Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 4  

Batman, Robin, Justice League, Teen Titans, Titans West, Wonder Woman, The New 52, and all other characters, nicknames, locations, referenced storylines, or gadgets mentioned herein are copyrighted by DC Comics. All rights reserved by DC Comics.

Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Doctor Cyber stopped the video camera's current recording, and then grabbed it. She walked over to her co-conspirator, framed a shot of Doctor Psycho's spent cock that was still embedded in the deflowered Amazon, and then started a new recording. "Pull out, my dear.", she requested.

Doctor Psycho pulled his semi-hard cock out of Wonder Woman's reddened cunt. His shaft glistened with the Amazon's pussy juice, and spackled with white gobs of his cum or of Diana's feminine jizz.

"Aaahhh!", cried out Wonder Woman. She was not prepared on the villain's rapid departure from her sore cunt. Her pussy gaped open, and then a cloudy tidal wave that was a mix of her juice, her jizz, and semen gushed out of her fuck hole. Diana bowed her head in shame. She hoped her pussy would tighten back up again.

Doctor Cyber loving stroked her fellow villain's face and then stated, "Time for a scene change."

The bearded man nodded in acknowledgment and then concentrated.

There was a bright flash. Wonder Woman was still completely naked, but now found herself lying in a gyno chair. Her wrists were clamped on either side of her head, which prevented her from looking left or right. Her knees were bent and her legs were spread eagle that completely exposed her deflowered pussy and her tight, puckered asshole.

Diana looked up and then noticed a video camera was focused on her face and bust. She scowled at the recording device, as if she gaze would destroy the camera. She envied the vision powers of her fellow Justice League teammates.

Doctor Cyber appeared by herself, and was dressed in a silky purple robe. The purple color seemed to suit the villainess. "Oh Wonder Whore, I have you exactly how I want you.", she joyfully said. She continued, "Do you know what the other psychos in Arkham Asylum want to do the most?"

Wonder Woman tried to shake her head and then softly answered, "No."

"They all want to anally fuck the newest inmate.", the villain stated. Her voice sounded angrier. She barked, "When you put me away, Wonder Bitch, I was the newest inmate at Arkham! Do you know what it's like to have the Joker butt fuck you!?!"

"No.", Diana cautiously responded.

"Have you ever been butt fucked?", Doctor Cyber inquired.

Wonder Woman's blue eyes widened in shock, as she realized her arch-nemesis was going to sexually abuse her ass. She answered in a shakey voice, "No."

"Not even by the minotaurs in the Forbidden Maze on Paradise Island?", the villainess asked.

The Amazon princess was surprised on Doctor Cyber's knowledge of Paradise Island. "How did--?"

"Answer the question!", yelled the villainess.

"No.", the Amazon princess responded.

"You do remember that I called tails, Wonder Whore?", Doctor Cyber rhetorically asked. "I get your ass all to myself!"

The villainess stripped out of her silky, purple robe. She first exposed her perky 36C breasts. While not as huge as Wonder Woman's massive 38G boobs, Doctor Cyber's tits were well shaped and firm. She had small, dark aerolas and tiny nipples.

Diana wanted to turn away from the semi-nude villainess, but could not. She stared transfixed as Doctor Cyber stripped.

Doctor Cyber let the rest of her purple robe fall to the ground.

"Merciful Minvera!", the bound Amazon gasped in shock. She saw Doctor Cyber's foot-long cock spring forth. "Great Hera, you can't have one of those!"

The villainess let out a wicked laugh and then stated, "In virtual reality, I can have anything I want." She grabbed her thick, hard shaft. "Even a nice, big hard cock to fuck the shit out of your asshole."

Doctor Cyber grabbed a bottle of lube, squirted a copious amount of her phallus, and then lubricated her steel hard dick. She spread apart Wonder Woman's ass cheeks, stretching out her puckered asshole. Despite being stretched out, Diana's asshole failed to open up.

The villainess squirted lube all over the naked Amazon's virgin asshole.

Diana gasped as the cold lube coated her virgin asshole. She felt the lube stream down her ass cheeks and drip off her butt. She did her best to mask her panic and fear, while not saying anything. Wonder Woman would not give Doctor Cyber the satisfaction of pleading for mercy, like Diana had when Doctor Psycho took her virginity. The Amazon princess realized her mistake of showing her fear earlier.

"So quiet! Why so serious?", teased Doctor Cyber. "Don't worry, Wonder Whore, I'll have you screaming in no time."

Wonder Woman tried to steel herself, while waiting for the inevitable plundering of her anal virginity. She thought of something to hide away from this moment, and found herself thinking of Nightwing. Diana imagined herself gliding through the night skies of Gotham City with Nightwing swinging along beside him. Thinking about the handsome crime fighter, with his tight fitting costume, put Diana in a happy place. Her sexual desire for Nightwing made her pussy hot and wet, while making her pink nipples to harden.

Doctor Cyber liked how Wonder Woman's pussy glistened with her juice. The villainess aimed her hard, lubed cock at the Amazon's virgin asshole, and then rammed forward! "Fuck, yes!", the masked roared in delight. Her bulbous head quickly pried open the brunette super-tight anal ring, and then disappeared inside. Having a real life cock for the first time, Doctor Cyber was overwhelmed on how tightly Diana's virgin anal passage gripped her shaft.

The pain and abrupt invasion of her asshole shocked Diana back to reality! "Gggggaaaaahhhhh!!!!!", Wonder Woman screamed in agony. All the muscles in her athletic body tensed. Her blue eyes opened wide in shock. Her hands balled up into tight fists. Pain, like never she had ever known before, surged from her poor, ripped open asshole and seared up her spine.

Doctor Cyber tightly gripped Wonder Woman's shapely hips to gain more leverage. The villainess pulled back slightly, where the first few inches on her rock hard cock pulled out. Only the head of her cock stayed past the naked Amazon's expanded anal ring. The she-male villainess pounded forward with all of her might! This time Doctor Cyber rammed half of her 12" shaft inside Wonder Woman's asshole.

Diana loudly wailed again, as more of Doctor Cyber's cock seemingly tore through and brutally stretched out her asshole. The bound Amazon panted, as she could barely catch her breath. She instinctively clamped down with her butt muscles, as if trying to push out a huge dump, but to no avail. Clamping down only made Wonder Woman more aware of how incredible huge the she-male's long, hard shaft felt inside of her forbidden fuck hole.

No pausing for the superheroine, Doctor Cyber pulled back a few inches and then slammed back into Wonder Woman's ass.

The bound Amazon screamed again, as more of her anal passage was invaded and expanded beyond belief. She felt as if a stone column had been shoved into her behind.

Doctor Cyber pulled back one last time, and then thrust back again. Finally, all 12" inches of her steel hard cock was stuffed inside of Wonder Woman's asshole. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!", she blurted in esctasy.

"Nnnnnuuuuuggggghhhhh!!!!!", Diana screamed. Her sexy, athletic body jerked uncontrollably in her bonds. Her face and chest glowed bright red. Her asshole seemingly burned red hot. Her anal passage flexed to tightly squeeze on Doctor Cyber's long, hard shaft.

The she-male villainess grunted from the pleasurable sensations that pulsed along her giant cock. She focused to hold back the cum in her large balls.

After Diana's body spasm ended, her massive bosom heaved up-and-down as Wonder Woman gasped for breath. The captive Amazon stammered, "Ta-take it out!"

"So fucking incredible!", the villainess roared. "I now know why the Joker likes to butt fuck!"

"Merciful Minerva! Stop!", Diana begged.

"I'm just getting started, princess!", the masked she-male announced. "By the time I'm done, Wonder Whore, you'll be begging to be fucked up the ass all the time!"

"No! Goddess, no!", the bound Amazon pleaded.

Doctor Cyber ignored the superheroine's words, and then anally fucked Wonder Woman. The anal lube allowed the villainess to pull back, and then plowed back into the bound Amazon. She discovered, however, that Wonder Woman's rectum was still incredibly tight to allow for Doctor Cyber to vigorous fuck the Amazon's asshole.

Diana grunted from the pain and discomfort of having the she-male's huge cock plunge back into her abused asshole.

After a few more times, Doctor Cyber felt Wonder Woman's anal passage loosen up slightly.

The helpless Amazon grunted each time the she-male's steel hard shaft rammed deep inside of her. Her huge 38G tits bounced around as she was ass fucked. She barely registered that her anal passage loosened up and was getting used to Doctor Cyber's large girth. The pain of Diana's anal deflowered lessened the longer her forbidden fuck hole was plundered.

Not having the stamina to hold back her ejeculation, Doctor Cyber could no longer hold back her cum. "Cumming!", she loudly roared. The villainess rammed her 12" inch cock as hard and deep into Wonder Woman's asshole. She marveled at how her shaft swelled, and then blasted the first jet of her hot jizz deep into the Amazon's bowels.

"Great Hera!", gasped Diana. She felt the Doctor Cyber's seemingly burning cum blasted deep inside of her. The bound Amazon found herself sexual aroused as the villainess came inside of her.

Doctor Cyber shivered and moaned as she blasted more and more jets of her jizz deep inside the helpless Amazon. A euphoria washed through her. She was greatly relieved to empty her cum-filled balls.

A few seconds later, which was all too quick for the villainess, Doctor Cyber finished cumming. She flexed her pelvis muscles to push the last globs of her cum out.

"So fucking good!", the villainess blurted.

Diana was relieved that Doctor Cyber had finally cum, where she knew that the she-male's cock would grow flaccid and then unable to fuck her again.

"Did you enjoy that, Wonder Whore?", Doctor Cyber rhetorically asked.

The bound Amazon was shocked to still find the she-male's huge dick rock hard inside of her forbidden depths. She proclaimed in shock, "Merciful Minvera! You're still erect!"

"Oh did you forget we're in a VR, princess?", the villainess giggled. "I've programmed my cock to stay steel hard as long as I want. Do you feel all my jizz inside of you? Well, Wonder Whore, I'm going to cum that much each time I orgasm."

Diana's blue eyes widened in horror. "By the gods, why?"

"Do you remember what I said, princess? I'm going to fuck your wonderful ass over-and-over again, until you're my anal slut.", the villainess announced.

Wonder Woman's mind was in a haze, as she bare held onto consciousness while enduring the non-stop fucking of her deflowered asshole by Doctor Cyber. The bound Amazon had so much jizz inside of her, where cum had flowed up her insides and into her stomach. Her tummy so full, as if she had finished a grand feast with Hercules.

The villainess pulled her long, 12" hard cock out of Wonder Woman. Her shaft was coated in a sheen on her own jizz, which provided the lubrication to vigorous anally fuck the helpless Amazon. "Now that's pretty!", Doctor Cyber exclaimed.

Diana's anal ring gaped open. Her butt muscles were so tired and strained that they did not have the energy to tighten her asshole. This allowed anyone to peer into Wonder Woman's backdoor to see her stretched out anal passage. Her asshole was red from the constantly fucking, and looked like a long dark tunnel. Without anything to restrict its flow, Doctor Cyber's jizz oozed out of Diana's wide-open asshole. The jizz dribbled out and then spattered onto the floor.

The strong musk of male semen permeated the air.

Doctor Cyber remained at high level of sexual arousal, as the VR settings kept her cock fully erect and replenished her cum after each orgasm. With one swift motion, she plunged her 12" dick all the way back inside of Wonder Woman.

"Ggguuuhhhaaaddd!!!", Diana loudly moaned. She had not admitted it yet, but Diana was very horny from being fucked in the ass. Her pussy burned hot and was soaked. Her pink nipples were swollen and harder than usual. She wanted to orgasm, but could not. She pushed down to meet Doctor Cyber's thrusts to make her orgasm, but to no avail.

The villainess smiled, as she sensed on how much Woman Woman needed to cum. She moved her hands over the naked Amazon's massive juggs, and then tightly gripped them. She dug her fingers deep into Wonder Woman's giant flesh bags. Doctor Cyber resumed pumping her slick cock hard and fast in-and-out of Wonder Woman's gaping asshole.

"Aaahhhuuuhhh!!!", Diana blurted as her huge breasts were roughly squeezed. She was being fucked so hard up her ass that Wonder Woman was bucking in the gyno chair.

The room echoed with the sound of Doctor Cyber savagely slapping in-and-out of the bound Amazon's abused asshole. When the villainess pulled out, Diana's stretched out anal ring moved along the she-male's shaft. Doctor Cyber's cum-filled balls banged against Wonder Woman's bubble butt.

Always a quick learner, Doctor Cyber gained the control to hold back her cum. She wanted to orgasm one last time, but in sync with the naked Amazon.

Diana's massive tits were being squeezed so hard that her fleshy orbs were turning purple. Her gigantic boobs looked like balloons that could pop any second.

Both lusty ladies grunted and panted as the fucked. The sexual crazied antagonists met each others thrusts. They fucked together for several minutes, where their need to cum increased tenfold.

The Amazon princess so desperately wanted to cum. She wanted to orgasm so badly that it hurt. She gave into her sexual desires and then cried out, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass, and make me cum!"

Doctor Cyber teasingly asked, "Do you want to cum, princess?"

"Yes, goddess, yes!", Wonder Woman demanded.

"Do you love being fucked in the ass, princess?", the villainess inquired.

Wonder Woman lustfully stated, "Yes, yes, yes! I love being fucked in the ass!"

"Excellent.", the villainess delightfully commented. She commanded, "When I cum again, Wonder Whore, you will orgasm."

Diana eagerly shook her head in acknowledgment.

Doctor Cyber released the control that was holding back her orgasm, and then thrust as hard and as deep as she could into Wonder Woman's asshole. Her cock erupted with a long, hot jet of jizz deep into Diana's inner depths.

The bound Amazon's blue eyes opened wide when she felt the she-male cum inside of her. Her much sought and long needed orgasm exploded from her. "Gggggguuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!", she bellowed at the top of her lungs.

Diana's back arched up into the air, and then her arms and legs struggled against her shackles. Her beautiful, sweaty body tensed up in this position as she came. Her drenched cunt quivered for a few seconds, and then squirted a large spray of her juice. Her squirt splashed across Doctor Cyber's stomach.

The villainess giggled with joy at making Wonder Woman squirt. Doctor Cyber grunted as she pushed the last of her jizz into the orgasming Amazon.

A few seconds later, Diana collapsed into the gyno chair. The bound Amazon's body shook for a few seconds as she finished her orgasm. Her head violently shook back-and-forth, making her long, black hair swish around. She grunted like a wild animal each time her body quaked. Her pussy spasmed, where her inner, white feminine jizz was pushed out. Her jizz flowed around the end of Doctor Cyber's shaft and dribbled onto the floor.

"Aaaaaauuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!", Diana screamed at the end of her orgasm. Drained from the incredibly powerful orgasm, she passed out.

Doctor Cyber pulled out. A large stream of her jizz flowed out of Wonder Woman's gaping asshole, and then splashed onto the floor.

If she was unmasked, the villainess had a happy grim from ear-to-ear. Doctor Cyber called out, "Make sure plenty of pictures of Wonder Whore are taken, before you disengage from the VR."

A few seconds later, many clicking sounds were heard as pictures of the unconscious Amazon were taken from every angle. A combination of body shots, bust shots, and close-ups were taken.

In a private room somewhere, Diana lay in a special chair with the VR helmet over her head. While the deflowerings and fuckings in the VR had not affected her physical body, Wonder Woman's body still sexual reacted. A pool of her pussy juice, from when she had squirted, dribbled everywhere.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 4