Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 11  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

The Joker formed his gloved fingers into a picture frame that contained a view of Doctor Cyber's huge behind. He loved seeing his name tattooed on her right ass cheek. He delightfully remarked, "How delicious!"
The evil clown kicked off his shoes, which he purposely aimed to land at Doctor Psycho's feet. The Joker removed his purple slacks, and then peeled off his multi-colored boxers. His hard, pale white cock sprung forth. He spied a nearby tube of sex lube. He commented, "Perfect. Don't want me to go in raw and dry, do we sweetums?"
Doctor Cyber truthfully answered, "No."
The Joker spanked the villainess across her fresh tattoo on her right butt cheek.

"Aaauuuhhh!!!", she screamed in pain. Her flesh still hurt from the tattoo he had burnt into her ass.
"Remember sweetums, always call me lover-boy.", the Joker corrected.
"Yes, lover-boy.", she obediently acknowledged. With her will broken, she would do anything he asked.
The Joker dribbled some sex lube over Doctor Cyber's puckered asshole.
The villainess gasped as the cold lube coated her forbidden fuck hole. Her mind flashed back to when the evil clown took her anal cherry in Arkham Aslyum.
He lubricated his hard 12-inch cock with some of the lube. He commanded, "Thank me for fucking your ass, sweetums."
Doctor Cyber responded, "Thank you, lover-boooooiiiieeeee!!!!!"
Before she could finish her sentence, the Joker thrust his white, bulbous head against her asshole! The lubrication allowed his hard cock to spread open her anal ring. He managed to slam half of his dick inside of her.
"Rrrrrruuuuuuggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!", Doctor Cyber bellowed. Severe pain exploded from the sudden anal invasion of her butt! Despite being butt fucked before, the villainess had never repeated being sodomized. Her anal ring felt as if it had been torn open! Her asshole throbbed in pain, as the Joker's seemingly gigantic shaft plunged into her anal passage. Part of her realized, to her horror, that the evil clown was fucking her ass again.
"So tight, sweetums!", the Joker lustfully remarked. "I thought I had loosened up your ass last time. Don't tell me that you saved your asshole just for me?"
The evil clown quickly pulled back, and forcefully slammed forward. All 12 inches of his white shaft plunged into Doctor Cyber's asshole.
"Aaaaaaauuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!", the naked villainess yelled. She panted in pain. Her hands tightly gripped the panel, where her fingers and knuckles were white. Tears streamed down her face. Her asshole hurt so much from the Joker's monster-sized cock completely buried inside of her poor, ripped open asshole.
"Does it feel good, sweetums, to have me back inside of your lovely ass?", he inquired.
She softly stammered, "Ye-yes, love...lover-boy."
"Louder, bitch!", the evil clown demanded.
"Yes, lover-boy!", she shouted.
The Joker remarked, "I've forgotten how delightful you ass feels, sweetums. I think we complete each other."
Doctor Cyber responded, "You complete me, lover-boy."
The evil clown cackled his haunting, eerie laugh.
The villainess flexed her butt muscles, so that her anal passage massaged the Joker's long, hard shaft. Something in her subconscious hoped that this would make the evil clown orgasm faster.
The Joker gasped from the anal massage of his steel hard cock. "Yeah, baby, that's it! I love how your asshole squeezes me! You must really love being butt fucked, sweetums!"
The villainess obediently stated, "Yes, lover-boy."
The evil clown tightly gripped Doctor Cyber's shapely hips, and then vigorously fucked her stuffed asshole.
The villainess felt the evil clown almost completely pull out of her asshole, and then ram back into her butt! "Nnnnnuuuuuhhhhh!!!!!", the villainess howled in pain.

With her will completely broken and under the mind control of the Joker's lip stick, Doctor Cyber helpless endured the brutal sodomizing by the evil clown.
The repeated flexing of her anal passage, along with the sex lube, allowed the Joker to butt fuck Doctor Cyber's asshole fast and deep. His hips banged against her huge butt cheeks to make loud smacking noises. His cum filled balls slapped against her hot, wet pussy.
The evil clown was overjoyed that the villainess was wet. "Oooh sweetums, you're so wet!", he taunted.
Doctor Cyber was surprised on how horny and wet the Joker's ass fucking made her. The villainess had masterbated to intense orgasms from Wonder Woman's VR anal fuckings. Had she awakened a dark side of sexuality, where she enjoyed being brutual sodomized?

The Joker continued to pound Doctor Cyber's asshole. He was actually sexual aroused, where he felt his orgasm building with each deep thrust into her butt.
The villainess grunted in delight and gasped for air while her asshole was fucked hard and fast. With each repeated plunge of the Joker's long, hard cock into her backdoor, Doctor Cyber was turning into an anal slut.
The evil clown tired from his vigorous anal fucking, and needed some help. He demanded, "Come on sweetums, put your back into it!"
"Yes!", Doctor Cyber lustfully blurted back. She thrust her hips back towards him. Her bubble butt cheeks collided and then rippled against the Joker's white hips.

"Fuck yes, baby!", the evil clown roared in pleasure. He couldn't hold off much longer, and was going to cum soon.
Both the Joker and Doctor Cyber drove each other towards a mutual orgasm.
The Joker rammed as hard and deep into her ass. His cock throbbed and then swelled inside her tight anal passage. He bellowed, "Cumming!"
Doctor Cyber felt the first spurt of the Joker's hot spunk deep in her bowels. Feeling his burning hot jizz trigger her orgasm. She loudly squealed, "Cum--! Lover-boy! Cccuuummmmmmiiinnnggg!!!"
The evil clown grunted as he continued spurting his cum into her asshole. He could not stop ejaculating, where Doctor Cyber's spasming anal passage milked him dry.
Her drenched cunt squirted a gush of her juices over the Joker's balls and legs. Doctor Cyber's orgasming body quivered as she came. She could barely breathe. She was having the most intense climax in her entire life.
The Joker grunted as he pushed the last of his jizz deep inside of the villainess. He collapsed on top of her naked, sweaty body so that he could catch his breath.
Doctor Cyber shock from the post-orgasmix quakes. Her arms and legs trembled, where she could barely keep herself upright. The added weight of the Joker against her drained body made her muscles strain even more. Despite all this, she had a euphoric high. The villainess smiled happily, and could not stop herself giggling like a school girl.
The Joker noticed her happy state. He asked, "Did you enjoy me fucking your ass, sweetums?"
Doctor Cyber honestly and sincerely answered, "Yes, lover-boy! I love it when you fuck my ass, Joker!"
He decided to see how much the villainess had bonded to him. He ordered, "When I pull out, sweetums, you will keep my love juice inside of your huge ass. And then you will clean me off."
The Joker stood up, and then pulled his spent cock out of Doctor Cyber's gaping asshole. He smiled after he saw how much effort the villainess put into tightening up her anal ring.
Doctor Psycho, sitting as a mindless zombie, could not control himself as he ejaculated from being a voyeur to the Joker and Doctor Cyber's anal fuck. He felt his cum soak his underwear and pants. He tried to send a telepathic attack at the evil clown, but could not. He strong mental powers had diminished to being able to read minds. He focused to shut out Doctor Cyber's thoughts about the Joker.
With her remaining strength focused on clenching her asshole, Doctor Cyber's legs gave out. She slipped down to her knees. She eagerly carried out the Joker's command. The villainess grasped the base of the evil clown's semi-hard cock with one hand, and then lovingly kissed his white shaft and bulbous head. She did not hesitate to clean off a cock that had just been in her dirty asshole. After each kiss, she muttered, "I love this cock."
The Joker grinned in delight, and then cackled. He knew that Doctor Cyber was devoted to him, and perhaps had even fallen in love with him. He was overjoyed that he had another playmate.
He ordered, "After you've finished cleaning me off, sweetums, you're going to tell me everything about these do-hickeys and thingies. And then show me how to use them."

Nightwing heard a loud female scream that resounded with pleasure and agony. He instantly recognized the yell as Wonder Woman's voice. "Diana!", he blurted in alarm.
He dashed into the small chamber, and then could barely believe what he saw! Nightwing found Wonder Woman naked and shackled against the wall. His nose was assaulted with the sweet aroma of her pussy juice. He saw the Hitachi wand vibrating against her pussy and clit.
The naked Amazon stood in a pool of her pussy juice and female cum. Her inner thighs and calves glistened with a sheen of her juices. She desperately gasped for air, while the vibrating sex wand continued to pleasure her. Her blue eyes fluttered as Wonder Woman was in a semi-conscious state. Her body was soaked with her sweat. Her pink nipples were engorged into bullet-sized tips. Her cunt was red and sore, but Diana could do nothing to stop the Hitachi wand buzzing over her drenched snatch. Her swollen clit was rubbed over-and-over again by thr sex wand. She had lost track of how many times she had orgasmed. Each climax hurt just as much pleasure as it delivered.
During one of her violent orgasmic convultions, the audio earbud had dislodged from Wonder Woman's ear. Her powerful will, however, eroded with each successive orgasm. In time, she would be completely broken and then subservient to whoever found her.

Nightwing could not help himself from being aroused upon seeing Diana's naked body. He gained a completely hard-on from her incredibly beautiful body. He found the Amazon princess the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His past loves of Barbara Gordon and the alien Starfire paled in comparison to Wonder Woman's goddess-like body.
"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!", the brunette superheroine yelled. She felt another orgasm building as the Hitachi wand was forcing her towards another climax.
Nightwing threw a throwing blade that cut the sex wand's electrical cord. The Hitachi wand instantly stopped.
Wonder Woman slumped in her chains. She had no strength left, and hung there like a limp rag doll. Her head drooped down. She panted like an over-heated dog.
Nightwing hurried to the Amazon princess. He reassured her, "It's okay now, Diana. Help is here."
Wonder Woman was utterly exhausted and barely conscious. She did not respond to her costumed rescuer.
He retrieved a lockpick from one of his blue gauntlets, and then unlocked the shackled on her wrists and ankles. He supported Diana to lower her to the stone floor. He removed the red silk robe from the large satchel, and then helped dress the Amazon princess.
Wonder Woman lay motionless in Nightwing's arms.
He gently tried to rouse awake the Amazon princess. "Diana? Come on, wake up. We have to get out of here."
She was too exhausted from her many forced orgasms to wake up.
Nightwing remembered from Wonder Girl, aka Donna Troy, that Wonder Woman's powers came from her golden belt. He secured Diana's power belt around her waist.
After her golden belt was worn, a surge of energy and strength surged through the brunette superheroine. Her blue eyes opened. She bellowed, "Aaaaauuuuuhhhhh-aaaaahhhhh!!!!!"

Wonder Woman regained enough strength of recall where she was. She saw Nightwing cradling her. The nightware memories of being sexual ravished over the past few days flooded her mind. The harsh experiences overwhelmed her. She could not banish the leering faces of Egg Fu and others as they had their way with her. Diana buried her face in Nightwing's chest, and then wailed uncontrollably! She painful cries echoed through the chamber. She could not stop her fountain of tears. Her clothed body trembled and quaked.
Nightwing could not imagine the terrors that Diana had gone through. He held tightly onto the Amazon princess to console her as best he could. He would hold onto Wonder Woman for as long as she neeeded.

The Joker eagerly absorbed Doctor Cyber's information on how the virtual reality system worked. He asked, "So, sweetums, can I go VR now?"
"No, lover-boy.", the unmasked villainess answered. She still was not allowed to adorn her golden mask. She was also completely naked.
The evil clown angril snarled, "What!?! Why won't this thingy work!?!"
Doctor Cyber stated, "To fully activate this VR that can do anything requires a strong telepath's mind. Doctor Psycho was the VR's telepathic source."
The Joker remarked, "And now shortie's mush for brains. Oh well, sweetums, if we can't have fun then no one can."
He placed a pistol in Doctor Cyber's hands. He proclaimed, "Sweetums, say goodbye to shortie, and then shoot him in his big, fat head."
Doctor Cyber happily grinned and then acknowledged, "Anything for you, lover-boy."
Without any hesitation, she aimed the gun at Doctor Psycho's forehead. She sarcastically stated, "Bu-bye, shortie!" She pulled the trigger.
A bang echoed through the control room. A bullet fired and then zoomed into Doctor Psycho's forehead. A trickle of blood oozed from the bullet hole in his forehead. His eyes widened in shock at being shot, and then his eyes return to normal as he died.
Doctor Cyber blew the muzzle of the pistol, and then handed the gun back to the Joker.
The Joker praised, "Delicious!" He took back his discharged weapon, and then passionately kissed the naked villainess.
He commanded, "Now sweetums, gaze at the dead dwarf. Burn this memory into your pretty mind. I want you to remeber this moment forever."
"Yes, lover-boy.", she acknowledged. The villainess stared for a few minutes at the deceased Doctor Psycho. She took in every detail. The reality of what she had done set in. Doctor Cyber had killed her former lover in cold blood! If she was in complete control of herself, she would have dropped to the floor and sobbed. Instead, her naked body shook for a few seconds and then a tear rolled down her face. She wanted to avert her eyes and look away, but she could not.
"Now sweetums, I think it's time to start anew.", the Joker announced. "Let's begin with your name? Hmm, Harley? No that name's been taken, unfortunately. Barbara? No, you're not a redhead. Selina? No, I don't like cats. Pamela? Ugh no. Gives me the hives."
While not directed at her, Doctor Cyber pondered on the Joker's question on a new name for herself. Even if she could remember her real name, the villainess recalled that she detested her real name. She offered, "What about 'Dee Cyde', lover-boy?"
The evil clown muttered, "Hmm. Dee Cyde? Dee Cyde."
The naked villainess hugged the Joker from behind, where her perky 34C tits pressed against his back. She lovingly held onto him. "What do you think, lover-boy?"
"It's a little corny, but better than your first moniker.", the Joker accepted. He ordered, "From now on, sweetums, your name is 'Dee Cyde'."
"Ggguuuaaahhh!!!", the villainess blurted. Her mind was quickly reprogrammed to accept her name. Her grabbed her head while her head throbbed. While she had memories of Doctor Cyber, she would no longer respond to that name. A few moments later, her headache stopped. She happily gazed at the Joker.
"Now Dee Cyde, I want you to transfer all of Doctor Cyber's accounts into this Swiss account.", he ordered. The Joker whipped out a small black, leather bound book and then showed the page with his Swiss account number.
Dee Cyde activated a network terminal and then processed the funds transfer. The millions that Doctor Cyber had charged other villains for their VR sessions with Wonder Woman were now the Joker's funds to use. After the transfer was completed, she stated, "Funds transferred, lover-boy."
The Joker gazed at the computer screen and then wrote down the transaction ID. He happily remarked, "Ha-hah! Look at all those zeros!"
He ordered, "Dee Cyde, sweetums, is there a self-destruct code for these thingies? And could you rebuild all this stuff?"
"Yes, lover-boy, I can self-destruct all of the VR tech in this building. And, of course, I can rebuild this VR tech anytime you need. Just let me grab this laptop.", the villainess answered. She extracted a high-end laptop from the VR control console. While one of the hard drives contained the video recordings of Wonder Woman's sexual ravishings, Dee Cyde could care less about those recordings.
The evil clown requested, "Time's a-wasting! Blow all this shit up."
Dee Cyde entered the self-destruct code.
A female computer-generated voice announced, "Self-destruct in ten minutes and counting."
The Joker draped his purple coat around the naked villainess. "Let's go, sweetums. Time to buy you some decent clothes. You'll also have to get some plastic surgery done, Dee Cyde."
The partially clothed villainess frowned, "I thought you loved my face, lover-boy."
The evil clown honestly acknowledged, "I do, sweetums, but you're too easily recognizable in public. I don't want you mistaken as Two-Face's tramp! Besides, I can get you the best fashion model face in the entire world!"
The two walked out of the abandoned factory and then escaped into the night.

A female computer-generated voice announced, "Self-destruct in ten minutes and counting."
"What!?!", Nightwing blurted in alarm. He then told Wonder Woman, "Come on, Diana, we have to get out of here!"
Wonder Woman resisted his efforts to help her up and then sputtered, "Must...destroy VR."
"This place is going to blow up.", Nightwing informed. "Let's go. Now!"
The tired Amazon was forced to her feet, and then hurried out of the chamber. Her golden power belt gave her enough strength to move on her own. She then noticed the Wrath's utility belt on Nightwing's shoulder. She remember the video recording the cowled villain made, while he sexual dominated her during a VR session. Diana also recalled how the Wrath made her orgasm over-and-over again, until she passed put.
Wonder Woman needed that video recording destroyed. She wanted no one to know, especially Richard Grayson, about how the Wrath sexual ravished her. She demanded, "Destroy the Wrath's utility belt."
Nightwing nodded. He activated the C4 charges on the Wrath's utility belt, and then threw the belt into the small chamber.
The heroic duo had sprinted a far enough distance from the chamber, when they heard a loud boom as the villain's utility belt exploded.
A few minutes later, Nightwing and Wonder Woman had exited the abandoned factory. They soon arrived in the alleyway, where he had concealed the Batcycle.
Despite the energies of her power belt, the Amazon princess was too weakened and traumatized by repeated sexual abuse of her body. Her blue eyes fluttered, and then she collapsed to the ground.
"Diana!", Nightwing cried out. He found Wonder Woman unresponsive, and had a weak pulse. He realized that the Amazon princess needed immediate medical attention.
"Where does an Amazon go for medical help?", he wondered. He snapped his fingers upon realizing the answer.
Nightwing gently put Diana into the Batcycle's sidecar. He placed the large, heavy circular disc under the cycle and then connected the disc to the vehicle's power supply. The disc hummed and glowed.
The masked detective sat on the Batcycle. He activated his JLA signal device and then spoke, "Nightwing to Watchtower. Priority code Titan Alpha One. Teleport to Paradise Island."
The Batcycle, Nightwing, and the unconscious Wonder Woman were enveloped in an energy field. They vanished just before the abandoned factory exploded.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 11