Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 16  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Nightwing and Wonder Woman continued French kissing each other, while their hands caressed each others backs. Diana had to lean her head down to match her lips with Dick Grayson's 5'-10" height.
The naked Amazon broke their lip lock and then commented, "You know, Richard, it's no fair that you're still clothed."
Dick did not think about stripping out of his costume until now. He apologetically muttered, "Sorry."
Diana flashed a smile and then remarked, "No apologies needed, Dick. It gives me time to unwrap you."
Nightwing helped out by unclasping his dark blue gauntlets, and then removing his light blue gloves. He wanted to touch Diana's naked body. He wanted to cup her massive 38G breasts in his bare hands.
The brunette superheroine knew what Dick wanted to do with his hands. She deliberately swatted his hands away from her sexy, naked body. She teased, "Nu-uh! No touching yet. Keep your hands to yourself, Richard."
She gazed into Nightwing's blue eyes, and then pulled down the concealed front zipper of his costume. She slowly yanked down the zipper to first expose his muscular chest, and then to reveal his flat stomach and washboard abs. The Amazon princess pealed the sleeves of Nightwing's costume off of him.
Diana purposely stared at him for a few seconds to take in his topless body. She liked how Dick Grayson wasn't overly muscular like the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight. She remembered that Dick had lived most of his childhood in a circus. His well-toned body definitely looked like someone who performed on the flying trapeze. She wondered how limber and flexible he was. The naked Amazon knew that his years of staying in top shape as Nightwing meant that he had a lot of stamina and energy.
"Time to unwrap your big bulge, Dick.", she lustfully said.
Diana knelt down onto her knees before him. She stared at his concealed groin with great anticipation. She pulled the front zipper down past his navel, and then past his crotch.
Dick moaned as his straining erection cock was finally freed! His hard, uncircumcised manpole sprang forth.
The naked Amazon had placed her face too close to Dick's crotch. She was hit in face by the bulbous head of his long, 10" cock. "Goddess!", she blurted out.
At such close range, the startled Amazon acted as if a large, fleshy worm-like monster had leaped at her.
He knew his cock had whacked Diana in her face. He asked, "Are you alright, Diana?"

The Amazon princess cursed herself at her frightful reaction to Nightwing's cock. She had little to no real experience with a man's erect phallus, but did not want her sexual inexperience to ruin this moment. Diana replied, "Yes, I'm okay. Great Hera, you're huge!"
With Wonder Woman still a virgin, Dick should have realized how actual boy-girl sex would be to her. "Really?", he inquired.
"Yes, Dick!", she excited squealed. "You're as big as a Minotaur!"
Nightwing smiled at Diana's compliment, which fed his ego.
Diana gripped his hard shaft, where she barely wrapped her fingers around his member. She tugged up-and-down his phallus. She marveled at how his flesh moved, despite his full erection. When she tugged up, the Amazon princess noticed how his cum-filled balls moved forward. She enjoyed how warm and firm Dick's shaft felt in her hand.
She noticed that no public hair poked her fingers. She discovered that he devoid of any public hair. Diana gasped, "Dick, you have no public hair!"
Dick mentioned, "What can I say? I chafe, unless I'm hair-free down there. You approve?"
"Yes!", Wonder Woman happily answered. "Mother told about a man's public hair during my sex education. I don't know how you men deal with public hair."
He asked, "Wait a minute. Didn't you get public hair during puberty, Diana, like everyone else?"
"No.", she bluntly answered.
Diana had enough talking. She gently kissed his bulbous head.
Dick moaned in pleasure as her soft, warm lips pressed against him.
Wonder Woman's luscious, ruby lips picked up some of Dick's precum. She was pleasantly surprised to discover how sweet his precum tasted. His pretty was tastier than honey. Diana was so turned on! Her pussy tingled, and then became more moist. She hummed, "Um-hmm! You taste so good!"
She instantly wanted more of his sweetness. The kneeling Amazon opened her mouth, and then slowly engulfed his bulbous head. She had never sucked on a man's cock head before. Diana felt like she had taking a big bite of food into her mouth. Her lips formed an O-shape around his thick, hard shaft.
"Oh fuck!", he gasped in pleasure. Dick loved how hot Diana's mouth was. He enjoy the tight seal her lips made around his steel hard cock.
Wonder Woman knew that a man really enjoy having a woman fellatio him. She tried her best to take more of Nightwing's phallus into her mouth. She stretched open her mouth more, and then slowly took more of his big, hard cock into her mouth. Her mouth strained to accommodate his girth. She forced her tongue to flatten out.
"Yes, baby, yes.", Dick groaned. He could help putting his hands on the back of her head. His fingers dug into the braids of her long ponytail. He took all his will power from shoving Diana all the way down onto his 10" cock.
The horny Amazon could feel how tightly Dick grabbed her head, which told her how well she was doing on her first-time blowjob. She desperately wanted to take his entire manpole into her mouth. She wanted to show Dick that she was a wonder a cock sucking.
After taking a few inches of his steel hard shaft into her mouth, Wonder Woman's gagging reflex kicked in. Her instinctive reaction prevented her from deep throating him more. She tried to take another inch of Dick's beautiful cock into her mouth, but then she started to hack. She found it difficult to breath. After gagging and coughing for a few more seconds, Diana released the few inches of his thick, hard cock from her mouth.
The kneeling Amazon tenderly kissed the underside of Dick's shaft. She looked up at him with sad eyes, where she was nearly tears. Diana was disappointed in her unskilled fellatio. She apologetically muttered, "Dick, I'm sorry."
He smiled lovingly at her and then asked, "For what?"
Wonder Woman sadly stated, "You're too big for me to fellatio."
Dick offered his hands to help Diana up.
The naked Amazon blushed from his chivalrous assistance to stand. She gladly took his hands, and then stood back up.
He lovingly gazed into her blue eyes and then said, "I am the luckiest man on Earth right now."
Diana kissed him passionately for a few seconds. She then said, "Thank you, Dick."

He requested, "Lie down."
Wonder Woman laid down on the medical bed. She anxiously awaited for Dick Grayson.

He crouched over Diana, and then gave her a reassuring kiss. He planted soft kiss across her cheek, and then made his way toward her left ear. He gently probed her ear canal with his wet tongue.
"Goddess!", the naked Amazon gasped. Her blue eyes widened. Her arousal jumped exponentially! Her cunt juiced. Her nipples and clit swelled. She could feel her first orgasm building.

He tongued Diana's ear for a few more seconds, where he enjoyed how much moaned and squirmed. He then withdrew from her left ear.
"Merciful Minerva!", Wonder Woman huffed. She had know the body had erogenous zones, which triggered incredibly high levels of sexual arousal in a person. Diana would never had suspected her ear was an erogenous zone.
Without pausing, Dick kissed down her neck.
She moaned with each soft kiss. Wonder Woman could not help rubbing her legs together to stimulate her wet pussy.
He kissed between the valley of her incredibly huge breasts. Dick was a breast man, which is what partially caused his crush for Wonder Woman. He, of course, had to play with Diana's 38G tits.
Dick cupped, as best he could manage, her massive juggs in each of his hands. He circled his tongue over the pink areola of her left breast, and purposely avoided her swollen, bullet-sized left nipple.
Diana moaned from the attention he was giving her gigantic breasts. Her world famous tits had been groped and man-handled before by villains who had captured her. Unlike the villains who abused with her tits, Dick Grayson was giving her large, firm breasts some well-deserved TLC.
She liked feeling Dick's wet, velvety tongue on her left areola, but she wanted him to lick her swollen, left nipple. The horny Amazon tried to move her hands to give his head. He, however, grabbed her wrists, and then kept her hands away from her large bosom. Without her golden power belt, Wonder Woman did not have the strength to beat Dick's muscular arms.
"Dick, lick my nipples.", Diana begged.
After licking around her big, left nipple a few times, he latched his mouth onto her swollen left nipple.
"Aah-aaahhh!!!", Wonder Woman cried out. She, of course, had her fellow Amazon sisters suck her huge nipples before, but it was different with a man. Her Amazon sisters were gentle and playful with her. Dick, however, was more savage as he was driven by his lustful appetite.
She moaned he continued to suck her. She felt her big, left nipple repeated tugged and stretched out into his mouth. Diana felt like Dick Grayson was her baby, who was desperately trying to feed from her left breast. She cooed, "Yes, baby. Suck on my nipple. Show me how much you like my tits."
"Yaaaiiieee!!!", Wonder Woman yelped in pain. Her left nipple throbbed as Dick bit into her. She felt his teeth dig into her big, swollen nipple. A mixture of pain and pleasure pulsed through her sexy body. Part of her desperately want Dick to stop biting her! The abuse to her left nipple also awakened her naughty side.
Dick tugged on her entrapped left nipple between his teeth, and then released her abused nipple.
Diana gasped from the pulling and release of her left nipple. She instinctively blurted out, "You bit it! You bit my nipple."
He resuming sucking on her left nipple.
The horny Amazon cooed with pleasure. His hot, wet mouth felt incredibly soothing and pleasurable to her throbbing nipple. Her breathing quickened. She continued rubbing her legs, where her pussy grew hotter and wetter.
Dick took his mouth off of her saliva-covered left nipple and areola. He instantly blew a gentle, cool breath over her puffy, wet nipple.
"Ggguuuaaahhh!!!", Wonder Woman scream in ecstasy. An incredible surge of pleasure overwhelmed her! She could not believe the intense pleasure that she was experiencing. Her left nipple swelled even more. She instinctively thrashed around.
She collapsed to the bed, after Dick stopped blowing on her highly sensitive left nipple. Diana caught her breath. Her pussy felt drenched, where she could feel her juice oozing out of her. Her clit was so swollen and begged for attention.
"Goddess!", she exclaimed.
Dick still kept her arms away from her titanic breasts. He then slowly licked around Diana's right areola.
Wonder Woman excitedly watched him lick her right areola. Her mind guessed at what he was going to do, which is repeat what Dick had done to her left nipple. She was too horny to care what raced through her mind. She was entranced by Dick's foreplay with her nipples, and wanted to re-experience again the pleasure of his nipple play.
With her right nipple this time, Dick teased Diana with his tongue and then latched his mouth over her swollen, right nipple. When she was thoroughly enjoying the suckling of her right nipple, he then savagely bit into her. He bit her right nipple long enough to where it would pulse afterwards. He released her abused nipple, and then hungrily suckled her again. After soothing her freshly bit nipple, he pulled away and then blew a cool breath onto her saliva-covered, right nipple.
Like before, Woman Woman moaned when her right nipple was suckled. She yelped in pain when her right nipple was bit, and then shrieked in pleasure when Dick blew on her highly sensitive right nipple. She was so horny, and so ready to climax.
Diana begged, "Take me, Dick! Take my virginity, and make me a real woman! I want to feel you inside of me."
Dick could have easily acquiesced to her lustful request to fuck her, and then take her virginity. He, however, wanted some more foreplay with her. He mentioned, "If we're going to bond after I deflower you, Diana, then I need to show you what it's going to be like with me."
The horny Amazon moaned, "My pussy is on fire, Dick! I want to climax so badly!"

He looked deeply into her blue eyes and then asked, "Do you trust me, Diana?"
She truthfully stated, "With all my heart."
Dick Grayson got off the bed, and then procured Wonder Woman's magic lasso.
Diana was puzzled about Dick's actions, and then worried about his possession of her Lasso of Truth. The magical rope compelled a person to tell the truth, despite how strong willed the person was. When used on her, the golden lasso enthralled Wonder Woman to the person and made her obey the person's commands.
He returned to the bed and then reassured, "Diana, I'm not going to enslave you."
The naked Amazon sucked in a deep breath to calm herself and then acknowledged, "Okay."
Dick requested, "Diana, bring your arms to the bedpost."
She hesitantly brought her arms to the bedpost, where her hands could clutch it.

He looped some of the magic lasso around Diana's wrists.
"Richard--!", she blurted out in panic. The power of the magic lasso enthralled her to Dick Grayson. Wonder Woman could no longer move or speak on her own. She had no free will over her body.
Nightwing tied the magic lasso to the bedpost. He confirmed that Diana could not move her arms. He held one end of the golden rope and then commanded, "Diana, when I use your magic lasso on you, you will not be enslaved by its enchantment. You will not even be compelled to tell the truth."
The Lasso of Truth suddenly glowed brightly. The glow was as bright as the sun. Dick could not look directly at the golden lasso, and then had to shield his eyes.

"Rrrruuuuaaahhhh!!!!", the brunette superheroine wailed. She felt a surge of powerful magic flow through her naked, athletic body. Diana felt the compulsion of her magic lasso disappear.
A few seconds later, the bright light vanished.
Diana had regained her freedom to move and speak on her own. The only thing that restricted her mobility was the golden lasso that secured her wrists to the bedpost. She called out, "Dick!"
He kneeled over her and then asked, "Diana? Are you alright?"
Tears of joy welled up in her blue eyes. The Amazon princess had assumed that Dick Grayson would use her golden lasso on her to have his way with her, like the Wrath had in the VR. Instead, Dick had broken the magic lasso's enchantment on her--at least when he used the lasso on her. Her heart opened up more for him. She happily remarked, "Better than alright! Dick, thank you!"
He kissed her deeply.
Diana inquired, "Richard, why did you tie me up?"
He flashed a wicked grin and then informed, "So that you can't stop me."
His strong hands grabbed onto her massive, 38G tits. He squeezed her huge breasts hard, and then his fingers sunk into her titty flesh. He enjoyed how soft and supple here tits were, despite how big and firm they were. He kept mauling Wonder Woman's massive titty flesh.
She gasped in surprise, "Dick!"
Each squeeze of her gigantic breasts sent a surge of pleasure through her. She moaned each time Dick's hands roughly squeezed her large, fleshy mounds. Her breathing quickened. Her pussy grew hot and wet again.
He withdrew his hands from her mauled tits. White marks, where his fingers had pawed at her, were briefly visible across Wonder Woman's breasts. Dick wanted to continue to play rough with Diana's large, beautiful tits. If they were going to be bonded, then he would have plenty of time.
Instead, Dick Grayson made his way toward another prized area of Diana's sexy body. He planted soft kisses down the nake Amazon's body, until he moved down to her bald snatch.
Wonder Woman moaned from each of Dick's gentle kiss on her skin. Each kiss made her hornier, and made her nipples and clit swell even more. The rational side of her knew that he was going to perform cunnilingus on her. Her fellow Amazon sisters had orally pleasured her pussy. She did not want to make the assumption that oral sex from a man was the same as cunnilingus from a woman.
The horny Amazon anxiously awaited for Nightwing to pleasure her nether region.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 16