Wonder Woman and Batgirl 03

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"Good thing this place has broom closets." said Batgirl as she emerged from the closet pulling up her spandex shorts. "My best bet is to go as high as I can and look out one of the windows. I probably can see the whole estate from up there."

After climbing two or three flights, the heroine reached the last flight only to be stopped by a band of tape stretched across the staircase. The words "OFF LIMITS" were repeated across the tape. "Not for me it is." said Batgirl as she slid under the tape and walked up the stairs. Little did she know she had broken a small eye beam as she walked up the flight.

In Lord Easystreet's control room, the young man had just finished watching Diana's demise with sad disappointment. "Damn, I thought they were going to bang the bitch too. Oh well."

Suddenly, another monitor switched its image to the lovely form of Batgirl slowly moving up the forbidden staircase. "What do we have hear? Batgirl! Good, I knew the female heroines of Gotham city would show up. I'm so glad its you my dear." he said rolling his hands together in glee.

"You're way too good for the tubes sweat cheeks," he continued as he watched Barbara's plump ass and shapely legs walk innocently past the camera and up the stairs. "Being a heroine with a secret identity, I bet no one knows who you are and that means no one would miss you if you disappear. Perfect, just perfect." he cackled. "Oh, I've got some nice plans for that pretty little ass, plans I bet you just weren't counting on." he snickered as he pushed a few buttons.

Barbara made her way down a narrow hallway and reached a door at the end. With expert skill, she picked the lock and slipped inside. The room looked like it was partially painted with tarps over the furniture, paint supplies along the walls and masking tape over the trim. The only window was a small framed opening at the far end. She walked carefully across the bare, wooden floor and looked out the window. The summer sun was heading down toward the horizon as night approached and beetles chirped as the sun heated up that section of the house. She then heard some commotion from out on the grounds. Looking down she must have been 5 stories up. Staring out, she could see the garden and a magnificent shrubbery maze winding through it. She could also see four of the guests stealthily moving through the garden maze, talking softly as they searched about.

"I see the guests aren't even waiting till eight." said Barbara taking her usual Batgirl stance. She watched as the four women split up and head separate directions. Suddenly, a series of tentacle like straps shot up from under one of the girls and coiled her. She twisted about as the white bands tied and gagged her, fighting to warn the others. Then a spray of blue gas shot up at her and the woman sank to the ground asleep. Babs pressed against the window in a vain attempt at watching. She then pulled the window up and looked out. Still not getting a good view, she contorted and twisted her shoulders till she could stick her upper half of her body out the window. "One of Lord Easystreet's simple, harmless traps eh." said Batgirl curling her lip as she watched another and yet another girl fall into the same kind of trap. Then, from some hidden panels in the garden, several unusual men appeared. They appeared to be completely naked and made of some kind of smooth, white plastic with absolutely no body hair at all. They reminded Batgirl of perfect bodybuilders without an ounce of fat. They walked up to the bound girls and started carting them off through the openings.

"Androids! So those are the patrols." Barbara whispered as she watched the mass abduction of losers. As she watched, a wall panel slid to one side and two male androids stepped out into the room. They were just like the others with huge, muscular builds, smooth plastic bodies and expressionless faces. Also accompanying them was the rambunctious Lord Easystreet. With stealth, all three tip-toed toward the slowly swaying form of Batgirl's full, plump rear as she stood hanging out the small window. They reached the young girl and, for a moment, the young boy held his hands over the curvature of he buttocks like someone warming their hands over a fire making "OOOO AAAAHHH" facial gestures as he watched her ass shift back and forth. Then, counting his fingers down to zero, he pointed to the girl's elbows. Both androids reached out and readied themselves.

"Hey! What the..." screamed Batgirl as two pairs of huge hands grabbed her arms and pulled them inside the window and up behind her back. At the same time, the window pane came crashing down, pinning the girl's upper body out of the window with her hands inside and behind her. A she struggled, one of the androids secured her hands together with a pair of handcuffs. When they finished, they ran their huge hands down the length of each of her shapely legs and then pushed her ankles together. With another pair of cuffs, they clamped her feet together, turning the heroine into a trapped, wriggling worm of soft, shapely flesh.

"Whomever you are, I'm Batgirl and I'm an officer of the law. I demand to be released IMMEDIATELY!" she ordered as she rolled her shoulders trying to escape. Lord Easystreet twiddled his fingers at her in a mock "OOO, I'm soooo scared!" expression. He then slapped his hand hard across her jello like rear. Batgirl responded with an erotic feminine bark making her twist about in panic. He then grabbed her ass hard with both hands and began massaging her buttocks like he was playing with two big balloons. Her butt soared up, then around then from side to side as she tried to shake her molester off in vain. His hands slid over her bare cheeks, down her bare thighs, around the front of her legs and back around to her ass. He then pressed his soft cheek against hers and began kissing her ass with abandonment. As he did this, his fingers would tease Batgirl by inadvertently slipping their way under her tights at various, strategic locations. Batgirl responded with erotic yelps and snarls as she felt the hands accost her delicate rear.

"OOOO BABY!" he thought making sure not to say anything. "Time for a surprise." As he groped her, the young boy unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardened erection. His size was in no way threatening but he did what he could to get it harder by stroking it with one hand. Then, gliding his fingers under the top of her shorts, he teased the costumed heroine as he pulled slightly on the spandex material. Then, with a quick yank, he pulled the shorts down over her ripe ass and around her full, bare thighs.

Batgirl's eyes bulged in shear panic as she felt her shorts go down and the air hit her bare rear. She tried to kick out but the two super strong androids held her legs firmly in place. All she could do was sway and shift her hips about and wriggle around desperately. Grabbing her by the hips with one hand, the boy brought his erection closer, stroking it with his other as he moved it into position.

"OH MY GOD! NOOO!" screamed Batgirl as she felt the rounded head of a penis touch her bare lips. Her hips went wild and Lord Easystreet had to shift his hips with hers to keep up. To normal men, Barbara Gordon was rather a small, tasty scoop of ice-cream but, to Lord Easystreet, she was a voluptuous, mountainous sundae ready to be scarfed. Matching her twists, he final found his target and pushed his tiny penis inside.

"AAAAAGHHGG!!!" Barbara screamed. The penis was way too small to be a threat but, the thought of someone penetrating her against her will sent her into a flurry of desperate panic. She could feel the penis slid inside her and the hips of her rapist pressing up against her bare rear. For several minutes, the little man rode Batgirl in shear ecstasy as he felt her vagina squeeze and stroke his penis as the heroine tried to escape the inevitable. Barbara's heart then sank in her chest as she felt her attacker begin pumping his hips back and forth. "NNOOOO! Not... Not inside!" she hissed as she tried to push him off with a deep thrust of her hips. This only excited Lord Easystreet more and the boy sank his head back as the climax built.

His panting built in volume which caused Batgirl to rock faster, knowing what was to come. Then, with a massive sigh of relief, the boy pushed his hips in as hard as he could, discharging deep inside Batgirl. Batgirl responded with an animalistic scream that was more from shock than from sexual ecstasy.

"How dare YOU!" she screamed. "OHHHH!"

The boy paid no attention as he slowly continued pumping. He then gave her butt another swat and stepped back, putting his wet member back into his pants. Pulling out a remote control, he started to reprogram the two androids. As he stepped through the secret panel, he pressed the activation button and snickered. "I think they oughta take some of the spirit out of you." he laughed as the door closed.

The two androids released Batgirl's legs and one of them immediately moved in behind her and grasped her bucking rear. She immediately realized that a new attacker was behind her and this one was HUGE. "OOOHHH! NOOO!! No, not again!" she winced as she felt another member touch her lips. Where as Lord Easystreet was small and harmless, the two androids were huge and merciless. Bloated, white and ultra firm, the androids cock hovered ominously over her dainty, soft vagina. Then, with a brutal thrust, the android's penis drove its taming point home, sending Barbara reeling with overwhelming sensation.


Her scream was heard across the compound as the white member slid slowly inside her. "My God! Its.... Its.... too big... can't.... UUUUGHH!!!!" Batgirl hissed and moaned as the android burrowed its way deeper inside her. With a final, brutal push, it shoved the penis all the way in, sending Batgirl's legs flailing about around the automatons hips. It then began pulling the penis out, then inserting it back in, then out, then in, relentlessly pumping itself in and out of Batgirl's defenseless cunt. To complicate matters, it then reached around to her front and began stroking her ripe clitoris with its large, firm fingers. From the ground, Batgirl's upper body could be seen rocking in and out of the window, her large, perky breasts sloshing up and down and her hair sailing forward and back as she panted like a speeding steam train.

"UUGH! UGGHH! UUUGH! No!... cuming... can't... let.." Too late. She screamed uncontrollably as her climax sent her body seizing in absolute erotic ecstasy. Sensing its victim's demise, the android began tensing as well as it simulated its own climax. Obviously, Lord Easystreet was a sick little boy who enjoyed hard, blatant sex and he had programmed his androids to be just as disgusting. With an eruption of lotion like, white cream, Batgirl's vagina began to ooze with the android's pudding like cum. The creamy substance oozed out and down her legs and she shuttered in disgust as she felt her vagina and thighs growing wet with the discharge. Still pumping, the android removed its member and let the substance pour out onto Batgirl's soft, white rear. It then took its hands and began smearing the substance all over her ass like a baker icing a cake.

Batgirl continued to gasp in exhaustion as the android accosted her. Then she froze in terror. "NO! NOT AGAIN!" she screamed as the second android moved into place. With the same zeal as the first, the second android began to again pump its human victim with more unbridled sexual stimulation. The tension rose higher and higher, the woman squealed and yelled to no avail. Then, with another animalistic scream, Batgirl collapsed from another devastating climax.

This time, the android didn't discharge. It pulled the window pain up and pulled Batgirl inside to face it. It supported the frail girl as she stared at it with dreamy, heavy eyes. Then with a firm hand, it shoved her head down and pushed its cock deep into her gaping mouth.

This woke Batgirl from her erotic daze and she began to squeal like a pig as the android violated her mouth. As it did this, the other android came from behind and pulled her tank top up past her firm, perky breasts. With its huge hands, the android began to callously massage her plump breasts sending her writhing from the new stimulation. Her whining was soon silenced, however, as its discharge violated her pretty mouth. For a while, she was forced to swallow, then, it removed the penis, only to let it spray the rest of its discharge into her face. The cum slowly poured over her lips and cheeks as she was coated with the substance. The first android then pulled her back and the second android discharged all over her bare chest, wetting her perfect breasts with the goo.

Suddenly, a plastic ball was shoved into her mouth and tied around the back of her head. A white clothe was then draped over her eyes, blindfolding the violated heroine. The androids then let the bound and gagged Batgirl drop to the floor as they slipped back into the secret panel.

Lord Easystreet sat at his console and watched in glee as the banged and defeated Batgirl lay rolling about, bound and gagged, on the wooden floor with her shorts pulled down around her thighs, her breasts exposed and her body soaked with android cum. "AH, Poor little Batgirl. Well there's much more in store for you. BWAHAHAHA!"

The rug slowly shifted from side to side as another muffled scream of climax came out from the fabric. Suddenly, the whole carpet began to roll. It rolled out from under the bed and a muffled clamp of thunder rang out from the tarp. Then, with a burst of female energy, the carpet exploded into strips of dusty cloth as Wonder Woman burst free of her cocooned tomb. Her body was absolutely soaked with sweat and she sat like a tossed rag doll on the floor panting and sighing heavily. Slowly, she pulled the remainder of the duct tape off of her legs, wrists and mouth and dizzily stood up. Her eyes then bulged in shock as she immediately clamped her hand on her pelvis. Unzipping her costume, she let it slide down as she removed the vibrator from her dripping wet vagina. She then zipped the satin tights back up and sat down hard on the bed holding the oscillating toy in front of her.

"Hera! That almost had me. A few more minutes of that and that would have been the end." she said slowly, turning the device off and plopping it on the bed. She got back up and started straightening herself out in the mirror, fixing her headband and hair as she wiped the sweat off her tan body.

Suddenly, the jiggling of the door knob put Wonder Woman on alert. Looking at the clock it was 8:30. "Back for more ehh?" said Diana as she readied herself. She then looked down at the toy on the bed and picked it up. "Two can play at this game." she said readying the item and standing behind the door. With a flick, she turned the lights off and stood in wait.

A shapely figure slowly moved into the room. As she entered the center of the room, Wonder Woman jumped her. Both women went rolling about as they fought. "Victoria's goon is a pretty good fighter." Wonder Woman thought but she knew she had the upper hand. With her lasso, she quickly tied the girl's hands behind her back and her ankles together. She could feel the girl succumbing to the lasso's magical effects.

"Now its time for a little revenge." Diana thought as she pulled the woman's shorts down and began inserting the vibrator inside her. The woman's hips surged wildly as they were penetrated and the tied woman panted and moaned as she was deeply penetrated.

"How do you like THAT!" blasted Wonder Woman as she yanked on the lasso. "Now, tell me who you are?"

"I.... I .... I'm Barbara Gordon." rasped the agonized female voice.

"Oh NO!" gasped Diana as she jumped up and flipped on the lights. For a moment, however, Diana stared in utter confusion. On the floor was Batgirl, wiggling about as she fought both the lasso and the vibrator's effects.

"Batgirl? But you said you are....." Like a cash register, the total added up and Diana let out a small smile. "Of course, its so simple. Commissioner Gordon's daughter. That's how you always know where to show up." Diana said sitting on the bed and crossing her legs as she thought about the situation.

"IIIIFFFF...YYYOOOOUUU DOOONN'''TTT MMMMMMIIIINNNDDDD...." stuttered Batgirl as she rolled about.

"Oh! I'm sorry." said Diana as she untied the rope and helped Barbara pull out the little toy. Running to the bathroom, she returned with a glass of water, some aspirin and a wet rag.

"I could really do with a stiff Gin right now." said Barbara as she quaffed the aspirin and water.

"I do apologize Bat.. I mean Bar... I mean..." stammered Wonder Woman.

"Well, I figure another heroine knowing my identity isn't that bad." said Batgirl as she sat back and put the wet rag on her forehead. "By the way, where's Ms. Prince..." but as she asked, the circumstance of the room began to give away subtle hints as to Ms. Prince's real whereabouts.

"Um... Well, I feel its only fair that since I used my lasso unfairly, I should share my secret with you. I'm actually Diana Prince." Wonder Woman confessed as she stood up and stood in front of Batgirl in her typical Wonder Woman stance.

"Well, I've got a secret for you Diana, the jugs are a dead give away." Batgirl said as she stood up, put her hands out like two cups and inflated her cheeks teasingly.

"I know." said Wonder Woman in annoyance as she sat crossing her arms. "That's why I always down dress. Do you know how hard it is to hide these?" she complained.

"Oh, I know. I have that problem with my look as well. The thing that gets me though is no one really ever puts one and one together. My father has seen me naked all my life and yet he doesn't recognize his daughter wearing a suit like this." Batgirl complained.

"You said it. With breasts like these I thought I'd get discovered the first time I saved someone." Diana added.

"What's even weirder is our voices are exactly the same as our alter egos yet no one ever recognizes us. The first time I met a blind man, I thought I was found out for sure." added Batgirl. "By the way do you ever have a problem with chaffing?" she asked.

"Oh no, amazon's don't chafe. We have tougher skin. Though I'm always worried about bruises and cuts. On a bare leg they really show up." Diana replied.

"That's true but I down play my real identity so she doesn't wear anything too revealing." said Batgirl. Both women then settled down to a long discussion talking about heroine tactics, beauty secrets, costume do's and don'ts and fashion.

"God, have you seen Supergirl. She looks like a cheerleader! What a bimbo. And she's sooo sickly sweat." scoffed Batgirl.

"You know she's gay." replied Wonder Woman nodding her head. "At least that's what I hear. I also heard she's into some major S&M."

"No, really!" squeaked Batgirl. Then both women began to laugh like two college girls at dorm. For once, they had met someone else they could talk to that they could trust and that shared the same experiences.

"So what happened here?" asked Batgirl smiling as she held up the vibrator with her two fingers. "Supergirl drop by?"

"NO!" exclaimed Diana as she snatched the dildo away from Barbara and tossed it on the other bed. "I got a surprise visit while I was taking a shower. That bitch Victoria Madison and her two goons Nic and Nac tied me up and left this to entertain me."

"Why didn't you just beat them up. You're supposed to have mega-strength." asked Batgirl.

"I only have powers while I'm Wonder Woman and I wear my belt of power." she said removing the belt. "See, now I'm as weak as a normal woman. " she explained.

"I see. The belt holds your power?" asked Batgirl.

"While I am away from my home, yes." answered Diana putting the belt back on. "By the way, what happened to you?"

"I got a nasty surprise upstairs." Batgirl replied rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She explained the whole experience to Diana.

"Swear it was some little kid banging me." said Batgirl as she continued.

In Lord Easystreet's control room, the young billionaire sat looking at the monitor. "I know a secret.. I know a secret... da da dada da...."

In another room of the estate, Tarra Rogers raised her servants head to interrupt the woman's magnificent blowjob. She and the Asian maid Yumi were busy entertaining themselves in Tarra's room. Tarra knew Lord Easystreet had the whole place wired and she had tapped into the kid's monitors with a few of her own. She had been completely distracted by Yumi's magical mouth and had missed most of Batgirl's and Wonder Woman's conversation as she convulsed in ecstasy. Looking up at the monitor, she shook violently to life as the image of Wonder Woman and Batgirl gave her a start.

"BATGIRL! WONDER WOMAN! NO! What are they doing HERE!" she screamed pushing Yumi to the floor and turning up the volume.

"This is bad. Real bad." Yumi said as she shook her head in disbelief. "We're dead women for sure. There goes our shot at the diamond." she added.

"SSSHHHHH!" hissed Tarra waving her hands at the maid. Then her face lightened up with a smile as she heard the fatal words from Diana's mouth. "I only have powers while I'm Wonder Woman and I wear my belt of power. See, now I'm as weak as a normal woman. "

"That's IT! Batgirl is easy to deal with but I thought Wonder Woman was unstoppable." screamed Tarra.

"So, what does that have to do with us." asked Yumi.

"Don't you see, without that belt, she just like any other big breasted bimbo. We can deal with her just like Batgirl and all the other guests." Tarra said as she began cackling in diabolic laughter. "Quickly, get Trisha and meet me outside. We've got work to do." she said racing for the closet.