Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 8  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

"Yes!", the muscular, Afro-American roared in pleasure. While only having a few inches of his thick, hard cock inside of Wonder Woman's mouth, he enjoyed how tightly her mouth gripped his dark shaft.
The naked Amazon had her mouth completely stuffed to where she could not breathe through her nose. She was relieved, when the dark-skinned man slowly sawed his gigantic cock in-and-out of her mouth. Her nostrils flared to breathe in-and-out as much as possible. Her breath was hot, and passed along the underside of his wide manpole.

He gasped from the arousal of having Wonder Woman's hot breath pass along the bottom of his cock. He continued to fuck her mouth, while trying to hold out as long as possible. Fulfilling the fantasy of smacking Wonder Woman's famous titties like tennis balls had given him the hardest erection of his life. Fucking the brunette superheroine's mouth almost put him over the edge to orgasm.
The Amazon princess gagged and hacked from having the Afro-American's monster-sized cock plunge in-and-out of her stuffed mouth. Her jaw ached from stretching out so much.
He could not resist continuing to play with Wonder Woman's bruised and battered tits. The strong Afro-American marveled on how firm and round her huge juggs remained, despite how much he had abused them. He tightly grasped her pink nipples, and then roughly pulled her titties upward!
Diana bellowed a loud scream of pain from the vice-like grips on her pointy nipples, and the hollered in agony from the severe yanking of her abused breasts. Her blue eyes watered from the intense pain raging through her yanked breasts. She instinctively wanted to roll away in a desperate attempt to release your tugged breasts, but could not. The Amazon princess was still paralyzed and could not move a muscle. She could not look away, and helplessly watched her large boobs stretched out.
The VR's cartoon-like enhancement of Wonder Woman's tits were still in effect. Instead of being pulled a few inches into fleshy cones, her titty flesh was stretched to inhuman lengths. Her juggs were pulled up to the handler's chest. Her formerly firm, well-rounded breasts now looked like long rubber bands. Even her nipples and aerolas had been stretched out well beyond their normal limts. Her tits now looked like super-exaggerated versions of an old woman's breasts that had lost their firmness and were stretched out by gravity.
The muscular Afro-American laughed with wicked delight on how much he had enlongated Wonder Woman's famous tits. He kept the naked Amazon's super-elongated juggs stretched out, and then fucked her mouth faster.
Diana sobbed from the torture of her super-stretched out breasts. Tears tricked from her watery blue eyes. Her super-long nipples felt as if they were going to be ripped off any second. Her titty flesh could barely withstood the strain on being stretched well beyond their normal limit. She suffered the indignity of the continued abuse to her massive breasts, while her forcing to pleasure her handler's giant cock with her mouth.
Wonder Woman started to lose sensation in her super-elongated breasts, due to the lack of blood flowing through them. Her pinched nipples turned purple and then turned white hot. Her tent-like aerolas had turned purple. The rest of the brunette superheroine's rubberband-like tits had turned bright red.
The muscular Afro-American could not hold out any longer. He pulled out of Wonder Woman's aching mouth, and then released her super-stretched out titties.
The Amazon princess was relieved when the dark-skinned man withdrew his hard, wide cock from her sore mouth. She yelled in agony as her elongated breasts snapped back to her chest!
He tightly grapsed his throbbing shaft, and then madly jerked his cock. "Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!!!", he roared in orgasm.
Diana watched helplessly as the Afro-American's monster-sized cock spurted a long, white jet of his cum. She grunted in discomfort as his hot cum seemed to burn on her reddened and abused breasts.
His hot, white jizz mostly landed on Wonder Woman's bruised and battered titties.
The brunette superheroine winced as some of his cum landed on her face. She instinctively closed her watery, blue eyes so that his cum didn't slip in her eyes.
The handler continued to stroke himself, while ejaculating more long ropes of his jizz. He made sure to aim his cum at Wonder Woman's abused tits.
Diana grunted in pain as her cum-splattered breasts tingled with the returned blood flow through them.
The muscular Afro-American gasped and grunted as he unloaded the biggest amount of cum in his entire life.
The Amazon princess was worried that her handler would not stop cumming, and then drown her face in his cum. She had to blink quickly to clear her blue eyes of his cum that rolled into her eyes. She breathed hard through nose to push out any of his cum that seeped into her nostrils. Diana are not open her mouth, as she did not want to taste his cum.
He jerked his spent cock one last time, and then finished ejaculating. He gasped and shook with his post-orgasmic quakes.
Wonder Woman's abused juggs were completely coated with a white sheen of the Afro-American's jizz. Her face and long hair were caked with his cum as well.
There was a flash of bright light.
The Amazon princess found herself back in the VR chamber, where the VR helmet was raised off her head. She immediately grabbed her bosom. Diana was greatly relieved to find her massive breasts still as firm and upright as ever, without any signs of bruising.

In a dark alleyway of Bludhaven, Nightwing discretely parked the Batcycle. The leather jacket and helmet hid enough of his yellow-and-blue costume to where he was not recognized. He pulled a large package from the Batcycle, held it over the vehicle, and the pressed the package's button. The package quickly expanded, and then folded out to resemble a closed garbage dumpster that completely concealed the Batcycle.
"This is the last tracking coordinates I have for Wonder Woman.", he ruminated.

Nightwing realized that it was going to be a chilly night. We removed his biker helmet and leather jacket, and then placed them near an unlit open barrel. If anyone started a fire tonight at this barrel, then the person would have the additional protection of the riding helmet and jacket.
He retrieved his grapple launcher, fired the device upwards, and then took off in the air.
In a few seconds, Nightwing landed on a nearby roof. He scanned the area, and then noticed several abandoned buildings. He remarked, "Just great. Too many buildings to pick from. Hope I can find some clues."
Nightwing crouched down to scan the surrounding area, and then he spied a cowled figure in the distance. He guessed on how the masked person was, but he didn't know for sure.
He had to act quickly. He aimed his grapple launcher near the cowled person, and then fired his grapple.
The cowled figure was surprised by the grapple that embedded itself into the nearby brick foundation. He whirled in the direction where the grapple was fired.
Nightwing jumped into the air, and then clicked the recall button his device. This pulled him forward to where the grapple was. As he neared his destination, the Teen Titan recognized the cowled person as the Wrath.
Neither masked person had time for a prolonged encounter.
The Wrath pulled out several W-shaped throwing blades, and then hurtled them towards Nightwing.
Nightwing touched down near the cowled villain, rolled onto the ground to avoid most of the throwing blades, and then tossed a handful of pellets at the Wrath's feet. One of the throwing blades nicked his shoulder, while another throwing blade bounced off the escrima sticks strapped to his back.
He ignored the pain of his shoulder wound, and then secured a breathing device over his mouth and nose. This device had a short supply of breathable air, while acting as a gas mask.
The Wrath had never encountered Nightwing, so he had no tactics on how to fight the Teen Titan. The cowled villain swished his brown cape back-and-forth to disperse the surrounding gas. He held his breath, so he did not breathe in any of the gas.

Nightwing stopped his roll into a crouching stance. He pulled out his blue escrima sticks, and then flung them with all his might in high and low directions at the masked criminal.
The cowled villain dodged the escrima stick thrown at his head, but he did not see the weapon directed at his legs.
The lower thrown escrima stick flew through the air in a lucky path that avoided the Wrath's cape, and then bashed against the back of his legs.
"Guh!", the Wrath grunted in pain. He crumpled to the ground with the wind knocked out of him. He landed into the gas cloud. He tried to hold his breath again, but he had already gulped down some of the gas. The cowled villain already started to feel light-headed, and then realized that he was surrounded in knock-out gas.
Nightwing pressed his advantage. He stomped one of his feet onto the Wrath's cape that restricted the masked criminal's movements, and then kicked into the villain's gut.
The Wrath hacked from the hard kick, and then inadvertently sucked in more of the knock-out gas. Even with his protective body armor, he felt one or two of his ribs crack. He weakened with each passing moment. His vision blurred.
The Teen Titan grabbed the Wrath by his caped, and then pulled the cowled villain up. In his best Batman voice, Nightwing barked, "Where is Wonder Woman!?!"
"Go to hell.", the Wrath spat.
Anger flashed across Nightwing's face. A mad, intense look was in his eyes. He slammed one of his gauntleted fists into the Wrath's stomach.
A loud crack was heard, as more of the villain's ribs cracked.
"Now again: Where is she!?! Or do I get to break all of your ribs?!?", Nightwing demanded.
The Wrath grimmanced from the pain of his cracked ribs. He could still move on his own, but could not take having more of his ribs broken.
Nightwing raised his fist again.
"Okay, okay.", the Wrath responded. "The Amazon bitch is over there." The cowled villain pointed to the abandoned factory building.
The Teen Titan took out one his throwing blades, and then sliced off the Wrath's utility belt. He then dropped the cowled villain to the ground.
The Wrath reached out with his arm, but he could not stop Nightwing from disarming him. He grunted in pain from his cracked ribs.
Nightwing stated, "If you've led to to the wrong building, Wrath, I will make it my mission in life to hunt you down and to destroy you!"
The cowled villain recognized how serious the Teen Titan was, and then nodded in acknowledgment.
The colorful hero used his grapple launcher to head towards the abandoned building. He hoped that Diana was still alive.

The Wrath slowly rose to his feet, where he moved as little as possible due to his cracked ribs. He grunted and huffed as he stood up. His sides throbbed and burned, but the pain of a few broken ribs was nothing he had not endured before.
He made a mental note that he'd have to get better body armor.
He walked away from the last traces of the knock-out gas, and then slowly took deep breaths. His mind cleared. The effects of the knock-out gas lessened throughout his body.
"Damn him!", he cursed. He was upset at being taken down so easily, as he considered himself to be as good as the Batman. He was further angered that Nightwing had taken his utility belt. His belt contained the hard drive with the video recording of his VR session with Wonder Woman. After fucking the Amazon princess, he wanted the video to watch over-and-over again. He had never been more sexual satisfied than from his time with Wonder Woman.
A loud, insane laughter echoed through the air behind the cowled villain.
The Wrath instantly recognized the manical laughter coming from one of the most dangerous villains ever. He blurted out, "Joker!"
Standing before the cowled villain was the pale faced Clown Prince of Crime. "Aw, you guessed! It warms my cockles that I'm so easily recognized.", the Joker teased.
In his condition, the Wrath had no chance against the evil clown. He tried to buy himself some time. "What are you doing here?"
The Joker withdrew a pistol from his pants. He kept pulling and pulling, until the gun's 12-inch barrel popped out of his pocket. The gun was black, which was a strong contrast to the Joker's colorful attire. He smiled happy at seeing his weapon, where his red lips grinned from ear-to-ear. "I came to play, silly boy!"
"Play?", the Wrath inquired. He guessed that the Joker wanted to find out where Wonder Woman was, but he pretended to play dumb.
"Wrong answer!", the grinning clown stated. He fired his gun at one of the Wrath's calves.
"Augh!", the Wrath cried out. His body armor had stopped the bullet. The bullet's impact, however, had broken through his body armor. A second shot to the same area on his armored costume would wound him.
"Now, you wannabe bat, are you going to tell me where the good doctor is?", the Joker inquired.
"Doctor?", the Wrath asked in surprise. He was sure that the Joker wanted to have his own fun with Wonder Woman.
The Joker acted like a wounded lover as he recalled, "Yes, it's hard for me to admit--and don't tell Harley--that I miss Doctor Cyber. I was her first, you know. And she's a really looker underneath that mask!"
The cowled villain knew that "Harley" referred to Harley Quinn, a female psychotrist turned villain and who was madly in love with the Joker.
The Wrath, however, did not realize that Doctor Cyber and the Joker had a history together.
The Joker pressed the muzzle of his black pistol against the Wrath's cowl.
Even with his armor, the Wrath would not be able to survive a point blank shot. He pointed to the abandoned factory building and then stated, "She's over there."
"A factory!", the Joker exclaimed. He cackled with a laugh that made people afraid instead of making them happy. "I love factories! I hope no one minds that I'm not wearing my ruby helmet this time."
The Joker started out as a criminal named the Red Hood, where he wore a ruby helmet and a red cape. During an encounter with Batman, the Red Hood plummeted into a vat of unknown chemicals. Those chemicals had transformed the Red Hood's skin white and hair green, and possibly altered his brain as well.
A loud bang resounded as the Joker's pistol fired! The bullet tore through the Wrath's protective cowl, and then pierced his skull. The bullet didn't have enough force to break through his skull again, so the bullet bounced around instead. The ricocheting bullet burrowed through his brain over-and-over again.
The Wrath's eyes widened in shock after the bullet was fired into his head. As the bullet bounced through the grey matter of his brain, the cowled villain saw his life flash before his eyes. He saw his first encounter with the Batman. He saw himself as a child, where Captain James Gordon fired the shots that had killed his parents. He then saw nothing.
Blood oozed out of the bullet hole in the Wrath's head. His eyes looked blankly in the distance. He was completely still, as he had just perished.
"Oops!", the Joker blurted out. "Have to watch that trigger finger."
The evil clown stared at his trigger finger and then scolded, "Naughty finger! How many time have I told you not to shoot?!?"
The Joker dropped his black pistol to the ground. "Oh well, one less bat wannabe to worry about."
Leaving his unique pistol behind was a blatant way of telling everyone that the Joker had murdered the Wrath. The Clown Prince of Crime wanted full credit for killing Batman's opposite number.
The evil clown cackled, and then walked towards the abandoned factory.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 8