Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 25  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Back in the Batcave, the naked Woman Woman--save for her golden tiara--strode out of the bathroom behind the mesh enclosed queen sized bed. Diana nervously sucked on her finger, as she worried about having anal sex for the first time. She walked through the mesh netting and then stood before Richard Grayson. She apprehensively mentioned, "I'm ready, Richard."
Dick playfully pulled the naked Amazon onto the bed, and then kissed her. He turned her, so that she was lying back on the bed. He suckled her long, pink nipples in his mouth, while squeezing her huge, 38G tits. He sucked hard, as if breast milk would flow out of her swollen nipples.
Diana gasped and moaned from the foreplay. She felt an orgasm building as her breasts and sensitive nipples were played with. Her clit swelled and then popped out of its fleshy hood. Her bare snatch became wet, and then the aroma of her sweet juice whaffed into the air.
Dick's hands kept massage her massive mounds, while he moved down to lick her bald beaver. His tongue glanced across her puffy cunt lips, and then over her swollen clit.
"Great Hera!", Wonder Woman gasped in pleasure. Her sensitive love button sent jolts of pleasure through her spine. She loved having a tongue lick her. She instinctively spread open her curvy legs.
Dick ate out of her hot, wet pussy for a while. He made sure that Diana's cunt lips parted, so that he could lick her inner, pink pussy. He also licked all the way up-and-down her, where his tongue flicked over her puckered, virgin asshole. He was grateful that the Amazon princess had cleaned out her rear hole.
The naked superheroine gasped and panted as her pussy was eaten out. Her cunt juiced more as her orgasm built up inside of her. Wonder Woman was so horny that she didn't wince when Dick's tongue went over her forbidden fuck hole. The sensations that she felt on the flesh between her fuck holes and over her asshole heightened her sexual arousal.
Dick removed his hands from Diana's still perfectly firm tits, and then placed one of his hands on her big clit.
Diana roughly grabbed her huge breasts. She massaged her large boobs in her hands. The closer she was in cumming, then the harder she squeezed her tits. Her titty flesh oozed between the gaps of her fingers.
He dipped a finger of his other hand into her hot, wet cunt.
"Great Hera!", Wonder Woman gasped. She was going wild from the penetration of her needy cunt. Her pussy loosened up for his digit.
Dick pulled his juice-covered finger out of her. He pressed his lubricated finger against her puckered anal ring. He pushed with enough force to make Diana's asshole pry open. Seeing her anal ring bloom out more, he pushed the tip of his finger into her virgin behind.
Diana's blue eyes opened wide from the first-time penetration of her asshole. Her entire body tensed. Her fingers dug like claws into her titty flesh. She blurted out, "Merciful Minvera!"
He wiggled his finger inside of her butt, until he found it easier to move his finger inside of her asshole.
She relaxed after her anal ring loosened up. Diana released her vice-like grip on her breasts. She resumed breathing regularly. She muttered, "Feels so big!"
He rubbed her swollem clit to keep Diana aroused and to keep her distracted from the anal foreplay.
"Dick! Dick! Dick!", the horny Amazon wailed. Her libido went into overdrive from the combined strumming of her engorged clit and of her partially filled butt. She clamped her fingers on her long, swollen nipples. She was so close in cumming.
Dick rubbed her huge, knobby clit back-and-forth that pulled her sensitive love button from side-to-side. He plunged his finger all the way into Diana's virgin asshole.

"Hera!", the Amazon princess grunted. She felt his finger stretch apart her anal passage, as something was getting inside of her ass instead of trying to get out. She was too caught up in her need to climax to feel the discomfort of the anal insertion. Diana could feel how fucking huge his finger felt inside of her backdoor.
He kept his buried inside of Diana's asshole, and then flicked his embedded finger inside of her.
"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!", Wonder Woman panted. New erotic sensations flooded her, as she was experiencing the pleasuring of her anal passage for the first time. She was nearly hyperventilating. Her burning hot cunt juiced more and more.
Diana could not hold back any longer, even if she wanted. She bellowed, "Dick! Cum--!!!"

She exploded with one of her most powerful orgasms! The Amazon princess wailed like a banshee as she climaxed. Her pussy spasmed where her drenched cunt pushed out a mix of her clear juice and white jizz. Her anal passage clamped down on Dick's finger in her butt. Her pelvic muscles tightened up as she came. Her face and chest were flushed red. She pinched so hard on her swollen nipples that her nips flattened out between her clenched fingers.
The Amazon princess grunted and her entire body convulsed at the height of her climax. Her ass cheeks lifted off the bed each time her sexy body quaked. Her inner thighs and Dick's hand were coated with her pussy juice.
At the end of her intense orgasm, Wonder Woman panted as her body involuntarily shook. She released her abused nipples. Her puffy nipples pulsed as blood returned to them. She panted with short breaths as Diana recovered.
Diana roughly grabbed Dick's hands to stop him. She blurted out, "Richard, stop! No more!"
Dick withdrew his fingers from her huge, throbbing clit and from her asshole. He then reached for the two items in the drawer: a bottle of anal lube, and a bright red, silicon sex toy of anal beads. The beads were all connected and ranged in size. A ring shaped handle was at the end of the red beads.
He added a good amount of lube to the anal beads, and then placed the anal beads in Diana's hand.
She knew what he wanted. Diana ran her hand up-and-down the anal beads to lubricate them. She felt how the anal beads started out as small as her pinky finger and then became larger and larger. The biggest anal bead felt as large as a doughnut hole. The anal virgin asked with great concern, "Richard, are all of these anal beads going into my butt?"
Dick took the lubricated anal beads from her and then confirmed, "Yup. Unless you don't want to be loosened up before I fuck your ass? Don't tell me that my brave Amazon warrior is afraid of some anal beads."
Diana shook her head and then stammered, "No, I'm not afraid."
He smiled and then requested, "On you hands and knees, baby."
The naked Amazon switched to a crouching position with her ass offered to Dick. She spread her legs apart so that her big bubble butt was opened up to expose her rosebud asshole.
Dick drizzled anal lube over Diana's bloomed anal ring.
She gasped as the cool anal lube coated her asshole.
He aaid, "Diana, make your asshole wink again."
The flexed her sphincter muscles that made her bunghole push out and then tighten up again. She gasped again as the seemingly cold lube was sucked into her.
Dick pushed the smallest anal bead into her.
The anal virgin had no problem taking in the first anal bead, which was smaller than Dick's finger.
He pushed in more and more of the anal beads.
Wonder Woman had no problem taking these anal beads into her tight butt. The lube greatly helped out. She winced and grunted when half of the anal beads were inside of her. These large sized anal beads were stretching out her anal ring more and more. All of the anal beads inside of her were going deeper and deeper inside. She became more and more aware of how deep her anal passage was.
Even if the lube, Diana felt her butt start to resist the stuffing of her anal passage by the beads. Her anal ring started to hurt a little as it was stretched out.
Dick noticed her discomfort and then mentioned, "We can stop, Diana."
"No!", she grunted. The Amazon princess promised him anal sex, and would not go back on her word. Her word was her bond. She greatly appreciated how Dick was slowly preparing her ass his hard cock, unlike the villains in the VR who brutally sodomized her.
He stated, "Okay. Rub your clit, baby, and then try to relax your breathing."
Diana rubbed her clit, and was surprised to find how swollen her love button still was. She realized the naughtiness of anal foreplay was turning her on. She moaned after touching herself. Rubbing her big clit was just what she needed. She felt her sexual arousal increase and then her pussy juiced again. Wonder Woman was getting horny, while having anal beads inside of her bunghole.
Dick squirted more anal lube on the remaining anal beads, and then pushed them into her. The larger sized anal beads disappeared into her asshole.
"Great Hera!", the Amazon princess gasped. The larger anal beads felt incredible huge inside of her butt. She never knew her anal ring could stretch out so much, or that her anal passage could be stuffed so much. She could feel all of the anal beads rubbing along inside of her.
He mentioned, "That's it."
Diana was so happy with her accomplishment. She demanded, "I needed to see."
The naked Amazon flipped over and then laid down on her back. As she moved, Wonder Woman could feel the anal beads flexing inside of her. She spread apart her shapely, athletic legs, and then saw the bright red ring handle of the sex toy sticking out of her butt.
She requested, "Richard, can you take a video?"
"Huh? Why?", he asked.
"I want to re-watch this, like we sometimes watch porn movies. I want to be sucking you off or having you fuck me, while we watch this."
"Okay.", he agreed. Dick noticed a slot on the ceiling of the mesh tent where a video camera could be mounted. He connected a fully charged video recorder, and then started recording. He checked the view finder, where the camera took a full body shot of Diana from an angle. He wouldn't be blocking the video camera, when he was fucking her.
He had always wanted to make their own home sex videos, but didn't know if Diana would agree. His cock stayed hard, knowing that they would be making a lot of home videos.
While the video camera was being setup, Diana got used to having the anal beads inside of her. Her anal passage loosened up from the stretching and penetration of the anal beads. The horny Amazon lustfully admitted, "Dick, I'm ready for you now. I want your big, hard cock up my butt."
He nodded and then grasped the ring handle of the sex toy. Dick pulled with enough force that spread open Diana's anal ring again. A bright red color came from her asshole, as the largest anal bead emerged from her rear.
"Great Hera!", Wonder Woman gasped. The largest anal bead felt incredibly huge coming out of her.
After the widest anal bead popped out, the rest of the anal beads easily slid out of Diana's asshole.
Diana could feel how stretched out her asshole remained.
Dick stated, "Turn over, baby. It will be easiest from the missionary position."

She pouted, "Richard, I want see you beautiful cock inside my ass."
"You will, baby, after your Amazonian butt has gotten used to me."
The Amazon princess moved onto her hands and knees. She spread her legs apart, which parted her bubble butt cheeks. Her gaped asshole could be seen. Her anal ring was red from being stretched out. Looking into her anal passage was like gazing into a black hole.
Dick drizzled more anal lube into her opened asshole. He used enough lube, until the liquid overflowed out of her butt.
Diana felt the excess anal lube flow down to her pussy and along her inner thighs. She inquired, "Aren't you overdoing it, Richard?"
"Always be prepared.", he insisted.
Dick flung the nearly empty bottle and anal beads back into the lower drawer. He kneeled behind her, and then rubbed his hard cock along her wet pussy.
She gasped, "Dick! Stop teasing!"
He caught the excess lube on his steel hard cock. He pressed his strong hands on Diana's buttocks, and then spread apart her ass cheeks. He did this to widen her anal ring as much as possible.
The anticipation in having Richard take her anal cherry was unbearable. She found the waiting more agonizing than fighting the Legion of Doom. She bit her lip to prevent herself from begging more.
Dick requested, "Baby, rub your big clit. And remember to keep breathing."
Diana snaked her hand down to her swollen clit, and then ran her fingers back-and-forth over her love button. She felt a jolt of excitement surge through her, as she made herself incredibly horny. She moaned as she pleasured herself.
He lunged forward, where his bulbous head pressed against her gaping asshole. His felt resistance for a few seconds. His cock widened out Diana's anal ring, and then the head of his cock slipped into her.
The Amazon princess grunted as Dick anally penetrated her. She remembered to breathe, so that her muscles did not tense up. She kept rubbing her swollen clit.
Dick pushed forward with some effort, where a few inches of his hard, 10" cock disappeared into her hiney. He felt how incredibly tight her anal passage gripped his shaft. He moaned, "So fucking tight!"
Wonder Woman panted as she felt more of his seemingly huge phallus enter her virgin asshole. She considered the anal beads nothing compared to Dick's thick cock. Her anal passage was stretched out even more. Diana had thought she was prepared for her anal deflowering, with her anal experience in Doctor Cyber's VR, but the virtual reality was no substitute for the real thing. She cried out, "Merciful Minerva!"

She loudly begged, "Dick! Slow! Go slow!"
Dick slowly pushed himself inch-by-inch into Diana's virgin asshole. He resisted the urge to plunge into with one powerful thrust.
Diana found that rubbing her huge, sensitive clit kept her horny. She grunted and panted as the mix of pain and pleasure from Dick taking her anal cherry. She knew that he had a big cock, but now did feel monster-sized inside of her ass. It's as if Dick was using the Atom's white dwarf star belt to make his cock grow wider and longer. She gasped, "So big!"
He found too her anal passage too tight after getting six inches of his steel hard shaft inside of her. He paused to savor how wonderfully tight her asshole felt.

The Amazon princess asked, "Richard, are you all the way in?"
He admitted, "No."
"No?", she remarked in a disappointed tone. She demanded, "Honey, I want you all the way inside of me."
Without further ado, Dick pulled back a few inches. He tensed his muscles, and then rammed into her tiny asshole with all his might. All 10" of his hard, shaved cock forced its way into Diana's tight, virgin asshole.
"Great Hhhhheeeeerrrrraaaaa!!!!!", Wonder Woman screamed at the top of her lungs. She felt as if her asshole was being torn apart! She thought Dick's cock was poking into her stomach! Diana wiggled in pain, like a flopping fish. Her anal passage instinctively clamped down on his thick, hard shaft.
Diana's guttural scream startled the bats in the Batcave. The bats screeched for a few seconds.
Dick grunted and moaned on how incredibly good her asshole felt. The way her anal passage tightly squeezed his shaft almost made him cum. He could not last much longer. He grabbed onto Diana's shapely hips, and then fucked her asshole vigorously with deep, fast strokes.
The deflowered anal Amazon panted as Dick pulled out of her throbbing asshole. Her sexy body was awash with relief when his huge phallus was almost out. She cried out when he rammed all the way back into her! Diana wasn't expecting him to fuck her butt right away, and not with such animalistic ferocity. Her anal passage was forced open again and again. Trapped underneath him, she realized her asshole belong to Dick. Her asshole was at his complete and utter mercy, where he pounded her poor asshole over-and-over again. Only the ample amount of lube saved her asshole from being destroyed.
Wonder Woman managed to rub her big clit. Her pussy kept juicing. She strummed her engorged clit faster and faster, and then managed to rub her love button in sync with Dick's anal thrusts. After a few minutes, Diana felt the familiar pleasures of sex return to her. Her asshole not longer throbbed in pain. She thrilled being drilled in her backdoor.
Diana had become Dick's anal slut. She moaned and panted as she was ass fucked. She felt her first anal orgasm building and building. She blurted, "Yes, Dick, yes! Fuck my ass!"
Each time Dick plunged hard and fast into her forbidden fuck hole, she cried out, "Fuck me!"
The Amazon princess pinched her engorged clit and then loudly announced, "Dick, I'm cum--!!!"
She exploded with an intense climax. Diana arched her back, and then her body froze for a moment. Her mouth was agape in a silent scream. Her sexy body then violently shock as each orgasmic wave washed through her. She snorted and grunted like an enraged bull as she came. Her long, pink nipples rubbed along the bed when she quaked. Her pussy spasmed open and close as she climaxed.
Feeling Diana orgasm was too much for Dick! He slammed in with one last powerful thrust, and then came! He spurted his cum deep inside of her bowels. He came with the strongest climax ever. He felt as if his ejaculating cock spurted like a fire hose.
"Ddddddiiiiiicccccckkkkkk!!!!!!", the Amazon princess bellowed. She felt his lava-like cum fill her up. She climaxed again! This time her pussy squirted a stream of her juices. She violently squirmed around from the intensity of squirting.
Dick finished emptying all of his hot jizz into Diana's ass, and then weakly collapsed on top of her.
The Amazon princes was completely spent. She sprawled out on the bed. She felt the wetness of her squirt underneath her, while feeling the warm and fullness of Dick's cum in her bowels. Her tight anal passage prevented his cock from shrinking.
Dick kissed her. They kissed each other several times, and then giggled.
Diana requested, "Richard, promise me that you'll fuck my ass again?"
"Whenever you want, baby.", he promised.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 25