Wonder Woman and Batgirl 02

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The sun was high in the mid day sky as the small skid plane touched down on the lake and pulled slowly into the dock. Lord Easystreet's estate was on a large island several miles out and south of Gotham city harbor. It wasn't exactly an island but a land mass that was sparsely connected to the mainland by a series of bogs and swamps. It took 4 hours by boat and about an hour and a half by small plane to reach it, making the island fortress very secluded. The island actually used to house a small community back in the 50s and 60s. One half of the island was devoted to a small lumber mill that was now completely defunct seeing how you can cut only so many trees from an island before you're out of wood. The lumber company kept up the maintenance of the roads until it went belly up. Lord Easystreet had decided to cut the road off all together, limiting access to the area to planes and boats only. Even by boat the trip was hazardous since the water route entailed traveling out to sea and along the island's steep cliffs and crashing shores. The only safe route was to land a plane on the island's land locked lake.

The center of the island had a sizable fresh water lake that was used by the lumber company for log transport. This connected to the island's only notable land mark, and a well visited landmark until Lord Easystreet bought the island; Glouster falls. These falls stretched nearly a hundred feet up a ridge of cliffs and came crashing down to a grotto that wound its way out to sea. The company had created the falls to send the logs over the cliffs to the grotto so they could be loaded on ships for transport. The only things remaining of this less than profitable enterprise were several abandoned building, rusted steel hulks of equipment and the aqueducts that were used to keep the lake from completely flowing into the sea. The estate had to open and close them at times to regulate the water flow so these were the only pieces of equipment kept in good repair.

Barbara Gordon was escorted out of the plane by a rather handsome butler. He picked up her bag and walked her down the dock toward an awaiting gas jeep. "Has there been many guests yet?" ask Barbara with a smile.

"Not many madam. Maybe about a half dozen." the butler said without smiling or turning to look at the young girl. The day was a typical, blazing hot, summer day and Barbara was wearing a flowery summer dress that hugged her body and made her look like a sweat country school girl. She decided to play up this approach, dealing with any of the Lord's estate personnel with a "Who.. little o'le me?" attitude of innocence. "The more they think I'm harmless, the better I can do my job." she thought.

The estate was the most out of place building she had ever seen. It was as though some God like force had picked up an old, Victorian mansion and plopped it down on this tiny piece of land. It sat looming over the island at its highest point, overlooking acres and acres of rolling, green grass hills, pastures and stables. The estate was actually a series of large buildings. The main building seemed to be the oldest and largest with five floor containing banks and banks of large, Victorian windows, balconies and spiraling towers. It looked like it contained at least 40 rooms with large areas for dance halls, studies and gardens.

The other two buildings were much smaller and more modern with an adequate attempt at maintaining the look and feel of the older house but using modern construction. The first was a rec building containing and Olympic sized pool, indoors and out, horse riding tracks and facilities, weight rooms and various miscellaneous places for self indulgence.

The second building appeared to be living quarters like the main building and seemed to be where the butler was taking Barbara. The jeep pulled past the huge mansion and around to the smaller house. The jeep pulled up at the front and Barbara was greeted by a very attract blonde woman wearing a white business suit and a very sexy Asian girl dressed in a rather provocative French maids outfit.

"How do you do Ms. Gordon. My name is Tarra Rogers. I'm Lord Easystreet's attorney and liaison for the party." she said shaking Barbara's hand with a soft grasp.

"Pleased to meet you Ms. Rogers. This place is amazing and so huge. Any chance of getting a tour?" Barbara asked, hoping she can let the tour act as a scouting mission.

"We can arrange something but I'm sure your tired and you'd like to freshen up. Let my servant show you to your room." Tarra said with a cheesy smile as she motioned toward the newer building.

"Oh, I thought we were going to stay in the large building." Barbara said innocently batting her "Lil' ol' me." eyes at the woman.

"Oh no. That's Lord Easystreet's personal house. I must warn you that no one, under any circumstance, can go in there. The hunt will not involve the main house and it is completely off limits. In fact, I have some forms for you to sign agreeing to this and some other rules, just a formality which I'm sure you'll understand. We wouldn't want someone tripping and suing the old Lord now would we?" she said as the entered the large entry way and walked to an old oak desk.

"Yup, she's a lawyer alright." thought Batgirl as she picked up the forms and started to read them. Suddenly, she looked about and noticed the women staring at her. Realizing they might think she was much brighter than she appeared, Barbara quickly glanced over the forms and then rocked her head from side to side as she gladly signed them. "Like, I'm sure I'm not signing away my soul or anything." she said in her best California beach bimbo voice.

"Oh no. The pen would be filled with your blood if that were the case." the lawyer said coyly as she tore off the bottom copy and handed it to Barbara. This was not a happy woman and Barbara could sense that immediately.

"You can relax in the main ballroom while we arrange room assignments. We'll let you know when you can move about the estate and what areas are off limits." she explained as she escorted Barbara through a long hall, through a set of double doors and into a large room.

The room was decorated in an Elizabethan style with huge tapestries on the wall and pillars with busts of long dead composers lining the windows and corners. She half expected some royalty wearing powdered wigs to come out dancing. Instead, she found the room occupied by about a dozen young, beautiful girls sitting about ignoring each other. They were expensively dressed and she felt extremely out of place in her little summer dress as two women wearing sprayed on, latex, stretch dresses walked by and snubbed her. She then felt a gentle tap on her bare shoulder.

"Pardon me. Are you Ms. Gordon?" said the woman behind her. Barbara turned and had to look up slightly at the voice talking to her. The woman was noticeably tall and very "big". She didn't have the build of a weight lifter but she was one of those women who was very large, firm and very attractive. Basically the Anna-Nicole Smith variety but with brunette hair. Amazon was the word that came to mind as she looked the woman over. The funny thing was, this obvious grand specimen of a woman was dressed in a dumpy skirt and shirt, a pair of low pumps, her hair in a granny knot and the geekiest pair of big round glasses she ever saw.

"God, she looks like Raquel Welch in a librarians out fit." Babs thought as she took the woman's hand and shook it.

"Yes, I am." sweetly replied Barbara.

"Great, my name is Diana Prince. I'm with the IADC on special assignment." the woman whispered, pulling Barbara off to one side behind a huge, stuffed polar bear as she watched the room for anything suspicious. "I've been hoping to meet you. My father said you got the other ticket. Have you found out anything?" Barbara asked.

"Only that they are real tight on security and the guest list for the party is pretty weird." replied Diana. "Take a look around and tell me if you notice anything odd."

Barbara scanned the room, looking the obviously beautiful guest list over as she looked for anything unusual. "So, what's wrong?"

"No men. I managed to get a look at the guest list and every guest is a woman, a beautiful woman. Mostly starlets, socialites and business women." replied Diana.

"Hmm. Beautiful and ambitious. They all seem to be women that would do literally anything to get what they want." added Barbara.

"Yes. If I miss my guess, this is going to be a major feeding frenzy. Whoever this Lord Easystreet is, he probably into female conflict." said Diana pushing her glasses back on her face. "From what I understand, they're going to pair women up as roommates. I suggest we room together." added Diana as she continued to scout around.

"You're right. If we work together, we might be able to..." started Barbara but she was cut off by a 60 inch screen that came to life over the huge bar at the end of the room. The image of an old man appeared on the screen and everyone started to gather around it.

"Ladies, I am Lord Easystreet. I am so glad you could join me at my humble estate. I have been looking forward to this party all year and I know its going to be a bang, a really big BANG!" he said then he broke into an old man's laugh followed by a chorus of hacking coughs. As he spoke, the Asian maid came around with a small basket and started handing something out to each girl.

"My servant is passing out the first of many clues you must first find to find the diamond. The disks are a coded piece to a map of the estate. Each marking on the disk is a code pointing to the next clue in the chain of clues you need to find the diamond. Most of the chips point to the same clues but in different ways. Only the smart and clever will figure this one out an a well read girl is a rich girl." he said with another spastic series of giggles and coughs.

"The rules are simple but they are firm and strict. You can win the diamond in two ways, either find the diamond, or be the only girl remaining at the end of the party." Both Barbara and Diana froze and looked at each other in shock. "Remaining?" Babs whispered. Suddenly, the monitor switched to the picture of a room that resembled some sort of laboratory. The camera panned the room and showed a series of plexiglass, cylindrical tubes lining the walls. The tubes had various hoses and other devices attached to them and they were all empty. Then the camera started to pan across their bases.

"There will be many traps on the estate. Traps to ensnare and capture a young lady. Patrols will walk the estate and, if you are found incapacitated in anyway, you will be taken to the holding area and placed in a tube." as he explained, the names of all the women appeared on the name plaques at the base of each tube. Babs gasped slightly at the sight of her name and Diana Prince's. The rest of the women began to bustle and complain as they shook their heads in disagreement.

"Don't worry ladies. It is harmless. Its only a prop. You will simply wait in the holding area until the next flight out where you will be asked to leave. Its the spirit of the game that's important and people need a little threatening incentive to make the game more fun. Also, none of the traps are harmful. They are simply self locking rooms or trip alarms. Just things to keep you on your toes." he explained as the camera switched to him as he hocked up a huge luggy into a handkerchief and continued.

"Now, you have two days to complete your task. If there is more than one woman out of a tube, the game is forfeit. The losers will all receive complimentary prizes, namely the home version of diamond hunt." he said as he raised a board game box up to the screen. The box was cheaply decorated and taped together and it was an obvious attempt at a sick, humorous message, namely; you lose, you don't get anything.

"Great. The furs really going to fly now." said Diana as she watched the women in the room grow anxious as they stood about.

"This is worse than dropping two alley cats into a garbage can. These women are going to destroy each other." replied Barbara in a low whisper. "And I thought the Joker was dangerous." she thought to herself.

"The rest of the rules are covered in the copy of the contracts you all signed. Violation of any of the rules on the contract means you forfeit your rights and gets you a one way ticket to tubes ville. One big rule you must follow. DO NOT ENTER THE MAIN HOUSE! I assure each and everyone of you that the diamond is not in there. Please respect an old mans privacy." he continued.

"Well! I'm not going to stand for this!" screamed a woman from across the room. "This is absurd!" The woman was Tina Ferrari, one of Gotham cities hottest swimsuit models. "If you think I'm going to let you get your jollies off of watching me run around like a chicken with its head cut off chasing after your stupid diamond, your SICK!" she screamed spraying her long auburn hair about in a girlish tantrum.

"I'm sorry you feel that way my dear." said the old man. "You are free to leave."

"Fine! And I'm not your dear." she screamed in a huff as she tossed down her chip, picked up her bag and stomped out the door to an awaiting servant. The door shut and the women could hear the sounds of her high heels clicking off into the distance.

Her chip was immediately snatched up by one woman, only to have another try and grab it out of her hands. Two more women joined in and a small pile of sexy blonde, brunette and red heads began slapping and pushing each other for the chip. Suddenly, two rather muscular women, working in unison, pulled the others apart and took the chip. They then handed the chip to a tall, slim, white hared woman. They then stood to either side of her with their burly arms crossed like two pitbull body guards.

"Nobody Fucks with Victoria Madison. The rest of you ladies might as well leave right now because I am going to win." she said holding up the chip.

"Bravo!" clapped Lord Easystreet like a giddy school boy slobbering over the whole incident. "Now that's the way to do things. Now, you can mingle about and enjoy my hospitality but the hunt can only start at 8:00 PM. Before that, no hanky panky." he added striking one finger across the other. With that the screen shut down and the women broke off into little groups again.

"Now I know what Lord Easystreet is into." said Barbara as the two agents left to go to their room. As they walked out. Victoria and her two goons followed them cautiously, watching them as they left the ballroom.

"We should nail those to first. Take their chips." whispered Victoria. "They look like real wimps."

After eating dinner and arranging their room assignment, Barbara opened the door to the bedroom and both ladies plopped down on their respective beds. "God, what a nightmare." said Barbara as she opened her bag and put it on the dresser. "You're telling me. Finding that diamond and keeping these guests safe is going to be a real nightmare." replied Diana as she walked into the bathroom and examined the facilities.

"I think I'm going to do some reconnoitering." said Barbara as she unlocked a small compartment under her case and pulled out a small bag while making sure Diana wasn't watching.

"Good idea. I'm going to take a much needed shower. I'll come looking for you if you're not back by 7:30." Diana hollered as she started the shower.

Barbara tucked her Batgirl costume under her arm and walked to the door. As she opened it, she looked to the bathroom and could see Ms. Prince in the mirror. The woman was stripped down to her bra and panties and Barbara stood in awe of the incredible sight. Her crotch began to tingle slightly as she watched the IADC agent unhook her bra and drop it to the floor.

"My goodness," gasped Barbara, "she's bigger than Catwoman. My God they're huge!" she stared in admiration as Diana's huge breasts swayed about as she stepped out of her panties and into the shower. "This might be fun after all." Barbara said as she bounced out of the room like am excited school girl. As she walked down the hall, a trio of heads appeared from the other end, starring at the perky little brunette.

"Should we bag her?" asked one of the muscle women.

"No Nic. She doesn't look like she's carrying anything at all let alone a chip. She's probably heading for the pool. Those chips are in their room." replied Victoria patting her little love slave on her tush. "We'll sneak in their and bag her friend. Then we'll grab both their chips."

Diana sank her head under the warm water and let the water flow like a water fall over the mountains and canyons of her shapely form. Unknown to her, however, a camera hidden in the tile work spied her every movement. From a control room with a vast array of monitors, panels and controls, Lord Easystreet sat in his chair and spied the buxom avenger. But what's this, the Lord is actually a little boy? Using a trick of modern computer technology, the young billionare was able to transmit an image of an old man instead of himself during the party. Now the 14 year old Lord Easystreet sat slobbering as he watched Diana Prince's perfect body showering before him.

"OOOOO! GOD! That's it, wipe yourself down. God you are gorgeous BABY." he said in a dirty Benny Hill voice as she slobbered over the screen. Diana picked up a bar of soap and lathered it. Then, with slow meticulousness, she began massaging her own breasts, soaping them up and making them shiny and wet.

"Whoa BABY. Ya don't get too many of those to a pound do ya. That's it, they're soo dirty. Soap them up... soap them up." he salivated. For several minutes he watched Diana mold her breasts into erotic mountains of shiny sexual pleasure, squeezing and lathering them as she sloshed them around. Then, taking a joystick he began moving the camera down. The image shifted down her body, over her flat, defined stomach and stopped at her wide, sexy hips and full, curvaceous thighs. She stood with her legs together and the form was exquisite. He watched in awe, staring at her smoothly shaven vagina and at her hips as they slowly swayed from side to side as the woman washed her upper half.

Then, her hand came down, filled with soap, and it slid itself slowly between her legs. Her fingers slid between her lips, in then out then in then out, soaping up her pussy as she massaged it. He then noticed that she wasn't stopping. "What's this... Are you..." he said as she tilted the camera up to her face. Diana's head was bent back and her mouth hung slightly open with her eyes shut. She was moaning softly and cupping her breasts with her free hand as she panted slowly. "Oh you naughty little girl. Oh and I bet you need a good climax too don't you.." he said teasingly as he watched agent Prince stimulate herself.

Suddenly, a female hand shot into the picture and clamped itself over the otherwise occupied agent's mouth. Diana's eyes bulged open and she began to scream muffled cries as the picture became screwed up with a flurry of activity. "What the hell..." stammered the boy as he played with the joystick to zoom the camera back. Legs, hair and Diana's breasts filled the camera. Then the image slipped away. Trying another camera, the boy brought up the bedroom.

Out of the bathroom, three women carried the dripping wet, struggle shape of Diana Prince into the room and onto the bed. One of the women kept her hand over Diana's mouth at all times while the other two produced a few rolls of duct tape. With the familiar squeaking sound of tape being pulled off of rolls, the women proceeded to bind and gag agent Prince. A big swath of tape was clamped down over her mouth while several strips bound her hands behind her back and her long legs together at the ankles and knees.

"Keep the bitch occupied while we search the room Nac." said Victoria as the two other women got up and started rifling through Barbara's and Diana's luggage. Diana lay on the bed, twisting a gyrating against her bonds as Nac sat next to her, holding her down.

"My, what huge tits you have honey." said Nac as she leaned in and roughly cupped Diana's right breast with her hand. Diana's screamed under her gag and reeled as the woman began massaging the tit. Cupping it from underneath, she began massaging it while pressing Diana's nipple in with her fore finger. She then leaned in and started sucking on the plump gland, biting down on Diana's ripened nipple as she accosted the breast.

"Got em!" shouted Nic as she held up the two chips. The two women then stood over Diana's bed, watching as Nac continued to suck on Diana's tit.

"What should we do with her?" grinned Nic as she wet her lips. "How about a nice little gang bang?"

"NO! We don't have the time." replied Victoria as she sat down on the bed and slid her hands along Diana's full, smooth thigh. "I know. We'll leave her tied up and come back at eight. Then we'll simple carry her out to the main hallway and leave her bound and gagged. The rules say anyone who is incapacitated will be asked to leave. They'll simply cart her off the island like that bitch Tina Ferrarri." said Victoria as she stared Diana in the eye. "But first, we don't want her to get bored laying here. Pick her up and put her on the rug." she ordered as she grinned at Nic. Nic and Nac then picked up the struggling heroine and placed her on one end of the rooms long throw rug with her body parallel to the short end. Then Nic smiled back and opened her bag. She pulled out a large, black vibrator which she handed to Victoria. Victoria smiled at Diana and turned it on. The hum sent a cold chill down Diana's back as she surged, knowing what was to come next. All three women then piled on top of the amazon and held her down while Victoria inserted the taming toy between Diana's bucking, resistive legs. Diana screamed frantically as the implement made it way deep inside her and she thrashed about wildly as the sensation sent shivers throughout her body.

The three women then grabbed the end of the rug and began rolling Diana's gyrating body up into it. They then picked up the rolled cocoon and carried the twisting carpet over to the bed. With a swift push from their legs, the three women kicked the rug and rolled it under the beds, entombing Diana completely. They could barely hear Diana's muffled moans and pounding body under the bed and the three women parted, smiling as they left with the chips.