Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 27  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note: The story continued to be dark, where things don't go so well for certain superheroines.

Batgirl blinked her green eyes, as she regained consciousness. She found herself lying on a cot in a well lit room. Her eyes focused on the fluorescent lights hanging overhead. She felt a thin blanket covering her.
She gasped at remembering the abuse that the Joker had done to her in the VR. She yanked of the blanket, and then sat up. Barbara blurted, "My nipples!"
The naked, but still masked, heroine gazed down at her perky tits, and then sighed in relief. There were no nipple rings attached to her pink nubs. She pulled and examined her nipples to confirm that they were not pierced. Batgirl lay back down and then happily remarked, "Thank goodness!"
She wrapped the blanket around her naked body, and then examined the room. She noticed that the front of the room was a wall of Plexiglas. There were breathing holes and a slot that could be opened and closed to deliver food. Batgirl had seen this kind of room before. She blurted in shock, "I'm in Arkham!"
"No, no, red!", a wicked voice corrected. "You're still with me!"
Batgirl gasped in fear, "Joker!"
The evil clown walked up to the Plexiglas wall of Batgirl's cell. He called out, in a voice that mocked a rent-a-cop, "Open 'er up."
The Plexiglas slid open. The Joker stepped inside.
Barbara saw for a chance to escape, but the Plexiglas wall closed too quickly for her. She instinctively reached for her utility belt, but then remembered that she was naked. She softly cursed to herself, "Damn."
She then steeled herself. Batgirl glared at the evil clown in defiance and then stated, "Do your worse, you sick clown! I know we're in another VR session."
The Joker sadly shook his head and then scolded, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, red! We're not with the MCP today!"
He suddenly had a conversation with himself. "Actually it's IRAC. Too bad sweetums has to do some computer maintenance today."
"IRAC?", Batgirl muttered. She remember that IRAC was the A.I. computer at IADC Headquarters. A bunch of questioned flood her mind on how was that possible? And how did the Joker manage to steal the supercomputer?
The Joker informed, "Red, I'm not here to chat."
He moved in swiftly, and then grabbed Batgirl by her long, red hair!
The naked heroine had foolishly let her guard down with her detective thoughts. She blurted in pain, "Ow!"
The evil clown revealed one his palm buzzers, and then pressed his joy buzzer on her.
"Aaauuuhhh!!!", Batgirl cried out. Her body froze as electricity from the Joker's buzzer arced through her naked body. Sparks sputtered from her nipples and out of her snatch.
A few moments later, the Joker released her.
Batgirl was semi-conscious from the Joker's joy buzzer, and then slumped onto the cot. She heard the sound of him unzipping his pants. She tried to move, but her jelly-like muscles would not respond.
The Joker kneeled over the prone heroine. His cock was rock hard and at its full 12" erection.
Batgirl, upon seeing the evil clown's pale dick, gasped in horror. Her green eyes widened in shock. She blurted out, "No!"
He spread her athletic legs wide apart to fully expose Batgirl's shaved cunt. He joked, "Oops! Red, I hope you don't mind that I forgot protection!"
The Joker pressed the white head of his cock against her closed pussy. He pushed forward, but then found how unyielding Batgirl's dry fuck hole was. He remarked, "Now feeling very slutty, red? And here I thought all the girls always enjoyed the punchline."
For the briefest of moments, Barbara thought the evil clown would give up and then not fuck her. She should have know better.
The Joker roughly grabbed Batgirl's hips for leverage, and then rammed forward hard! With his powerful thrust, his hard, white cock plunged into her tight cunt! He roared at the enjoying in penetrating her pussy.
"Nnnnnnuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!", Batgirl howled in pain. Her poor pussy throbbed in pain from the invasion of her dry snatch. Without any foreplay or being horny, her cunt had no time to loosen up. She squirmed like a flopping fish from the forced stretching of her cunt. Being fucked dry hurt more than losing her virginity! Tears streamed from her green eyes.
The evil clown found himself only to be a few inches inside of her. He gasped in pleasure, "So tight, bat-slut!"
Batgirl pushed against the Joker with her hands in a desperate attempt to escape. She wailed, "Take it out!"
The Joker flicked her clit. In a few seconds, he made Batgirl's love button swell and then pop out.
She moaned and panted as her sensitive clit was pleasured. She could not help become aroused as her clitty swelled. The naked heroine felt her nipples harden into nubs. Her pussy grew hot and then moistened. She whimpered as her horny body made her cunt loosen up and then provide lubrication for the Joker's massive cock.
The evil clown could tell on how horny Batgirl became. He pulled back, until only his bulbous head was inside of her, and then he slammed back into her! Half of his long, hard shaft buried itself into her.
The redhead cried out as more of the Joker's cock stuffed her hot, wet cunt. The hornier Barbara became, then the more her pussy opened up to allow for deeper penetration of her snatch. The nasty, thrill-seeking side of her was wanting to be fucked by his big, long cock. Another part of Barbara was horrified that Gotham's vilest villain was raping her.
The Joker took one of Batgirl's hands, and then moved her hand to her clit. He commanded, "Touch yourself, red."
Batgirl's hand circled over her swollen love button, before she could think of what she was doing. Her pussy juiced even more.
The evil clown pulled back, where part of his shaft glistened with Batgirl's pussy juice. He slammed back into her. This time, he managed to plunge all 12 inches of himself into her. He grunted and panted in pleasure.
Batgirl gasped and grunted. She had never been fucked by such a long cock before. She felt the evil clown penetrate the nether regions of her pussy, and felt as if he had plowed into her cervix. She was losing herself in her sexual arousal, and on full she felt. She rubbed her engorged clit frantically.
The Joker fucked the horny heroine. He rammed Batgirl was hard, fast strokes. His rapidly moving cock pulled out, and then plunged deep into her. He mocked, "Is this the biggest joke you ever had, red?!?"
Barbara plunged into her sexual arousal, instead of coping with the reality of being fucked by the Joker. She focused on pleasuring her clit, so that her pussy could take the monster cock fucking her. She felt her orgasm building and building. Barbara was getting a sexual thrill in being fucked by a 12" inch cock. While Blue Beetle's thick cock stretched her out pussy, Beetle's 8" cock never penetrated the nether region of her cunt. She moaned and panted as the Joker fucked her.
The Joker hollered, "Like this, bat-slut?!? I always knew you were a whore, red!"

Batgirl didn't hear the Joker's degrading words. She was lost in her sexual pleasure. She felt herself closer and closer in cumming.
Her pussy was so drenched that the Joker's long cock made squishing noises, as he fucked her. When he pulled out, her pussy lips clung to his shaft. His hips made loud slapping noises, when he rammed back into her.
Each time he plunged deep into her, Barbara felt as if her cervix was opening up more and more.
The Joker could not hold back much longer. He had always fantasized about fucking Batgirl. He would have to fuck her ass later. The evil clown hoped that bat-slut was an anal virgin. He nearly came, thinking about her anal cherry.
Batgirl needed something to push her over the edge to cum. She moved her hands to her pink nubs, and then roughly pinched her sensitive nipples.
The evil clown could tell that bat-slut was going to climax soon. He focused on holding back his orgasm, until she came.
Barbara pinched her nipples harder! She felt her nips flatten into pancakes between her fingers. Her white hot nipples pulsed in pleasure and pain. When she felt as if her nipples would pop, she climaxed!
She roared, "Gggggguuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaadddddd!!!!!!"
Her pussy walls spasmed as her cunt gushed with her sweet juice and feminine jizz. Her body trembled as she orgasmed.
The Joker rammed into bat-slut as deep and as hard as he could. His throbbing cock spurted his hot cum into Batgirl. He felt his jizz flow as several powerful streams, instead of welling up inside of her. He cackled with delight.
Barbara quaked as she felt the evil clown spill his seed inside of her. Her orgasm was heightened in feeling his hot spunk fill her up. If she was thinking clearly enough, she would have realized that the Joker's cum was flowing deeper and deeper into her instead of building up like an overfilled bucket.
They both finished cumming. The Joker kept his spent cock buried inside of Batgirl. He could not stop chuckling to himself.
A few moments later, the euphoria of her climax faded away. Barbara Gordon was shocked back to the reality that the Joker had just fucked her, and then cum inside of her! She gasped in shock, "You came in me!"
The evil clown retorted, "Just realized that, bat-bimbo!"
Barbara tried with all her might to dislodge herself from the Joker. She frantically demanded, "No! Get off!"
Part of her hoped that she could pry herself off of him, and then push his cum out of her.
The Joker remarked, "Party pooper."
Batgirl sighed in relief when the Joker withdrew his spent cock from her drenched cunt. She noticed that his semi-hard, white shaft was coated with her juices. She didn't see globs of his cum along his shaft! Barbara looked down at her freshly fucked cunt, and then didn't see his cum ooze out of her pussy! She had a panic attack! She repeatedly blurted in fear, "No! No! No!"
She plunged her fingers into her gaped cunt, and then wiggled her buried digits inside of her. She didn't feel the Joker's warm jizz inside of her! She yanked her fingers out with a scooping motion, and then didn't find any of his cum on her fingers! Barbara cried out in fear, "Nothing!?! No, no, no!!!
The Joker roared with laughter! He thoroughly enjoyed seeing the panic-stricken bat-slut realize what had just happened, and then watch Batgirl try to clean out of her pussy.
Barbara plunged her fingers deep into her pussy again, and then yanked out her cum-free fingers. She could feel a strange warmth in her tummy. She angrily yelled, "You knocked me up!"
The Joker clapped excited. He exclaimed, "So I did! I can't wait until I'm the proud papa? Do you think the baby will have my gorgeous face?"
Batgirl moved her legs that threw the Joker off the cot! She rushed to the Plexiglas wall, and then frantically banged on it.
The evil clown reached for his pants, and then produced a small spray can. He walked up behind the naked heroine, and then sprayed a good amount of gas at the redhead.

Batgirl sucked in the gas, and then felt herself lose consciousness. She collapsed into the Joker's arms.
The Joker placed the unconscious Batgirl back onto the cot, and then tied down her arms and legs. He remarked, "Can't have you moving about, red. You need time for my boys to do their work."
He thought he could see a shimmer of color lights over Batgirl's tummy. He would enjoy seeing her pregnancy over the next few months. While he couldn't fuck her pussy again, the Joker would have fun fucking Batgirl's ass over-and-over.

In the cockpit of her Invisible Jet, Wonder Woman zoomed over Gotham City. The wisdom of Hera told Diana that she should not have stormed off on her own to find Batgirl, but she could not help herself. The Amazon princess had to help one of her fellow super-sisters.
Diana was also distressed after hearing about the explosion at IADC Headquarters. She worried that Steve Trevor, Director Aikenson, IRAC, and the others were all dead. She wanted to zoom to Washington, D.C., but Superman, Cyborg, and Zatanna had the situation under control. Other than being a worry wort, the Amazon princess realized she couldn't do much to help in Washington D.C.
A red light blinked on her console. She knew the warning light meant someone had invaded her IADC office in Gotham. Diana rushed off to the building. She set the Invisible Jet in bat-mode. Her stealth craft would remain overhead for 30 minutes. If Wonder Woman didn't return to her jet within that time, the Invisible Jet would fly back to the Batcave.
She descended onto the rooftop of her office, and then entered through the rooftop entrance. As Diana Prince, she had programmed the office's security system to accept Wonder Woman.
Inside, Wonder Woman saw a familiar person in Diana Prince's office. She blurted out, "Steve!"
Steve Trevor sat weakly in the office chair. He looked bloodied and beaten. His clothes were ragged and torn, as if he had escaped a war zone. He looked barely conscious. He softly muttered, "Wonder Woman."
The Amazon warrior rushed to Steve's side. She reassured him, "I'm here, Steve. You're safe now."
He said, "Thank goodness I found you."
She asked, "Steve, what happened? I heard IADC Headquarters blew up. I thought you were dead."
He smiled and then stated, "I'm okay now."
If Diana was more cautious, she would have noticed that Steve's smile looked a little off. She inquired, "What about everyone else? Aikerson? IRAC?"
Steve shook his head. "They were inside before the explosion. I had just made it outside."
Wonder Woman's sensed something was wrong. Being with Batman had rubbed off on her. She inquired, "How did you get here?"
He was sick and tired of talking and then coming up with lies. He suddenly yanked Wonder Woman's golden lasso off her belt!
The Amazon princess gasped, "Steve! My lasso!"
Even the swiftness of Apollo could not have helped Diana stop Steve Trevor. He deftly ensnared Wonder Woman with her magic rope.
Diana gasped as the enchantment of her magic lasso made her Steve's obedient thrall. She had lost her willpower. This time, however, she felt like she could resist. Instead of just seeing what was happening to her, Wonder Woman could think and even plan.

Steve cackled in joy. "I finally have you, my Amazon whore! You know how long I've wanted you, Wonder Woman?!?"
While not asked directly, she was compelled to answer. "Years."
"That's right! And that stupid bitch, Diana Prince, would never help me find you! I thought I'd find Diana here, but you came instead."
The Amazon princess could resist her magic lasso enough to ask, "How?"
"How did I get here?", he mocked. "You'll see."
Steve whipped out a communicator. He spoke into the device, "Mistress, I have her. Bring us back."
A robotic, but familiar voice, replied, "Unable to comply. Teleportation system offline."
Diana's blue eyes widened in recognizing IRAC's voice. She was glad that the computer was still active, but what had happened to IRAC?
Steve tugged on the magic lasso and then demanded to know, "Doesn't the JLA satellite have a teleporter?"
"Yes.", she answered.
He didn't like Wonder Woman's responses. She wasn't subservient enough. He commanded, "You will call me 'My Lord' all the time. Understand, Wonder Bitch?"
Diana's blue eyes blinked as her mind was programmed on how to respond to Steve Trevor. She respectfully answered, "Yes, my Lord."
He smiled with confidence and then ordered, "Tell who's on monitor duty that you'll take over. When that person leaves the satellite, we'll teleport up there."
The Amazon princess acknowledged, "Yes, my Lord."

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 27