Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 12  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

It was early morning on Paradise Island. The sun had just appeared over the horizon to bring forth a new day.
The energy shimmer of a JLA teleport appeared on the beach shore. The energy glow dissipated and then the Batcycle, Nightwing, and Wonder Woman appeared.
Nightwing waited for an Amazon to arrive, so that he could formerly request permission to be on Paradise Island. In the meantime, he checked Diana. He found her pulse to be stronger, but he could not rouse her.
As Nightwing expected, a redhead Amazon galloped towards them on a black mare. A white horse followed her.
Without getting out of the Batcycle, he politely stated, "Greetings, I'm Nightwing. Diana needs immedistely medical attention."
"Welcome, Nightwing. I am Artemis.", she greeted. "Queen Hippolyta foresaw your arrival, and has granted you permission to stay on Themiscyra. You will ride with Diana, and then we ride to the healing temple."
After a few minutes, they arrived at the healing template. A group of Amazonian physicians took Wonder Woman, and then placed Diana on a medical bed. One of physicians aimed a large cannon-like device at the unconscious Amazon princess. Another physician undressed Diana.
Nightwing looked away in modesty of Diana's nudity. He had already felt guilty on finding her naked in the abandoned factory.
He noticed a purple glow of energy behind him. He asked, "What's happening?"
Artemis answered, "They are using the Purple Ray to heal Diana's physical injuries."

"What about the damage to Diana's psyche?", Nightwing asked.
"That depends on her.", the redhead Amazon stated.
He inquired, "How long will Diana be here?"
Artemis placed a consoling hand on Nightwing's broad shoulders. She advised, "Let the doctors do their work, Nightwing. They will let you know when Diana can have visitors. I'm sure that the princess appreciates your concern for her, but I know she would be upset if you wasted your time here."
Nightwing nodded in agreement. "You're right. Okay, where's the JLA communications console."
At the comm console, he privately contacted Wonder Girl, aka Donna Troy, and then updated her on Wonder Woman's condition. Donna stated that she was on her way to Paradise Island. Nightwing relinquished leadership of the Teen Titans, and then made Cyborg, aka Victor Stone, the team's new leader.
Nightwing next contacted the JLA Watchtower. He found Superman to be on monitor duty. Nightwing informed that Wonder Woman would be unavailable for a while. He also mentioned that Batman was missing. He officially requested to be on the JLA reserve roster.
Superman knew from Nightwing's tone to not inquire further about Wonder Woman, and realized something serious had happened to the brunette superheroine.
Lastly, Nightwing contacted Alfred at the Batcave. Alfred informed that there was still no word from Batman, but that Robin and the other heroes were keeping Gotham City safe. The faithful butler cautioned that Batman would have to make a formal appearance in Gotham soon, or else all hell would break loose.
Nightwing ended the transmission, and then slumped wearily in the ornate chair. He removed his face mask, and then rubbed his troubled brow. There was too much going on right now. Nightwing wished that he was swinging through the night sky of Gotham City. He guessed, however, that such care free nights could be no more. Nightwing sensed the mantle of the Bat falling upon his shoulders.
While most heroes assumed that Dick would take over for Bruce as Batman one day, Nightwing was not completely accepted his idea. He had just come under his own as Nightwing. Part of his thought that Bruce would be Batman fovever.
A strong female hand touched his shoulder and then said, "Richard."
He looked to see Queen Hippolyta, ruler of Themiscyra, standing next to him. He quickly stood up, and bowed respectfully. "Your majesty."
The Amazon queen commanded, "Walk with me, Richard. We have much to discuss about you and my daughter."
Nightwing walked with Hippolyta. He sensed that he was going to be grilled by a mother before taking her daughter on a first date.
For the first minutes, Hippolyta acted as if she was giving Nightwing a tour of Paradise Island. She led him deep into the lush forest. "Thank you for saving my daughter.", she said.
"I wish that I had found Diana sooner.", he regretfully stated. "I'd like stay here, on Themiscyra, to help her through this."
"If my daughter wishes it.", the queen remarked. "Do you not have other duties to attend?"
Nightwing brushed a low tree branch from his face. "Everyone else can take of freedom and justice for once."
Hippolyta used one hand to wrap the hem of her long dress around her, while firmly gripping her long golden staff. She asked, "What are your intensions with my daughter, Richard Grayson?" She asked with a tone where the question could not be refused.

Nightwing removed his dark face mask to reveal his blue eyes. He wanted to look at Diana's mother directly. "I guess that depends on Diana, and what Amazonian law has about relationships with outsiders."
Queen Hippolyta walked forward and then said, "Come Richard. Tell me about yourself, so that a mother can judge her daughter's choices in someone from Man's World."

The Joker parked a red H3 Hummie in a back alley. He and Dee Cyde had been busy over the past few hours. They had broken into a car dealership to steal the super-sized vehicle.
"I've always wanted a big car.", the Clown Prince of Crime remarked. "Maybe I'll even turn it into my own Jokermobile!"
Afterwards, the criminal duo robbed several high-end female clothing stores. Dee Cyde had fun picking out her custom waredrobe. The Joker had to approve all of Dee Cyde's clothing selections. Only tight fitting clothes were allowed. No underwear was allowed either. For colder weather, the evil clown allowed her to keep a synthetic fur coat. With Harley Quinn's two hyenas, the Joker had enough real fur smells to assault his senses.
Exiting the red Hummie, Dee Cyde asked, "So, lover-boy, what are we doing here?"

"Here's where you meet the best plastic surgeon money can buy, sweetums.", the Joker answered.
The two villains entered the rear of a research laboratory.
Inside, at a nearby table, a blonde haired man in a long, white fur gazed at a sample through a high magnification microscope. The scientist was completely oblivious to his surroundings, where he didn not notice the Joker and Dee Cyde's entrance.
"Kurt?", the evil clown asked. "Oh Kurt?"
The scientist stated, "You're late, clown."
"Women. You know it goes, Kurt, being married and all.", the Joker said.
Dee Cyde commented, "Lover-boy, I thought you had fun clothes shopping with me."
The Joker whispered to her, "Ssshhh. Us guys havd to pretend we hate that kind of stuff. I don't want to lose my man card."
Kurt turned to face the villains with a tray of medical items. He immediately noticed Dee Cyde's scarred face. "I see why you called, Joker."
"Let's get crackin', doc, before you turn into a bat.", the evil clown demanded.

Kurt stated, "I have the Man-Bat under control, unless I don't see my money."
The scientist, Kurt Langstrom, was a renow biologist who was obsessed with bats. He took his research into bats too far one day, when he injected himself with a serum of a bat's GNOME. He had transformed into the half-human, half-bat called Man-Bat. Batman worked with Kurt's wife, Francine, to develop a cure that returned the scientist to normal.
"Sweetums, be a dear and give this gentleman his money.", the Joker requested.
The scientist handed Dee Cyde a piece of paper. "Put the money into this account. I've also listed thr WiFi information."
Dee Cyde took the piece of paper, and then powered up a laptop. Her fingers clicked away as she connected to the WiFi network, and then completed the funds transfer. "Half-a-million transferred."
"Very good.", Kurt acknowledged. He ordered, "Have the lady lie down on the examination table."
Dee Cyde laid down on the exam table. She asked the Joker, "Is this going to hurt, lover-boy?"
The Joker reassuringly stroked her long, black hair and then remarked, "Only if you have a fear of needles, sweetums."
Kurt had donned a surgical mask and surgical gloves. He hadn't had time to learn Dee Cyde's medical history, so he couldn't take any chances getting infected with her germs or diseases.
Next to the scientist was a tray with six syringes. Five syringes had a dark brown liquid in them. The last syringe was filled with a clear liquid.
Kurt took a syringe with the dark liquid, tapped it to release any trapped air, and then prepared to inject Dee Cyde's face.
"Wait!", she blurted out. "What are you injecting me with?"
The scientist sighed in disapproval and then informed, "I'll be injected you with a derivative of the Clayface's GNOME."
"Clayface!", the Joker excited squealed. "Really?!? How did you get the muddy's DNA?"
Kurt answered, "I have my resources."
Clayface was the villain who looked like a walking pile of mud. As long as he could visualize it, Clayface could transform to look like anyone or shape his body into anything.
"Miss, I'm going to have to sedate you.", the scientist announced. He took the clear-filled syringe, tapped the air out of it, and then injected the sedative into Dee Cyde's arm. He told the villainess, "I want you to count backwards from one hundred."
Dee Cyde sleepily nodded. She could barely keep her eyes open. She wearily said, "One hundred. Ninety nine. Ninety eight. Ninety seven." She then passed out from the sedative.
Kurt placed head restrains on both sides of Dee Cyde's head to keep her face still. He warned, "I don't want any interruptions, clown. I need to reshape her face right after injecting her."
The Joker asked, "Can't you inject my sweetums again?"
"No. Further injections will make her like Clayface.", Kurt informed. He requested, "Who do want her to look like?"
"Hmm...good question, doc.", the evil clown mused. He responded, "Don't make my sweetums look like Harley Quinn! Looking at one Harley is bad enough. Otherwise, doc, give her pretty, pornstar fuck-me face. Not one of those young, teeny booper pornstars. Someone who looks like a MILF or cougar, but not over-the-hill. I want my sweetums to make men's jaws drop."
"Understood, Joker.", Kurt acknowledged. He asked for confirmation, "Is that it? Anything else?"
"Hmm.", the evil clown mused. He thought hard with one eye closed, while scratching his head. The Joker looked eerie, like a crazed owl with one eye open. "Ah, got it! How delicious!"
Kurt was getting annoyed each minute he spent around the Joker, but he reminded himself on how much money he had just received. The scientist sighed and then asked, "What else?"
"Can you do this?", the Joker inquired. He whispered into Kurt's ear.
The blonde scientist mumbled, "It shouldn't we too hard to tweak the serum to do that."
The Joker jumped up excited and then exclaimed in joy, "Oh goodie, goodie!"
"That will cost extra.", Kurt interjected.
The evil clown slumped, like someone suffering from osteoporosis, and then groaned, "How much, doc?"
"The payment is for you and your associates to leave me and my family alone for one year.", the scientist stated.
The Joker mused, "I'm gonna miss coming to your place on turkey day, but you have a deal."
Kurt then requested, "Wait in the other room, clown, and don't kill anything. And don't spray anything with your laughing gas. Or shock anyone with your joy buzzers."
The Joker smiled and then reassured, "Don't worry, doc. I have calls to make."

After the Joker left, Kurt got to work. The scientist was glad that he had experimented on a few hookers beforehand, where he mastered reshaping a woman's face. There had been a rash of suicides of females with horribly disfigured faces, but nothing that could be traced back to him. If anything, the Gotham City Police would conclude that Clayface had gone on a masochistic spree of disfiguring women. Kurt had been smart enough to not include his genetic signature in the shape changing serum.
He took one of the dark filled syrines, walked back to his lab table, and then genetically tweaked the serum as per the Joker's request.
Kurt was not too worried about Dee Cyde. The drug would keep her unconscious for a few more hours.

In the other room, the Joker opened his black book to a contact page. He whipped out a disposable cell phone, and then dialed up the phone number.
The male caller answered, "Hello?"
The evil clown asked, "Hello to you too. Recognize my voice?"
"Yes.", the other guy acknowledged.
"Goodie.", the Joker happily remarked. "No need for names. I have a paid request for you."
The two discussed the evil clown's unique request, and then scheduled a private meeting.

A while later, the Joker had been allowed back into Kurt Langstrom's lab.
The evil clown excited asked, "Can I see?!? Can I see?!?"
Kurt informed, "See for yourself."
The Joker's yellow eyes nearly exploded from their sockets, upon seeing the transformed Dee Cyde. He howled like a love sick wolf.
Dee Cyde's face had been masterfully transformed from horrible scars to an incredibly hot looking pornstar. Not with a face like one of the young, teeny booper pornstars. It just wasn't the Joker's thing. Dee Cyde had a face that would make the most beautiful, active pornstars jealous. The villainess now had a face that would make guys gawk and then walk into sign posts.
As per the Joker's special request, Dee Cyde's titties had been transformed from 34C to 36DD. Bigger, but nothing too gigantic for her to handle. Her areolas were now dark colored and enlarged spread across her tits like small pancakes. Her nipples were now an inch long and as wide as a person's thumb. In fact, her nipples resembled a cow's teats.
The Joker excited remarked, "I have to touch her new juggs!"
The evil clown removed his green gloves, and then grasped Dee Cyde's huge globes in his white hands. "Oh my, still so soft but firm!", he delightfully commented. "Much better than implants!"
He then squeezed and tugged on her long, thick nipples. A clear, thick liquid oozed out of Dee Cyde's dark teats. The Joker snarled, "Hey, doc, what's the big deal? Where's the milk!?!"
Kurt sighed at the Joker's ignorance. He rebuked, "That's colostrum."
"What?!?", the evil clown replied. He demanded, "English, man! English!"
The scientist explained, "Colostrum is the stuff a woman's body produces before she lactates. If you keep milking your girlfriend, clown, then she should be lactating in a day or two."
The Joker mused, "I have an important meeting tomorrow, doc, where I can't be playing cow and farmer games with my sweetums."
Kurt sighed again and then remarked, "Then have your girlfriend milk herself tomorrow. She has to milk her breasts every four hours to fully activate her milk ducts."

"I was wondering how I was going to keep my sweetums busy tomorrow. Doc, you're a life saver!", the evil clown stated.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 12