Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 23  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

A few days after the Justice League meeting, Agent Diana Prince sat in her executive-style office in her small building of IADC's Gotham City division. The building was located next to Gotham's S.T.A.R. Labs, so that Diana had access to high-tech equipment to analyze data and evidence for her assignments.
S.T.A.R. Labs was the premier technology group on Earth with scientists and specialists who were defining next-generation devices, applications, and technologies. They had equipment that could not be afforded under the IADC budget.
Diana sat in her cushy, executive chair with a backing that went all the way up her back. She felt a surge of power in being command of this office. Having a ruling position as Diana Prince brought her civilian identity closer to her Amazonian persona, who was next in line to rule Themyscira. Like her role as Princess Diana, Agent Prince had to remember that someone else could always overrule her.
Diana scanned through her e-mail. She groaned upon seeing another communication from Steve Trevor. She knew that he was pestering her. She saved the e-mail into an archive folder, in case a harassment case developed.
She sighed in disappointment in not reading any e-mails with a case assignments. Diana would ask Director Aikerson tomorrow if she could help the Gotham City Police Department with their case load. She synced her encrypted smart phone with her computer, and then decided to call it a way.
She headed home to stately Wayne Manor. From the IADC, only IRAC and Director Aikerson knew of her relationship with Richard Grayson and of her staying at the large estate. She refused Richard's request to setup a work-at-home office at the manor for her. The IADC might use the network connection to probe the manor, and then discover the Batcave. Even the Batcave's state-of-the-art technology and encryption could not withstand a hack from the advanced A.I. of IRAC.
Diana checked her shared bedroom with Richard, but didn't find him there. She walked down to the study, and then closed the room's double doors. She noticed the bust of a famous writer had been replaced with a bust of Bruce Wayne. She lifted open the head that exposed a three finger scanner. Diana pressed her thumb, pointer, and middle fingers against the scanner. The scanner lit green, and then a large bookcase opened to reveal two golden poles. One pole had been labeled "R" for "Richard". The other pole had been labeled "D" for "Diana".
She grabbed onto her golden pole, and then slid down. A few moments later, she landed onto a well padded cushion. Diana was now in the Batcave. She noticed that Richard had completely removed all of Bruce's trophies like the giant, mechanical dinosaur and the giant penny.
Also gone were the armada of vehicles Bruce had. She always thought that Bruce created all of the bat vehicles to show off to the other superheroes. The only vehicles in the Batcave now were the new multi-purpose Batmobile and her Invisible Jet.
Diana sensed how big and empty the Batcave was now. The cavern had been transformed into a workplace by Richard Grayson, unlike the hidden home that Bruce Wayne had done.
"Richard?", she called out.
Dick Grayson whirled from his seat at the Batcomputer. He was fully dressed in his dark blue bat costume, but with his cowl pulled off. He smile happily upon seeing his girlfriend and then greeted, "Diana."
Having Richard's full attention, Diana took off her large, circular glasses and then spun in place for her superheroine transformation. She twirled until the flash of light erupted, and then she had become Wonder Woman.
Dick had actually recorded Diana's transformation at high-speed. The high-speed footage revealed that she was completely naked for the briefest of moments.
Wonder Woman had a different outfit that was less revealing. Forged by Hephestus, the smith of the Greek gods, she wore a more protective and covering armor. She still had her golden tiara, with its ruby star; silver bracers; golden power belt; and magic lasso. Her top was dark red, scale-like armor that protected her neck and draped over her chest and abdomen. A golden metal double W ran across her ample bosom. A black, long sleeve garment covered her strong arms. She wore long, black pants. Her shorter red-and-white boots had been replaced with knee high ones. Gold metal protected her knees and ankles.
She showed off her new superheroine outfit and then asked, "What do you think, Richard?"

Dick nodded in appreciation and then complimented, "I like. This outfit will better protect you in Gotham's dark streets."
Diana countered, "I'm pretty invulnerable."
He mentioned, "Always be prepared."
Wonder Woman strode over to the Batcomputer. Her posture and movements showed the proud warrior that she was. She asked, "What are we doing tonight?"
"Not sure. Batman has helped Commissioner Gordon close out several of the police's active cases. They're planning for a major sting this week."
The Amazon princess interrpreted, "So aside from the night patrol, you think it's going to be a quiet night."
He grinned and then admitted, "Yeah."
If there was nothing urgent, Diana wondered why Richard was glued to the Batcomputer. "Then why are you brooding down here?"
Dick rubbed his troubled brow. He worryingly stated, "I've been trying to track down the Joker, but with no luck. It's like the evil clown has disappeared off the grid."
She suggested, "Let's do a quick patrol and then hurry back home."
The Invisible Jet hovered over the rooftop of Gotham City Police Headquarters, Batman and Wonder Woman both descended from the craft. The Caped Crusader used his hands to spread out his long, dark cape and then glided down. The Amazon warrior flew down.
When they landed, Commissioner Gordon and another person was waiting for them. Gordon held his unlit pipe in his hand.
The other person was dressed in a suit, tie, and top hat. His face was fully masked. He used an ornate walking cane to help him stand.
Batman noticed the stranger on his approach to the rooftop. He used the shadows to partial conceal himself. Keeping his arms inside his cape, he greeted, "Commissioner."

Gordon nodded and then politely said, "Evening, Wonder Woman."
"Good evening, Commissioner.", she said.
The commissioner motioned to the stranger next to him and then stated, "Allow me to introduce Professor Sexton. He's a visiting criminologist from London."
Sexton removed his top hat and then bowed. He greeted, "Evening. While we have our share of heroes in the UK, it is an honor to meet the both of you. I say, Wonder Woman, you look ravishing in your new costume."
"Thank you.", she said. "Welcome to the United States."
Batman nodded to Sexton. Dick Grayson was a trusting person, but his instinct told him not to trust Sexton. He didn't know why yet. He grunted, "I see you like to be in costume too."
Sexton remarked, "I have an extremely high sensitivity to UV rays, even the small amount at night."
Gordon mentioned, "The professor will be in Gotham for a while. Don't be surprised on how often you see Sexton at the GCPD."
Batman coldly responsed, "I won't."
Sexton inquired, "Might I have time to do an interview with you in future, Batman?"

The Caped Crusader quipped, "No. Good night, Commissioner."
Batman fired a grappling cable into the sky, where he aimed for the Invisible Jet. He soared away into the night.
Wonder Woman made an "Oh well." gesture, and then flew after her boyfriend.
Sexton intensely watched the heroic due depart. His mind whirled as he schemed. Wicked plans were forming in his twisted mind. He had a lot more information to gather before he could strike.
Gordon opened the door back down to the GCPD and then said, "You got to see the Bat. Time to head back down."
Sexton remarked, "You almost rhymed there, Commissioner."
"Please, professor, no jokes. I promised Barbara that I see her later tonight."
"Barbara?", Sexton inquired. "Your daughter, I take it?"
"I would like to meet her sometime.", the professor requested. More plans whirled in his insane mind.
In his Washington D.C. condo, Steve Trevor was wiping clean his groin of his sperm. He had whacked off and then ejaculated to an online video starring Dee Cyde. He liked this porn starlet, especially since she could lactate so much. He had started watch Dee Cyde's video released a few weeks ago, ever since she debuted. Ever since, Steve had masterbated to sexual fantasies of him ravashing Dee Cyde. He imagined himself suckling her huge, milk filled titties. He wanted to make her choke on his hard cock.
Under the online alias of HornyStud, Steve had repeatedly sent requests for Dee Cyde to film a boy-girl scene.
In one of the more popular adult social media sites, Steve checked to see who was online. He sometimes chatted with the pornstars who were online. Chatting with pornstars, but not treating them like complete whores, had earned him some cred online.
He noticed tonight that someone with an I.D. of DeCysion was online. Steve went with his gut instinct and then sent a private hello.
He waited a few seconds, and then was messaged back. He read aloud, "Hello there, Number One Fan!"
After a few message exchanges, Steve happily found out that DeCysion was the porn starlet Dee Cyde. His spent cock quickly grew back to a full erection.
They chatted, where Steve revealed that he worked a secret job in Washington D.C. His lust and attraction for Dee Cyde made him forget out the necessity to keep his job information off social media.
Dee Cyde asked if Steve had the special privacy googles that the adult website was beta testing.
He confirmed that he had the googles. Steve had purchased the goggle, because he lie back comfortably to jack off.
After an online credit card transaction, Steve wore the googles for a private cam session with Dee Cyde. The private session started. A bright flash of light erupted from the googles that overwhelmed Steve's vision.
He blinked his eyes to regain his sight, and then found himself somewhere else. "What the hell?!?", the growled. "Where am I?!?"
Steve found himself sitting buck naked in a chair. His wrists were tied down to the armrests. His ankles were tied to the chair's legs. His semi-hard cock was completely vulnerable. "I'm tied up?!?"
Dee Cyde appeared before him. Her long, black hair had been tied up into a bun. She wore a skin-tight, leather bodysuit in all black. She wore matching leather gloves and boots. "Don't fight it."
"Dee Cyde?", Trevor asked.
The porn starlet produced a leather riding crop. She teased, "Aw, what's the matter HornyStud? Or should I call you Steve?"
Steve demanded, "How did I get here?!? What happened to my clothes!?!"
She sighed in disappointment. She talked down to him, "We're in virtual reality. Actually, something much better than virtual reality!"
His mind was racing, while trying to accept what was going on. Steve knew virtual reality had made advancements, but not like this. He could actually see himself and Dee Cyde as real people, instead of pixilated graphics. He asked aloud, "How do you know my name?"
Dee Cyde ignore his question and then asked, "So Steve Trevor, you're a federal agent?"
Steve could have kicked himself in telling her that! He realized that he was in deep shit right now.
He could not help starring at Dee Cyde. He marveled at how the tight fitting outfit revealed all her shapely curves. His body betrayed him, when his cock grew to a full erection. He was a little bigger than average, around eight inches, but he had always desired a monster sized penis.
Dee Cyde went down onto her knees. She cooed, "Aw Stevie, did I make your little cock get so hard?"
"Yes.", he admitted. He always had his best erections seeing her. He could feel his blood pulsing along his shaft.
She lightly kissed the head of his cock.
Steve gasped from the cool touch of her lips on his sensitive head. He pushed his hips forward, trying to get his cock inside her mouth. Instead, he had flexed his pelvis that pushed out his precum.
Dee Cyde licked up his precum. "Hmm, yummy!"
Steve threw his head back and then groaned, "Oh fuck!"
Out of thin air, she produced a shiny, large cock ring. Actually, a super-sized cock ring. She easily slipped the ring over his erect cock and then all the way down to the base of his shaft. A moment later, the cock ring tightened around his girth.

Steve gasped from the restriction of the cock ring on his erect penis. He knew the cock ring would prevent him from ejaculating.
Dee Cyde teased, "Much better. I want to have a cock that I can suck on all night long!"
He definitely didn't like the sound of that.
The leather clad pornstar roughly massaged Steve's balls, and then she easily engulfed his 8" erection.
Steve cried out in pain from the brutal treatment of his balls. He then gasped from Dee Cyde's hot, wet mouth on his cock. He had fantasized about her sucking him off so many times. The reality threw him over the edge. He grunted and then shivered as he orgasmed. He was filled with a mix of pain and pleasure from his climax, as he was denied the ability to ejaculate. He felt the base of his cock pulse with all of trapped cum that needed to be released.
Dee Cyde pulled off his saliva-covered cock. A strand of her spit trailed from his bulbous head to her lips. She complimented, "Did you orgasm, Stevie? Good boy. Good boy."
She resumed deep throating him again, and then sucked him off like no tomorrow. Her head quickly bobbed up-and-down. She made loud slurping noises. Drool escaped from her mouth.
Steve felt another orgasm building in him. His cum-filled ball sac begged for release. His erect cock throbbed. He tried resisting the pleasurable blowjob, but could not. He tightly gripped the armrests, where his knuckled turned white. He begged, "Please--! Stop--!"
The big tittied brunette purposely ignored him as she vigorously sucked him off.
A minute later Steve Trevor exploded with another climax. He screamed in agony from the mix of pain and pleasure. His cock and swollen balls hurt from his inability to ejaculate.
Dee Cyde released his steel hard cock from her mouth with a loud pop. She massaged his saliva-coated shaft and then asked, "Where do you work, Stevie?"
He was lucid and could barely think. His face and chest were flushed red. His groin had turned red. His resistance was close to non-existent. His will was weakened with each passing suck on his throbbing cock. He groaned, "Please, let me cum!"
She stated, "I will, Stevie boy, after you tell me where you work?"
"IADC!", he yelled. "Inter-Agency Defense Command!"
Dee Cyde, from her days as the villainess Doctor Cyber, already knew this. She was testing Steve Trevor. What she really wanted was access to IRAC, the IADC's super computer. She pretended to be a silly slut and then asked, "Ooh, a federal agent! Can I visit?"
Steve muttered, "No. Can't--"
She deep throated his super hard cock again, and then resumed sucking him fast and deep with her mouth.
"Aaauuuggghhh!!!", he bellowed in pain. He no longer felt any pleasure. His cock and balls desperately needed release. He pleaded, "No, stop!"
Dee Cyde stopped her cock sucking, and then scraped her teeth over the swollen head of his manpole. "Gonna take me to work?"
"Yes! Fuck, yes!", he quickly answered. "Just let me cum!"
The brunette pornstar grabbed the base of his cock. The cock ring suddenly vanished. She demanded, "Cum in my mouth, Stevie! Just like all the times you jacked off to me. Feed me your hot jizz!"
She clamped her lips around the head of his cock, and then hurried stroked his throbbing shaft.
With nothing to hold him back, Steve climaxed and then ejaculated. He roared a guttural cry as his cum spurted out of him. His cum shot out with incredible force. He felt like he was doing a large pee than ejaculating. He emptied all of his cum into her mouth.
Dee Cyde eagerly gobbled down Steve Trevor's salty-sweet jizz. She kept up with the large and powerful sprays. She gulped down all of his cum, until the last drops oozed out. She continued sucking as his spent, deflated cock.
The torturous foreplay was too much for Steve. He passed out.
Dee Cyde got up to her feet, and then ended the VR session.
In reality, she sat in a well furnished lab. She removed the VR helmet from her head, and then shutdown the computers. Dee Cyde had recreated the VR setup she, as Doctor Cyber, had created with Doctor Psycho.
This time, however, the robotic, female bust of Ivo and Morrow's prototype for Tomorrow Woman had taken Doctor Psycho's place. The robotic female's brain mimicked telepathy, which is one of the components Dee Cyde needed to create her life-like VR.
She walked over to a nearby comms terminal, and then started an encrypted call. She stated, "I have Trevor. I should have IRAC tomorrow."
Back in Steve Trevor's place, he sat unconscious at his computer. His cock was still exposed, where he had cum all over himself.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 23