Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 3  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Wonder Woman lay groggily in high-tech looking chair. She slowly regained consciousness. After she fully awoke, Diana realized that she was bound again. Her wrists were shackled to the armrests. Her ankles were shackled below her.

She felt cooler than normal. Diana looked down upon herself and then gasped in shock, "Great Hera! I'm naked!"

Her entire costume had been removed from body, including her golden tiara and her boots. She wore nothing to instantly distinguish herself as Wonder Woman.

Diana hoped that she had not been subjected to an enema while unconscious, so that Nightwing's Bat-tracker remained in her intestinal track. She hoped that her stomach acid had not destroyed the Bat-tracker.

"Great Hera!", Wonder Woman exclaimed at the chair moved. The chair straightened out that forced the naked Amazon into a standing position. Once she stood, the ankle shackles moved away from each that forced her leg apart.

Diana again was oblivious to the hidden camera that recorded each moment.

A floor panel opened and then the plastic female urinal device rose. The open pod-like part of the female urinal pressed over and then completely covered Wonder Woman's bald snatch. The plastic allowed a tight fitting seal to form.

From somewhere, the strange robotic voice stated, "Time to do a number one, Wonder Whore."

"And if I refuse.", Diana snarled in defiance.

"You will mess up your chair, and then have to sit and wait for my robots to clean you up.", the villain answered.

Wonder Woman didn't want to endure that, and then relieved herself. She tried to hide how good to felt to finally have a chance to go. "I'm done.", she announced.

The female urinal disappeared back into the floor. A robotic arm held a damp cloth, and then rubbed the cloth along Wonder Woman's mound.

"Since you didn't have time to eat, we'll forgo the other cleansing.", the villain stated.

Wonder Woman tried to mask her relief at not getting an enema. That meant the Bat-tracker remained inside of her, and then gave Nightwing more time to find her. She wondered how the masked hero would react to her naked body? Her nipples swelled from her excited thoughts. Her pussy tingled. Diana shook off those thoughts as now was not the time to be engrossed in her desire for Nightwing.

The chair moved again, and then forced Wonder Woman back into a sitting position.

The two robotic arms returned to do various tasks. They placed wireless sensor pads on the center of her chest near her heart and above her large, pink aerolas.

Additional pads were placed on below her belly button and on her inner thighs. These pads were purposely placed as close as possible to her clit and pussy without actually touching her bald sex.

Wonder Woman heard another mechanical noise, and then looked up. She gasped in horror, "Great Hera!"

A high-tech helmet descended from the ceiling and lowered onto Diana's head. Wires protruded from the helmet. A few lights flashed.

The captive Amazon struggled frantically against the shackles to escape. She loudly protested, "No!"

She was helpless as the helmet lowered into Diana's head, and then adjusted to fit snugly on her. Her vision was engulfed in darkness as the attached visor covered her blue eyes. Nodes extended from inside the top portion of the helmet and then pressed against her temples.

Inside the helmet, the visor's view screen turned on and then blinded her. Wonder Woman felt strange as a low level current flowed through the extended nodes. She reflexively blinked to adjust her blue eyes, and then felt herself drawn into the view screen. Her consciousness, and perhaps her soul, ventured into the view screen.

She could barely comprehend what was happening to her, where her mind told Wonder Woman that she was pulled through a dimensional vortex.

Diana blinked again and then found herself standing into an eerie, dank dungeon. The room's ceiling fixtures glowed with enough light to see around her, but not enough to gaze throughout the entire room. She could see chains and manacles on the stone walls.

She checked herself and then gasped in shock, "Merciful Minerva!" Wonder Woman had completely changed. The weird helmet and sensor pads were gone. She was now clothed in a slave's outfit. A wide, red leather collar was around her neck that dug into her chin. The collar had a large metal ring attached. Silver chains ran through the ring, and then were attached to shackles on her wrists. The chains restricted her arm movements. She wore a crimson red corset that pushed up her huge, firm 38G breasts. Her breasts were completely exposed. The corset was tied tightly possible, where Diana could barely breathe and completely immobilized her waist. Small, golden bells were attached to the bottom of the corset that rattled whenever she moved. From the waist down, Wonder Woman was completely naked. Her bare feet were chilled from the cold stone floor.

Wonder Woman fumed in anger at her degrading outfit! "Who dares?!?", she snarled. "I am a princess of Themyscira!"

"I dare.", a strange sounding female voice stated from the shadows. The female stepped forward a little to reveal her outline.

Wonder Woman saw the distinct bat-shaped cowl. "Batgirl?", she inquired.

"Not quite.", the shadowed woman answered. She stepped completely into the light. The pointy ears on her head were actually antennae that protruded from her metal mask.

"Doctor Cyber!", Diana called out as she instantly recognized the villainess. "So you're the one who captured me with the fake terrorist threat."

Doctor Cyber was a brilliant, cutting edge computer scientist, who hid her face behind a robotic face mask. No one knew her real identity. No database or physical record existed of who she really was. The villainess was dressed in a tight, black leather outfit that showed off her curvy body. Her outfit's dark color matched her long, black hair. She had a model's body with average sized breasts.

"Not completely true.", a man stated. A tall, handsome and athletic man stepped out of the shadows. He had black curly hair and a thin black mustache. He was dressed in a fine tuxedo with a bow tie. He leered lustfully at Wonder Woman.

"Who...?", Diana asked. After a few seconds, she recognized the man as another of her arch-villains. "Doctor Psycho!"

"In the flesh, so to speak.", he teased.

Wonder Woman was bewildered. Doctor Psycho was as short as a child, due to his dwarfism. His body had a genetic mutation that gave him small stature, but he was gifted with powerful telepathy. "But, you're not that tall! That can't be your body! What is going on here?!?"

"For someone from a supposedly superior race, Wonder Whore, you're not that smart.", Doctor Psycho rebuked.

Doctor Cyber remarked, "Now, now, we are using new tech here that not even the Amazonian race has created. You, Wonder Whore, are in our virtual reality. To quote: We control the vertical. We control the horizontal."

"You will gain nothing from this!", Diana spat.

"Actually we will.", Doctor Psycho affirmed. He asked, "What's the one thing men want from you, Wonder Whore, the most?"

The Amazon princess refused to answer.

"I know!", the villainess called out. "To take Wonder Woman's precious virginity! In both her holes!"

"Merciful Minerva!", Diana gasped. Her mind flashed with memories from all the times she had come close in being fucked or sodomized, but had managed to stop. She had, at most, been forced to fellacio and then taste a man's semen; or to cunnilingus and then lick up a woman's juices.

"Once taken, however, no one else can enjoy deflowering Wonder Whore again!", Doctor Psycho whined.

"You forget, darling, that with our VR we can reset Wonder Whore back to a virgin. While she'll remember having her cherry taken, Wonder Whore will always respond like it's her first time.", Doctor Cyber revealed.

Diana's blue eyes widened in horror. "Great Hera! No!", she protested. She was too horrified at what was going to happen to her to realize the affectionate words the two doctors said to one another.

"Yes!", both villains stated simultaneously. They cackled with wicked laughs.

Wonder Woman rarely felt fear, but being at the complete and utter whim of her foes filled her with dread.

Doctor Psycho produced a silver dollar, flicked the coin into the air, and then called out, "Heads of tails."

"Tails.", the villainess said.

The silver dollar clattered to the floor, and then stopped with the tail side up.

Doctor Cyber grabbed a leather whip from the wall. The whip tapered out into many blue, red, and white leather strips. She walked behind the Amazon princess and then mentioned, "Hmm, those chains get too much in the way."

"I can fix that, my dear.", Doctor Psycho stated. He brought his fingers to his temples and then concentrated.

The silver chains vanished, and then Wonder Woman's her arms were forced to her sides. The silver chains reappeared and then were wrapped around her arms and waist, so that her arms were bound at her sides. "Great Hera! Can't move my arms!", exclaimed Diana. "These chains have bound me!"

"This is for sending me to Arkham Asylum!", proclaimed the villainess.

Arkham Asylum was the institution for the criminally insane villains, who received psychotherapy and other extreme therapy to reform them. The inmates at the Asylum had no privacy as their cells had see-through, bullet resistant plexiglass. The lack of privacy motivated Doctor Cyber to escape and increased her hatred for the Amazon princess.

Doctor Cyber raised the multicolored whip and then swatted it against Diana's bare behind. A loud swack resounded.

"Aaahhh!", Wonder Woman cried out in pain. The leather strips of the whip stung her butt cheeks. Diana realized that she had none of her superpowers and was just an ordinary Amazon in this virtual reality.

"Did that hurt, Wonder Whore?!?", Doctor Cyber rhetorically asked. Not giving the bound Amazon time to answer, the villainess lashed Diana's ass again. "Scream, bitch! Scream!"

Diana screamed in pain each time the leather whip smacked her bare bottom. Wonder Woman thought that her body would adjust to the painful lashing. Each hit sent pain coursing through her Amazon body. After a few times, her butt burned and throbbed. She held back the tears welling up in her blue eyes.

The villains were erotically turned on by torturing Wonder Woman. Doctor Cyber felt her pussy moisten. Doctor Psycho felt his cock swell to it full erection.

Wonder Woman could not longer withstand the painful whipping. The tears flowed freely from her blue eyes. She pleaded, "Please, st-stop!"

The whipping suddenly ended. There was a flash of light. Wonder Woman found herself completely naked and on her hands and knees. Her wrists and ankles were shackled to a large table. Her long, black hair was braided into a ponytail. She stared into a high-def video camera.

"Time to deflower the great Wonder Woman!", announced Doctor Psycho. He was nude as well, and then stepped between Diana and the video camera so that his hard cock was in the shot.

"Great Hera!", Diana gasped in shock upon seeing Psycho's cock. "You're huge!"

"Yes, Wonder Whore.", Doctor Cyber confirmed. "He's ten inches waited to destroy your pussy."

The naked villain walked behind the bound Amazon, and then positioned himself in place. His steel hard cock was poised to enter Diana's virgin snatch.

Wonder Woman struggled against her bonds, which only made her huge, hanging juggs sway back-and-forth. She also made her reddened ass cheeks jiggle. She protested, "Stop! Don't do this!"

Doctor Psycho rubbed his long dick along the naked Amazon's puffy pussy lips. He gasped as her thick, velvety lips rubbed along his shaft and felt the warmth of her cunt. "Do you like that, Wonder Whore? Pretty soon I'm going to destroy your virgin pussy with my big, hard cock!", he teased.

Diana pursed her lips together and then closed her blue eyes to resist. Her pussy moistened and felt hotter each time the villain's shaft rubbed along her virgin sex. She did her best to not show her captors how aroused she was getting. She felt her clit swell and then push out of its fleshy hood. Her nipples stiffened into bullet-sized tips.

Doctor Psycho devilishly taunted, "Getting wet are we, princess? Your juices are coating my shaft."

"Take her, my dear.", demanded Doctor Cyber. "Make Wonder Bitch scream as you tear her hymen!"

Wonder Woman hung her head in shame for the indignity that was going to happen next.

Doctor Psycho grabbed the naked Amazon's braided hair and then yanked hard.

"Oowww!", Diana screamed as her head was forced back up. She stared directly into the video camera.

"Take this, Wonder Whore!", the horny villain roared. Driven by his lust and desire to deflower Wonder Woman, he plunged forward. The bulbous head of cock parted Diana's pussy lips and then plowed into her tight, wet sex. His powerful thrust allowed his steel hard dick to ram deep further into Wonder Woman's virgin pussy.

"Ggggguuuuuhhhhhaaaaaggggg!!!!!", Diana screamed in agony. There was no compassion or concern for her pleasure, as Doctor Psycho's cock speared her virgin sex. Nothing could have prepared Diana on what she felt. Her cunt burned as her pussy walls were forced open. She could not catch her breath as her pussy was invaded. While only penetrated a few inches, the virgin Amazon felt as if a giant log had been rammed into her. She panted while her pussy walls throbbed in pain.

Doctor Psycho felt his bulbous head press again Wonder Woman's hymen. He cackled with laughter and then stated, "There it is! Do you feel me pressing against your hymen?"

Diana yelped as the villain put pressure against her intact hymen. Intense pain shot through her body. Tears welled up in her blue eyes. She pleaded, "Stop! No, don't!"

Doctor Psycho hissed, "Does the mighty Wonder Whore want me to stop? Am I, a man, too much for you?"

"Stop! Pull out!", Wonder Woman begged.

"I'm going to enjoy taking your virginity over and over again, Amazon! The first time, however, is always the best!", the villain lustfully shouted.

"No, don't!", the virgin Amazon desperately pleaded.

Without further hesitation, Doctor Psycho firmly planted his feet for the proper leverage; pulled back slightly; and then plunged forward with a power thrust of his hips. He felt Wonder Woman's hymen resist for the briefest of moments, and then felt his cock tear through her virginity.

"Aaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!!!!!", Diana wailed in pain. She wildly thrashed against her bonds from the pain of losing her virginity. Her entire body seemed to be on fire after her hymen was torn. The deflowered Amazon never believed she could be in so much pain. She felt the hot blood of her deflowering gush inside of her. Her pussy walls instinctively clamped down in a desperate attempt to push the villain's huge cock out of her cunt. Tears flowed from her blue eyes. Her face was a mixed expression of agony and sadness.

Doctor Psycho pressed forward, until his entire shaft was completely buried inside of Wonder Woman's deflowered cunt. "She's so fucking tight!", he grunted.

He held onto Diana's long, braided hair; pulled back quickly; and then slammed his long, hard shaft back into her pussy!

"Nnnuuuhhhggg!", the bound Amazon cried out. Her nostrils flared as she panted through the pain of her deflowering. Her face was red.

Doctor Psycho continued to savagely fuck Wonder Woman, where he looked like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. When he rammed all the way into Wonder Woman, the bulbous head of cock hit her pleasure spot that continued to make her juice.

Diana grunted in pain as the villain's shaft slid out and passed along her ruptured hymen. When the Doctor Psycho's bulbous head was only inside of her, her pussy walls tightened up. She gasped in shock when he plunged back into and then stretched out her pussy walls again.

Doctor Cyber was captivated by the naked Amazon's deflowering and rubbed her crotch. She could not wait when it was her turn to take her arch-nemesis.

After a minute or so, Diana felt the pain of her ruptured hymen subside. Her pussy walls no longer burned, as her cunt was used to being stretched out by the villain's thick phallus. She felt his bulbous head press against the sensitive spot deep inside of her, and then she gasped with pleasure! "Goddess!", Wonder Woman moaned in pleasure.

"Like that now, do you Wonder Whore?", Doctor Psycho teased. "Show me how much you enjoy being fucked!"

Diana gasped or moaned in pleasure each time her sensitive spot was hit. Wonder Woman did not admit it, but her face showed how much she was enjoying all of this. She breathed faster and faster as her orgasm built up inside of her. Her nipples were rock hard, pointy tips. Her swollen clit throbbed. She could not help herself and bucked against Doctor Psycho, so that his long cock kept plunging deep inside of her.

"Yeah, Wonder Bitch, buck against me! I love riding you!", he extolled. Doctor Psycho tugged on Wonder Woman's braided hair tightly, while savagely pounding her drenched cunt. He could not hold back much longer, where his cum-filled balls felt swollen and heavy.

Overwhelmed by her deflowering and first-time fuck, Diana's mind had nearly shutdown. Her blue eyes seemed to look into some far-away distance. Her lust had taken over, where all she cared about was cumming. She grunt and panted as her wet, reddened pussy was rammed over-and-over again. Her pussy continued to juice like an overflowing fountain. Diana only heard herself reacting to her first-time fucking, and how the villain's huge cock squished in-and-out of her drenched cunt.

Doctor Psycho dug his fingers into hips and then thrust as hard and as deep into the bound Amazon as he could. He snapped back his bearded face, while all of his muscles tightened and strained. "Oh fffuuuccckkk!!! I'm cum...>pant<...cccccuuuuummmmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!", he roared.

His steel hard cock twitched inside Wonder Woman's soaked cunt, and then blasted a hot stream of his jizz deep into her.

Wonder Woman's blue eyes widened as her sensitive spot was slammed, which took her over the edge. "Gggggguuuuuuhhhhhh-aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!", Diana bellowed as she came. Her pussy walls tightly clamped down on Doctor Psycho's spurting cock. A tidal wave of her juices gushed, but was trapped by the villain's buried dick. She could barely breathe as her body bucked and thrashed as she orgasmed.

Doctor Psycho grunted as Wonder Woman's spasming cunt milked his cock dry. He flexed with his groin muscles to push the last gobs of his cum into her. He kept his spent dick buried inside of the deflowered Amazon. He closed his eyes and then enjoyed the pleasurable sensations along his shaft as Wonder Woman continued to orgasm.

Diana had lost track of time during her orgasm. She slumped against her bonds and then hung there like a limp rag doll. She was completely exhausted. She panted like an overheated dog as she tried to regain her normal breathing.

The villain leaned in close to Wonder Woman's face and then wickedly muttered, "Too bad, Wonder Bitch, that this isn't the real thing! If it was, you'd be knocked up with our love child!"

Wonder Woman was completely disgusted by the thought of being impregnated by one of her villains. She was relieved, however, that her deflowering was over and that Doctor Psycho was completely spent.

"And now, Wonder Whore, it's my turn!", Doctor Cyber stated with glee.

"Great Hera!", Diana gasped in horror. She had forgotten that another of her arch-villains was there and waiting to sexually abuse her Amazon body.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 3