Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 5  

Batman, Robin, Justice League, Teen Titans, Titans West, Wonder Woman, The New 52, and all other characters, nicknames, locations, referenced storylines, or gadgets mentioned herein are copyrighted by DC Comics. All rights reserved by DC Comics.

Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

After the exhaustive ravaging of her pussy and ass from two of her arch-enemies, Wonder Woman found herself dragged away from the VR chamber to a shower. She recognized the shower head and then thought that a nice, hot shower was just the thing she needed. Diana waited for the water to splash over and then rejuvenate her tired body.

The naked Amazon shrieked as icy cold water rained over her body. Wonder Woman tried to wiggle out of the freezing shower, but someone kept her underneath the cold water. Diana instinctively gasped and cried out as the icy cold shower drained more and more of her warmth. The stranger quickly and gruffly soaped her down and then rinsed her clean.

Diana shivered, as she wrapped the red, silk robe tightly to her curvy body. The smooth material rubbed her pink nipples and bare pussy to arouse her. Her skin was pale from the freezing shower. She felt miserably cold and could not regain her bodily warmth. Not having eaten for a while, Diana had no food energy for her body to reheat herself.

She was led into a one-bedroom studio, and then sat at the small dining table. The shivering Amazon was gratelyful that a traditional, high wattage bulb was used to light the room. The heat from the bulb warmed Wonder Woman enough, where her skin returned to her normal tanned color. Her stomach, however, still felt like a frozen ice cube.

Wonder Woman was offered a well cooked meal that seemed to have been cooked by an expert chef. The Amazon princess decided not to eat, however, so that she could keep Nightwing's tracking device inside of her. She would rather continue to be cold, instead of eating that would later make her defecate out the tracking device.

The stranger from the shower tied Diana's wrists to the chair. He, who had large, strong hands, roughly grabbed her beautiful face. Wonder Woman resisted as best she could, but could not move her head. Her blue eyes widened in shock as a clear feeding tube was forced into her mouth, and then strapped around her head. The feeding tube slipped beyond her tongue and was aimed at the back of her throat.

"Nnnuuggghhh!!!", Diana screamed incoherently in protest. She bit down on the clear tube, but her teeth failed to pinch off the feeding tube.

A mushed mixture, which looked like various baby foods mixed together, appeared in the clear tube.

The bound Amazon watched helplessly as the mushy food slowly oozed through the tube and then into her mouth. With little choice, Diana swallowed the soft mixture. The food's flow rate was slow enough that Wonder Woman could gulp down the mushy food without gagging. She felt the first glob of food slide down her throat and then settle into her empty stomach. By the time the feeding tube stopped flowing, Diana guessed that she had gulped down one fluid ounce. She was surprised on full her tummy felt. The food warmed up her stomach.

A minute or two later, Wonder Woman's blue eyes fluttered. Her vision blurred, where it was hard to focus on anything. She even found it difficult to think. She realized that her food had been drugged. The bound Amazon slumped into unconsciousness.

"Aaaahhhhuuuuaaaahhhh!!!!", Wonder Woman screamed in shock as she regained consciousness. She was abruptly awakened by the enema tube that had been jammed into her tight, virgin asshole. While she had lost her anal virginity in the VR, none of Diana's fuck holes had been fucked for real. She found herself completely naked on her hands and knees with her wrists and ankles shackled in place.

Diana clenched her butt muscles to push out the enema tube, but the tube was too deep inside of her rear.

The warm enema fluid flowed into her rear, and then started to fill up her insides.

"No, no, no!", Diana cried out in protest. She realized that the enema would force everything out of her, which probably included Nightwing's tracking device. She panicked! Without the tracking device, she worried that Nightwing would not be able to find her.

"Nnnuuugggaaahhh!!!", blurted out Wonder Woman. She felt the warm fluid flow deeper and deeper inside of her. The warm liquid traveled through her insides, welled up inside of stomach, and then stretched out her tummy.

The Amazon princess slumped her head in shame. Wonder Woman hoped that Nightwing had enough tracking data to narrow down her position. If not, then Wonder Woman realized she was a permanent captive. She would be seated in the VR chair over-and-over, and then used as anyone's whore to live out their sexual fantasies. As Diana Prince, she remembered all of the seemingly never-ending Internet searches on sexual stories, pornographic images, and X-rated movies about Wonder Woman. Many men and woman desired to have the Amazon warrior all to themselves.

Wonder Woman had been forced to walk naked with a black leather collar around her neck. One end of her golden lasso was tied onto the collar's O-ring, while her handler held the magic lasso's other end.

Her butt was a little sore from her forced enema, where she knew that Nightwing's tracking device had come out of her. By now, she guessed, that Nightwing's tracking device was floating in the sewers.

The naked Amazon had been lead back to the VR chamber by her handler. He was a tall, strong Afro-American with bulging muscles. He wore a mask to hide his true identity. A large bulge protruded from his clothed groin. He roughly grabbed the Amazon princess, and then shoved her into the VR chair.

Wonder Woman struggled against being forced back into the VR chair. Without her golden power belt, Diana had no super strength. She stood up and then was roughly slammed into the VR chair. Metal shackles were clamped over her wrists and ankles.

Over the room's speaker system, Doctor Cyber's voice scolded, "Naughty, naughty, princess. Don't you like the VR chair?"

Wonder Woman snarled, "To Hades with you!" She spat onto the floor.

"Naughty, naughty!", Doctor Cyber scolded.

Before Diana knew what was going on, she felt her handler slap her huge 38G breasts! "Aaaauuuaaahhh!!!", she screamed in pain. His large palm had hit her right over her sensitive pink nipples. Pain pulsed through her nipples and then up her spine. Her large tits jiggled from being slapped.

"Naughty, naughty!", the villainess scolded again.

The muscular Afro-American roughly smacked the naked Amazon's massive juggs with the back of his hand.

Diana cried out in pain again!

For the next several minutes, the bound Amazon helplessly suffered repeated slaps to her gigantic breasts.

Doctor Cyber scolded the brunette superheroine, before the strong Afro-American whacked her huge titties.

The naked Amazon's huge juggs were slapped over-and-over again. After each hit, her large, 38G tits swung across her naked body. In a cartoon-like fashion, Diana's humongous tits flopped from side-to-side. Her titty flesh stretched out each time, where it seemed as if her large breasts would tear off her sexy body.

Doctor Cyber did not repeat her words, until the villainess saw that Wonder Woman's abused titties had snapped back to her chest.

The strong, Afro-American enjoyed slapping the bound Amazon's gigantic titties. His dark, sexual desires wanted to smack Wonder Woman's monster-sized juggs non-stop, but he had his orders. He could only slap the buxom superheroine's huge tits after Doctor Cyber had scolded the bound Amazon. He just then thought of a VR fantasy to play out with Wonder Woman. He hoped that the villainess would reward him to a VR session with the brunette superheroine later.

The Afro-American smacked the back of his powerful palm across the bound Amazon's large titties one final time.

Diana cried out again, and then huffed from the pain of her abused breasts.

"That's enough, big boy.", Doctor Cyber ordered.

Wonder Woman's large tits glowed bright red. Her aerolas and nipples had turned crimson red. Her massive juggs remained firm and upright, but tingled from the pain of being smacked over-and-over again. There was no indication that her titty flesh had been stretched out.

"Time to play!", Doctor Cyber teased. She hackled an evil laugh that echoed throughout the room.

The bound Amazon was helpless as the VR helmet was placed on her head again. She felt sensors stuck to her burning breasts, above her clit, and on her inner thighs.

The VR helmet was powered on.

Diana's vision was blinded with a white light. When the light vanished, Wonder Woman found herself standing in a dark street alley. Only the light of the full moon above provided any illumination. The air was chilly, like a mid-autumn evening. The fall weather had changed the damp air into a fog that swirled along the brick street. The brunette superheroine gazed over her sexy, athletic body, and then was relieved to find herself dressed in her costume. Her silver bracers glistened from the moon's light. Getting to know her environment, Wonder Woman cautiously stepped back. She found herself pressed against the end of the alleyway.

Her warrior senses heard someone enter the alleyway. Shadows prevented her from seeing who the stranger was. She could tell, however, that the stranger seemed to be man who wore a long, cape.

The stranger took another step towards Wonder Woman. His cape seemed to move like a living extension of himself. He had walked out of the shadows enough to reveal his silhouette.

Diana saw the stranger's outline of a cowl with pointed ears and a bat-like cape. She believed that the Caped Crusader stood before her. "Batman?", she cautiously asked.

The cowled man stepped completely out of the shadows to reveal his full visage. "No, not Batman.", he corrected. His voice had the same menacing tone as the Dark Knight.

"The Wrath!", the Amazon princess gasped in surprise.

The Wrath wore an armored costume similar to Batman's outfit, but with drastic differences. The villain's colors were dark brown and purple. His brown cowl and cloak had a visible purple W on them. "So my opposite number told me about you, did he?", the Wrath remarked. "I'm surprised that the Batman tells anyone anything these days. Just ask the Boy Blunder."

Wonder Woman tightened her fists in anger at the way the Wrath insulted Nightwing. "How dare you talk about Nightwing like that!", she growled.

"Oh, fancy the boy-who-could-not-be-Batman?", teased the Wrath. "The rumor mill buzzed that you either have the hots for the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel."

Wonder Woman asked, "Batman told me you died. You fell burning from one of your exploded devices."

"Me, dead? That's what I wanted the Caped Detective to think.", he boasted.

The Wrath upholstered his two semi-automatic pistols. He deftly unloaded the filled cartridges from his weapons, ejected the loaded bullets, and then placed them onto the brick street. "By now, princess, you must have concluded on why I'm here.", he stated. "We can fight, where you'd lose and then let me ravage your beaten and bruised body. Or...?"

"Or what?", Diana growled.

"Or we can dispense with the combat, where you submit to me now.", the caped villain offered. He teasingly rubbed his codpiece. "I'll even fuck your ass, just how you like it in the video."

"Video?!?", she gasped in shock.

The Wrath laughed with dark delight. He revealed, "Doctor Cyber showed me her private video of her butt fucking you, when I asked her if you were worth the price she was asking."

Wonder Woman was relieved that Doctor Cyber had not released any videos of deflowering videos publicly yet.

"So what's it going to be, princess?", the cowled villain demanded.

The Amazon warrior balled up fists tighter, and then launched herself at the Wrath. "Rrraaaggghhh!!!", she angrily yelled.

"Typical.", the Wrath muttered to himself. He was prepared for Wonder Woman's attack, and then thought of several ways to counter-attack. Some counter measures would deflect the brunette superheroine away. Other counter measures would hurt...a lot.

Even without her golden power belt, Diana had incredible speed. She pulled back her right fist like a cocked arrow, and then swung forward with all of her might.

If he had moved a micro-second slower, the Wrath would have been clobbered by Wonder Woman's powerful blow. He dodged, while using an incredible amount of skill that made his move look graceful and easy. He moved to the left, and then flung his dark, leather-like cape into Diana's face.

The Amazon princess gasped in surprise from missing, and then was blinded by the Wrath's long, thick cape. Diana continued to plunge forward, as she had hit nothing to stop her momentum.

The cowled villain rammed an elbow into Wonder Woman's lovely back. He then pulled his long cape away from the stunned Amazon's face.

"Ggguuuaaahhh!!!", Diana bellowed in pain. The Wrath's blow changed her trajectory, where she crashed onto the brick street like a flopping fish. Her skin was scraped and cut from the stones. Her silver bracers sparked as they scraped along the bricks. Her bruises would be evident later on.

The Wrath easily landed onto his booted feet, and then stood before the prone Amazon warrior. "Now, princess, how many times have you defeated Batman in your combat exercises?", he teased. "If it were me, that would be none."

Diana slapped the brick street in frustration, and then quickly rose to her feet. "To Hades with you!", she spat. The chilly weather made her hot breath shoot out like dragon fire.

"Such fire!", the Wrath remarked. He had seen enough footage of Wonder Woman's fights to know what she would most likely do next. While it appeared as if he was doing nothing, the cowled vigilante's gloved hands were removing something from the back of his utility belt. His brown cloak convealed his hand movements.

Wonder Woman clanged her silver bracers together, and then two silver swords magically appeared in her hands. She pushed off on her red-and-white boots, and then swung her swords at the masked villain.

The Wrath expanded out his bo staff. He used slight-of-hand to make his weapon "magically" appear out of the folds of his brown cape. He placed most of his weight on his booted feet, and then blocked Wonder Woman's swords with his staff. Sparks flew from where their weapons had impacted against one another. The Wrath's muscular arms strained to hold back the Amazon warrior's powerful blows. Planting his feet onto the brick street allowed the Wrath to not be pushed back.

In her enraged state, Diana was as strong as an Olympic weight lifter.

The two combatants were locked together for a few moments, where neither of them would budge.

"Nnnuugggaahhh!", the Wrath bellowed as he summoned his strength. He rammed his arms forward that pushed Diana away from him.

The Wrath and Wonder Woman sparred over the next few minutes.

Diana's adrenaline-driven rage and warrior's lust fueled her movements and strikes. All of her attacks were meant to either deeply stab, maim, or kill the masked villain. All of her sword swings, however, were blocked or countered by the Wrath.

Batman's opposite number, however, allowed their duel to continue so that the Wrath could gauge Wonder Woman's combat skills. He gave into a selfish pleasure of fighting an Amazon to test how well his combat skills and training fared against the warrior princess. He soon analyzed Wonder Woman's timings, and then calculated the different ways that he could taken down the Amazon warrior.

The Wrath decided to take charge of the combat. He swung one end of his bo staff to hit Wonder Woman's left hand.

"Argh!", she cried out. Her silver sword flung out of her left hand.

The cowled villain positioned himself between Wonder Woman and her disarmed blade.

The Amazon warrior swung at the Wrath with her remaining sword.

The Wrath expertly wielded his bo staff to knock Diana's weapon out of her right hand. The second blade clattered next to its cousin on the brick street.

Wonder Woman charged her opponent.

The Wrath deftly moved aside, and then slammed Diana's backside with his bo staff. He tossed his long weapon away and far enough that Wonder Woman could not easily get to his bo staff.

Diana found herself moving forward past the Wrath, and then used her booted feet to stop her momentum.

The Wrath quickly withdrew a throwing blade, which was shaped into a W, and then used the blade's edge to cut down the back of the brunette superheroine's costume. The edge of the throwing weapon never touched the skin of Diana's back.

Without any back support, the Amazon princess gasped in shock as her red-and-gold bustier flopped open to expose her massive 38G breasts. She was completely topless. "Great Hera!", she exclaimed.

"Surprised, princess?", the Wrath teased. "Batman never disrobed you like this? Seems that my opposite number has a sense of chilvary. I don't."

The shock of made topless caused Diana's adrenaline and combat rage to fade. She was not prepared to counter the Wrath's next move.

The cowled villain sucker punched Wonder Woman hard in her gut!

Diana nearly toppled over, and then was desperately gasped for air. She dropped to her knees. The punch to her stomach was so powerful that she coughed out some blood.

The Wrath shoved the hacking Amazon against the brick wall. He pulled out a pistol-like weapon, and then fired at Wonder Woman's wrists. U-shaped bolts bolts shot out of the Wrath's device that enveloped Diana's wrists and then nailed into the brick wall.

The topless Amazon strained to free her arms, but could not.

He stood in front of Wonder Woman's trapped and kneeling body, and then drew one of his throwing blades against her throat. "You had to make things difficult, didn't you?!?", he snarled. He purposely let his throwing blade nick her slender neck, and then let his weapon leave her throat.

Wonder Woman felt the blood trickle out of the cut on her neck. She knew that the Wrath could slit her throat, if he desired.

The Wrath opened the protective codpiece of his body armor, and then his hard 10" cock sprang forth. He crouched before the topless Amazon, and then ran his throwing blade along her inner thighs.

Diana's blue eyes showed how afraid she was. She shivered in fear when the Wrath's blade neared her clothed pussy.

The cowled villain continued to torment Wonder Woman's inner thighs with the sharp end of his throwing weapon to make her realize that she was at his complete and utter mercy.

The topless Amazon bit her ruby lips to suppress her squeals when the deadly side of the throwing blade ran along the slit of her concealed snatch.

With the same expertise that he had shown earlier, the Wrath cut open Wonder Woman's bottoms with his throwing blade. His blade, however, never nicked Diana's clit or pussy lips. The cowled villain admired the Amazon's bare cunt. He remarked, "I heard in real life that you're still a virgin, princess. Doctor Cyber told me that you're a virgin each time you re-enter the VR. Is that true?"

"I do-don't know.", Diana fearfully stammered.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 5