Wonder Woman and Batgirl 04

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Batgirl's plan was clever and quite simple. Victoria appeared to be making noticeable headway in rounding up the chips. Wonder Woman and Batgirl simply followed the trail of trussed up models, business women and starlets until they found the three women tying up another guest.

"If we follow her, we can get the chips for ourselves." Batgirl whispered.

"OOOH! That's rotten... I love it." Wonder Woman giggled as they stealthily trailed the three women through the building.

"Damn you BITCH! Where's the God Damn chip!!!" screamed Victoria like a ranting child as she slammed a bound and gagged models dead on the top of a coffee table. The three nefarious nymphs and the greedy, but hog-tied model, were in a large study in the first floor near the servant's quarters.

"MMMMBBLLMMLML!" screamed the curly redheaded model as she crossed her eyes in dizziness from the pounding. "MMM CMMIP MMIS NN MI MURSE!" she mumbled under the thick tape gag.

"WHAT! What the fuck are you saying! ANSWER ME!" screamed Victoria as she started to ring the girl's neck.

"Uh... Maybe we oughta remove her gag." sheepishly asked Nac half expecting to get a whack across the face from her mistress.

"GAG!.....Oh... Yeah, I knew that." and with a quick yank she brutally tore the tape off of the girl's mouth.

"YEEEEEOOOWWWW!! Watch it you BITCH!" screamed the girl as she puckered her lips to get the feeling back into them.

"Hera, I hate duct tape." whispered Diana to Batgirl as they both cringed when the tape came off.

"And I thought a bikini wax was torture." agreed Batgirl.

"You better start talking..." threatened Victoria between her teeth as she shook her fist at the girl.

"I said, the chip is in my purse you fucking IDIOT!" the girl screamed back.

"Oh, I'm an idiot am I?" asked Victoria mockingly as she looked over at Nic. Nic nonchalantly picked up a fireplace shovel and raised it. "Nighty night chump. BWAHAHAHA!" laughed Victoria.


Batgirl turned away slightly and winced as she saw the young girl eyes cross and watched her keel over unconscious from the shovel's blow. "EEWWW! That's gotta hurt." she said peeking out of one eye.

"Oh, that's nothing." said Wonder Woman in a superior tone as she waved her hand at the girl. "Heck, the cheetah hit me over the head with a telephone pole once."

Batgirl looked up at the amazon and turned back to watch the scene. "No wonder..." she thought shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

"I think its time we broke up this party." Wonder Woman said as she got her lasso ready.

"I'm with you." Batgirl exclaimed as both women got up and bounded into the room. With a quick flick of her lasso, Diana immediately roped Victoria sending her into a slight hypnotic state with the rope's magical effects. Batgirl dove at the two muscular body guards and let loose with a barrage of Batgirl kicks. Nic went down immediately but Nac was a little more resilient. She returned with a hefty south paw that sent Batgirl reeling back against a table. She immediately piled onto the smaller avenger and began choking her with both hands.

"UUUUGGH!!! Wwwwwonnnderrr WOMmmmannn. ANNNYY DDDAYYY NOWWWW!!!" gasped Batgirl as she tried to fight off the feverish monster of a woman.

"Oh, sorry." said the preoccupied Wonder Woman as she matter of factually walked over and gave the woman a slight karate chop on the back of the neck. The girl immediately fell to the floor unconscious.

"So, what are we going to do with Ms. Madison." Batgirl said clearing her throat.

"MMMM... I've got an idea." replied Wonder Woman with a devilish smile. "You take care of those two and then meet me in the first servant's bedroom down the hall." Wonder Woman said as she took the feisty but restrained blonde along in tow and headed down the hall that lead to the servants' wing.

"Hmmm... So much rope and so much to do..." thought Batgirl as she stared down in slight excitement at the two unconscious body builders on the floor. "I know just the thing." she said as she knelt down and went to work with several coils of rope.

After 15 minutes of happily tying up the two muscular lesbians like some demented housewife baking cookies. Batgirl came into the first servant's room humming a happy tune. She then stooped and stared slightly in curiosity at a refrigerator that had been unplugged from the servant's kitchen and plopped in the doorway to the bathroom. Batgirl slowly approached and peeked in. Wonder Woman had just finished tying Victoria's hands to the shower's overhead spigot and removed her lasso from around the blonde's waist.

"Wha... What's going on?" Batgirl asked timidly.

"Have you ever made Bitch Cake?" said Wonder Woman with a smile as she opened the ice box and showed its contents to Batgirl.

"I think I remember the recipe." Batgirl replied as she got the idea and picked up a carton of eggs. "I believe we start with these." she said as both women picked up an egg in each hand.

"OHHH! YOU WOULDN'T!! HOW DARE YOU!" screamed the spoiled blonde. Wonder Woman smacked the egg over the girl's head and spread its gooey contents around in her hair as the blonde tried to kick back. Her legs were securely bound together and to the bathtub faucet so she could only stand and twist about as Batgirl unload another white gem on her head. Another, then another hit her in the head and face. Then Batgirl slammed two eggs into Victoria's perky breasts, making the girl scream in disgust as Barbara began massaging the yellow, clear goop over her chest. Then an egg was slapped hard between her legs making the girl yelp in slight excitement and shock. Another egg hit her in the crotch, then two more. Diana then turned the girl around and slapped some more eggs up her ass, coating her perky rear with the goo.

"OH! I'll make you both pay for this!" she screamed. "NO one does this to....UUUUGGGHLLMMM!"

"I think some butter would be good right now." said Wonder Woman as she took a whole tub of Country Crock and shoved the scoop into Victoria's threatening mouth. She then smeared the huge, remaining wad around the girls face as Victoria spat out the huge chunk of lard making the girl's face and hair all wet and greasy. Grabbing the rest of the butter, Wonder Woman shoved the slab between Victoria's buttocks and started spreading the wad around with a big frosting spreader, coating the girl's ass with a thick, shiny film of lard.

Batgirl sarcastically opened a small bottle of vanilla extract and added just a drop on top of Victoria's head. She then looked at Diana and both girl's shrugged. "Better safe than sorry." Wonder Woman said. Batgirl smiled and poured the whole bottle over Victoria's thrashing head.

Then the two heroines went hog wild. "Barbecue sauce on a cake." gasped Batgirl jokingly. "How risqu‚." she said as the Open Pit was emptied all over Victoria's greasy, yellow chest. Next came the Thousand Island, then the A1, then a few cans of beer, "Oops, scratch the beer; Diet Soda. We're on a diet." They emptied two six packs of diet soda all over the girl, shaking the cans thoroughly before they unleashed them.

Victoria then screamed in absolute disgust as a bag of sugar and a five pound bag of flour was emptied over her sticky, wet body. The gooey substances underneath made the flour stick amazingly well to her skin and she almost resembled a woman being tarred and feathered. "Oh! We can't forget the brown sugar" added Barbara as she unloaded the bag of brown powder all over the girl's chest and face.

Wonder Woman then handed Batgirl a can. "Cheez Whiz! I just love Cheez Whiz!" Batgirl screamed as she shook the can and shot off a small stream to eat.

"It goes good with whipping cream." grinned Wonder Woman as she held up a can. Both girls then leaned into Victoria and began decorating the girl with various swirls and designs. Barbara decorated Victoria's left breast, putting two eyes above the nipple and a smiley face below. "Look, is Mr. Bill!" Batgirl said as she leaned back to admire the bouncing face before her. "Oh, I just love Mr. Bill." she said in a heavy voice as she leaned in and started sucking hard on Victoria's excited nipple.


"Mine's frosty the snowman." Wonder Woman said adding the finishing touches onto a whip cream hat that sat at the top of Victoria's right breast. Batgirl looked over and nodded in approval as she scooped a small finger of cream off the girl's nipple. Diana then leaned in and started sucking on Victoria's other breast, humming frosty the snowman as she massaged the plump tit.

"Oh NOOOOOO! Its Mr. Hands!!!!" said Batgirl in her best Mr. Bill voice as she slapped Victoria's right tit hard with her hand, spraying yellow cheez whiz, egg, butter and flour goo against the wall of the shower. She then began to grope the tit real hard, pinching and squeezing it as she watched it balloon and compress.

The two girls then stepped back and stared longingly and deviously at Victory as they slowly began shaking their cans. "Ohhhhh, No... Stay back... No...." stammered Victory as some sixth sense told her what was to come.

Like Beavis and Butthead, both heroines turned toward each other and began to shake like they were holding back an explosion. "PUSSY SUNDAE!!!!!!!!" They both screamed. Victoria bucked about wildly as the two costumed avengers grabbed her thighs and plunged the tips of their respective cans into her cunt. The hollow sound of the cans discharging filled the bathroom with an ominous tenseness as both women continued to unload their can's contents. Victoria stared down at the spectacle, gritting her teeth, not in pain, but in shock and panic at the fact that nothing was coming out. The cans were emptying but the thought of where the stuff was going horrified her. Then, after several seconds, a yellowish, white mixture oozed out of Victoria's vagina and plopped down onto the shower floor in clumpy lumps as Batgirl and Wonder Woman continued to empty the cans.

"UUUUUUUGHHHH!!!!!!" screamed Victoria in horror as she realized she must be absolutely filled with the disgusting mixture of cheez whiz and whip cream. Batgirl continued to empty her can as Wonder Woman walked back to the fridge. Batgirl then stood up and wrote "FUCK ME" with a little heart across Victoria's tummy with the remainder of the can. "I love cheez whiz but I don't think I'd give you the satisfaction of watching me lick your cunt clean." teased Barbara as she held the girl's chin up with her finger and grinned.

"My pussy's too good for you anyway SLUT! You should be worshipping me and that's just where you two bimbos will be, AT MY FUCKING KNEES!" she screamed in futile defiance trying poorly to scare the costumed avenger.

"Oh MY!" gasped Wonder Woman as she stood in front of the fridge bent over like a huge bimbo doll with her full ass in the air and her legs locked. "Look what I found in the crisper." she said innocently as she stood up and held up a cucumber. This was no ordinary cucumber. It was round and full at one end but tapered to a narrow, bumpy point at the other. It was the kind of cucumber most men would simply toss aside as useless and most women would bulge their eyes at.

"My, I think the maid did the shopping this week," Batgirl replied with a bimbo's gasp of sarcastic shock. "and such a naughty maid too."

"I wonder if this was meant for our salad?" Wonder Woman replied with a raised eyebrow. Both women then turned and smiled at Victoria who stared back with bulging eyes at the organic implement.

"OOHHHH! You wouldn't DARE!" she hissed as she gaped at the cucumber. "NO! NO! Get AWAY...." she started to scream as the two heroines grabbed her thighs and brought the vegetable ever closer.

"Remember what you did to Diana Prince?" asked Wonder Woman with a gleam. "Well have a taste of your own MEDICINE!" she screamed as she pushed the misshapen object hard into Victoria's resistive vagina. The girl wailed and screamed uncontrollably as Diana twisted and pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into her. Her hips and body twirled about like a top dangling from a string as she tried to thrust and push the ever encroaching cucumber out of herself.

"UUUUGHH!! AAAGGHH!!!! UUUGHH!! GODDD!!!" she panted and moaned like an actress over acting a death scene in some cheap B movie. Her articulations were no act, however, as the thought of being so rudely penetrated drove her mad with ecstasy.

Nac began to awaken as the blow to her head sent throbs of uncomfortable pain through her neck and back. Her eyes bulged in shock as the scent of a wet vagina filled her nose and the taste of a sweaty pussy coated her lips.

"What the..." she mumbled under the vaginal gag. She started to twist about, trying to figure out where she was, and found herself tied, not by herself, but to another woman. At that same moment, Nic began to revive and an erotic sensation from between Nac's legs shot through her as she felt the mouth of her sister begin to mumble. Nac screamed in absolute disgust as she realized she was in a forced 69 position with her own sister. She hated her sister and only tolerated her because they worked together and because her sister was the only person as underhanded as she was. To be tied to her like this was an absolute affront.

"You stupid God Damn BITCH!" Nac screamed as loud as she could into her sister cunt. Nic responded with a similar tightened, shocked convulsion as Nac's vibrations sent a chill through her as well. Both girls then began to roll about as they tried to free themselves from their distasteful predicament. As they did so, they began to excite each other with each twist and thrust.

"Stupid CUNT!"



"I hate YOU!"

They continued yelling at each other and wrestling with each other as they fought for freedom. This greatly aggravated the situation, however, as the erotic stimuli only sent them into a more enraged state of struggling.

"I'll show you, you dumb...." and with that, Nic dug in and began wildly blowing her sister. Nac reeled back and slammed her face into Nic's cunt and began to brutally respond with a volley of devastating tongue lashes. Both women were now frantically blowing each other as each tried to dominate the other in a desperate attempt at enforcing their own sense of superiority over the other. The pecking order had to be maintained and only one could win.

Nic rode Nac's desperately bucking hips as she kept sucking and licking, holding onto Nac's plump, muscular rear with her hands. Nac's ass tightened and jiggled like a slab of jello as the girl griped and groped it, trying to induce her sister into the fatal, losing climax.

Nac was no slouch, however, and she wildly blew Nic in retaliation. With her fingers, Nac parted Nic's muscular buttocks and she stuck her middle finger into Nic's anus. With shear ruthlessness, she began twisting her finger about callously driving Nic insane with sensation.

The two bound muscle women rolled about like two fighting cats with their tails tied together as they wrestled for absolute dominance. Slamming about on the floor, they rolled into tables and knocked over chairs as they slammed each other about.

Their fate was more twisted than they had both realized, however, as each girl grew closer to defeat. So evenly matched were they that no girl could manage to gain a clear advantage. Panting and screaming they both induced each other higher and higher until....



With the same odds of a coin landing on its side, both women exploded in hip pound climaxes as they broke each other at the same time. Panting for a few moments, each girl recoiled and buried their heads back into their sister's cunt in hopes of catching the other off guard. The wrestling match continued into round two as the muscle bound, duet fought each other for total victory.

"Not again.... CUMING!!!...." Victoria screamed as Wonder Woman inflicted another climax on the spoiled, blonde, brat . The young girl finally collapsed in gasping exhaustion as both heroines stood over her and stroked her.

"Ah, look. Our little girl is dirty!" Wonder Woman said is a sarcastic, motherly voice.

"OOOO!!!" teased Batgirl as she struck her two index fingers together in a "naughty-Naughty" gesture.

The two heroines then turned on the shower to ice cold and began spraying Victoria with the shower massage on full blast.

"AAAAGHGHGHGH!!!" screamed the blonde as the ice cold water shook her back to reality. The young girl yelped and screamed like an excited puppy dog as the two amazons rubbed and washed her down. Diana coarsely scrubbed her with a long handled brush, scouring her face, chest and bare body with the stiff bristles, turning the girl's goose bumped skin red with abrasion. Batgirl continued spraying and pouring bottles of soap and shampoo all over the twisting girl, making her absolutely shiny with soap.

After a bit, both women stepped back to examine their handy work. Victoria lay slumped against the shower stall, dangling from her tied hands, and she panted and snarled as she stared in despise at the two avengers. Her hair was an absolute snarl and it lay across her reddened face like the strands of a dirty, soaked mop.

"You fucking BITCHES! I nail each of you for this! I'll make you both...GUMLLLBBMMBBLM!" Her doggy yelps of threats were cut off by a small wash rag being stuffed in her mouth. A terry towel was then pulled and tied around her head, holding the rag in place and effectively gagging the enraged spitfire.

"You know, I think she's going to catch cold being all wet like that." said Batgirl with her hand on her chin. "Lets dry her off."

Wonder Woman easily picked up the tired, but struggling girl, and carried her off under her arm as she followed Batgirl down the hallway and toward the laundry room. The room had 5 sets of washers and dryers but these were the large, industrial devices used in institutions to wash tons of clothes. Batgirl opened the door to a large dryer and Wonder Woman stuffed the frantically kicking girl inside.

"I think fluff-no heat at 100 minutes will do." Batgirl said turning the knob.

"Yes, we wouldn't want her to shrink." smiled Wonder Woman as she watched the girl's panicked face begin to spin around in the little window. The two women watched calmly as the girl's face, then ass, then tits, then face then thighs rolled about and slammed around inside the dryer and up against the little window.

"Now for those chips." said Batgirl as they both left.

Wonder Woman came bounding over the grassy ridge as she approached the island's abandoned saw mill. Her huge breasts heaved up and down like two massive, jiggling water balloons and her full rear and large buttocks shifted from side to side as she rounded the top and headed down the hill. She came to a stop behind a pile of old, rotted lumber and crouched down to watch the mill. A few moments later, Batgirl came chugging over the hill and barreled down the slope and into the pile of wood breathing like an overworked steam locomotive.

"huh huh huh huh God... huh Where the FUCK.. huh huh can I get ... huh huh one of those belts!!?" she gasped as she lay on the ground sweating like an exhausted racing horse and pointing to Diana's power belt.

"Sorry, members only." Diana replied with a grin, patting her belt with her hand.

Both girls spent several minutes scoping out the mill, looking for any sign of activity. The sawmill was a series of dark wood buildings interconnected via enclosed walkways. The buildings were hollow on the inside and housed various sections of the wood processing conveyor belt production line. They were arranged kind of like the view windows at a car wash. The wood would enter from the river and flow through the mill to the other side. Several smaller, decrapidated shacks and buildings, along with the rusted remains of old 1950 genre construction equipment, littered the landscape around the main installation.

"Now you're sure the chips point here?" asked Wonder Woman looking sideways at Batgirl.

"Well, its only a hunch but, looking at the designs on the chips, the just don't make sense. I'm a librarian and I've seen dozens of writings and manuscripts and have gotten pretty good at deciphering them. These things are totally bogus. The only thing is, one out of four of the chips are made of wood, painted to look like plastic. Lord Easystreet said one out of four chips were relevant so that tells me its what the chip is made out of that's important and not what's on it." Batgirl explained.

"I see. So you figured the lumber mill since the important chips are made out of wood." said Wonder Woman touching her finger to her chin in thought.

"That's right, and where else would you find wood chips?" asked Batgirl with a smile.

"Incredible! That's brilliant!" complimented Wonder Woman.

"Oh that's nothing." shirked Batgirl rolling her eyes. "Heck, one time I had to find Commissioner Gordon by sniffing around town for his cologne, Wellington #5. Boy was that a shot in the dark."

"Well, I think we should split up. We can cover more ground that way." said Wonder Woman as she got up. "Maybe you can scout out that small cluster of buildings beyond those wood piles while I look in the main complex." she added.

"Good thinking. We can get picked off better that way if we're alone." Batgirl said with a smile as she winked at Wonder Woman. Diana shook her head at the joke and started toward the main building.