Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 10  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Wonder Woman awoke sometime later from her virtual birth to Egg Fu's oval-shaped spawn. She felt clean and refreshed. She assumed that her female German handler had bathed Diana while the Amazon princess was unconscious. Diana did not let her thoughts go any further, where the German female ravished her Amazon body. While the brunette superheroine had no objection to lesbian sex, she did not want to think about any more unwanted sexual encounters.
Diana stood completely naked with her back against a cold stone wall. Once again, she was bound. Her wrists were shackled above her head. Her ankles were restrained as well, where her legs were spread apart. She tugged on her shackles, but lacked the superhuman strength of her golden belt to free herself.
An overhead light barely illuminated the room, but created shadows everywhere.
Overall, Diana felt as if she was in some dank dungeon. She steeled herself for whatever punishments her captors had dreamed up.
The German handler entered the dim room. She was dressed in a tight-fitting, black leather outfit. Small metal spikes protruded from the nipple and clit areas of the outfit.
"Are you comfortable, princezz?", the German blonde teased.
Wonder Woman refused to answer, and then angrily glared at her handler.
"Zo much fire! Zo much zpirit!", the blonde female mocked. "Wve wvill zee how defiant you are after thiz."
The German female brought forth a wand-like device that was mounted on a black box. The wand hand a large, white head. She pulled the device into a nearby electrical outlet.
Even if Wonder Woman's legs were free, she could reach the electrical cord to unplug the device.
The handler positioned the mounted wand to where the big, white head rest against Wonder woman's bare cunt.
"Great Hera!" What is that thing?", the Amazon princess asked.
"That, Wvonder Wvhore, iz a Hitachi wvand. It wvill vibrate non-ztop, making you climax over-and-over!", the German blonde informed.
"Forced to orgasm? Is that all you're going to do to me?", scoffed the Amazon princess.

The German female inserted a wireless earbud into Wonder Woman's ear, and then attached a miniature device to the earbud. "Perfect!", the handler happily remarked.
"What's in my ear?", Wonder Woman demanded.
"Just a zmall MP3 player. Hear wvhat it playz.", the German blonde stated. The handler played what was stored on the miniature MP3 player.
Diana heard in her ear, "Doctor Cyber is your mistress. You only live to serve your mistress."
"No, I don't!", the brunette superheroine rebuked.
The Amazon princess helplessly listened to the same phrases constantly repeat in her ear. "Turn this damn thing off!", Wonder Woman demanded.
"Don't wvant to serve our mistrezz wvillingly, princezz?", the German handler retorhically asked. She sadly stated, "Then you wvill have to be broken."
"Why not just my magic lasso to command me?", Diana inquired. She had hoped the German female would take the bait, and then try to use Wonder Woman's golden lasso on her. Diana could then mentally command her magic lasso to ensnare the German blonde, and then free herself.
The German handler slapped Wonder Woman across her face. A visible red mark was briefly visible on the brunette superheroine's pretty face.
"Think you are zo zmart, princezz?", the handler mocked. "The miztrezz knowz wvhat you can do with your magic rope. The miztrezz wvants to your wvill broken, wvhere you are begging for the miztrezz."
The German handler turned on the Hitachi wand at full intensity!
"Nnnnuuuuggggaaaahhhh!!!!", Diana screamed. Her blue eyes widened in shock. She had not expected or been prepared for the incredibly powerful vibrations of the Hitachi wand's huge, white head. She was instantly aroused and pleasured by the strong vibrations. Her pussy grew hot and wet. Her clit swelled. Her pink nipples hardened into point tips. She felt her orgasm building and building.
The Hitachi wand pleasured Wonder Woman, as if the Amazon princess was sexually playing with her cunt for the first time.
Diana huffed and loudly moaned as the sex wand vibrated along her hot, wet snatch. Her pussy juices oozed out of her cunt, and then lubricated the Hitachi wand's head.

While being brought to closer and closer to orgasm by the Hitachi wand, Wonder woman hear non-stop in her ear, "Doctor Cyber is your mistress. You only live to serve your mistress."
"Not......my......mistress!", the brunette superheroine defiantly stated.
The German blonde waved goodbye and then made her way to exit the room.
"No! Don't......leave me......like this!", Wonder Woman called out.
The German female left the dimly lit room without looking back or without saying a word.
The Hitachi wand brought Wonder Woman to her first orgasm.
"Aaahhhaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!", Diana bellowed in esctasy. Her naked body shook uncontrollably during the pleasurable release of her first orgasm. Her cunt gushed a small stream of her clear juice and feminine jizz. She had one of the most intense orgasms in her entire life.
The vibrating head of the sex wand whipped Wonder Woman's pussy juice in all directions, which mostly splattered along the brunette superheroine's inner thighs and calves.
After she had finished climaxing, Wonder Woman could barely think. Diana huffed like an exhausted athlete as she tried to regain her breath.
The brunette superheroine felt the vibrating sex wand arousing her to another orgasm. Wonder Woman had no respite to full recover from her first orgasm. No break to regain the strength to resist. She loudly protested, "Great Hera, not again!"
Diana's words were lost on the Hitachi wand. The sex wand, as long as it was powered on, continued its powerful vibrations over Wonder Woman's drenched cunt.
The vibrating sex wand had spread apart Wonder Woman's puffy cunt lips, and now was in direct contact with Diana's inner, pink fuck hole. Her engorged, throbbing clit rested at the edge of the sex wand's vibrating head, and quickly flicked back-and-forth.
The Amazon princess was slowly losing her grip on her conscious mind. All the while, Diana hear repeatedly in her ear, "Doctor Cyber is your mistress. You only live to serve your mistress."

Nightwing kneeled on the roof of the abandoned factory building. He had opened his left gauntlet, which housed a smart device. He enabled the device's wireless network, and then access the building plans for the abandoned factory building.
He normally would have contacted Oracle to get a copy of the factory's blueprints, but he wanted as little people involved as possible. Nightwing wanted no one else to know that Diana had been captured. There was a chance that anyone else might be inspired to copycat whoever captured Diana, and then put her through the same horrible experience again.
The Teen Titan realized that he kept thinking of the Amazon princess by her first name instead of by her superheroine name. He told himself to think about the rescuing Diana, instead of his feelings for her.
He used a technique from Batman, where he breathed deeply and then felt himself in a semi-conscious state. Nightwing then quickly scanned through the factory's blueprints. This technique allowed him to memorize the blueprints, and then recall them like a photographic memory.
Nightwing carefully pried open a nearby skylight, and then entered the abandoned factory.

The Joker decided to take the direct approach, and enter the abandoned factory through the nearest door he could find. In his case, the evil clown came to the factory's laboratory entrance. He noticed the door's handle was shiny and brand new with a high-end security lock. A glowing buzzer, which also looked new, was next to the door's frame.
"I could knock.", the Joker mused aloud. "But then I wasn't invited. I think sweetums would enjoy a surprise visit from me."
He aimed his yellow-purple flower at the door's lock. His colorful flower sprayed highly concentrated acid at the high-end lock.
The strong acid instantly ate away at the door's lock. Hissing was heard and whips of gases were seen as the acid did its work.
During this time, the Joker checked his black nails. He then found a reflective pane of glass to check his visage. He combed his hands through his green hair. "You are one handsome dude!", he proclaimed.
By this time, the acid had completely eaten away at the high-end lock.
The Clown Prince of Crime pushed open the door. "Don't mind if I let myself in?", he retorhically asked.
He walked in, and then quickly held his nose. "Eew! Someone ripped a nasty one!"

The Joker soon came upon the source of the foul smell.
In a corner lay the broken form of Egg Fu. His spider-like platform was embedded into his cracked egg-like shell. His innards, which looked like a runny, uncooked egg, had oozed into a large pool.
"Aw well, too bad. So sad. I guess someone around here doesn't like eggs.", the Joker mocked. "Egg Fu was so B-list anyways."
The evil clown could not tolerate the nasty smell of rotten eggs anymore. He retrieved a large seltzer water sprayer, and then showered Egg Fu and his runny remains with his imfamous acid. The acid instantly started to eat away at Egg Fu's shell and oozed innards.
The Joker noticed a sign that pointed to the factory's laboratory. He then noticed some lights in the distance. The evil clown mused aloud, "Ooh lookie! Maybe my sweetums is there?"
He walked towards the laboratory. The Joker retrieved lipstick, and then coated his lips with the bright red lipstick. The head of the lipstick had been carved into a boxing glove.

Nightwing had easily made his way around thr abandoned factory. He thought that anyone holding Wonder Woman would have had more security. He, by sheer luck, had found the room that housed Wonder Woman's golden lasso, power belt, armored outfit, and the rest of her attire. He also found a red, sikly women's robe.
He realized that there was good chance that Diana was naked, and was being tortured. He banished such thoughts from his mind, and then focused on finding Diana.
Nightwing heard the clack of the room's door opening. He left the filled satchel on a nearby table, and then hid himself in the room's shadows.
The German female, still dressed in her tight, black leather outfit, entered the room. She wanted to try on Wonder Woman's costume, and then pretend to be the Amazon superheroine. She knew that Doctor Cyber would be too busy to notice her dress-up time.
"Mein gott!", the German blonde exclaimed. She saw that Wonder Woman's costume and accessories no longer hung on the room's wall.
Nightwing used this moment to leap out of the shadows, and then pounce upon the German female. He kneed her in the gut!
The leather-clad blonde loudly hacked from the powerful blow to her midsection, and then crumpled to the floor.
Nightwing roughly grabbed the German woman by her neck, and then slammed her against the wall. He held up the German blonde, where her feet dangled off the floor.
The German female instinctively pawed at Nightwing's arm to free herself, but she could not. She could not speak, and could barely breath. Her face turned red from the lack of oxygen. She coughed and spat like a cat trying to hack up a furball.
"Where is Wonder Woman!?!", he angrily snarled.
The German female did not answer.
Nightwing gripped tighter on her neck. He was very close to crushing her windpipe, and squeezed so hard that she could no longer breathe.
"Again, where is Wonder Woman!?!", he demanded.
The German female's face turned purple. She could not draw a new breath. With the last of her strength, she pointed in the direction to where Wonder Woman was being held.
Nightwing punched the German blonde in the face to knock her out. He then produced plastic ties to restrain her arms and legs. He found a ball bag in the Wrath's utility belt, and then placed the ball bag over her mouth.
He retrieved the filled satchel, and then headed towards Wonder Woman's location.

The Joker barged into the well-lit labortory. He loudly announced, "Honey, I'm home!"
The evil clown's entrance had caught Doctor Cyber and Doctor Psycho completely off-guard and surprised. The villainous pair were cuddling together with Doctor Cyber in Doctor Psycho's small lap.
The two doctors exclaimed in unison, "The Joker!"
Doctor Cyber slumped to the floor in shock. Her mind was flooded with memories of the Joker forcibly taking her anal cherry against her will, deep in the bowels of Arkham Asylum. No one came to help her, despite her loud screams. The evil clown's insane laugh resounded in her ears. "Keep away!", she demanded.
The Joker angrily frowned at Doctor Psycho and then scowled, "Who invited the dwarf?!? I'm okay with a three-way, sweetums, if that gets you off. I, however, draw the line at sex with little people."
"How dare you!?!", the evil telepath snarled. He announced, "I'm going to have fun scrambling your brains, clown! When I'm done, you'll be the stupidest clown on Earth."

"Take your best shot, shortie!", taunted the Joker.
The psychic villain closed his eyes and then concentrated. His mind sought out and then invaded the Joker's mind.
"Oooh! That tingles!", the Clown Prince of Crime remarked.
Doctor Psycho was too focused to respond. He mental probed deeper and deeper into the evil clown's mind.
Whatever the evil telepath was doing to the Joker, the pale faced villain was unphased. He looked bored, while examining his black nails. "Any day now, Psycho. I need to show sweetums how much I've missed her."
Sweat beaded off Doctor Psycho's large brow. He jerked around in his chair, like someone having a nightmare. The evil telepath wanted to escape from the madness he found in the Joker's mind, but he couldn't find the mental exit out of the insane clown's mind.
The Joker walked up to Doctor Psycho. He stated, "This, shortie, is where we must part ways."
The evil clown pressed his green gloved hand into Doctor Psycho's hand. Sparks of electricity flashed and arched over the evil telepath's hand.
"Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!!", Doctor Psycho screamed in agony. Electricity, from the Joker's super-charged joy buzzer, was discharged.
Strong electrical current flowed through Doctor Psycho's rigid body. The energy seared his body, as if he was being cooked alive. He looked like a blinking Christmas tree as the electricity arced through his body.
A few seconds later, the Joker removed his hand. His joy buzzed glowed red.
Doctor Psycho slumped into his chair. Wisps of smoke hissed from his charred body. He blankly gazed into the distance. He looked like a shinged zombie in a ruined tuxedo. His great mind seemed to have been destroyed.
The Joker crinkled his nose and then commented, "Ew, that didn't turn out so well. I won't be putting burnt dwarf on my dinner menu! Psycho was so B-list anyways."
The evil clown crouched before the cowering Doctor Cyber. "Hello, sweetums.", he greeted.
"Keep away!", the villainess warned.
"Still have your mask on, baby?", he retohrically asked. He scolded, "How many times have I said for you NOT to keep your mask on for me? You don't have anything ugly to hide, like the Bat-freak. Everyone knows the Bat wears a mask to keep anyone from looking at his fugly face."
Despite what the Joker said, she knew how scarred her face actually was. She never wanted anyone to see her ruined face.
The Joker, from his previous experience, deftly removed the golden mask from Doctor Cyber's face. "Ah, there! Sweetums, you look as ravishing as ever!"
Doctor Cyber tried to conceal her damaged face, which looked like someone who had suffered third degree burns. "Please, give me back my mask!", she begged.;
"Why would I do that?!?", the evil clown responded. "I couldn't do things like this!"

The Joker leaned in and then gave Doctor Cyber a lip-locking kiss.
The villainess resisted at first. Her eyes widened in shock and surprise. Her lips absorbed the mind-control drug in the Joker's lipstick. The drug worked immediately. Doctor Cyber's eyes relaxed with a glazed look. Her body offered no resistance and then slumped like an unused toy doll. She was now the Joker's mind-controlled thrall.

The Joker ended his deep kiss, and then stood up. He asked, "Be truthful now. Did you miss me?"
Doctor Cyber answered in a monotone voice, "Yes, I missed you."
The evil clown rubbed his hands together and then delightfully exclaimed, "Ooh-hoo! How delicious!"
A sad tear rolled down her scarred face. While no longer in control of her body, Doctor Cyber knew that she was going to be the Joker's sexualy plaything.
The Joker immediate took advantage of the villainess. He ordered, "Joker says stand up and strip."
Doctor Cyber obediently rose to her feet, and then removed her clothes. In less than a minute, she stood completely naked. She had a nice, curvy body with average-sized breasts. Her tits, however, had dark, palm-sized aerolas and large nipples. Her best feature, however, was her ass. The villainess had a large behind that looked like two small pillows.
The Joker felt his cock swell to a full erection upon seeing the naked villainess. He wanted to do so many dirty things with Doctor Cyber. He lustfully commanded, "Spread your legs apart, sweetums, and then bend over."
Doctor Cyber knew that she was being ordered into a position, so that the Joker could fuck her ass. She resisted with all her might not to move. Her body trembled in trying to comply with the evil clown's command, but her will power stopped her body from doing anything.
"What's the matter, sweetums, don't you want to play with me?", the Joker retorhically asked.
She mustered with her will power to desperately plead in a barely audible voice, "Pl-please don't."
"You want to play rough this time, sweetums? When did you get so kinky?!? I love it!", the evil clown remarked. He placed his joy buzzer in his left gloved hand on Doctor Cyber's left ass cheek.
A mild electrical shock discharged from his joy buzzer and into the naked doctor's body.
The villainess stiffened from the electrical jolt. Her eyes widened in surprise. Her helpless body quivered as the electrical surged through her body. She felt as if an endless amount of pins was jabbing her skin and insides. She was unable to scream. Her long, black hair flared out from the energy discharge. Her will power disappeared with each passing second.
A few moments later, the Joker removed his joy buzzer from her ass. A circular burnt mark was visible on Doctor Cyber's ass. A wisp of smoke trailed from her butt.
The Joker placed his joy buzzer in his right hand on the naked doctor's right butt cheek.
Doctor Cyber's helpless body spasmed uncontrollably from the non-stop electrical jolts. The current of this energy discharge was stronger this time. Arcs of electricity flowed over her naked body. The last bits of her will power faded away. These electrical shocks hurt so much! She wanted to yell for the Joker to stop! She would do anything if he stopped buzzing her!
After a while, the evil clown stopped shocking the villainess. The tip of his joy buzzer glowed red hot. He pressed the burning tip over the flesh of Doctor Cyber's butt, and then wrote his name across her flesh. He muttered, "J...o...k...e...r."
Doctor Cyber squealed in pain as the red hot tip burnt her butt. She cried from the painful branding of her ass. She knew that the Joker had branded his name on her behind.
"There! Now anyone, who dares to see your huge, pretty ass, will know that you're mine!", the Clown Prince of Crime announced. He laughed an evil cackle.
He then demanded, "Thank your lover-boy for your tattoo, sweetums."
The villainess stated in a robotic, mind-controlled tone, "Thank you, lover-boy."
Doctor Psycho helpless watched, in his catatonic state, the Joker break the will of and abuse his girlfriend--Doctor Cyber. He drooled instead of speaking. Tears rolled down his face. He was ashamed that his body betrayed him, as his cock had swelled to a full erection. The thought of dominating Doctor Cyber sexual aroused him.
The Joker commanded, "Now sweetums, spread your legs and bend over."
The mind controlled villainess immediately obeyed. She spread apart her legs, and then bend over. She was in the perfect position to be fucked from behind.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 10