Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 7  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Nightwing had finished his forensic analysis for the crime scene within the Washington Monument, where Wonder Woman had been last seen. He walked out of the historical tower in disgust. The young hero headed towards the T-Jet.
Steve Trevor stomped over to the Teen Titan and then stopped Nightwing in his tracks. He demanded, "Anything?!?"
"Nothing I can use to follow-up on.", Nightwing anwsered.
Etta Candy was worried about Wonder Woman. The redhead believed that the Amazon princess was undefeatable. Etta inquired, "Nothing?!?"
Nightwing did not want to reveal anything else, but then he saw how concerned Etta was for Diana's well being. The detective hero stated, "There are remnants of a teleportation platform--"
"Teleported?!?", Etta interrupted. "To where?"
"The explosion destroyed the platform's controls and memory, so there's no way to know where the destination coordinates were.", Nightwing explained.
Trevor held onto the Teen Titan. Colonel Trevor demanded, "Anything else you're not telling us, son?"
Nightwing growled in his best Bat-voice, "Take your hand off of me, colonel, before I do it for you. And second, I'm not your 'son'. You want to know anything else, then call in your goon squad. It's your typical M.O. to waste away the taxpayers' money, right? If you want to save some money, tell your F.B.I. goons to stop tailing me in New York."
Colonel Trevor was stunned that Nightwing knew about the F.B.I. unit keeping tabs on the young hero. Trevor removed his hand from Nightwing, and then let the young hero pass. He whipped out his smartphone, and then called in for an FBI forensics team. He would make a second call later to retask the F.B.I. special unit in New York.
Nightwing strode towards the T-Jet. He was ready to enter the vehicle, when he was stopped by Etta Candy.
Etta pleaded, "You are going to find Wonder Woman, right?"
Nightwing gave a reassuring smile and then answered, "I'm going to find her, as long as you keep Colonel Trevor out of my hair."
The Teen Titan entered the T-Jet and then prepped the plane for takeoff. Nightwing checked the tracking data for the device he had given to Wonder Woman. The tracking data focused in the city of Bludhaven. "Bludhaven?", he wondered aloud.
Nightwing recalled that Bludhaven was near Gotham City. Bludhaven had plenty of crime, drugs, corruption, and prostitution. The city's police force was split into factions, where Bludhaven's officers were on the payroll of mob bosses and gangs. Late nights saw people venturing to strip clubs, seeking out a prostitute to satisfy their sexual desires, looking for their next hit, or worse. Reading about or watching on the news about drive-by shootings and murders were commonplace in Bludhaven. Most people tried to mind their own business in the hopes that the mobs and gangs would eventually wipe each other out. Federal law enforcement agencies turned a blind eye to Bludhaven. No superhero had decided to clean up crime in Bludhaven.
In other words, Nightwing thought, Bludhaven was the perfect place to hid away a kidnapped superheroine.
Nightwing called the FAA to have a flight plan cleared for S.T.A.R. Labs in Gotham City. From there, he would borrow the Batcycle for his journey to Bludhaven. The T-Jet was too big and loud for Bludhaven.

At the Batcave, Nightwing found Alfred Pennyworth sitting at the Batcomputer.
The elderly man, who maintained the upkeep of the Batcave and Wayne Manor, had bags under his eyes and then sipped a steaming cup of tea. To the public, Alfred was Bruce Wayne's faithful butler. In reality, Alfred was everything Batman needed to wage the Dark Knight's war on crime that included the butler's skills as an expert field medic.
"Alfred?", Nightwing asked.
The middle-aged man set down his cup, gracefully stood up, and then straightened out his attire. While he stood at attention, Alfred's face was haggard like someone had been awake for a long time. "Ah, Master Richard.", he greeted. "I had not been expecting you."
Nightwing helped Alfred sit back down in the computer chair. "I'm just passing through, Alfred."
"Are you sure that I cannot make you a quick repast before you head out?", the middle-aged man suggested.
Dick Grayson smiled at Alfred's neverending butler-like service. "No, Alfred.", he answered in a light-hearted tone. "I can always grab something at a Big Belly Burger."
"Very good, Master Richard.", Alfred acknowledged. He returned his attention to the Batcomputer. He activated the communication and then spoke, "Outsider to Shadow One, do you read?"
Nightwing knew that "Shadow One" was the codename Alfred used for Batman.
Both men waited for Batman to answer, but no one responded.
After a few minutes, Alfred switched off communications.
Nightwing knew something weird was going on. He asked, "Okay Alfred, what's going on with Bruce?"
"He has ventured to the Middle East.", Alfred informed.
"What's out there?", Nightwing inquired. Dick knew the answer the moment after he asked his question. "Wait a minute!", he blurted. "Is he going after Ra's al Ghul?!?"

Ra's al Ghul was rumored to be one of the Europe's criminal bosses. He ruled over the League of Shadows, who were hired for discrete assasinations. He based himself somewhere in the Middle East, where the desert sands were either too hot to travel or quickly concealed his tracks.
Dick Grayon's light blue gloved hands tightened into fists, as he remembered how Ra's al Ghul had kidnapped as bait for Batman. He was Robin back then, but college didn't allow many times for the Dynamic Duo to team up. Batman had traveled to the Middle East to rescue Robin. Once Robin was freed, Ra's al Ghul wanted Batman as his successor and offered his daughter, Talia, as the Dark Knight's bride. Batman flat out refused, and then dueled Ra's al Ghul. Batman won, after forcing Ra's al Ghul into a Lazarus Pit.
Nightwing knew that Batman and Talia had a brief romance, but Bruce would not go into details.
"I don't know, Master Richard.", Alfred stated. "Master Bruce received a coded message from Talia. He rushed off to the Middle East, leaving Master Tim behind to defend Gotham City. That was two days ago."
Nightwing's eyes widened in shock. He blurted, "He left Tim to protect Gotham City all by himself!"
"Master Tim does have Oracle to help him out. I believe that Master Bruce convinced Miss Selina and Miss Dinah to help out as well.", Alfred informed.
Oracle was Barbara Gordon, who was an expert data gatherer and was as a good a most Internet search engines. She was the eyes and ears for superheroes, and kept tabs on nearly every villain across the globe. She had been Batgirl, until the Joker had shot her in her back. No one would ever guess that Oracle was a paralyzed redhead in a wheelchair.
Miss Selina was Catwoman. Nightwing was surprised that the expert thief would spend time helping to protect Gotham City. While Catwoman was incredibly smitten and perhaps even in love with Batman, she never risked her neck for anyone else.
Miss Dinah was the Black Canary. She was a blonde crimefighter, who also wielded the Canary Cry--her sonic scream. Black Canary had a long history, but currently had made Gotham City her own. She and Green Arrow had been dating for several years, but that relationship turned sour recently.
Nightwing knew Robin, Catwoman, and Black Canary could tackle most crimes in Gotham. A day or two more without Batman's presence in the city, however, would enbolden major villains--like Two-Face--to run rampant in Gotham City. Even worse, major villains might team-up together. Nightwing offered, "Do you need me to call in any of the Justice League Reservists to Gotham?"
Alfred countered, "I have the Outsiders on standby. I think Black Lightning, Katana, and the others would be more subtle and attract less media attention than a member of the Justice League."
Dick Grayson grabbed a large, manhole-sized plate, and then secured the heavy disk within the sidecar of the older Batcycle. He also grabbed a matching plug-in battery and a plug-in computer. There were several Batcycles available, but Nightwing needed the black cycle with red trim and with the sidecar. He assumed the worst, where Wonder Woman would have severe injuries.
He donned a black leather jacket, and then a black motorcycle helmet. He started up the cycle.
The faithful butler remarked, "You're taking quite a bit of equipment, Master Richard."

"I need to be prepared. Besides, the money from Halley's Circus more than covers this stuff.", Nightwing responsed. He loudly reeved the Batcycle, and then raced out of the Batcave.
Alfred plopped into the chair at the Batcomputer. He finally gave into his euphoria and then fell asleep.

Wonder Woman jerked awake from the smelling salts that were passed under her nose. Her blue eyes fluttered open, and then she quickly blinked to adjust to the brightness of a full lit room. She found her restrained in a chair, and wearing the same red, silk robe like before. She also had the clear feeding tube strapped around her head.
Diana sat there helplessly while the mushed mixture slowly flowed down the clear tube to feed her again. After being fed, the Amazon prinecss knew that she would be forcibly cleansed of her bodily waste again. This time, however, her food was not drugged with a sleeping formula.
With the used feeding tube still in her mouth, Wonder Woman helplessly watched as her handler--the tall and strong Afro-American--opened up her silky robe to complete expose her mammoth breasts.
The dark-skinned man grinned from ear-to-ear. His large hands moved over the topless Amazon's huge tits. Despite how large her 38G juggs were, his big hands seem to easily palm Wonder Woman's titties. He squeezed and massaged Diana's famous tits, like someone playing with clay.
Diana gasped and then pursed her ruby lips, as her gigantic breasts were played with. She could not deny that his strong hands felt good on her humungous boobs, but she resisted showing her enjoyment.
The handler became more and more aggressive with each passing moment, where he was crushing Wonder Woman's large juggs. He enjoyed seeing her titty flesh ooze out between his fingers. He marveled at how resilient the Amazon's tits were, as he continued to test how much pressure Diana's massive breasts could take.
"Aaauuuhhh!!!", the Amazon princess cried out. She panted from the pain of her abused breasts. She was worried that the strong Afro-American would continue until her huge tits burst like balloons.
The dark-skinned handler, much to Diana's relief, released her reddened and aching tits. He opened up his palms, and then swung his hands back.
"No, don't!", Diana pleaded.
He ignored Wonder Woman's protest, and then slapped his hands across her exposed tits.
"Nnnuuugggaaahhh!!!", the topless Amazon cried out. Pain shot through her huge breasts, especially at her pink nipples and aerolas.
The muscular Afro-American continued to unmercilessly slap Wonder Woman's gigantic juggs over-and-over again. He loved forcing her massive 38G titties to wobble back-and-forth.

Diana screamed each time her abused breasts were whacked.
After several more powerful smacks, her large titties glowed bright red. White palm prints were briefly visable after each hit on Wonder Woman's mammoth tits.
Her large breasts were smacked again. "Merciful!", the bound Amazon blurted out.
Another powerful whack landed across her huge juggs. "Minvera!", she cried out.

Another strong slap hit her reddened, burning tits. "Stop!", Diana begged.
The handler slapped Wonder Woman's abused titties a few more times to show that she had no control over the situation.
Diana was greatly relieved when the hits to her large breasts stopped. She panted from the pain throbbing of her tits.
without any time to rest, Wonder Woman was released from her bonds and then brought to another room for her internal bodily cleansing.
She was then was brought to the VR chamber again and then sat naked in the VR chair. Shackles again locked her wrists and ankles in place. The VR helmet was placed on her head again, along with the strange circular pads that were stuck all over her sexy, athletic body.
"No, not again!", Diana pleaded. The bound Amazon assumed that someone would force fuck her again. She would re-experience losing her virginity, or her anal cherry, or both. She was angred on how
After a bright flash of light, Wonder Woman found herself in virtual reality again. She was still naked, but lying down. Her legs were spread eagle. She could not move a muscle as her entire body was paralyzed. Her massive 38G breasts felt more firm than usual, and also defied gravity by staying upright.
A short and plain wooden wall was between her spread open legs. The wall had been bolted to the floor, so that it could not be knocked down. Wonder Woman assumed that the wall was meant to block her view.
A dark-skinned, muscular man appeared before the prone Amazon. He stood above her head. He was dressed like a tennis athlete.
"You!", Diana gasped in shock. She immediately recognized the Afro-American man as her handler, who enjoyed smacking her huge breasts.
The Afro-American smiled from ear-to-ear, like a boy who had gotten the present that he had always wanted. He wickedly stated, "I get to play with you now."
Wonder Woman expected, like the other before him, would sexual ravish her body to satisify his sexual fantasies for her.
He moved his open palm back like a racket, and then swung his hand forward. His large palm whacked the front of Wonder woman's gigantic titties.
"Ooowww!", Diana blurted in pain.
Her blue eyes widened in shock, as she helplessly watched her large breasts lunge forward in cartoon-like fashion. Her titty flesh stretched unnaturally, while her huge boobs moved a few inches away from her. Held down by her titty flesh that on her chest, her large breasts snapped back. The momentum of her giant juggs pulled her breasts back toward her handler.
While her mind realized that the VR had given her bosom the cartoon-like elasticity, Diana was freaking out on what was happening to her lovely breasts. "Great Hera!", she blurted.
The strong Afro-American swung harder this time, where his hand made a loud noise when he hit Wonder Woman's massive juggs.
"Aaaahhhh!!!", the helpless Amazon screamed.
Wonder Woman's gigantic tits enlongated forward more this time, and then snapped back.
The powerful, dark-skinned man continued whacking the naked Amazon's titantic mounds over-and-over again.
Diana cried out in pain each time her massive breasts were smacked.
Each time, Wonder Woman's humungous breasts lunged forward more and more. Eventually, her large juggs stretched out to her belly button.
The paralyzed Amazon grunted when her breasts sprung forward, as her titty flesh was forced to be enlongated. The extensive stretching of her titty flesh started to hurt.
Despite his best efforts, the Afro-American could only get Wonder Woman's massive titties to stretch out any farther.
He stopped, where his hand throbbed and his palm was bright red.
The helpless Amazon sighed in relief. Her gigantic 38G breasts returned to their firm, upright position. Her bosom was red from the repeated hits and unnatural stretching. She was thankful that her breasts had not ripped off her body.
The Afro-American retrieved a nearby tennis racket. The body of the tennis racket was metallic red. The racket's handle was wrapped in white tape. The racket's strings were bright blue.
Diana knew that huge breasts were going to be hit repeatedly by the tennis racket. She pleaded, "No, don't! Merciful Minvera, stop!"
The muscular man pulled the tennis racket back, and then swung the racket forward with all his might.
A loud twang resounded when the head of the tennis racket hit the front of Wonder Woman's gigantic mounds.
"Nnnnuuuuggggaaaahhhh!!!!", Diana screamed in pain. Being hit by the tennis racket hurt 10 times worse than being smacked by the handler's hand.
The force of the blow caused Wonder woman's large titties to stretch out as far as before, where her large orbs passed over her belly button.
The helpless Amazon was thankful that her enlongated breasts had not hit the wood wall between her spread open legs.
The powerful whack made Diana's bouncing breasts come back faster than ever.
The Afro-American was waiting, where he delivered a powerful backhand to Wonder Womana's humungous juggs.
"Gggguuuuaaaahhhh!!!!", Diana yelled in pain! She then grunted on how much her huge breasts stretched out.
The strong, dark-skinned man continued playing tennis with Wonder Woman's reddened tits. He loved hearing the helpless, naked Amazon scream in pain each time he hit her gigantic juggs. He enjoyed hearing Wonder Woman grunt and hiss whenever her titty flesh was stretched out.
After a few more blows, Diana's enlongated breasts hit the wood wall. Her tits flattened like pancakes against the wall.
"Aaaaauuuuuhhhhh!!!!!", bellowed Diana. Pain, like nothing she had ever felt before, seared through her squashed breasts and then arched up her spine.
Her gigantic tits left the wood wall, and then snapped back to Wonder Woman's body.

The Afro-American was throughly enjoying himself. He enjoyed volleying Wonder Woman's huge titties over-and-over again.
Diana lay there helplessly while her massive breasts were hit, stretched like giant rubber bands, and then splatted against the brick wall. Her blue eyes teared up from the intense pain and abuse of her reddened breasts.
For the next several minutes, the muscular handler swung his star-spangled tennis racket repeated to hit Wonder Woman's huge tits like oversized tennis balls. A twang resounded whenever the colorful tennis racket hit the helpless Amazon's mammoth juggs. A loud splat echoed when her stretched out boobs hit the wood wall.
The paralyzed superheroine screamed in pain each time her abused breasts were hit, and then yelled in agony when her stretched out breasts splatted hard against the wood wall.
Wonder woman's gigantic 38G tits were bright red all over. Bruises from the many hits onto her large boobies and impacts of her titties were evident.
Despite his strength and endurance, the dark-skinned man tired from his constant swinging. He enjoyed seeing the yellow tinge of bruising and welts all over Wonder Woman's massive titties. His hard cock ached for release from his tennis pants.

Wonder Woman fought off the tears in her blue eyes. Tears had trailed down the sides of her face. Her abused breasts throbbed in pain. She could see the extensive damage of bruising and welts all over her huge breasts. Diana never believed that her breasts could ever be in so much pain.
The horny Afro-American hurried unzipped and then removed his tennis shorts to reveal his long, hard 12" cock. He pushed a button on a nearby control panel.
Diana was shocked to feel herself lifted up from the ground, and then realized that she had been lying on a concealed platform. She continued to rise, until she was at crotch level with her handler. She looked back towards the her tormentor, and then saw his steel hard phallas. Wonder Woman gasped in shock, "Great Hera!"
"Suck it!", he ordered. Without giving Wonder Woman much choice, he forced his cock into her mouth. From this awkward position, he could only thrust half of his 12" length into her mouth. His huge, cum-filled balls rested against the naked Amazon's nose.
Wonder Woman gagged and coughed as the hard, chocolate cock was shoved into her unwilling mouth. She tried to protest, but her muffled words were incomprehensible. Her mouth stretched, as if she was stuffing a huge bite of food into her mouth, from the wide girth of his hard shaft.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 7