally raping her. It wasn't a matter of love or relationships anymore, this villainess was out to totally and horrificly dominate Batgirl and the avenger now knew the line had been crossed. Catwoman had turned back into the old enemy she had fought so many times before. This time, the horror of being totally dominated removed any thought she had that she would get a chance to face her ex-lover again as heroine and villainess. She was losing. BADLY.

Yumi was now on top of Wonder Woman, riding the frantic brunette as she plunged her strap on dildo in and out of the restrained amazon. Diana continued to shriek and cry out as the Asian pounded her will away. For some reason Tarra and Tasha had left Yumi to alone entertain Diana, saying they would be back. The heroine had tried several times to escape but her hands were bound too tightly and the effects of the orgasma beam, the anesthetics and being raped had taken much of her energy.

Suddenly, the door to the cabin opened and a group of women entered. Tarra and Tasha walked in escorted by... "HERA! NO!" gasped Wonder Woman as Victoria Madison and her two cohorts Nic and Nac arrogantly entered the room.

"Well, I had to see it to believe it. The great Wonder Woman, all truss up like a sausage." grinned Victoria as she sat on the bed and grabbed Diana hard by the chin. "You and your little friend Bat-cunt thought you were cute doing those things to me. Well, its payback time BITCH!... Hey wait a minute!" she growled looking back at Tarra with a suspect expression.

"What is this! This ain't Wonder Woman. Its that busy-body Diana Prince." she hissed pushing Diana head to one side. Suddenly, a wave of silence washed over the room as all six women stared at each other with growing expressions of realization. Like cash registers they all rang up $ALE at the same time.

"NO!.... UUUGH! NO!" Diana screamed as the six women loomed over her.

"Well, well. We now know the great Wonder Woman's secret identity." gasped Tarra clapping her hands in absolute joy. "Its party TIME!" she screamed. With that, all six women piled on top of the now frantically screaming heroine and started again to pulverize her virtue straight to the bottom of her already humiliated soul.

Batgirl screamed again and again. She came. She exploded. She burst from shear sexual agony. Catwoman screamed with her, slamming her wide hips hard and deep into the young heroine's already tortured lap. The vixen was relentless, uncaring, cold and brutal. She was a true she-cat in every sense of the word and the scratches across Batgirl's chest, legs and face proved it.

Then, with one last forceful plunge, Selena nearly lifted Batgirl off the bed as both women soared toward overwhelming bliss. Barbara's tear stained eyes shot open, her fists clenched in agony so hard her nails drove themselves into her palms. Her body seized like a cattle-prodded heifer, then, she exploded like a cannon. She collapsed without a sound to the bed, her glaring eyes slowly closing as the climax sucked away the last of her resistance.

Catwoman panted and huffed as she leaned back and grabbed Batgirl's chin with her hand. Running her index finger over the young girl's wet, cum stained lips, she sprouted a devious smile.

"She's mine. MINE! The great Batgirl has finally been DEFEATED!" Catwoman screamed jumping off the bed and throwing her arms around her male kittens. "Quick boys, before she comes out of it, fuck her till you're dry!"

With that order, the three hulks climbed back onto the bed and began again to gang bang the now delirious and dominated avenger.

"Quick, bring it over here. Put it on the bed between her legs." order Victoria as Nic walked in with a black, box. She set the Black-n-Decker paint sprayer box on the bed and the two women proceeded to open it and put it together.

It had been nearly three horrific hours since Victoria showed up. Diana lay bruised, beaten and utterly devastated on the bed, tied spread eagle and gagged with somebody's long ago discarded underpants. Her lasso still kept her in check and a small part of her wished she had burned the damn thing years ago. The other women had satiated themselves and had set about drinking wine, tequila or anything else they could find in the liquor cabinet. Victoria had other plans, however, plans that involved lots of revenge.

Nic had put the paint sprayer's pump together and she callously chucked the sprayer off to the other side of the room. The pump was all they wanted. Taking the hose, which was about an inch in diameter, Victoria pushed it hard and deep into Diana's immensely sore vagina. After pushing it a few inches inside, she gave Diana a small love tap on the belly and looked up at the slightly panicked avenger.

Diana's tears had all but soaked her face. Her hair was greasy and slick from the huge amounts of female lubricant that was spread over her face and head from the hours of forced oral sex she was compelled to perform by her lasso. Her breasts were puffy and lifeless. They lay beaten and pounded like two over kneaded lumps of dough on her bruised and scratched chest. Her stomach, arms, chest and legs were covered with lumps and bruises from the hours of gang raping. Her vagina was dripping and now lay with a long, clear plastic tube running deep inside. The worst part was her rear. She had been brutally back holed. Her anus had been stretched and spread by every conceivable implement the women could find. She had never been widened so badly and the curled opening lay spread and oozing with female lubricant.

"What shall we try first?" asked Victoria of Nic like she was a bimbo cheerleader. "I know, how about some pudding?" replied Nic. "MMMM Yummy." said Victoria with a sarcastic smile as she got up, rubbed her tummy teasingly and smiled at Diana as she went into the kitchen. "Everyone loves Jello." She quickly appeared with several six pack tubettes of Jello pudding. Both women started opening the containers and scooping their contents into the pump's paint reservoir.

Diana watch in horror and began to slowly slid her legs around in an absolute vain attempt at escaping as she watched the two fill the reservoir.

"Here we go." grinned Victoria as she flipped on the switched and watched the machine. The pump hummed like a huge fish tank, air pump sending tiny vibrations through the bed as it slowly chugged away at the pudding. Then, the clear plastic tube began to slowly fill with the brown fluid. The fluid rose slowly through the tube toward Diana, twisting and twirling along its path like a super slow roller coaster. Diana began to panic, twisting her head from side to side as her dark, sunken eyes stared in desperation at the pudding's approach. Then, with a slight gasp from the amazon, Wonder Woman watched in terror as the fluid reached her and disappeared inside.

Suddenly, Diana began to surge and roll her hips around slowly. The pudding just kept coming. The pump pushed more and more of the brown goo inside her but where was it going? Diana then felt herself getting cold. The pudding had been refrigerated and it was send incredibly odd chills through her from inside.

"My, you're deep." teased Victoria as both women emptied more and more of the pudding packets into the pump. After two minutes of slow pumping, a small flood of warm, brown goo poured like a river in slow motion from around the tube.

"My God....That was 8 tubs. Enough servings for an entire family." sarcastically teased Victoria as she watched Diana ooze out onto the bed. "Now what?"

"Milk! Milk goes great with pudding." Nic said getting up and racing for the kitchen. She returned with a gallon of Vitamin D. Diana stared at the jug and shook her head violently "NO!". Nic started to poor the milk.

The sound of zippers being pulled shut echoed through the cabin as Catwoman finished pulling up the last large ring on Batgirl's new suit. Batgirl was zipped into a huge, black vinyl body glove. The suit hugged her like a super tight second skin and she resembled a black statue on top of a trophy, the kind with the legs and arms molded together into one curvaceous, female mass. Her arms were well clamped to her sides and her breasts made noticeable mountains with tiny, nipple peaks in the suit. It completely covered her, including her head, face and hair. The only hole was a small slit for her nose so she could breathe, which she was now doing quite heavily. Her mouth was securely gagged under the suit with a wide swath of duct tape.

The three now dressed henchmen picked up the lifeless heroine and carried her to the middle of the floor. The furniture and rugs had been moved to one side and a green, plastic tarp had been rolled out on the floor. It nearly covered the floor and was absolutely soaked with dish detergent. They tossed the avenger on the tarp letting her body slide about in the soap. Batgirl moaned deeply and slowly as she began to twist around.

"I see you're not dead yet." chortled Catwoman as she sat on the corner of a table, crossed her legs and filed her nails. "Well that's good because I've got something extra special for you. This is so sick, I haven't even tried this." she smiled as she blew off the nail debris and looked down at the mass of heroine on the floor.

"If you haven't noticed by now, and I seriously doubt you haven't noticed, I've inserted a special vibrator in your pussy. Its like any other vibrator, seeing how it runs on electricity but, oh dear, there are no batteries." Catwoman said sarcastically as she shook her head and made a "nt nt nt nt" sound.

"Instead, your new suit, which I must say fits you quite well, is lined with a net of tiny wires sewn inside. Through induction they will power your new companion. Now, where might the electricity come from?" Catwoman asked as she rolled her eyes around in an over acting motion and shrugged her shoulders. "Could it be from hmmm... maybe... hmmmm... THESE POWER CORDS FROM A WALL OUTLET!" she barked in her best church lady imitation.

Barbara Gordon began to scream under her gag as she heard Catwoman. No sooner did she start panicking than Catwoman dropped the exposed ends of a stripped power cord onto the mat and into the soapy water solution. Sparks and tiny bolts of electricity shot about on the mat as Batgirl screamed in horrific pain. Her now lively body bucked and flopped around like a fresh fish on a hot beach as she was riddled with electric shocks. The electricity crackled and sizzled as it sent sporadic bolts through her suit and into the vibrator. The toy's super charged motor would start up and shut down over and over again in a diabolic rhythm sending blasting sexual waves through Barbara's electrocuted body.

The pain and sexual sensation were already too much. Coupled with the nearly eight hours of horrific sexual torture, Barbara couldn't even think about who she was, where she was, why she was there or how to get free. She was now a mindless, sexual vegetable simply responding to stimuli like an ameba under a bright light. Her conscious mind had completely shut down and all her subconscious knew was the agony and ecstasy forced upon her by the mysterious cat figure that dominated her dark, nightmarish dreams.

"Oh, YES! SQUIRM BITCH SQUIRM! You sanctimonious, self righteous, goody two shoes hoar. You're just as bad as the rest of us. Just as dirty and oh what a little slut!" Catwoman's taunts rained down on the fettered heroine as she rolled around on the mat. The woman's words echoed through her sending her even deeper into utter humiliation.

More pain, more sensation, the blackness encompassed her. Her heart seized, her breathe grew short. She was dying, her body and mind seperating as her heart stopped and she began to shut down. Falling deeper and deeper, Batgirl plummetted toward a sexually agonizing death. Her vision faded, her mind turned to black. The end would come from her final climax. Tighter and tighter. Closer and closer. Her back arched, her muscles shuttered. She was coming....

Suddenly, the whole cabin went black. "What the...!" Catwoman barked.

"Must have been the fuses Catwoman." said Morris as he flipped on a flashlight. "I guess we popped more than Batbimbo's cherry." he laughed as the four stood over the now moaning Batgirl.

"I've got an idea. It'll be light in 20 minutes. Pick her up and follow me." ordered Catwoman as she slinked out of the cabin into the early morning air.




Diana had stopped moving after the 30th or so blow. It had been two hours since Victoria and Nic had started their food escapade. Empty containers of soda, milk, salad dressing, soap, cake frosting, orange juice, pudding, ice cream, oatmeal, lotion and any other available liquidy substances littered the cabin floor. Diana was now tied facing one of the support posts, with her hand over her head and her mouth gagged with a ball and leather straps. A rainbow of disgusting fluids streamed down between her long, muscular legs, staining her hips and legs with streaks of mustard, orange juice, pudding, milk and anything else that had poured out of her. Her lasso hung loosely around her waste and was the only thing compelling her to stand. The women had also forced the amazon to wear a really high pair of black stiletto heels as they ordered her to remain standing in "a nice and slutty pose".

She hung like the lifeless catch of the day from her arms as Victoria let loose with another crack of her cat-o-nine-tails. All the women had enjoyed a round of "whip-the-heroine" and Diana was pelted and red with welts across her sagging rear and loose back.




On and on the beating continued.

After a bit, Tarra Rogers walked up totting a bottle of tequila and grabbed Diana by the chin. Diana's eyes were heavy and dull as she stared like a zombie toward the ceiling. "Ain't no use spankin' 'er" Tarra said with a slur. "She's wouldn't feel it anyway BUUURRPPP."

"'ere, 'ave a drinky pooh." she babbled pouring the liquor over Diana's gag and down her chest. "OOPs! My you just can't hold your booze can ya, BITCH!" Tarra scoffed. Then, with a heft kick, she sent her knee hard into Diana's crotch, doubling the heroine over and sending her straight to the floor. Wonder Woman lay curled up on the floor, unconscious, beaten, gang raped and totally humiliated.

"What are we going to do with jug queen." asked Yumi as she prodded Diana's lifeless body with her high-heel.

"Our little heroine is going to have a big-ol-accident." stammered Tarra as she grabbed Diana by her hair and shook her head like a little girl tearing at a doll.