Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 6  

Batman, Robin, Justice League, Teen Titans, Titans West, Wonder Woman, The New 52, and all other characters, nicknames, locations, referenced storylines, or gadgets mentioned herein are copyrighted by DC Comics. All rights reserved by DC Comics.

Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

"I need to get you nice and wet first.", the Wrath stated.

The naked Amazon gasped as the blunt edge of the Wrath's throwing blade was rubbed up-and-down her pussy lips. The cold touch of the weapon's steel made her clit swell. Her big clit pushed out of its protective, fleshy hood. The touch of the metal against her sensitive clit and pussy lips made Wonder Woman's cunt grow hot and then moisten with your juice. Diana closed her ruby lips as tightly as she could, but the sounds of her pleasurable moans escaped from her lips. Each stroke of the blunt metal made the bound Amazon hornier and hornier. Her pussy became wetter with each passing moment. Her pink nipples had hardened into pointy nubs. The sweet musk of her pussy juice permeated the chilly air.

"I get to deflower the great and mighty Wonder Woman!", the Wrath proclaimed.

"No! Merciful Mivera, stop!", the brunette superheroine pleaded.

The cowled villain grabbed Wonder Woman's shapely hips, and then positioned himself to fuck the Amazon princess. Her long, muscular legs were at his sides. His bulbous head touched Diana's puffy cunt lips. The Wrath lunged forward, where more than half of his shaft plunged into Wonder Woman's hot, slick cunt.

Diana's blue eyes widened in shock, as the Wrath's bulbous head rammed through and then tore apart her hymen! "Nnnnnnuuuuuuggggggaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!", Wonder Woman bellowed at the top of her lungs.

Pain seared through Diana's helpless body, as this deflowering was just as painful as her previous deflowering. She felt the blood of her deflowering gush inside of her. She instinctively squirmed in a desperate attempt to dislodge herself from the Wrath's invading cock. She cried a few tears that streamed down her reddened face.

The Wrath pulled out, and then saw his shaft coated with Wonder Woman's vagina blood. "I love taking a virgin."

Even without the cowled villain's hard cock inside of her, Diana's pussy walls pulsed in pain. She desperately wanted to cup her deflowered pussy to help sooth her pain, but her wrists were held to the brick wall by the U-shaped spikes.

After the few seconds he took to enjoy his moment of deflowering Wonder Woman, the Wrath slammed his steel hard cock back into the deflowered Amazon. His shaft sank completely inside of her.

"Aaaauuuuhhhhaaaahhhh!!!!", Diana screamed. Pain flared through her sexy body as her pussy walls stretched to accept the thickness of the Wrath's cock. More pain shot up her spine, when the cowled villain's shaft passed along her destroyed virginity.

The Wrath was amazed to find how quickly his 10" shaft penetrated Wonder Woman's deflowered cunt. Taking full advantage of the situation, he lustfully fucked the naked Amazon with long, hard strokes.

"Ggguuhhh!!!", the brunette superheroine yelled. Her cunt hurt so much each time the Wrath plunged hard and deep inside of her. Except for her vagina blood, her pussy was as a dry as a bone. The lack of lubrication made Diana's cunt continue to hurt, as the cowled villain's shaft scraped along her pussy walls.

The satisfaction of forcefully taking Wonder Woman's virginity faded from the Wrath. He hadn't paid all that money to not have the Amazon princess enjoy being fucked. The lack of lubrication made him work too hard to fuck the brunette superheroine, where he was not enjoying himself at all. He concluded that anyone who fucked a woman's raw, dry pussy must not understand what a good fuck really meant.

He lunged his hard cock deep inside of the deflowered Amazon, and then kept himself buried within her. He produced a glowing rope from his utility belt. While he didn't hold the genuine article, the Wrath was amazed at how Doctor Cyber created a VR version of Wonder Woman's weapon. He asked, "Recognize this, princess?"

The pain of her deflowering had subsided to where Diana's pussy throbbed and had almost adjusted to the Wrath's hard girth. Her blue eyes widened in shock and then she blurted, "Great Hera! My magic lasso! How!?!"

"That's right, princess.", the Wrath mocked. He looped the golden rope around the base of Wonder Woman's gigantic 38G titties.

Diana protested, "No, st--!" Her words were cut off when her magic lasso was circled around her massive breasts. The power of Wonder Woman's golden lasso made the Amazon princess a thrall to whoever bound her with her golden rope. She sat there motionless and looked blankly into the distance, while she waited for her next command.

The Wrath muttered, "So it's true. Her magic lasso makes Wonder Woman a person's mind-controlled slave."

Having Wonder Woman as his personal slave excited the Wrath and kept his cock rock hard. He also wanted to remember his time with the mind-controlled Amazon, so he activated the high-def recording lens in his cowl. He would at least have a POV recording. If Wonder Woman ever escaped from her imprisonment, he would have a dirty little secret to keep the Amazon warrior off his back. He tightly looped the golden rope around the base of motionless brunette superheroine's juggs. He soon had the magic rope seemingly biting into Wonder Woman's titty flesh.

The binding had transformed Wonder Woman's famous tits. The roped off parts of Diana's titties looked like horizontal columns. The rest of her titty flesh had been pushed forward, where the rest of her massive breasts looked like overfilled balloons. Her areolas had been stretched at least two times beyond their normal size, where they looked like small pancakes. Her nipples had changed from long, pointy tips to nubs, like women who had lost their nipples from huge breast implants.

The magical rope constricted the blood flow to the naked Amazon's titties. The flesh of Wonder Woman's bound tits turned a crimson red. Some of the bigger blue veins in her breasts pulsed and were more visible.

The Wrath held onto the magic lasso with his left hand, and then retrieved a tool from his utility belt with his right hand. He used the tool to remove the U-shaped rails from the brick wall.

Wonder Woman's hands were free from the restraints, and then dropped to her sides. Without her free will, Diana was like a life-sized rag doll. She still had the glazed, far-off look in her blue eyes. Diana must have had some conscious awareness of being the Wrath's helpless thrall, as she wept a tear that rolled down her cheek.

"Wonder Woman?", he asked.

"Yes.", she answered in a robotic, monotone voice.

He further inquired, "Are you under my complete control?"

"Yes, my magic lasso compels me to obey whoever has bound me.", Wonder Woman answered.

"When I start fucking you again, princess, you will become a horny slut who likes being fucked. You will rub your big clit and play with your huge titties, as I fuck you. You will also announce whenever you are going to orgasm. Even if you are exhausted, Wonder Woman, you still stay conscious until I cum.", he commanded. "Do you understand, princess?"

"Yes.", Diana acknowledged.

The Wrath demanded to know, "What are you, princess?"

"Your horny slut, who plays with her huge titties and big clit while I'm fucked.", Wonder Woman confirmed in an emotionless tone.

Making sure that he was firmly holding onto the loose end of Wonder Woman's golden lasso, the Wrath resumed fucking the enthralled Amazon hard and fast.

"Fffuuuccckkk!!!", Wonder Woman lustfully bellowed. Her demeanor had completely changed from the mindless zombie to a sexy crazed whore. She moved her right hand down to rub your engorged clit. Her left hand roughly cupped and then squeezed one of her balloon shaped tits.

"Fuck, yes!", the cowled villain joyfully exclaimed. He felt to easier to fuck the mind-controlled Amazon, as her pussy juiced to provide ample lubrication.

The skin of Wonder Woman's bound juggs had now turned purple. Her squeezing fingers left white hot marks on her abuse, left tit. Her free breast vigorously bounced up-and-down, like a giant bouncing ball.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me like the dirty slut I am!", Diana encouraged. She hurriedly rubbed your throbbing clit with her right hand, while her left hand squeezed her engorged titties. She panted and gasped as her first orgasm built inside of her.

A few moments later, Wonder Woman's pussy was drenched with her juices.

The Wrath pounded the slutty Amazon's pussy so hard and fast that his hips and Diana's pelvis made loud slapping sounds whenever they banged together. His hard shaft squished in-and-out of Wonder Woman's hot wet, cunt.

"Yes, baby!", she panted. "Destroy my pussy with your big, hard cock!"

"Do you like me fucking you?", the Wrath asked.

Wonder Woman blurted out, "Yes, I love fucking your big, hard dick!"

The cowled villain knew that Wonder Woman was going to cum any second now. He maintained the quick pace and hard force of his fucking to make her orgasm.

Diana's blue eyes widened as she felt the Wrath's cock re-enter her, rub her sensitive G-spot, and then slam deep inside of her. All of these pleasurable sensations drove the naked Amazon over the end, and then triggered her first orgasm. She loudly announced, "I'm cumming!"

The Wrath continued to pound Wonder Woman's burning hot, soaked pussy as she climaxed.

"Ggggguuuuhhhhhaaaaaddddd!!!!!", the slutty Amazon screamed. Wonder Woman, unable to move her hands, pinched her swollen clit and cupped her balloon-shaped titties as she came. Her tight cunt spasmed, where her pussy walls clenched the Wrath's thick, hard shaft. Her pussy gushed out an ample amount of her juice. Her entire body tensed up as she orgasmed. Her neck muscles strained as Diana looked upwards. Her blue eyes were closed tight. Her teeth were clenched together.

The Wrath continued to fuck Wonder Woman, where her pussy juice spurted out of her whenever he pulled back.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!", the orgasming Amazon cried out. Her sexy, naked body shook as she continued to orgasm.

The cowled villain felt Wonder Woman's pussy walls squeeze his rock hard shaft over-and-over again. He strained to prevent himself from cumming. He told himself to hold out a little longer.

Diana slumped against the cold, brick wall for support after she finished cumming. Her blue eyes looked into the distance, while she panted to regain her breath. Her hands dropped to her sides. Her face and chest were flush red. Her bound titties had turned a dark purple color, where white was clearly visible around the bound ends of her breasts.

When the Wrath pulled out, he saw his shaft covered with globs of Wonder Woman's feminine jizz. He flashed a wicked smile, and then decided it was time to have some really fun with the entralled Amazon. He commanded, "Cum, slut!"

A second orgasm suddenly exploded within Diana! Unprepared for her next orgasmic release, the naked Amazon's blue eyes widened in shock. Her hands clenched tightly, and then her fingernails scraped along the stone floor. Her entire body tensed and pushed against the brick wall of the moon lit alleyway. "Aaaaauuuuuhhhhhaaaaahhhhh!!!!!", Wonder Woman bellowed.

The Wrath smiled delightfully on forcing Wonder Woman to orgasm again. He felt an adrenaline rush from the power he had over the mind-controlled Amazon. He switching his fucking pace to long, hard strokes. Each time he rammed into Wonder Woman, his powerful thrusts kept the slutty Amazon against the brick wall.

Diana's mouth was open in a silent scream as she came for a second time. Her sexy, sweat body shook. Her bound, engorged breasts bounced around erratically. Her head thrashed from side-to-side, where her long, black hair splashed back-and-forth. The intense orgasmic waves washed through Diana's body and overwhelmed her senses. A few seconds later, after the most intense moments of her second orgasm had passed, her body relaxed and then settled back down onto the stone alleyway.

The Wrath was not going to let Wonder Woman get away that easily. He needed a respite from fucking the naked Amazon. While still keeping part of his steel hard cock inside of the slutty superheroine, he laid down. He still maintained a good grip on Wonder Woman's magic lasso. He commanded, "Sit on me, slut, and then ride me."

The tired Amazon needed more time to regain her breath and energies, but could not protest. The sweaty Amazon sat on top of the cowled villain. She placed her hands on the sides Wrath's armored chest to balance herself, and then firmly placed her booted feet onto the brick alleyway. Her feet slipped from side-to-side, until she pressed her feet into the spaces between bricks. Diana now crouched slightly over the Wrath, where her large, bound and engorged tits hung over the chest of his armored chest. Her long, matted black hair hung downward that partially concealed her face.

Even sweaty and with her bound, abused titties, the Wrath saw that Wonder Woman was still a beautiful vision to behold. It seems that anything done to the Amazon princess could not tarnish her amazing good looks.

Still needing to complete the last command from the magic lasso, Wonder Woman rose off the Wrath's long, hard cock. His shaft glistened with her juices and feminine cum in the moonlight. She lifted herself up, until only his bulbous head stayed inside her pussy lips. The slutty Amazon then squatted back all the way down onto the cowled villain's manpole, until he was completely inside her again. Her bubble butt cheeks rested on his inner thighs. Her hands pressed against his chest. Her muscular legs held the rest of her bodily weight.

"Fuck yes!", the Wrath blurted in delight.

Diana continued with her last command, where she rode the Wrath's cock by slowly rising and then squatting down again.

The cowled villain wanted more. He yanked on the golden lasso and then ordered, "Fast as you can, slut!"

The new command instantly took hold, where the enthralled Amazon hurried plunged down on the Wrath's slick, hard cock! She gasped, "Nnnnuuuuggggaaaahhhh!!!!" Her tired, sweaty body was forced into high gear, where Diana frantically jumped up-and-down on the Wrath's cock. The first command, however, prevented Wonder Woman from passing out.

Pleasure surged through the Wrath as Wonder Woman fucked him in earnest. "Yes, fuck, yes!", he gasped. He felt his orgasm building and building. His cum-filled balled desperately needed release.

The mind-controlled Amazon fucked the cowled villain so hard and fast that her butt and hips made smacking sounds each time she slammed back down onto him. She had juiced so much, where her juices covered her inner thighs, part of her ass, and the Wrath's costumed pelvis and inner thighs.

"Auh!", Diana blurted out each time she landed down onto him. She felt another orgasm building inside of her.

The Wrath did not know how much longer he could last. He blurted out, "Cum, slut!"

"Aaaaauuuuuhhhhhaaaaahhhhh!!!!!", the slutty Amazon bellowed. She continued to vigorously ride the Wrath's cock, while cumming. Her muscular legs shook from the strain of her energic efforts of bouncing up-and-down on the cowled villain's hard shaft. The magic lasso flared brightly that provided Diana with the energy to continue riding the Wrath's cock, while cumming. Her bound, engorged titties bounced around like crazy, where her breasts bounced off the Wrath's armored chest. She sounded like a mare in heat, as she wildly thrashed around while cumming. Her hot breath was clearly visible from her mouth and nostrils.

The Wrath could not withstand the double assult of Wonder Woman's spasming cunt and her fucking him. He ordered, "Stop fucking me, slut."

Even with the magic lasso's sustaining energies, Diana had little strength within her. When she heard the command to stop riding the Wrath, her shaking legs gave way and then she collapsed on top of him.

Diana's orgasming body shook on top of the Wrath. Her juices continued to gush out of her reddened cunt.

"Cum, slut!", he ordered.

The slutty Amazon's blue eyes widened and then tried to speak. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, where she could not speak. Like a bucking mare, Diana wildly thrashed on top of the Wrath.

"Cum, slut!", the cowled villain demanded.

Wonder Woman's body tightened up and then thrashed erratically from the multiple orgasms that were raging through her sexually abused body. The overwhelming pleasure of her multiple orgasms locked up Diana's body. Her arms and legs tightly held onto the Wrath. Needing some release, her sweaty, spent body spasmed like someone having a seizure. Diana could barely catch her breath. Her heart was beating so fast that it might burst forth from her chest.

The cowled villain could enjoy making the enthralled Amazon cum all day, but he could not hold out anymore. He blurted out, "When I cum, slut, you will cum!"

Diana heard the new command, but was barely conscious to answer. She could not think, and was only awake due to the first command the Wrath had given. She only reacted now, and had been transformed into a real life cumming doll. Her body stopped moving as she finally stopped cumming.

The Wrath pushed deeper into the Amazon princess and then could not hold back anymore. He bellowed, "Cumming inside of you, slut!"

Wonder Woman felt his hot jizz spurt deep inside of her ravaged cunt. She tried to speak, but her mouth was too hoarse and dry. Waves of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her sweaty, exhausted body. Her pussy gushed out more juices and more of her feminine jizz.

Both villain and superheroine were locked together during their mutual orgasm.

The Wrath had never cum so much in his life, where he spurted jets of his jizz deep inside of the Amazon princess.

When the cowled villain finished cumming inside of her, Diana no longer was commanded to stay conscious. She passed out and then slumped on top of the Wrath.

Back in the VR chamber, a naked Wonder Woman sat unconscious in the VR chair. A pool of her pussy juice had gushed out, which also contained gobs of her feminine jizz.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 6