Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 1  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Commissioner Gordon stood atop the roof of Gotham Police Headquarters. He was shadowed from the bright searchlight of the well-known Bat Signal. Despite the late evening hour of the summer night, the night temperature was still rather warm. The air was humid. James Gordon removed a pocket handkerchief and then mopped his damp brow and neck.

"Damn Gotham summer weather.", he cursed. "Wish this heat wave would end."

Gordon glanced at his well-worn, gold plated watch. He mumbled, "We've been waiting twenty minutes already. Batman should have shown up by now."

The commissioner turned to the tall woman completely hidden in the shadows and then asked, "Do you want to wait another five minutes?"

The mysterious tall lady nodded.

Their waiting paid off, as a caped figure swung through the night sky and then landed on the rooftop. His smaller stature, bright yellow cape, dark green eye mask, and green-and-red costume revealed that Robin, the Teen Wonder, had arrived. He pressed a button on his Bat-grapple that retrieved his Bat-rope, and then asked, "What's the situation, Commissioner?"

James Gordon sighed at only seeing the teenage Robin without Batman. He knew from his years of working with the Dynamic Duo that it wasn't worth it to inquire about the Dark Knight's whereabouts. He needed something to calm himself, and then pulled out his trusty tobacco pipe and lighter. He motioned to the shadowed female and then stated, "Ask our guest."

Gordon switched off the Bat-signal, and then headed for the rooftop exit. He grumbled, "If you need me, Robin, I'll be in my office."

Robin retrieved a pocket light from his black-and-gold utility belt and then switched it on. He shined the light onto the visiting female to reveal her. The light glistened off her golden tiara, silver bracers, the gold eagle that adorned her buxom chest, and her golden lasso. He gasped in surprise, "Wonder Woman!"

Before the Teenage Wonder could say anything else, Wonder Woman grabbed Robin by his waist and then flew up into the sky.

Robin was startled by the Amazon's swift action and then dropped his pocket light. The light clattered onto the rooftop.

Wonder Woman dashed up into the sky until she reached her Invisible Jet. She had been gifted with a special sight that allowed her to see her stealth fighter. She deposited Robin into the guest seat, sat down in the pilot's seat, and then closed the canopy. She apologized, "Sorry about that, Robin, but there are too many prying ears in the open. Inside my Invisible Jet, no one can hear us."

Robin stammered, "No worries, Wonder Woman." His heart was racing, while his teenage hormones raged in being so close to the beautiful, busty Amazon. Girls his age, like Flamebird or Batgirl, could not compare to Woman Woman's beauty, which had been gifted by the goddess Aphrodite herself. He didn't compare Wonder Girl to the Amazon princess, as he considered Donna Troy almost like his sister.

Wonder Woman inquired, "I had hoped Bruce would show up tonight, as he hasn't responded to any Justice League signals lately."

Robin's eyes widened in shock and then he blurted out, "Bruce?!? You know our secret identities!?!"

The Amazon princess chuckled at the Teen Wonder's reaction on knowing that Batman and Robin were actually Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. She thought it was cute. "Of course I know, Richard. There are no secrets in the Justice League.", she confirmed.

"Okay, then it's only fair you tell me your real name.", Robin requested.

Wonder Woman was surprised that Batman had not confided the secret identities of the Justice League to his young partner. "Didn't Bruce already tell you, Richard?", she asked.

"No, he didn't.", Robin spat in disgust. "It's one of the reasons why I hang out with the Teen Titans and Titans West these days. We trust each other and know who's who. Stuff like this makes me wonder if there's still going to be a Batman and Robin."

Wonder Woman was rather vexed on learning how secretive Batman could be. She asked, "So, Richard, you don't know where Bruce is?"

Robin crossed his arms and then said, "Nope. We can track each other with our Bat-trackers, but I'm getting no signal from Batman's device. Speaking of which..." He fished out his Bat-tracker and then passed the device to Wonder Woman. "If you're so keen on finding Batman, then good luck in finding him." Robin tried his best not to direct his anger, disappointment, and disgust at Batman to Wonder Woman, but he couldn't help himself.

The Teen Wonder barked, "Now, Wonder Woman, if you'll let out of your Invisible Jet? If Batman's not around, then Gotham's streets are going to be flooded with criminals. I'll have to keep Gotham safe, while who knows where Batman is."

Wonder Woman hand moved to the jet's instrumentation panel, which was clearly visible. She flipped a switch and then the cockpit opened. She sincerely thanked, "Thank you, Robin. Good luck with your crime fighting tonight."

"Any chance you can help me out, Wonder Woman?", he asked.

The Amazon princess cursed as a light for the Justice League signal flashed on her control panel. She revealed, "My name's Diana Prince. I wish I could hang with you tonight, but I'm being summoned by the Justice League."

"How about a raincheck, Diana?", the Teen Wonder inquired.

Diana smiled. If she didn't know any better, she could swear that Robin was making a pass at her. She answered, "Maybe when you're older, Robin. You're cute, but Batman would kill me if we spent any time together."

"Your loss.", Robin teased. He got up from the jet's seat and then jumped out of the Invisible Jet.

"Robin!", Wonder Woman shouted in panic. She knew Robin could not fly, so how could he get back to solid ground?!? She hurriedly peered outside of the jet's cockpit, and then spied the Teen Wonder using his yellow cape to glide back down.

Diana closed her jet cockpit, and then flew skyward to reach the Justice League satellite that orbited the Earth in a geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the planet. If it wasn't for the Justice League's summons, she mused on how tonight might have turned out?

Robin expertly landed back on the rooftop of Gotham City Police Headquarters. He smiled at how well his new glide cape worked tonight. He pulled out his communicator, set it to the Teen Titan's encrypted frequency, and then broadcasted a summons at all Teen Titans. Without Batman about, Robin knew how bad things were going to get in Gotham City. He walked down to Commissioner Gordon's office to find out where he was needed the most tonight.

The Teen Wonder was glad that tonight was a summer night. He could have never done pulled a crime fighting all-nighter during the school year. He just hoped that anyone but Beast Boy responded to his Teen Titans alert. Robin didn't want Gar Logan pestering him all night about Wonder Woman's breast size. He realized that Flamebird would be fawning over him even more, while Batgirl would probably angrily kick him in his nads. He considered more and more in only confiding in Wonder Girl about his talk with and desire for her older sister, Wonder Woman.

Later that evening, Robin and his fellow Teen Titans stood around the defeated Mister Freeze. Beast Boy, Flamebird, and Wonder Girl had helped him take down Gotham's chilly villain. The villain's signature freeze blaster lay broken in half, after Beast Boy chomped the weapon as a polar bear.

Mister Freeze lay on the floor with his protective, see-through helmet smashed open. He gasped for air, as he could not withstand warm environments. He sweated profusely, while making his suit blast cold air into face. Unable to cope in the warm air, Mister Freeze was as weak as a kitten.

Flamebird held onto Robin like a love-sick girlfriend. She was a sexy blonde, with an athletic body from her years of being a professional tennis player. Her costume had bright red, yellow, orange, and green hues in flame patterns. The end of her colorful cape looked like flickering flames. Her orange mask hid her face. The front her costume had a plunging neckline that blatantly revealed the valley of her perky breasts. She deliberately pressed her groin against Robin's caped behind. She asked loudly, "Robin, do we need to stay here?!? Let's go back on patrol."

Robin felt his green shorts tighten as his cock instinctively swelled from Flamebird's rear dry humping.

Wonder Girl stated, "We can talk about my older sister another time, Robin."

Gar Logan's green eyes nearly shoot out of his face. "Wonder Woman?!?", Beast Boy exclaimed. "You were with her tonight!?! Dude, talk to me instead!"

Donna Troy yanked on Gar's pointy ear. She deliberately insisted, "Gar and I will stay here until the Gotham PD get here."

Robin, nervous that everyone would notice his woody, acknowledged, "Thanks, Wonder Girl."

Flamebird pulled out her colorful grapple gun, and then fired it at the tallest building she could see. "Come on, Robbie!", she called out.

The Teen Wonder reluctantly pulled out his Bat-grapple, and then used it to follow Flamebird.

The two teenagers darted through the Gotham night sky. Flamebird giggled like a playful cheerleader as she maintained the lead. Robin was grateful that the Bat-signal had not turned on again.

Flamebird landed on the balcony on the penthouse floor of Gotham Towers, which was one of the most expensive hotels in the city.

Robin landed beside the blonde heroine and then asked, "Flamebird, a penthouse suite?!? What are we doing here?"

Flamebird pretended to ignore the Teen Wonder and then walked inside. Robin groaned in regret, and then followed her inside.

The two Teen Titans were inside the suite's luxurious bedroom. Robin was awed by the well furnished and spacious bedroom that made his room at Wayne Manor look like motel room.

Flamebird kept her back to the Teen Wonder, and then unclasped her cape. Her cape dropped to the floor around her feet. She next pulled off her bright gloves, and then tossed them toward the large closet. She slowly peeled off her costume to reveal her shoulders, and then held her loose costume to herself clothed.

Robin could not believe what was going on here! He didn't know that Flamebird wanted him so badly that she wanted to have sex with him. He called her by real name, "Bette, please stop!"

By now, Flamebird had removed her skirt and long boots. She seductively walked towards Robin in her loose top and red satin panties. A wet spot of her pussy juice had formed in the crotch of her shiny panties. "Why Robbie?", she teased. "Don't you want me as much as I want you?"

Robin was getting as uncomfortable as when Batman was around Catwoman. He wanted to gently deny Flamebird, but he was conflicted as his hormones raged. His cock stiffened even more in his now tight green shorts. He stammered, "Bette, I like you a lot. But--"

The semi-nude heroine put her fingers to his lips to cut him off. "Not Bette, Robbie. It's Flamebird.", she corrected.

She dropped onto her knees, and then grasped onto Robin's green shorts. With nothing to hold up her loose top, her costume feel down to her waist to full expose her 34D breasts. She had large hand-sized pink aerolas. Her pink nipples were hard nubs. With a quick tug, Flamebird yanked Robin's green shorts down to his green booties.

"Hey!", Robin protested. His semi-hard, uncircumcised cock sprang forth.

Flamebird gasped, "Holy Bat-pole!" She was in awe that Robin's cock was already 8 inches. She grasped his semi-erect shaft, and then marveled at how soft and warm his cock felt. The topless heroine would not admit it, but Robin's cock was the first dick she had ever touched.

Robin groaned in pleasure as Flamebird held his cock. He liked having a girl touch his member, instead of him jerking off each night. He mumbled, "Bette..."

"Tsk, tsk, Robbie.", she teased. "Flamebird's here for you." She focused to the task on hand, opened her mouth, and then took the head of his cock into her mouth. She had read trashy romance novels about giving a blowjob, but she found herself excited and fearful to suck cock for real. Flamebird guide another inch of the Teen Wonder's dick into her mouth.

Robin had always fantasized about a girl sucking his cock. Too sexually pent up from meeting Wonder Woman tonight, he stopped resisting. He used his teeth to help yank off his green gloves, and then ran his hands through Flamebird's long, blonde hair.

"Hhhmmmfff!", Flamebird blurted in surprise. She was caught off guard as her sucking made Robin's cock swell to its complete erection of 12 inches! She released his steel hard dick from her mouth, and then used her hands to move her saliva over his entire shaft. She gasped in awe, "Wow, Robbie, you're so big!"

Flamewbird hypnotically stroked Robin's long shaft. She suddenly feared on how much her virgin pussy would be stretched out and hurt from being deflowered by his huge cock.

Robin needed to cum so badly now. He sensed that Flamebird was a virgin, and might stop everything. He would not leave here with a case of blue balls. He roughly grabbed the back of her head. He growled, "You wanted me, Flamebird, then you have me!"

"Ooowww!", she cried out.

Robin shoved his huge cock forward into her gaped mouth! He rammed nearly his entire length into her mouth.

"Rob--!!!", Flamebird tried to protest. She was cut off as Robin stuffed her mouth with his thick, hard shaft! She hacked as his bulbous head pushed into the back of her mouth and then made her gag. She did her best to cope with her gag reflex. She told herself to breathe through her nose and that she was not going to throw up.

Flamebird tried to push herself away, but Robin kept her face shoved down on his long shaft.

Robin barked, "You wanted this, didn't you?!? Well then, Flamebird, take it!"

Her green eyes were misty while she looked up at the Teen Wonder. She didn't realize that Robin had so much sexual aggression locked within him.

The topless heroine held onto Robin's legs for support, while he fucked her mouth. She kept her mouth as relaxed as she could manage, while trying not to hack and cough. Flamebird could not stop producing saliva that dribbled out her mouth, down her chin, and then landed onto her perky tits. Her lips formed a tight seal around his thick shaft. Her teeth skimmed along the top and the underside of his cock each time he pumped in-and-out of her mouth. Her flattened tongue glided along the bottom of his Bat-pole.

Robin was in pure ecstasy as he fucked Flamebird's mouth. Being a virgin himself, his cock had never felt anything so pleasurable. He grunted and then continued to savagely fuck the blonde heroine's mouth. He felt his orgasm building and needed to release his cum-filled balls.

Flamebird realized that she was completely incoherent with a mouthful of cock. She made gagging noises as Robin continued to fuck her mouth. She saw the lust on his face, and then realized she was along for the ride.

Robin was ready to orgasm, when he looked down at Flamebird. He was shocked out of his lust, when he saw her teary green eyes, drooling mouth, and reddened face. She didn't seem to be enjoying herself at all. He pulled out.

Flamebird spat a mouthful of saliva onto the carpet and then gasped for air. Her jaw ached, and then knew her mouth would be sore the next morning. She sputtered, "Don't stop."

Robin protested, "But..."

Flamebird greedily grasped the Teen Wonder's saliva-covered shaft, and then stroked his Bat-pole. She demanded, "I want to taste you, Robbie! Go ahead, and shoot into my mouth."

Robin presented his throbbing dick to her. Flamebird eagerly sucked on his bulbous head, while continuing to stroke him. The Teen Wonder groaned as how good it felt to have Flamebird stroke him and suck on him.

"Hm-hum!", Flamdbird hummed each time her hands down his shaft. She was so turned on and excited at having Robin climax for her that she was nearly ready to orgasm herself,

He only lasted a few more moments, before he could not hold back any longer! Robin roared, "Cumming!"

"Jeash!!!", the topless heroine joyfully blurted with a mouthful of cock.

Robin held on tightly to Flamebird. His muscles tensed as his hard dick spurted the first jet of his cum into her mouth. He grunted as he continued to ejaculate into Flamebird's mouth.

The topless heroine felt her cheeks swell as Robin erupted into her mouth. She was not prepared for the long, powerful jet of his jizz that blasted into her mouth. She managed to feel his hot, globby cum coat her tongue and to saturate her taste buds. Flamebird savored how sweet his cum tasted.

"Ggguuuaaahhh!!!', she cried out from climaxing. Her green eyes rolled back. She could barely breathe through her nose. Her sexy body shook as she orgasmed. She instinctively continued to gulp down Robin's cum. Unable to fully control her mouth, Flamebird felt some of his cum ooze out the corners of her mouth. Her spasming cunt gushed out her juice that soaked her red, satin panties. Some her pussy juice oozed out the sides of her panties and then down her shapely inner thighs.

Robin grunted one final time and then flexed his groin to push out the last of his cum. Unable to stand up, he collapsed onto the carpet. He huffed to regain his breath and strength. Sweat had soaked the protective lining of his red tunic. He wanted to whip off his mask, but he could not reveal his secret identity.

Flamebird followed the Teen Wonder, where her sucking mouth never left his spent cock. She stroked his shaft hard to squeeze out the last of his jizz. The topless heroine lovingly kissed Robin's semi-hard shaft. She cooed, "I love your cock, Robbie. You taste so good!"

Just then, Robin's communicator buzzed on his utility belt. He groaned and then answered the call. "Yes, Batman."

Flamebird stopped worshipping Robin's spent dick, so that he could concentrate.

Robin grew irritated at his mentor and then barked, "Where have I been?!? Where have you been!?! The Teen Titans have been helping me out all night! We had to take down Mister Freeze!"

Despite being angry at the Dark Knight, Robin respectfully listened. He acknowledged, "Okay. Meet you there as soon as I can."

Flamebird positive glowed with a big, satisfying smile on her face. She asked, "Can I come along?"

Robin stood up and then started to redress back into his full costume. "Sorry, Bette, but I have to go alone."

The topless heroine stood up and then helped the Teen Wonder with his yellow cape. She played with his earlobe and then mentioned, "So, boyfriend, when will I see you again?"

Robin nervously stammered, "Er, um." His head was spinning that Flamebird wanted to be his girlfriend. He kept seeing Flamebird, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman in his head. He wasn't sure what that meant.

Flamebird knew not to press the matter further. She was on cloud nine from the oral sex with Robin and from her orgasm. Her inner thighs were sticky from her pussy juice. She kissed his cheek and then asked, "Will you see me at my tennis match tomorrow, Robbie?"

"I will.", Robin truthfully admitted.

The blonde heroine mentally rejoiced that Robin, probably in some civilian disguise, would be there tomorrow to cheer her on. "By the way, Robbie, make sure you have flowers for me when I win."

Robin didn't answer as he fumbled for his Bat-grapple. He shot out the grapple, and then swung off into the Gotham night sky.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 1