Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 22  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Blue Beetle laid the naked Batgirl onto the twin sized bed.
Barbara's long, bright red hair splayed about. The naked heroine wanted to feel the satin sheets underneath her, but she still had her purple-yellow cape on. She was so incredibly horny, where she could not help cupping her 36C breasts. She squeezed her twin orbs hard, where her fingers dug into her tits. Her boobs looked like a squished volleyballs. She, however, really got off on rough tit play. Her pink nipples hardened. Her bald pussy burned and then became more wet.
She asked, "Do you like my breasts, Teddy? Even if they're not as big as Wonder Woman's?"
Ted bent down to kiss each of pink nipples. He knew Barbara's nipples were highly sensitive.
Barbara gasped as her nub-like nipples were kissed.
He stated, "They're perfect."
She could not help rubbing her legs together and then admitted, "I'm so wet."
The naked hero kneeled over Barbara, and then purposely laid his hard, thick cock on her wet cunt. He felt her velvety pussy lips press against the underside of his wide shaft.
"Oh god!", she moaned. She begged, "Teddy, don't tease me! Put your thick, hard cock in me!"
Ted rubbed his shaft along her cunt lips. He soon felt her pussy lips spread, and then the wide vein-like part of his shaft rubbed along her wet pussy hole and her swollen clit. He continued this foreplay to arouse Barbara even more, so that her pussy would expand to accept his thick girth. He wasn't in the mood to use lubrication tonight to help ease the passage of his wide cock inside of her.
Barbara crushed her tits so hard that her breasts looked as if they would pop. She moaned, "Teddy, you're so big! I want to in me!"
After a minute or so, Ted felt the underside of his hard shaft coated with her pussy juice. He guessed that she was ready. "You want me in you, Babs?"
"Yes!", she demanded.
He hunched back on his knees. Ted parted open Barbara's seemingly tight pussy with one hand, and then guided in his thick cock with his other hand. His large, mushroom-like seemed to big for her tiny, pink fuck hole. He pushed into her. The pressure he exerted spread open her wet, pink inner pussy even more. His bulbous head entered her. He saw and felt her pussy hole grip his thick shaft.
"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!", Barbara squealed in pleasure. She released her abused, reddened tits and then gripped the hem of her cape. She loved how Ted's meaty cock stretch out her cunt beyond what she expected. It made her feel like virgin all over again, except without the bleeding. She was thankful on fucking horny she was that made her juice so much. Her pussy juice provided the lubrication she need to take his wide cock.
Ted got a little carried away by thrusting in hard. A few inches of his hard cock pushes into her.
Barbara hadn't expected Teddy to push so much of himself into her at once! Her green eyes widened in shock. Her pussy felt like it was being torn in two! She cried out gritted teeth, "Aaaauuuuaaaahhhh!!!!"
After the initial shock subsided, she huffed to adjust to his thick girth. The naked redhead begged, "Slow! Go slow, Teddy."
He stopped himself to where half of his hard, thick cock was inside of her. He asked in concern, "Are you alright?"
She flashed a wicked grin and then remarked, "I will be, after you get all of your wonderful, monster cock inside of me."
"Are you ready for me?", he warned.
Barbara shook her head. Despite having sex with Blue Beetle several times, she steeled herself to be completely impaled by his thick dick. While her mind her pussy walls would be stretched to their limit, her body was never fully prepared for the experience.

Ted pulled back slightly, where two inches of himself withdrew from her cunt. He tensed his muscles, and then slammed down with enough momentum to completely bury his thick, hard cock into Barbara.
Her breath was cut short, when her drenched sex was stuffed with Ted's cock. She screamed, "Ggguuuhhhaaarrrruuuggg!!!"
Her hands tightened together where her knuckles turned white. She felt as if a log had been rammed into her. Her cunt walls strained against being stretched out so quickly. The extreme penetration of her pussy excited her to where she shuddered with a mini-orgasm. She shivered from her minor climax. Her pussy gushed with her juices that maintained the lubrication needed to prevent Ted's monster cock from getting stuck in her.
Ted groaned as he felt her pussy walls tighten around his thick shaft from her small orgasm. He used strength training from kung fu to support himself in a push-up stance on his wrists and feet. He did push-ups, where his wide shaft slowly pistoned in and out of Barbara.
She felt her pussy walls contract when he lifted out of her. Her cunt walls were stretched out again, when Ted re-entered her. She grunted, "Oh fuck! So big!"
Barbara realized that he was showing off again by doing his kung fu push-ups. She panted, "Showing off again, Teddy? Are you trying to break your last record?"
"I just want to see how many push-ups it will take, until your pussy is used to my cock.", he teased.
She remarked, "Not sure if my pussy will ever get used to your monster dick."
Ted resumed his push-ups to slowly fuck her.
The horny redhead panted when he pulled up, and then cried out when he plowed back into her.
They fucked like this for several minutes, until Ted found that her pussy remained stretched out.
He commented, "You're loosened up nicely, Babs."
She huffed, "How many push-ups did you do, my hunky teddy bear?"
He admitted, "Didn't keep count."
Barbara wrapped her arms around his waist. She demanded, "Now, Teddy Bear, really fuck me. Give my nipples your bug bites too."
Ted switched to a kneeling position. He clamped his teeth around Barbara's left pink nipple, and then started to vigorously fuck her.
She wailed in ecstacy, "Yes, fuck, yes! Pound me! Bite harder!"
He slammed into her harder and faster, where his hips slapped against her pelvis. His cock made squishing noises as he pummeled her. He growled with his teeth digging into her left nipple, and was close to breaking her skin.
Barbara was getting off on the rough sex. She had always like rough and dangerous situations, and then feed from the adrenaline of surviving. Her orgasm was building and building.
Ted released her reddened left nipple from his mouth, and then sunk his teeth onto her right nipple.
"Aaauuuaaahhh!!!", she screamed. She enjoyed how her puffy left nipple throbbed from his savage biting. She was getting off on how her right nipple felt like it was going to be torn off.
He frantically pounded Barbara's drenched cunt, as he was getting close in cumming.

Barbara yelled, "Yes, yes, yes! Destroy my pussy with your monster cock!"
He rammed hard and fast a few more times, as if he was making her pussy permanently stretched out.
She could no longer hold back. She loudly announced her orgasm, "Teddy! Cum! Cuuummmmmmiiinnnggg!!!"
She exploded with a powerful orgasm. Her pussy walls spasmed that massaged Ted's hard, thick cock. Her cunt gushed a mix of her feminine jizz and of her sweet juice. Her green eyes fluttered. Pinned down by her love, her body shivered as she climaxed.

The repeated contractions on his throbbing shaft was too much for Ted. He growled, "Cumming in you!"
All of the muscles in his sweaty body tensed as he spurted jets of his cum inside of her pussy. After the first few seconds of his orgasm, his muscles relaxed. Lacking the strength to support himself, he collapsed on top of the sexy redhead. He continued to ejaculate, until he had completely emptied his cum inside of her.
Both unmasked heroes panted in the aftermath of their mutual climax. Barbara grunted when a post-orgasmic tremor washed through her.
They kissed each other, while they recuperated.
A device on Blue Beetle's discarded belt buzzed with three short bursts. Ted immediately recognized the buzzing pattern.
He started to get up and then said, "I have to get this, Babs. It's the Justice League communicator."
Barbara shook her head and then teased, "This doesn't get you out of buying breakfast, Teddy Bear."
Ted put on a robe, and then gestured for her to be quiet. He activated the comm device and then stated, "Beetle here."
She couldn't hear his conversation. Barbara cheeked her breasts, and then noticed the red marks of Ted's teeth marks on her pink areolas. The bite marks were already turning purple, which told her that Ted almost made her tits bleed. She muttered, "Those marks are going to be around for a while."
The sexy redhead checked her shaved snatch. With the euphoria of sex gone, her reddened pussy started to pulse from the strain of being stretched out so much. Barbara knew the post-fucking pains would soon pass. She was more concerned on how gaped her cunt still was. "Looks as big as the Batcave."
From past experience, Barbara knew her small pussy would tighten up again. At this moment, however, she could easily fit four of her slender fingers into her pussy. The mix of her pussy juice and of Ted's cum oozed out of her gaped fuck hole. She scooped up the fragrant mix before it soiled her cape. Stains and batcapes did not go well together. She sucked the juicy mix from her fingers, where she delighted from the unique, sweet taste of herself and the taste of Ted's jizz. His jizz would get inbuded with what he drank. This time, Barbara could taste the sweet, creamy coffee that he had this morning in his cum.
She could not help thinking about her ass. She had always been curious about anal sex, but had never done it yet. The fiery redhead also knew that Ted wanted to fuck her butt. Barbara bit her lower lip from the imagery of his monster cock invading her asshole. Her over-active imagination took over, where she could see his thick, wide cock permanently splitting her bunghole asunder. She could see Ted rushing her to ER, and then having to explain how she torn apart her bleeding asshole.
Even worse, she worried that her asshole wouldn't tighten up afterwards. That would be freakin' hilarious, she sarcastically thought to herself. She'd be the only superheroine to wear adult diapers, because she had loose stool.
Barbara told herself, "Come on, Babs, snap out of it! It won't be that bad. Now, getting butt fucked by the Joker would be bad."
Ted switched off his Justice League communicator and then tossed the device next to his costume. He drew in a deep breath.
Barbara walked behind him, pressed her naked body against him, and then wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt the mix of their sex juices trickle down her inner thighs. She inquired, "What was that about?"
He told, "I have to go to a Justice League meeting tomorrow. All of the reserverists are included."
She raised a questioning eyebrow. "Reserverists like you?"
Barbara stated, "Well, nothing to worry about now. Besides, Teddy Bear, I want to get some breakfast."
"Now?!?", he questioned. "It's only ten at night."
She informed, "I know a great twenty-four place that serves breakfast all day. Besides, we might see daddy there."
"Great.", he bemoaned. "Another interrogation by Commissioner Gordon."

The next day, Blue Beetle materialized in one of the teleportation tubes in the Justice League satellite. The satellite maintained a geo-stationary orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth.
Beetle made his way to the conference room. After he entered the room, he was awed at the assembled superheroes. The main Justice Leaguers were there: Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash (aka Barry Allen), Green Lantern (aka Hal Jordan), Supergirl, and Superman. Most of the reserverists, like himself, were here: the Atom, Batman, Black Canary, Captain Atom, Firestorm, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna.
Blue Beetle had wondered where all of the other reserverists were, and then remembered that they were with Justice League International. A team formed by the United Nations that took assignments directly from that international governing body.
The current Justice League chairman, Aquqman, banged a gavel that quieted the room. The King of Seas announced, "I hearby call this meeting to order. First order of business, unmask."
All of the superheroes, including Blue Beetle, unmasked. Everyone in the Justice League trusted each other eith their secret identities. Being open to each like this had helped on more than one occassion. Ted Kord still had not adjusted to the fact that Dick Grayson was now the Batman.
Aquaman said, "Thank you for attending. Second order of business: We need to bolster our ranks. The following reserverists are being activated to regular staus: Blue Beetle and Zatanna. Do you accept?"
Blue Beetle pointed to himself and then asked, "Me?!? What about Batman?"
Batman informed, "I have too much to take care of in Gotham, and in getting Wayne Enterprises under control."
Beetle was sensing a weird vibe between Batman and Wonder Woman.
Zatanna also questioned her nomination. "Why me? What about Wonder Woman?"
Wonder Woman waved her hands. "Sorry, I can't. Diana Prince is establishing a new IADC office in Gotham City, and is the only person staffed at this office."
Beetle's detective mind mused about Batman and Wonder Woman both being in Gotham City. He wondered if they were dating? Ted told him to stop thinking about Diana so much. He had to get over his boyish crush for Wonder Woman, especially since he was happy being with Batgirl.
Aquaman added, "Besides, Zatanna, the League needs to be more diversified. You bring your mystical knowledge. Beetle brings his detective sleuthing and other skills. So, are you both in?"
Beetle and Zatanna both confirmed, "Yes."
The gavel banged on the conference table. Aquaman stated, "Blue Beetle and Zatanna, welcome to League full-time status."
The King of the Seas personally shook hands with the newest full-time members to congratulate them.
Batman asked, "Any other business, Mr. Chairman? I have to be at Wayne Enterprises soon."
Aquaman stated, "The reserverists can go. The main members need to stay to establish the new monitor duty rotation."
Dick Grayson pulled Blue Beetle to the side and then congratulated, "Congrats, Ted. You've earned it."
Beetle said, "I'm amazed that I'm even in the League. Bruce Wayne always gave me a hard time."
Dick informed, "Bruce was a pain in the behind, because he saw the potential in you."
The new Caped Crusader placed a comforting hand on Blue Beetle's shoulder. Dick encourged, "Don't worry, Blue. You've made it into the big leagues. Enjoy the moment."

"Thanks.", Blue Beetle said. He returned to the conference room, and then proudly at at the large, U-shaped table. He muttered to himself, "Wait until I tell Babs about this!"

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 22