Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 13  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Dee Cyde awoke sometime later. She found herself lying a large, heart-shaped bed. The bed was covered with a satin bedspread, which felt smooth and slick against her skin. Her naked body was draped with a thin, red satin bedspread. She noticed that her breasts were bigger and heavier. Not just heavy, but her tits seemed full. She felt her long nipples scrape against the satin bedspread. She realized that her lover-boy must have had the scientist change her tits, but she didn't mind as long as the Joker was happy.
She found her arms raised over her head. She tried to move her arms, but her wrists were handcuffed to a golden pole at the head of the bed. The villainess found that the rest of her body was unrestrained. With her bound arms, however, Dee Cyde could not get off the heart-shaped bed.
"Who's there?, she called out.
Someone quickly pulled the satin bedsheet off of Dee Cyde's naked body. She gasped as the smooth material ran across her large nipples and then aroused her. Her nipples swelled. She felt her pussy get hot and moist. She was completely exposed now and helpless to the wanton desires of whoever found her like this.
A lanky, pale skinned man pounced on top of Dee Cyde. The lanky man wore green gloves and a purple bow tie.
Dee Cyde instantly recognized the person and then happily exclaimed, "Lover-boy!"

"Miss me, sweetums?", the Joker retorhically asked.
He crouched over the bound villainess. His white cock was fully erect, which he purposely rested against her wet cunt. He teased, "Wet already? How delicious!"

The naked villainess gasped and then it seemed as if a jolt of electricity shot up her spine. Her clit swelled as her arousal grew. She lustfully proclaimed, "I missed your big, hard cock, lover-boy!"
"Aren't you curious about your new look?", he inquired. He deliberately rubbed the underside of his long, hard shaft up-and-down her puffy cunt lips.
Dee Cyde gasped in pleasure as her sweet bald muff was rubbed. She breathed faster.
"As long as you're happy with my new looks, lover-boy.", she commented. She desperately wanted the Joker's cock inside of her, but she did not say anything. Dee Cyde knew she was the Joker's fuck doll. Her wants and desires were irrelevant, unless he asked her about them.
The evil clown acknowledged, "Sweetums, you look like the pornstar I've always wanted."
Dee Cyde blushed at the compliment. She wanted the evil clown even more.
"Take it, baby!", the Joker roared. With one swift movement, he rammed his 12" pale cock completely inside of Dee Cyde.
"Loovvv-aaaahhhh!!!!", she bellowed. She felt the Joker's big, mushroom-like head spread her pussy open and then plunge deep inside of her fuck hole. She had juiced enough to lubricate her pussy. She felt her pussy walls expand to accept the girth of his cock. Dee Cyde threw her head back in ecstasy.
The Joker had the biggest grin on his face. "Fuck!", he gasped in pleasure. "You're so tight!"
Dee Cyde felt so complete and wanted with her lover-boy's cock buried to the hilt in her cunt.
He roughly squeezed and mauled the base of her new 36DD tits. He enjoyed how supple and malleable Dee Cyde's titties were in his hands. The evil clown purposely avoiding squeezing or playing with her areolas and nipples, so that the villainess would not lactate. He lustfully commented, "I love your tits, sweetums."
"My titties love you too, lover-boy.", she called back.
Joker' rough titty play, combined with her sexual desired for him, triggered her first--but minor--orgasm.
"Aaauuuhhh!!!", Dee Cyde yelled as she climaxed. Her stuffed pussy gushed some of her juices. Her first orgasm, however, did not release all of her pent up sexual energies.
She grunted as a new sensation overwhelmed her. Her big, fat tits felt strange, as they became firmer and fuller like a hot water bladder filling up. Dee Cyde, "My tits feel so full, like they're going to pop."
"Not tits, sweetums. Udders.", the Joker told.
"Udders?", she confusingly asked. She made the logical leap and then inquired, "Like milk?"
The Joker confirmed, "You got milk now, baby!" He laughed wickedly. The evil clown was turned on by Dee Cyde's confusion over her milk-filled juggs. He pounded her drenched cunt harder and faster with his long, pale cock.
"Mmm......millleeekkk!!!", she screamed. Dee Cyde gasped and panted as she one of the most savage fuckings of her life. Her pussy would not stop juicing. The bound villainess felt the Joker's hips slam against her pelvis each time he rammed into her. She heard loud slaps as he pounded her soaked pussy. She felt his cum-filled balls hit her ass cheeks. Dee Cyde loved how rough and nasty the Joker fucked her. She felt another orgasm building inside of her. Her orgasm was growing and growing like a gigantic wave forming from an impending tsunami.
Despite his stamina and choatic strength, the Joker could not hold back much longer. He had been incredibly horny, ever since the end of Dee Cyde's bodily transformations. He enjoyed how wet Dee Cyde was, and how he could hear his hard cock squish in-and-out of her velvety cunt.
Dee Cyde wanted to orgasm so badly, where she thrust her hips forward to meet the Joker's slamming cock. She was so close to climax, but needed something to push her over the edge. Her milk-filled tits hurt so much, where she desperately wanted her enlongated nipples tugged and pinched to make her lactate. Her pussy burned like a volcano about to explode. Her engorged clit throbbed.
"Make me cum!", she lustfully pleaded.
Her cry to climax broke the Joker out of his erotic trance. He delibately slowing down his furious pumping down to long, slow motions. He teased, "What sweetums?"
"Nnnooo!!!", Dee Cyde howled in frustration. "Don't stop!", she panted. "Don't stop pounding me with your big, hard cock!"
The evil clown refused the horny villainess, where he slowly pulled his slick, hard shaft inch-by-inch. He purposely held himself, where only his mushroom-like head was inside of her steaming hot cunt. He then teasingly pushed back in again inch-by-inch, until he wad buried balls deep inside of her.
Dee Cyde felt as if minutes passed instead of seconds. She pushed her hips forward to speed up their fucking, but to no avail. She was so damn horny that her entire body was ablaze. Each second that the bound villainess could not orgasm was torture for her. She didn't know what hurt worse: her lustful desire to climax, or the need to alleviate her milk-filled juggs.
The Joker teased, "Do you wanted to cum, sweetums? Or do you need your big, fat udders milked?"
Dee Cyde wanted to both climax and lactate. Her head was spinning from her built up orgasm and from her full tits.
"Want a good miking first, sweetums?", the evil clown retorhically asked. He cruelly swatted the back of his green gloved hand across her huge, firm juggs. A loud smack resounded through the room.
"Aaaauuuurrrraaaahhhh!!!!", she bellowed in pain. Her eyes widened from the painful hit. The force of the Joker's whack reverberated across her huge, long nipples; across her large, dark areolas; and through her full boobs. Filled with her breast milk, her firm juggs did not sway and give to the Joker's smack. Her big, milk-filled tits took the full brunt of his hit.
The intense pain made Dee Cyde tear up. Her titties had never hurt so much in her entire life. She felt as if her swollen juggs were being used as punching bags. She did not want her milk-filled boobs hit again. She loudly begged, "Please stop!"
The Joker was having too much fun. He laughed wickedly, and then swatted the back of his across her huge udders again. He loved hearing Dee Cyde howl in pain after he smacked her firm, swollen titties. His ego swelled with the assumption of how much control he had over her.
"Nnnnuuuuggggaaaahhhh!!!!", Dee Cyde wailed in pain. A tear trickled down her face. The horny villainess bit her lip, as she remembered her place to be the Joker's love slut. She could not understand why her lover-boy was torturing her.
The evil clown sensed how obedient Dee Cyde was being to him by not talking back this time. His stiff cock swelled harder than ever with her subservience. He complemented, "Good, sweetums. Very good."
Dee Cyde could not help smiling from the Joker's kind words.
The Joker commanded, "From now on, sweetums, your titties are udders. Understand?"

The bound villainess hurriedly nodded in acknowledgment. In her mind, Dee Cyde told herself that her huge, milk-filled mounds were udders. Her head ached briefly, as her new train of thought embedded itself into her mind.
The Joker grasped the base of her huge, milk-filled juggs and then demanded to know, "What are these?"
"Udders!", Dee Cyde quickly and loudly answered.
"Correct!", he delightfully stated.
The bound villainess smiled at giving the correct response.
Without warning, the Joker resumed savagely pounding her hot, wet cunt.
"Ggguuuaaahhh!!!", Dee Cyde screamed. She gasped and panted as his long, hard 12-inch cock slammed hard and deep into her reddened pussy. She felt her puffy cunt lips being pulled up-and-down as the Joker swiftly rammed her. Once again, she was so close to orgasm but needed a push to drive her over the edge.
The evil clown not only reshaped Dee Cyde into the perfect, fuckable slut that he wanted, but he also had complete control over her. That knowledge and power drove him over the edge. The Joker thurst into Dee Cyde as hard and as deep as he could and then roared, "Pie filling time!"
His throbbing cock spurted a powerful stream of his globby cum deep inside of her aching cunt.
"Yes, creampie me!", she excitedly blurted. Dee Cyde eyes widened as she felt his seeming burning jizz splash deep inside of her.
Having her lover-boy cum inside of her needy pussy was the trigger that the horny villainess needed to send her over the edge. She loudly wailed, "Cuummmmiiinnnnggggg!!!!!"
Her sweaty, horny body exploded with her much desired and pent-up orgasm. Her eyes rolled back, until only her white eyeballs were seen in her sockets. Her entire shook with small, constant tremors where she looked like a vibrating dildo. Her shaking arms made her handcuffs jingle. Her pussy walls clenched frantically over-and-over again that repeatedly massaged the Joker's erupting cock. Her fuck tunnel spewed her white feminine jizz that mixed with the Joker's hot semen. Dee Cyde grunted jibberish each time her orgasming body quaked.
The Joker huffed like a raging bull as he continued to cum deep inside her clenching pussy. He completely gave himself into the eurphoria of his orgasm, where he let himself empty all of his jizz into Dee Cyde. He blurted, "So much cream filling!"
He giggled an eerie laugh as all of his cum was drained from his pale balls.
The bound villainess could no longer think as she continued to climax. She hovered at the edge of consciousness. Her sweaty, used body was flooded with the intense euphoria of her non-stop orgasm. Dee Cyde was completely lost in the pleasure of her orgasmic release. She loved how full her spasming cunt was from all of the Joker's cum. Her subconscious made a comparison between a custard filled doughtnut to her cum-filled pussy. The mental picture made Dee Cyde happily chuckle during her orgasmic spasms.
The evil clown collapsed on top of Dee Cyde, where he panted to recover his strength. He marveled at how she was still cumming, and at how her pussy walls were still massaging his spent cock.
A few moments later, Dee Cyde shook one more time and then finished cumming. She lay there in utter exhaustion. Her eye lids fluttered. She instinctively breathed. Her mind was a fuzzy haze. Her big, reddened bosom heaved up-and-down with each needed breath. While her pussy was satiated, her milk-filled udders ached for release. Her dark nipples had enlarged to teats, but were too swollen to let her milk naturally flow. Her massive udders grew hot from all of her trapped breast milk.
If Dee Cyde did not lactate soon, her milk ducts would get plugged that would make it very difficult and painful for her to be milked.
The Joker stood up, and then pulled his spent member out of her. A loud slurp was heard as he withdrew. His pale, semi-hard shaft was coated with a mix of his cum and her feminine jizz. He left Dee Cyde alone for a few minutes.
Dee Cyde lay helplessly on the bed. Without anything inserted into her, the mix of her jizz and the Joker's cum oozed out of her red, gaping cunt. Their combined sex fluids pooled between her legs, and then soaked the bed. Her butt cheeks felt the wetness of their combined cum.
Her brain screamed at Dee Cyde to lactate. She managed to softly request, "Please, milk me."
She gazed blankly upwards. Her red, gaping pussy pulsed back-and-forth in time with her ragged breathing. Air passed into her open cunt, and then formed bubbles in the oozing cum when the air was pushed out. Dee Cyde desperately needed to be milked. She robotically muttered over-and-over again, "Milk me."

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 13